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Hot Erotic Stories.

Programa Voluntario del Editor

Declaración de Perfil:
I express my true feelings here that what we feel should be shared with those other men and women who could also be feeling the same or need reassurance by like minded people as an inspiration that builds us..thus in this process of expression by writing..I love to help those who express and write to ensure that what is expressed in writing makes the mark and well received by the readers..and instill deisre, confidence and knowledge that will ultimately brings in happiness...solace...and warmth in one's life..

I love all possible that can help the writer to achieve the ultimate which will not be in the first attempt but regular indulgence be it short stories or sequence..

I will edit all sections which go into writing from the structure to the relevance, grammer, spelling and the true expressions...that shall be based on the real life events or fiction.

As an Editor I will apply my skills of retaining the writer originality and the original theme, without diluting or affecting the spirit and heart of the article but assist to express in such a way that the reader and the target is not lost while capturing the interest of the reader to read on eagerly to the end and desire to reread again..

I have the skill toe learn from the writer what the writer wants..reak event or fiction and whom he or she wants the article to read and what is the objective of writing the article..Then only any Editor can do real justice to the editing task..

While also editing a Good and Expert Editor will not critisize the writer but appreciates the efforts while making the writer understand the need for the change, for a particular word or phrase, how we can say what the writer ends in fewer words than lengthy text reolving around and around without making any sense, while the reader just skips and loses interest...

I have also the skill in editing with focus on the flow and the peaks of the article where the reader is transported as if he or she is part of that scene or event...and when the article is put down...a feeling of elation and a satisfaction of reading a good work etches in the heart to remember and sometimes the reader feels like taking out that article and read afresh.. Writing is a journey where the writer leaders the traveller to the destination through various mile stones and each milestone brings levels of satisfaction on the continual improvement and excellence...

Preferencias de Categoría:
Este editor puede editar historias en las siguientes categorías:

Adult Comics
Cuentos en Cadena
Erotic Art
Parejas Eróticas
Horror Erótico
Poesia Erótica
Exibicionista & Voyeur
Primera Vez
Sexo en Grupo
Poesía ilustrada
Amor Interracial
Sexo entre Lesbianas
Cartas & Transcripciones
Esposas afectuosas
Control de la Mente
No Erótico
Poesia no Erótica
No Consentimiento/Reluctancia
No Humano
Libros y Novelas
Poesia con Audio
Revisiones & Ensayos
Ciencia ficción & Fantasía
Juguetes & Mastubación
Formato de Presentaciones:
Este editor puede acceptar trabajos en los formatos seguientes:

Archivo de texto (.txt)
Archivo Rich Text (.rtf)
documento de Microsoft Word (.doc)

Este editor puede editar historias en los siguientes idiomas:


Información Para Miembros :

Miembro de Literotica Desde: 12/30/16
Se apuntó al Programa de Editor: 12/30/16
Perfil Actualizado por Última Vez: 02/15/17
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Contactar con Este Editor:
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