tagBDSMMiss Kate Puts Me in My Place Pt. 01

Miss Kate Puts Me in My Place Pt. 01


So today is the 2nd year anniversary that I became single again. I'd been in an 8 year relationship & thought that we would be together forever. How quickly things can change. In our relationship we had really really good sex. In the early days she was quite shy so I was in charge & she loved to be my horny little submissive slut but as time went on we experimented more and one of the things we both started to enjoy more was a bit of femdom. She loved sitting on my face & have me lick her until my jaw started aching. I have to say being used for her pleasure was something I really got into.

Unfortunately at the time I guess you could say I was going through a bit of a mid life crisis, questioning everything and not being all that fun to be around so when we broke up, you know the saying don't burn your bridges? Well I nuked it!! Needless to say she now hates me.

Imagine my surprise when on the anniversary of our break up I get a message from her telling me to come over & that we needed to talk. I couldn't imagine what she could possibly want to see me for but I thought it might be a chance to mend a few fences. I turn up at her house half hour later & walk in to find her dressed in sexy going out clothes & an angry look on her face.

"After we broke up you turned into a royal fuckwit so now I am going to give you a chance to atone. Are you interested?"

This caught me a bit off guard but sure. She was my best friend for the better part of 10 years so to be able to get some sort of friendship back would be good even though it could never be as it was. So I gave a great well thought out reply.

"Sure, what do I have to do?"

Take off your clothes" She barked.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not go ask again, take them off now or leave."

So did I really have a choice? A sexy woman is telling me to get naked, that usually means some fun will be had, right? Slowly I start to take my clothes off & and end up naked in front of this goddess.

She walks forward and grabs me by my cock & balls. "Time to lock these up slut" and with that produces a chastity device and shoves it into my chest. "Put it on". Again did I have a choice? We dabbled with this in our sex lives so it wasn't completely out of the ordinary but little did I know where this would lead. So obediently I put it on & presented it to her where she held the lock & with a hint of a smile as she locked it in place. She then gave my balls a tap making me jump. "Let the fun begin" she said this time with a smirk.

She grabbed me by my hair and dragged me along into the bathroom where she made me get onto my the floor on my back and proceeded to lower her pussy to my face. She wasn't wearing underwear under her skirt & her wet pussy was presented to my eager tongue. I readily licked just the way I know she likes and very quickly she was moaning & groaning more forcefully pulling me in.

Then without warning she gave my balls a slightly harder tap than before making me call out in pain. "Shut up slut & don't stop licking me" she ordered but each time she tapped them she would do it a little harder & the pain was intense. It was impossible not to cry out in pain. She pulled her pussy off from my face allowing me to breath properly again but it was short lived.

"I didn't say you could stop. Open your mouth slut. Time for your punishment for stopping licking my pussy when I told you not to stop". Then with no time to prepare a stream of piss came out of her pussy with perfect aim straight into my mouth. We had done this before during our kinky femdom sessions but she was always really really well hydrated. This time however she obviously wanted to punish me & wasn't. It wasn't anywhere as bad as first thing in the morning pee, but it was still stronger than I was ever used to.

She stopped only to order me to swallow. I did as instructed and couldn't help but cough and turn my face up with the foul taste only to be wacked in the balls again and told to open my mouth. Mouthful after mouthful she made me swallow every drop which was no where near as enjoyable as when we were together. I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying making me drink the foul liquid.

Then when she finished as usual I was ordered to lick her clean. I was so glad that it was over as it really did taste horrible. If this was just the beginning I started to question my decision to allow this goddess to lock me in chastity.

Still with the foul taste in my mouth she once again she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me into one of the bedrooms where there was a large X frame which she proceeded to lock my wrists at the top and ankles to the bottom. Pulling herself up close behind me she pulled my head back by my hair and almost whispered into my hear "I've been looking forward to this for so long, I'm going to enjoy breaking you."

She stepped back and I felt the first of many swats of a flogger. Again this is something we used to do but the venom of the strikes was so much more harsh than she had ever done before. Strike after strike I would call out in pain which only encouraged her as she would laugh and taunt me between strikes.

Then the strike that caused the most pain came, she aimed the floggers tentacles up between my legs and it landed perfectly on my balls. If I could of collapsed onto the ground into a ball I would of but the X frame held me in place. This brought shreeks of laughter from Miss Kate, enjoying the torment she was dishing out.

After yet more swats & the back side of my body completely red, she put a blindfold on me and left the room leaving me dangling off the X frame. Before the flogging had been sensual and sexual, this had been almost hateful wanting to inflict pain but yet I knew she could of gone harder and somehow I knew that at some point she would.

She came back into the room and grabbed me roughly by my hair. "You have no idea how much causing you pain is turning me on. My pussy is so wet. I bet you wish we could fuck right now don't you slut?"

"Yes Miss kate"

"Ok then, let's fuck." she replied but it was never going to be that easy. That's when I felt the head of her strapon at the entrance of my arse and without mercy she pushed it in balls deep. Thankfully she had lubed it up but it still hurt and I cried out in pain yet again.

"Awww come on slut, didn't you want to fuck, we're fucking!! You always loved it when I fucked your arse." she mocked.

She was right, I always did enjoy it, but back then it was always slowly built up. One finger first, then 2, then 3 and even when the strapon came out it was a slow entry allowing me to get used to it. This was just pure brutality.

"One day you'll be able to cum from being fucked my slut. It's one of the only ways I'm going to allow you to cum now that I own your cock."

Now that scared me. Being locked in chastity was something we only ever did during the day. I was never able to sleep through the night with it on as my nightly erections would push on the cage and squash my balls. Then from the pain in my balls it would permeate into my back so sleep was impossible. How the hell was I going to be able to do 1 night let alone permanent!!

After what felt like hours but was more likely a few minutes Miss Kate pulled her cock from me and unlocked me from the cross. Forcefully grabbing me by the hair she pulled me down onto my knees and shoved her cock in my mouth and down my throat. I gagged and tried to free myself from her onslaught to which she slapped my face quite hard.

"Are you saying no to me slut?"

"I'm sorry Miss Kate, I'm just not used to things being shoved down my throat."

"You will soon" she sneered as she handcuffed my hands behind my back. "Now let's try this again" as her cock was shoved back in my mouth and she started to face fuck me. I was gagging and my eyes constantly dripping like a water fall. Looking up at her my eyes were pleading with her to stop but yet again I think that only encouraged her.

With a satisfied smile she pulled her cock from my mouth & rubbed it all over my face.

"Good slut. One day it will be a real cock that you'll be sucking so we better give you lots of practice so you'll do a good job."

She smirked again as the look of terror on my face was apparent. Being with a guy in fantasy was one thing but to actually do it is completely different and it wasn't something I was keen on doing.

She uncuffed my hands and ordered me to clean myself up and to pour her a drink, The day was only just getting started.

After cleaning myself up I made her a scotch and soda and walked through to find her in her bedroom laying face down completely naked. It was a glorious sight and one that caused my locked cock to twitch but of course it wasn't going to matter.

"Massage me slave. You know how I like it."

So I started massaging her head and worked my way down her body to her toes, paying special attention to her arse as she always did enjoy a good bum massage. It's the one part of the body you use a lot but never gets any massage attention.

Once I had finished she had the obligatory drool coming out of the corner of her mouth on the pillow, that always signifies that I've done a good job. Even after the beating she had given me I still felt a sense of pride that I had given her please.

"Go clean the bathroom slut. Every week you will clean a part of my house & you better do a good job or I will have to punish you."

So off to scrub the shower I went. How much worse could this get I wonder to myself but still I scrubbed the shower, mopped the floor, cleaned the vanity which as always was covered with her junk and lastly scrubbed the toilet. It was at this point that Miss Kate had come out of her comatose state and came to inspect my work.

"Good job slut, only problem is I need to pee and I would hate to dirty the nice clean toilet. Lay down and open wide."

A sense of dread came over me remembering only a couple hours earlier when I first turned up but I did as she instructed and lay on the cold tiles. She lowered herself down just above my face when she started to go. It was slightly better than the first time but still foul. Each time my mouth would fill up she would bark "SWALLOW" to which I would obey. Mouthful after mouthful. It was obvious that I wasn't enjoying it because she started taunting me and laughing at my predicament.

"You used to love swallowing my piss you freak. Not good enough for you any more hey? Well too bad because you don't have a choice in the matter if you ever want to be able to touch that cock of yours again." she snapped tapping on the cock cage.

She lowered her pussy onto my face to lick her clean once again and she moaned her approval. When she'd had enough she grabbed my hair and dragged me into the spare room again and put me onto a contraption like a vaulting horse. She cuffed my hands and legs to it so that I couldn't move and traced a finger over my vulnerable body.

"What to do ... What to do ..." she says threateningly. "I think it's time I really pushed your limits slut. Would you like that?"

After everything she had done to me today I thought that's what she had already done. She grabbed a bottle of lube from the bench and proceeded to lube up my arse and her fingers so I had a fair idea what was coming!!

1 finger .. 2 fingers ... 3 fingers .. This wasn't a slow progression like it used to be. Then in no time at all she pushed her whole hand into my arse. I screamed out in pain only to have my arse spanked with her other hand.

"Be quiet slut or I'll have to gag you. This is just the beginning and you're already squealing like a stuck pig!"

In and out she forces her hand just as she starts to gently caress my balls. She always knew how to relax me to be able to take more and it was doing it's trick. It's amazing how sensitive your balls become when your cock is locked up and any gentle rubbing just relaxes you a tad.

As soon as she started to feel me relax she started to bunch her hand up into a fist, making it bigger with each withdrawal. I start to beg for her to stop.

"Please Miss Kate, I can't take much more of this. Please stop."

"Hahaha stop? Why would I want to do that, I've still got another hand to work in yet so if you're squealing now I can't wait to hear you then"

She felt my body tighten and my arse squeeze around her hand.

"Tightening up won't save you slut. Take my fist bitch." as for the first time she jammed her proper fist in my now well stretched arse. Over again she would punch her fist into my gaping arse until she started to work fingers of her other hand in at the same time stretching me more and more.

"Almost there slut, just a little more to go". And with a last push she had done it. She cried out with glee as she had succeeded in getting both hands in my once tight arse. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain but remained conscious the whole time. The most intense feeling I had ever felt.

In triumph she pulled one then the other hand from my destroyed arse and got her flogger to give my arse yet another flogging. After the stretching she had done to my arse I was already destroyed and exhausted so the wacks felt more like mozi bites except for when she aimed one at my balls. Again I squealed like a pig much to her amusement.

She then untied me and with an almost gentle touch she stroked my face.

"You've been such a good slave so I am now going to reward you. Lay on the ground on your back."

She straddled my face in the 69 position and I instantly started to lick her clit which caused a slight moan to escape her lips.

"You have 10 minutes slave, I am going to use the vibrator on your locked cock and if you can cum in that time you are allowed to, but you must let me know before you do. If you can't cum in that 10 minutes then you'll have to wait a week til next time. Understood?"

"Yes Miss Kate" I mumbled from underneath her sex.

The vibrator on my balls and locked cock felt amazing as did her hands. I've never been able to cum this way but I was sure going to try. 1 week locked in chastity is going to be bad enough but without release it's going to be torture.

"9 minutes to go"

"8minutes to go"

She kept counting down and the more frantic I became. I needed that release, I earned that release after all the torment she put me through but alas it was never going to be. The 1 minute warning came and went and then my time was up. She took the vibrator away and had me continue licking until she got off. No reason for her not to cum just because I can't.

"Now get dressed and go." she barked.

As I was about to walk out the door she walks to the fridge and pulls out a water bottle and brings it over to hand to me. The yellow liquid gave away what the contents were.

"You are to drink this tonight or else and I expect video proof sent to me that you did. Now get the fuck out of my house."

And she slammed the door in my face.

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by roscho04/14/18

Nicely Done

Good start, has a premise, a bit of a plot, and good details. If anything, maybe slow down in the technical descriptions, let them ooze out.

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