Listed below are the stories entered in the 2012 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2012 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Tricked with a Treat

by Goldeniangel

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):

by Lien_Geller

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2012 Halloween Submissions
My Trick or Your TreatSexcess
Night of the WitchesSPEN STERLING
M&M KissesTx Tall Tales
Busted in the AlleyoOScarletWingsOo
No Tricks, Just TreatsChloeCallie
A Taste of MidnightCorpse_rider
The Strength a Costume BringsRedHairedandFriendly
The Haunting in Hollow Brooketurner1116
Halloween SwapHarveyMarcus
Ghost of MeJohanJohnson
A Halloween MishapSaucyEroticProductions
Pauletta Defends His TitleBoxlicker101
Car TroubleIgnoble
Lust Like a Piraterandibyrnes
The Bucks MansionYDB95
Costume PartyMirage
The Doorslopoke1012000
Teen Titans, Go!CianPerrel
The Sex GenieHeyAll
Vindictive RomanceTipson
Red Riding 'HoodSweetestThing
Creature FeaturesTamLin01
Charmed to DeathJasmynn_Brown
Guillotine Shawloggbashan
Dawn's Very Special Halloween PartyTE999
A Ritual PromiseDeviouSquirrel
The Wicked Witchmrpuk2u
You'll Huff and Puff, and I'll BlowCianPerrel
The Halloween Hazinglaffalot
Sideshow SylvieSecondCircle
Something Wicked This Way Camemadam_noe
Ridden by Red Riding HoodLegman173
Journey Through the Rabbit HoleNymphWriter
Halloween WishPrincessS85
Memoirs of a MenagenaughtEgirl
Holy Halloween Batman 2012kj6669
Unexpected GuestsCinner
Old Times' SakeYDB95
Oktoberfest Sex-Geschichtecbsummers
Cody. Ryan. LeoJohanJohnson
The Thirteenth Virginwantsomefun1951
Pet Training: A Journey 2 Submissionsilkstockingslover
Witch's Curse: Bitch Becomes a Slutsilkstockingslover
The ChangeLycandope
Be Careful What You Wish ForStangStar06
Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty?CianPerrel
Dirty Harry PotterStultus
Pleasing KelseyPanthergirl
Raynie's Fantasy FulfilledTSienna
The She-WolfLycandope
Trick or Treatjustins961
Bob the BlobThe_Unicorn
Perfect PictureOupa99
You Will Welcome Deathwantsomefun1951
Ashley's HumiliationCianPerrel
Mother's Halloween Trick Treats SonSusanJillParker
A Samhainn TaleSouthCoastSurfer
The Defiled OneThe_Technician
A Ghoul, A Nectarine, and Pancakesflamekitten
Open QuestionKurokami
The Half Demon has Halloween...!itachidark27
My Night as a Night ElfCianPerrel
Doctor Dee is Deadoggbashan
Aphrodite's Palacesweet_lusciousdesire
The Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownTrue North
Made to FitKeithD
Fairies, Ghosts, and the G-SpotUntameable_Guy
A Good Kind of Scarelittlebirdstory
A Mother's Love Never Dieslovecraft68
Beautiful Corpsebienheureuse
Unmasked and ExposedLaRascasse
Halloween Role-play with Work Wifehermes25
Thirteenth SeductionIroniclaconic
All the Tricks were TreatsBothWorld
Final Breathdrteetho
Halloween MasqueradeTE999
Dirty Games at a Halloween Partyrodofmercury
Halloween PartyHawthorneVixen
Cinderella's BallsLegman173
Shell GameIroniclaconic
Monster FeverArmphid
Arkham Hospital for the Insanerot_teufel
A Kitty for Santamonamante
Brendan's Last LayEesomeBeastie
Marine for Halloweenkimbelina
The PhantomPrincessErin
Witches in the MoonlightTiffy1
Coed VampireBoxlicker101
Death and the MaidenBrandie69
Tricked with a TreatGoldeniangel
Zombie SoldiersTara_Neale
My First Halloween PartyMalomar
Halloween WitchPandora33103
Ways to Break a Good Man, No. 2manyeyedhydra
Carnival and MasqueTamLin01
The Desperate School OutfitEsotericNiceGuy
ChubbyDG Hear
When Worlds Collideboneams
Trick or TreborOdysseyker
Lust in the City of the Deadmadam_noe
Hawthorn ManorCianPerrel
Laine Goes to the BallTinyBeth
So You Want to Be in Moviessr71plt
The Third Apprenticewet_special
Horny Halloweencurlyspurs
Orgasmic Orbital OdysseyMiss_Guided
We Have to Win!CharlieGG
Why Don't You Do Right?QueenOfTheNile
Taken in the GarageCianPerrel
Debbie gets Halloween'dsnakebyte
The Taking of Amy JohnsonPlatypusJones
Mom's Halloween CostumeDaddyJack
An Aria for Anniecrystalspring
A Bestiary of Monster GirlsMatthewVett
Better than Trick or Treating?regularguy13
Dead Things Need Love TooDarkestkiss
Halloween and MeRedHairedandFriendly
So I Fucked a Zombie, So What?Dream_Operator
I'm In ChargeAllyTara
Hallowed Evesleeplessgurl
The Halloween Wager49greg
Heather's Halloween House Partymsgrant67
The Angel and The DevilCianPerrel
See You Guys Next Yearrunningonblade
All Hallows' Evesun_sea_sky
il DiablaThe_Technician
Intergalactic IntimacyMiss_Guided
Homecoming at the Witch's Academymsgrant67
A GOR-y Halloween PartyTx Tall Tales

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