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anomica Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Peso: Media
Altura: Alto
Lugar: Sweden
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos, Mujeres
Estado: Sin pareja / Soltero
Fumar No
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Fetiches: Leather and high heels
Animales de compañia: Ninguno
Número de usuario: 101727
Miembro desde: April 5, 2002
Última vez Modificado: November 22, 2016
Algunas palabras de anomica:

I've been a member on Literotica for several years and read a lot of the stories here with great pleasure. I really don't know what caused me to start writing my own...maybe I was inspired by some of the stories I read and wanted to see if I could do it too?

My favourite stories are the ones that have a slow build-up which gets my imagination going. Those are also the kinds I try to write myself. Since my stories are fantasies put to writing, and not reports from true life, I take the liberty to give my characters the same physical assets that I give them in my imagination outside of writing. Some will enjoy them, some won't. It's MY fantasies. On the same note, I love women in tight clothes, stockings or hose and high heels. Therefore I let my female characters wear such clothes a lot of the time. Again, not all like that and I'm sorry if you don't but that's me ;-)

I also want to point out that even though most of my stories are about incest, it's not a fantasy of mine as such. I think it's the taboo that makes it very erotic. Since I'm the father of a beautiful little girl I can't seem to right father-daughter stories. I expect they hit too close to home.

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