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littlebondagegirl Biografía:
Sexo: Mujer
Peso: Media
Altura: Media
Orientación: Bi
Interesados En: Amigos
Estado: Adjunto
Fumar No
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Fetiches: Age play, bdsm, watersports, fisting, breeding, pregnancy, bondage, exhibitionism, corsets, pet play
Animales de compañia: Ninguno
Número de usuario: 1041283
Miembro desde: December 5, 2008
Última vez Modificado: November 12, 2011
Algunas palabras de littlebondagegirl:

Daddy describes me as "Shy, demure and sometimes wistful," which I think sums me up nicely.

Happy to be Daddy's glad-ragged, red-lipped, swaying-hipped smut-pedlar. I adore being photographed, there is something so exposing and vulnerable about the whole process. I have a long running love affair with words, pictures and music. I love to write erotic poetry and stories and I peddle my smut on the internet on my own site. I live with my Daddy Dom as his kinky 1950s housewife ironing in a spreader bar heels. I enjoy all things BDSM related, especially bondage, both mental and physical. I have a thing for pinup girls and vintage erotica. If you want to know anymore feel free to ask! "respect the woman, desire the slut and cherish the little girl."

Things I'm enjoying at the moment:

*Being Daddy's bossy little girl

*Being punished for being Daddy's bossy little girl

*Bondage, both mental and physical

*Fisting (and the way Daddy's tattooed arm looks while doing it)

*Fertility control (if there is such a thing)

*Tantric foot rubs while being masterbated (a kinky twist on being Daddy's papmpered princess!)


*Playing House

*Being pissed on

*Food Control ("One scoop of creamed potatoes, a slice of butter, four peas, and as much ice cream as you'd like to eat.")

*Singing along to Blue Grass, yes this is a form of torture (I am from the southern states after all!)

*Cutting and razor blades

*Corsets (Well a girl can dream can't she?)

*Pet play (Pet me Poppa, Poppa pet me good)

I like my men to...


Drink whiskey


Play guitar

Have tattoos


I like my women to...

Be curvy

Dress up


Be Loyal


Not be afraid to get dirty

Have a belly (well how else do you belly dance?)

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