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syd_v63 Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Peso: Sin Respuesta
Altura: Sin Respuesta
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos
Estado: Adjunto
Fumar No
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Fetiches: Some/All?Who knows
Animales de compañia: Perro(s)
Número de usuario: 1075233
Miembro desde: March 25, 2009
Última vez Modificado: February 23, 2017
Algunas palabras de syd_v63:

Syd_63 is obviously a pseudonym. Big Pink Floyd fan

i write Porn. I make no excuses and have no pretence that I to do anything else. I am also a slow writer, writing when I can and when the mood hits me. Again no apologies that's just how it is, so I am sorry if you are waiting for the next chapter of something I have written.

Some of my stories I will update and others I probably won't. If you don't like what I write because it's not your preferred 'Kink' I can respect that, all I ask is that you move on to other authors you like and give them your feedback. I make no apologies for grammar, punctuation, or spelling and know it is a deficit of mine. Yes, I have had my fair share of editors but not all have panned out. So if all you have to tell me is that I have poor punctuation and make spelling errors, consider your point heard.

If you want to re-edit one of my stories then let me know and I'll see about sending it to you and resubmitting it, otherwise please move to the next author or more relevant piece of feedback. I am more interested in issues of continuity, character development or thematic flow. Was the story convincing, did it seem plausible and could you get behind it?

Thanks for your time and consideration


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