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Cruel2BKind Biografía:
Sexo: Mujer
Peso: Amplio
Altura: Media
Lugar: Minnesota
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos
Estado: Sin pareja / Soltero
Fumar No
Beber: No
Fetiches: feminine gay men, supernatural creatures, new worlds, dystopian futures, danger
Animales de compañia: Perro(s), Otro
Número de usuario: 1269528
Miembro desde: February 3, 2011
Última vez Modificado: March 2, 2017
Algunas palabras de Cruel2BKind:


Hey guys. I recently pulled down my how-to about grammar. I thought I was ready for it, but I really wasn't. I have enough grammar skillz to police myself and make my own stories half-way readable, but not enough to make the learning tool people deserve.

As far as a story update, No Onus in sight. I will try to start doing weekly updates on this handy-dandy space. Finals week is next week, so I've been pretty busy.


Bit more than a week. Finals went well. Been running myself ragged looking for a job. I'll have a small joke story coming out soon, a favor for a friend. It didn't take much time away from the other stories. No Onus in sight, not much work has taken place since last update.


Wowee-wow I really dropped the ball on this update thing.

The small joke story finally came out, about three months later than I thought it would be. Please check out 'Fingering the Idol'. I have made some progress on Onus, and I should have another chapter done very soon.


I've made huge strides on the next chapter for Onus. Should be out within a week.

And for the person who sent me an anonymous email asking if I wrote 'Kisses in the Dark', How did you expect me to answer you?

I did not.


Jesus Christ on a Cracker.

I'm the fucking worst. I don't know how you people even deal. Onus 08 will be out shortly

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