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10/31/14 Happy Halloween! I've just published Encounters with Evil (#1) as The Valjevo Encounter. (See the gorgeous cover art below.) I'm planning to keep it up on Literotica and am hoping it doesn't hurt the sales of the published novel.

The published novel contains a reworked beginning, a few extra scenes and a lot of clean-up. If you can spare a few $ and want to support an author you read, you can buy The Valjevo Encounter at Divergent Publishing,, Smashwords, and Amazon. Check my author website for details.


9/29/13: What happened to Rough Boys? I removed it from Literotica because some ass named Felix Fererro published it on Amazon and Goodreads as "Rough Boys - Ty's Story" under his own name. Hard to believe someone would steal from me like that, but I guess I've seen enough of life to know it happens. Luckily one of my Lit fans saw it and notified me (thank you!). I have the copyright on it and requested that Amazon remove it immediately. Update: It's now for sale under my own name as a trilogy. The first hit, er I mean book, is free. You can find it in all the usual venues.

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