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Lugar: Pft, I dunno. Someplace where my GPS doesn't work all that well.
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Fetiches: Does uh, ... well, you know, does writing passion-filled stories count?
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I've just posted Chapter 7 of The Prize Rules. Oughta be up in a couple days.

The photo? Something to get you in the mood for some parts of The Prize Rules.

Off the web, it's a very old publicity pic from World War II of female despatch riders. I love the shot.

I've had a few questions about 'The Path changes the Traveler story. It's on hold because I FINALLY saw a chance to get a story up that's been bothering me, waiting to get posted somewhere for November 11 - like for about FIVE YEARS, and I've always missed it. I didn't think I could get the first chapter up on Lit this year, but I said "F*** it" and to my grateful surprise, it came up in time!

Thanks, Literotica.

Anyway, there have been questions about whether all-girl tank crews could even function, given things like the maintenance that the beasts normally require. I thought it was a good thing to ask, so I checked.

In IDF service, after some trials, it was decided that for various reasons, and I'm guessing maintenance must have come up, they don't use all-girl crews anymore.

BUT I do know that the Danish Army DID use them - and in Centurion tanks, of all things. I don't know everything about being a tanker, but I know that if there ever was a tank which needed a crapload of maintenance, that tank was right up there.


~sigh~ I don't know why I have to mention this specifically, but some readers don't seem to understand the implications of copyright infringement.

My works are mine. Just because it appears on the internet, you can't assume that it isn't protected. At the bottom of every page of every single one of my works, there's a copyright symbol. Right next to where it says "TaLtos6".

You can read my stories and I hope that you enjoy them, I really do. But you can't copy them and for certain, you can't offer them as freaking e-books without my permission, even as free downloads.

You might not understand it, but that's theft. In case I need to be more clear, it's ILLEGAL, ok?

Please don't do it for everyone's sake. I'm in the process of filing a complaint with the relevant provider of the space where my work is being offered for download.

If it happens only a few more times, I'll stop putting them here altogether and I'll have my works here removed.

Sorry for the frothing mouth, but it really cheeses me off.

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