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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

I was an SSMV240 Mission Ch. 01 (4.27)Sex Slave Male Variant 240. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/14/12
Just Say Yes and Smile (4.61)Sometimes changing your dating methods can improve results!  Hot Parejas Eróticas 11/02/11
Liquid Lumber Daters (4.32)Reality TV Goes Big! Humor & Sátira 05/12/13
Living with April (4.32)Honesty may be the best policy, but... Sexo en Grupo 02/07/12
My Only Talent: 40 Part Series
My Only Talent Ch. 01 (4.65)Listening for the Suzie Signal.  Hot Control de la Mente 02/22/12
My Only Talent Ch. 02 (4.76)Suzie signal sonar drills.  Hot Control de la Mente 03/02/12
My Only Talent Ch. 03 (4.76)Improved targeting solutions.  Hot Control de la Mente 03/09/12
My Only Talent Ch. 04 (4.78)Operation: Ass Weekend.  Hot Control de la Mente 03/23/12
My Only Talent Ch. 05 (4.82)Another talent enters the theatre.  Hot Control de la Mente 04/01/12
My Only Talent Ch. 06 (4.81)Houston, have a problem!  Hot Control de la Mente 04/16/12
My Only Talent Ch. 07 (4.78)An unexpected complication.  Hot Control de la Mente 04/25/12
My Only Talent Ch. 08 (4.81)An Unexpected Simplification.  Hot Control de la Mente 05/06/12
My Only Talent Ch. 09 (4.74)Sometimes the preparation is more fun than the party.  Hot Control de la Mente 05/15/12
My Only Talent Ch. 10 (4.79)All Hallow's Eve.  Hot Control de la Mente 05/24/12
My Only Talent Ch. 11 (4.79)Millie's second and very best coming out party.  Hot Control de la Mente 06/03/12
My Only Talent Ch. 12 (4.79)Three girls, two parties, and one adventure begins.  Hot Control de la Mente 06/25/12
My Only Talent Ch. 13 (4.78)Slave training, horse trading, and F1 entertaining.  Hot Control de la Mente 07/07/12
My Only Talent Ch. 14 (4.77)What is the New Normal?  Hot Control de la Mente 10/11/12
My Only Talent Ch. 15 (4.74)I might like the new normal.  Hot Control de la Mente 11/07/12
My Only Talent Ch. 16 (4.82)Another Day at the Orafice.  Hot Control de la Mente 11/21/12
My Only Talent Ch. 17 (4.81)Happy Landings There, Buddy!  Hot Control de la Mente 12/22/12
My Only Talent Ch. 18 (4.83)Thanks for Thanksgiving.  Hot Control de la Mente 01/13/13
My Only Talent Ch. 19 (4.78)Returning to the Scene of My Prime.  Hot Control de la Mente 02/14/13
My Only Talent Ch. 20 (4.76)The Marathon Man in Training.  Hot Control de la Mente 03/16/13
My Only Talent Ch. 21 (4.79)The Marathon Man: Finished?  Hot Control de la Mente 04/20/13
My Only Talent Ch. 22 (4.84)Just Ask Dallas.  Hot Control de la Mente 05/11/13
My Only Talent Ch. 23 (4.80)Hey There Lonely Boy!  Hot Control de la Mente 08/09/13
My Only Talent Ch. 24 (4.75)DC Dom, CO Mom, EGLC Bomb?  Hot Control de la Mente 09/27/13
My Only Talent Ch. 25 (4.84)Tell It to the Judge!  Hot Control de la Mente 12/23/13
My Only Talent Ch. 26 (4.79)Theory and practice.  Hot Control de la Mente 05/08/14
My Only Talent Ch. 27 (4.79)Rush is coming.  Hot Control de la Mente 06/05/14
My Only Talent Ch. 28 (4.84)Spring Forward, Fall Back?  Hot Control de la Mente 12/24/14
My Only Talent Ch. 29 (4.79)Is it better when her husband watches?  Hot Control de la Mente 04/29/15
My Only Talent Ch. 30 (4.80)Oh, I Can't Go For That! No Can Do!  Hot Control de la Mente 08/07/15
My Only Talent Ch. 31 (4.79)Candy Caning, Brain Draining, and Professor Paining.  Hot Control de la Mente 10/23/15
My Only Talent Ch. 32 (4.79)Remember the Alamo!  Hot Control de la Mente 04/05/16
My Only Talent Ch. 33 (4.81)Babalú, Lou Baby!  Hot Control de la Mente 09/13/16
My Only Talent Ch. 34 (4.83)Braining the Brainers, Training the Trainers.  Hot Control de la Mente 01/19/17
My Only Talent Ch. 35 (4.79)Suzanne takes you down.  Hot Control de la Mente 06/07/17
My Only Talent Ch. 36 (4.80)Mikey Likes It! Robbie Doesn't.  Hot Control de la Mente 07/20/17
My Only Talent Ch. 37 (4.88)Summer: A Broad.  Hot Control de la Mente 09/05/17
My Only Talent Ch. 38 (4.76)Summers' (Almost) End.  Hot Control de la Mente 12/22/17
My Only Talent Ch. 39 (4.83)Glamping, Clamping, Bedding, & Pre-Wedding Planning.  Hot Control de la Mente 06/24/18
My Only Talent Ch. 40 (4.83)Man is by nature a political animal.  Hot Control de la Mente 11/28/18
My Summer School PhD (4.51)The learning never stops!  Hot Parejas Eróticas 02/16/12
Our Method Works (4.12)It really was a unique way to stop smoking! Sexo en Grupo 11/21/11
Scared Curious (4.23)My first weekend in prison. Hombre Homosexual 01/15/13
The Landlords: 2 Part Series
The Landlords (4.46)This apartment came with certain benefits! Esposas afectuosas 11/06/11
The Landlords and Anna (4.43)What kind of show is this? Esposas afectuosas 11/13/11
The Women in Blue: 5 Part Series
The Women in Blue Ch. 01 (4.63)My surprising summer internship.  Hot Esposas afectuosas 10/25/11
The Women in Blue Ch. 02 (4.57)My internship takes a dramatic turn.  Hot Esposas afectuosas 10/31/11
The Women in Blue Ch. 03 (4.34)Stepping it up a notch! Esposas afectuosas 11/09/11
The Women in Blue Ch. 04 (4.59)Facing the issue, then a return to normalcy.  Hot Esposas afectuosas 01/17/12
The Women in Blue Ch. 05 (4.58)Hot American Love is coming.  Hot Esposas afectuosas 01/28/12
Undercover Female (4.62)A prim and proper accountant must put herself on the line.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 10/16/11
What An App! (4.53)Sometimes technology can have unexpected consequences.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 01/10/12
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