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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Star to Steer Her By (3.72)1964 female cosmonaut drifts in orbit around Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 06/22/12
Daemon of Karabakh (3.96)Licking evil, fucking spirits: a nun's work is never done. No Humano 06/09/12
Dark As The Sun (3.97)A male sexbot on an off-world colony's brothel. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 06/17/12
Death, the Maiden and War (4.50)Stone butch, blues, and a katana sword.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/25/12
Devil's Thrill Sonata (4.19)Anal sex, baroque music and a diabolic revelation. Anal 02/23/12
Fire Storm (4.50)As Tokyo burns, nothing can separate true love.  Hot Romances 06/05/12
Luciferella (3.69)Everyone knows the Devil lives in Killiecrankie. Humor & Sátira 05/02/12
Masozi and Sanaa (3.55)A midnight tryst in a Madagascan fairy circle. Anal 04/25/12
Mizukume: The Fox-Spirit (4.41)A kitsune, fox-spirit, falls in love with an exiled princess. No Humano 03/02/12
Nune: The Sky Maiden (4.11)If separation cannot prevent war, then what can? Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/23/12
Once Upon the Grave of a Sinful Nun (4.05)Sometimes the saddest song is also the most sensual.  Editor's Pick No Humano 05/17/12
Onibaba, My Love (4.63)Even a mother-in-law needs love, too.  Hot No Humano 03/11/12
People of Earth: We Are Cumming! (3.17)Take us to your video nasties! Humor & Sátira 06/26/12
Statue of a Crimsoned Succubus (4.39)in an alternative world, some souls are never forgotten. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/01/12
Terminal Point (3.59)Even a sex machine has its limits. Horror Erótico 08/04/12
The Night Witches: 3 Part Series
The Night Witches: 00 (4.18)A young night witch begins her baptism by fire.  Editor's Pick Libros y Novelas 02/12/12
The Night Witches: 01 (4.64)A young night witch begins her baptism by fire.  Hot Libros y Novelas 02/13/12
The Night Witches: 02 (4.67)A young night witch begins her baptism by fire. Libros y Novelas 02/19/12
Trespassing upon Dreamland (4.43)It is best not to wake these sleeping new world edens. No Humano 08/03/12
Witch Bone and the Mongol Queen: 2 Part Series
Witch Bone and the Mongol Queen (4.21)A young woman caught up in lust, war and taoist sorcery. Libros y Novelas 07/23/12
Witch Bone and the Mongol Queen Ch. 02 (4.00)A second draft of the story of lust, war and taoist sorcery. Libros y Novelas 07/30/12
Woman Warrior and Fey Boy Blues (3.50)Oral sex in an 1860s Japanese swamp. Parejas Eróticas 04/27/12
Xenomorph, Darling (4.13)A Lascivious Star Creature lands in Communist China. No Humano 06/14/12
Yuki-onna, the Snow woman (4.43)Lost in a blizzard a woman is seduced by a steamy spirit. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/29/12
call me a witch's brat (4.00) Poesia Erótica 03/02/12
cum shaped like tears (sonnet) (3.40) Poesia Erótica 02/10/12
Das Nachthexen Sonett: 01 (4.50) Poesia Erótica 02/07/12
debajo de ti (x.xx) Poesia Erótica 08/31/12
Exhale (4.33) Poesia Erótica 03/19/12
ghost broth (sonnet) (3.67) Poesia Erótica 02/25/12
god cum (4.75) Poesia Erótica 02/10/12
hard-on and honeydew lip (sonnet) (5.00) Poesia Erótica 02/10/12
him and him and me (sonnet) (5.00) Poesia Erótica 02/25/12
in praise of older women (sonnet) (3.00) Poesia Erótica 02/26/12
Louco Prazer (Crazy Pleasure) (4.00) Poesia Erótica 03/02/12
luscious fear (3.75) Poesia Erótica 03/22/12
marriage without sex (sonnet) (3.40) Poesia Erótica 02/25/12
my teenage horror moans (4.33) Poesia Erótica 04/22/12
O corpo sabe (The body knows) (3.67) Poesia Erótica 03/16/12
prophet of cocks, clits and cum (4.17) Poesia Erótica 03/02/12
Smut by the Sea (4.00) Poesia Erótica 06/25/12
soft boys and hard girls (sonnet) (4.44) Poesia Erótica 02/07/12
sticky fog dew on your ass (sonnet) (3.67) Poesia Erótica 02/25/12
swamp-honey/ pantanosa-miel (3.33) Poesia Erótica 08/22/12
together like geysers (sonnet) (4.67) Poesia Erótica 02/10/12
until the clay cums (sonnet) (3.00) Poesia Erótica 02/15/12
wings and burning cheeks (4.67) Poesia Erótica 04/06/12
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