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Hello all!

This account will serve as the forum for the re-posting of entries in the "Meet The Humpers" series on Literotica. This series and its characters were created more than 10 years ago by VC Nathan and more than 50 different tales have been created over the years. The bulk of the Humper tales are the original work of VC, with many additional stories being written or co-written by his longtime writing partner Chantal Lefleur. Occasional stories have also been guest-written by fans of the group like Joe Average, BrianM, and Dr. Mojo. Yahoo Groups has served as the home of these stories for the bulk of their existence, which can be found here:

Additionally, the stories are available on a blog (for those who do not have a Yahoo account):

The "Humperverse" consists of a fictional middle American town and revolves around the wanton sexual activities of the students, faculty, and parents at the local High School. The stories primarily center around the Humpers, a multi-generational clan of insanely-overendowed and oversexed family members who have nearly insatiable libidos that they satisfy by fucking nearly anyone they come across, including their own family members. The Humper women all have cartoonishly-huge breasts and the Humper men have massive cocks.

These stories feature intentionally over-the-top and ridiculous characters & sexual situations, huge breast & huge cock fetishism, humor, satire, and incest.

We encourage feedback and suggestions for future story ideas, so please don't hesitate to drop your comments.


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