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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Place for Grace: 3 Part Series
A Place for Grace (4.71)Brother helps big sister move into her new apartment.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 09/02/15
A Place for Grace Ch. 02 (4.76)As Presley heals, his sister keeps a promise.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 09/28/15
A Place for Grace Ch. 03 (4.75)Grace and Pres come to a decision.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/10/15
Club Azure (4.67)A resort club offers a special event for couples.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/26/16
Darling Nikki (4.71)Broken hearts give siblings an opportunity.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/17/15
Finding Beauty (4.57)A son helps his mother believe she is truly beautiful.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/14/14
First Rodeo: 2 Part Series
First Rodeo (4.71)Boring spring break offers new opportunities for siblings.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/31/18
First Rodeo Ch. 02 (4.82)Continuation and conclusion of spring break sibling story.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/03/18
Flight Delay (4.71)An unexpected layover brings good things for Burton.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 10/04/13
Home Repairs (4.71)A young man fills in for his uncle.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/31/14
Man of the House: 10 Part Series
Man of the House (4.62)Cory protects his family and is rewarded  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/22/13
Man of the House Ch. 02 (4.71)Cory and Erin expand their horizons.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 02/25/13
Man of the House Ch. 03 (4.74)Cory and Erin take the day off.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 03/23/13
Man of the House Ch. 04 (4.79)Mom is finally free to join in the fun.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 05/03/13
Man of the House Ch. 05 (4.77)Cory's first date and the family spends the day together.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/06/13
Man of the House Ch. 06 (4.76)Cory makes up for lost time.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 09/19/13
Man of the House Ch. 07 (4.80)Thomas and the ladies play catch-up  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/01/13
Man of the House Ch. 08 (4.75)The family secures their relationship.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 11/06/13
Man of the House Ch. 09 (4.74)Everyone celebrates Erin's birthday.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/11/13
Man of the House Ch. 10 (4.69)Cory makes a decision and the story concludes.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/08/14
New You (4.54)A young man asks for help in developing his invention.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/15/15
Spitting Image (4.76)Carly realizes her love for her father.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/09/14
Stacy King and: 7 Part Series
Stacy King and I (4.67)Thomas and Stacy come together after two years apart.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/06/12
Stacy King and I Ch. 02 (4.69)Thomas and Stacy continue to explore together.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/07/12
Stacy King and I Ch. 03 (4.79)Stacy and Thomas on their first date, and after.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/12/12
Stacy King and I Ch. 04 (4.83)Thomas and Stacy break through.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/17/12
Stacy King and I Ch. 05 (4.81)Thomas and Stacy learn what they like.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/10/13
Stacy King and I Ch. 06 (4.80)Stacy and Thomas run into a snag.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/22/13
Stacy King and I Ch. 07 (4.73)Thomas and Stacy go on a shopping spree.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 04/10/13
The Break of Dawn: 2 Part Series
The Break of Dawn (4.75)A brother helps his sister learn to trust again.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/12/15
The Break of Dawn Ch. 02 (4.76)Travis and Dawn spend Christmas together.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/06/15
The Falls (4.83)Cousins come to a life-changing realization.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 05/13/15
The Letter Jacket: 2 Part Series
The Letter Jacket (4.82)A brother's varsity letter stirs up sister's feelings.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 11/21/14
The Letter Jacket Ch. 02: Summer Rental (4.83)Lily and Austin take advantage of sometime away.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/06/14
The Reprieve: 2 Part Series
The Reprieve (4.75)Jason finds special favor with his mother after her divorce.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 04/27/16
The Reprieve Ch. 02 (4.49)Jason and Valerie let their friends in on their secret. Incesto/Tabú 07/06/16
This Fucking Paper (4.77)A college student accepts a challenge.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 05/21/15
Threadbare (4.73)A mother and son lose their home but find each other.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/27/17
Treading Lightly (4.82)A brother and sister invite their sister to play.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 04/03/15
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