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I've requested removal of most of my stories, and am moving on. I don't plan to post them anywhere else and it seems unlikely I'll publish them for profit. This bio, and Chosen, should be all that remains here.

The reasons are straightforward, but I want to spell them out, for any curious fans.

I wrote a variety of stories here, everything from Chosen's light fantasy, to dark mind control and Literotica's version of noncon. Mostly I wrote dominant males and submissive females, but there was often some dark edge to it. There were no perfect characters in my stories. Some learned from mistakes and were redeemed; some definitely weren't. The stories were mostly pretty good by my standards (and most peoples' here; 59 of 61 got the red H.) And I had no lack of fans - thank you all. If I wanted to prove I could write an engaging story, I succeeded beyond my expectations. And I met someone here I immediately adored, and continue to, and always will. Really, what more could I ask for, out of a hobby?

Well, peace, for a start.

The place ultimately made me uncomfortable, because too many readers have no business being here. These fall into two categories - the underaged, and the damaged.

There's not much to be said about underaged readers. Adolescents are always going to be curious about sexuality, and want the adult view of it. Some of them think, very incorrectly, that they can find it here. Literotica can't really keep them out, and there are a lot of them. Some of them read my stories; one started with them as young as 14. Given my subject matter, that's uncomfortable. It's one thing for a 30 year old woman to submit to a strong male figure, deciding to yield in carefully considered trust and love. It's another, for a seventeen year old to think that sort of trust can be handed to a nineteen year old. I can easily argue that it isn't my problem, or that leaving doesn't solve the problem. But I'll sleep a little more peacefully with my stories out of their hands.

And then there are the damaged people, who have been abused, and come here to relive the pain.

It's much more common than most people realize. Some people shake off abuse, but many don't. Quite a few find that loveless sexual violence becomes the only thing that's erotic to them, and read stories here to get off to such things; that just reinforces the damage. My stories contributed to that; many of my fans admitted to abuse in their past, when I asked. The more I asked, the more I felt my stories did more harm than good. Ten orgasms don't make up for one person shivering through a reading at 3am, shaking, coming, and then trembling their way to a sleep sketched in nightmares and flashbacks.

Those groups of people are the main reason I'm leaving. It's simply the sense that people are being harmed.

There are other, lesser points that bothered me; the preponderance of incest stories for one. Who am I to judge, you might say; but I can answer that: I'm someone who won't condone child abuse, and regardless of the barely-legal age of characters in these stories, I know glorified victimization when I see it. One abused child that comes here to find justification for what his father did, is one too many, and enough for me to revile the whole category; but it's the most popular category here. I felt like being here, even anonymously, makes me part of something I can't countenance. I have been a sojourner in land belonging to others; a literal stranger in a strange land. It's past time to go home.


To anyone hurt by my stories, I'm sorry. To anyone who thinks I'm a sanctimonious prick judging other people's kinks, understand this: it's not a kink when someone's getting hurt. It's wrong. Non serviam can be said in places other than heaven, and I'll say it to anyone that thinks we all have to accept any-and-everyone's fetish, regardless of how destructive it is. If that makes me a prick, I'll be a proud one.

If you've been abused, you don't belong here. This place isn't going to help. It just normalizes your pain. Counseling can help. Talking it out can help. And if you can find the strength, take your abuser to court, whether you're fourteen or forty. Abusers rarely stop at one. Be the one to break the chain if you can.

Thanks for your interest.

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