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betweenthesheets Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Peso: Flaco
Altura: Alto
Lugar: USa
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Nada
Estado: Adjunto
Fumar No
Beber: No
Fetiches: Ninguno
Animales de compañia: Perro(s)
Número de usuario: 1391156
Miembro desde: April 21, 2012
Última vez Modificado: September 28, 2016
Algunas palabras de betweenthesheets:

I write because I enjoy getting away from the stress of life. I don't claim to be good and I know I have mistakes in my stories. Understand that I don't sit down in front of the computer and throw out a story in an hour. Each chapter has at least 20 hours into it. I have to develop the characters. I research locations that they live, visit, ect. If you have ever been to Disney in Orlando. ( It's not actually in Orlando, Lake Buena Vista.) You know the layout and I'm dead on with all the locations there. You can walk the paths that my characters have been down and see them for yourself. The boat in the last chapter of That Summer is a 17 Yellow Fin. The cruise ship used in Teach Me was a Carnival ship. This adds time to how long it takes to get a story out. I try to make sure everything flows. I edit my own work. Sometimes I miss things.

I try and have everything written before I post them but sometimes an idea pops into my head and I add another chapter.

I try to get them out quickly but recently I have had some set backs in my life. I torn my rotator cuff and have had my arm in a sling for months. Makes it difficult to type with one arm.

I want you to enjoy the stories for the content and not my grammar. Keep reading and enjoy. More stories are to come.

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