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Fetiches: Lord Arlington. Duh.
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Hello, friends!

I'm HisPet21, a.k.a HP21.

If you're wondering what happened to "The Rebellious Slave," I have now deleted the original chapters and am posting the updated, revised, and fully completed version in biweekly installments. During the editing process, I not only fixed my atrocious gramar, but also filled in some plot holes, beefed up the content, and added more sexy funtimes. It's a much better, more well-rounded story and I hope you like it. :)

If you're new to "The Rebellious Slave," welcome! Be warned that it does get very, very dark. It is noncon after all, but it's also noncon set in a dystopian-esque future ravaged by chaos and war. It is centered on a high-stakes battle of wills and there is a heavy emphasis on sexual sadism, mindfuckery, and the predator/prey dynamics involved. You can check out the tags on each story and their disclaimers for specifics. The most violent chapters will be starred (*) in my posting schedule below. Consider yourselves duly informed.

Last but not least, all characters engaged in sexual activities are 18+. If you're interested in sadistic fun in real life, don't use my stories as a guide. That would be a terrible idea. Instead, join your local kink community and take some classes. And remember, while noncon is great as masturbation fodder, all sexual activities in the real world should involve the enthusiastic and ongoing consent of all parties.

Feel free to send me a message via the Contact Portal if you so desire, but if you want a reply, you must provide your email address; thank you!


***Posting Schedule/Updates***

TRS Ch. 01: Posted 08/31/18

TRS Ch. 02: Posted 09/12/18

*TRS Ch. 03: Posted 10/07/18

*TRS Ch. 04: Will Likely Submit 10/18/18

10/02/18: TRS Ch. 03 has now been submitted for publication; apologies for the delay! This will mean that TRS Ch. 04 may be a little late, but I anticpate TRS Ch. 05 will be posted on time and get us back on schedule.

*Note: It takes 3-7 days for a submitted story to be approved and posted to the website.

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