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HisPet21 Biografía:
Sexo: Mujer
Peso: Sin Respuesta
Altura: Sin Respuesta
Lugar: No Answer
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Nada
Estado: Sin Respuesta
Fumar Sin Respuesta
Beber: Sin Respuesta
Fetiches: Lord Arlington. Duh.
Animales de compañia: Ninguno
Número de usuario: 1410806
Miembro desde: July 1, 2012
Última vez Modificado: June 26, 2017
Algunas palabras de HisPet21:

Hello, friends!

I'm HisPet21, a.k.a HP21.

Loved for my cruel, sexy villains and hated for my lengthy, unpredictable hiatuses, I still haven't abandoned The Rebellious Slave. Promise! But I have made some big decisions regarding the story and how I intend to approach it.

I started writing TRS on a whim one afternoon while I was bored. The first ten chapters were, at least in my opinion, bad...really, really bad. The later chapters slowly got better, but it was taking me upwards of forty hours to write one, and as a chronic people pleaser with no sense of my own limitations, I got into the nasty habit of making promises I simply couldn't keep. Then life happened, and I disappeared.

It's a mess, you guys, but I'm gonna clean it up.

The new plan is to heavily edit chapters 1-30, and then finish writing the remainder (i.e. ~11 chapters). But, when all is said and done--because I am combining and restructuring several chapters--TRS will be a total of 35 chapters long. I've already started the process and anticipate it will take me ~1 year to finish the entire thing. In August of 2018, I will begin reposting the entire saga from start to finish--one chapter every 1-2 weeks, depending--with no excuse for any hiatuses, because it'll all be done.

I know that's frustrating for those who just wanna know what happens next, but at this point, it's been so long, I doubt anyone even remembers the finer details of the plot and I think reposting the entire thing as it is meant to be, without any more hiatuses, is my best option.

If you want to be notified via email when I start reposting The Rebellious Slave again, please let me know via the "Contact" portal/tab above. Be sure to include your email address and a brief message letting me know that you'd like to be added to the email list. I will only be adding the email addresses of those who specifically ask.

I will probably not be responding to comments until I start reposting, but I may read them; who knows.


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