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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Fool for You (4.77)A rock chick finds love.  Hot Romances 03/15/16
Accidental Adam (4.50)The uniform doesn't make the man.  Hot  Contest Winner Humor & Sátira 10/22/15
Amethyst (4.71)A haunting past.  Hot Horror Erótico 10/17/16
Ashton Hill Fools (4.81)Estranged sister disappears or does she?  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/17/18
Ashton Hill Valentines (4.88)Home is where the heart is.  Hot Libros y Novelas 01/29/18
BDSM: 2 Part Series
BDSM: The Nature of Consent (4.50)SSC vs RACK.  Hot Revisiones & Ensayos 03/29/13
BDSM: Toybox Tips On A Budget (4.41)A light hearted guide to filling a kinky toybox on a budget. Cómo 07/04/13
Butterfly Spirits (4.58)A melding of Halloween and other traditions.  Hot Romances 10/01/13
By Demon's Driven (4.90)A story of sex, sin and salvation.  Hot  Contest Winner Libros y Novelas 04/10/14
Calliope's Daddy: 5 Part Series
Calliope's Daddy (4.51)Uncle bails whore out of jail and becomes her Daddy.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 11/05/12
Calliope's Daddy Ch. 02 (4.63)Shopping with Daddy and friends.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 11/25/12
Calliope's Daddy Ch. 03 (4.65)Calliope meets more family.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/12/12
Calliope's Daddy Ch. 04 (4.69)They fight and Callie has her day in court.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/15/13
Calliope's Daddy Ch. 05 (4.64)Callipe's family had some fun together.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 03/17/13
Calliope's New Life: 6 Part Series
Calliope's New Life (4.48)Testing the boundaries. Incesto/Tabú 05/01/13
Calliope's New Life Ch. 02 (4.52)The clean freak cleans her out.  Hot Fetiche 06/22/13
Calliope's New Life Ch. 03 (4.43)He takes her virgin ass. Anal 01/08/14
Calliope's New Life Ch. 04 (4.61)Calliope pushes Padraic too far.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 02/05/14
Calliope's New Life Ch. 05 (4.62)Callie makes a present for Paddy.  Hot Juguetes & Mastubación 02/18/14
Calliope's New Life Ch. 06 (4.61)Padraic unveils the new playroom.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 03/17/14
Castaway (4.34)Man finds a letter in a bottle. Parejas Eróticas 04/11/15
Chelsea's Twelve Days of Christmas (4.84)A young woman learns to love again.  Hot Libros y Novelas 11/14/16
Cities of Power: 9 Part Series
Cities of Power Ch. 01 (4.65)The missing girl.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/07/13
Cities of Power Ch. 02 (4.80)Talon seeks out two women.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/10/13
Cities of Power Ch. 03 (4.70)First love, first Mission, first time.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/15/13
Cities of Power Ch. 04 (4.82)The birth of a prophecy.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 01/17/14
Cities of Power Ch. 05 (4.81)Brothers and sisters.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/21/17
Cities of Power Ch. 06 (4.80)Reunions before one dreadful night.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/25/17
Cities of Power Ch. 07 (4.81)The battle against the black.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/03/17
Cities of Power Ch. 08 (4.86)A storm on the horizon.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/18/17
Cities of Power Ch. 09 (4.86)The magical storm.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/06/17
Cyclone Sally (4.40)Middle aged woman gets caught in a storm. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/22/14
Dog Day Afternoon (4.16)The celebrity chef and the voyeuristic neighbour. Exibicionista & Voyeur 03/03/15
F2: Sydney Surprise (4.53)Unexpected surprises on an annual trip.  Hot Cuentos en Cadena 08/07/13
F3 For Her (4.46)Regaining his lost love. Cuentos en Cadena 11/12/13
F4: The Guildsman (4.44)Love, lust and heartbreak in an unstable world. Cuentos en Cadena 05/10/14
F5: The Games She Plays (3.61)A man's love for his eccentric wife. Cuentos en Cadena 06/16/14
F6: Bliss (4.37)Home is where the heart is. Cuentos en Cadena 12/10/15
Fourteen Days (4.71)A girl gets strange Valentines while falling for another.  Hot Romances 01/21/14
Her Fairy-Tale Life (4.90)She saves his life and he transforms hers.  Hot  Contest Winner Romances 01/31/17
Her Naked Truth (4.40)Her oldest friend has a secret she wants to share. Sexo entre Lesbianas 06/20/14
His Best Friend's Mother (4.45)A young man falls for his friend's mother. Maduro 12/08/13
Iceberg (4.49)Apolitical stunt for April Fools Day. Humor & Sátira 03/13/17
Life Art (4.83)A girl's summer dreams don't work out as she planned.  Hot  Contest Winner Romances 08/27/14
Lustful Lyrics Ch. 09 (4.20)For You (The Rabbit Song). Cuentos en Cadena 03/06/13
Marriage Material? (4.27)How to spot the men who aren’t relationship material Cómo 08/02/14
Mastering Bella: 10 Part Series
Mastering Bella (4.44)Graduate starts a new job. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/02/11
Mastering Bella Ch. 02 (4.51)The rules of the game.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/02/11
Mastering Bella Ch. 03 (4.51)Not just a game: three punishments and three pleasures.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/13/11
Mastering Bella Ch. 04 (4.60)The kiss that lingers/Wearing her slavery.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/08/11
Mastering Bella Ch. 05 (4.64)The hand that feeds. The game gets real.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/17/12
Mastering Bella Ch. 06 (4.56)He gains more control.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/17/12
Mastering Bella Ch. 07 (4.69)The Club.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/22/12
Mastering Bella Ch. 08 (4.69)Questions and answers, secrets and lies.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/14/12
Mastering Bella Ch. 09 (4.65) Going home and the party.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/26/12
Mastering Bella Ch. 10 (4.73)Choices.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/01/12
Owning Bella: 10 Part Series
Owning Bella Ch. 01 (4.62)Accepting her place in his life.  Hot BDSM 01/13/13
Owning Bella Ch. 02 (4.61)Training begins but is it all too much too soon.  Hot BDSM 01/17/13
Owning Bella Ch. 03 (4.66)fall out...  Hot BDSM 02/05/13
Owning Bella Ch. 04 (4.65)Hunters and collectors.  Hot BDSM 03/03/13
Owning Bella Ch. 05 (4.65)Little drama queen.  Hot BDSM 04/06/13
Owning Bella Ch. 06 (4.58)Bella and Mel get away from it all.  Hot BDSM 05/17/13
Owning Bella Ch. 07 (4.66)New twists for all concerned.  Hot BDSM 06/23/13
Owning Bella Ch. 08 (4.65)Further investigations and explorations.  Hot BDSM 07/21/13
Owning Bella Ch. 09 (4.69)The holiday in Italy comes to an abrupt end.  Hot BDSM 09/03/13
Owning Bella Ch. 10 (4.43)Letters to help her heal. Cartas & Transcripciones 09/06/13
Possessing Bella: 24 Part Series
Possessing Bella (4.64)Bella picks up the pieces of her life  Hot BDSM 01/06/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 02 (4.75)Bella faces the future with help from her friends  Hot BDSM 02/05/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 03 (4.76)Bella gets more than she bargained for with Sire  Hot Sexo en Grupo 03/13/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 04 (4.66)Bella returns to the company.  Hot BDSM 04/16/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 05 (4.68)Bella meets with the Pet Masters Guild.  Hot Fetiche 04/17/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 06 (4.73)Bella world continues to change.  Hot BDSM 06/03/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 07 (4.66)Bella arrives at Hunter's Lodge.  Hot Amor Interracial 07/09/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 08 (4.72)The hunter and the prey.  Hot Amor Interracial 08/02/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 09 (4.73)The kiss that lingers revisited.  Hot Romances 09/09/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 10-11 (4.82)Moving on.  Hot Libros y Novelas 10/04/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 12 (4.79)Gorean training brings unexpected situations.  Hot Fetiche 11/13/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 13 (4.75)Bella experiences a Gorean Life.  Hot Fetiche 12/20/14
Possessing Bella Ch. 14 (4.75)Her time in Gor ends abruptly.  Hot Fetiche 01/13/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 15 (4.79)Bella begins to make future plans.  Hot BDSM 02/27/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 16 (4.76)The holiday celebrations with Bella and friends.  Hot BDSM 04/02/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 17 (4.77)Bella visits the ranch.  Hot BDSM 05/29/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 18 (4.67)Bella trains for the pony show.  Hot BDSM 09/05/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 19 (4.80)Bella competes at the show.  Hot BDSM 09/13/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 20 (4.79)Bella makes some decisions.  Hot BDSM 11/26/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 21 (4.68)The control she needs.  Hot  Contest Winner BDSM 12/04/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 22 (4.67)New rules and responsibilities at home and work.  Hot  Contest Winner BDSM 12/30/15
Possessing Bella Ch. 23 (4.72)Valentines Day Ball: the good, the bad and the Mistress.  Hot BDSM 01/04/16
Possessing Bella Ch. 24 (4.82)Confessions and Choices.  Hot BDSM 01/05/16
Possessing Bella Ch. 25 (4.82)Could it be happily ever after for Bella?  Hot  Contest Winner BDSM 01/06/16
Princess Prick Tease: 3 Part Series
Princess Prick Tease (4.48)Modelling Halloween costumes changes a nerd into a princess. Exibicionista & Voyeur 10/04/13
Princess Prick Tease Ch. 02 (4.69)The princess takes over ass Halloween approaches  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 10/10/13
Princess Prick Tease Ch. 03 (4.73)Into the vortex.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 10/22/13
Taking the Reigns (4.74)A young woman life changes dramatically.  Hot  Contest Winner Romances 06/21/13
Tankgirl Tales (4.21)Tankgirl and Booga meet some pirates. Celebridades 03/11/13
That Hippy Chick (4.68)He wasn't what she expected.  Hot Romances 03/29/13
The Christmas Bonus (4.72)She wants that bonus but gets something better.  Hot Romances 11/20/14
The Doll Collector: 3 Part Series
The Doll Collector Ch. 01 (4.25)An antiques dealer meets a wealthy, mysterious recluse. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/11/13
The Doll Collector Ch. 02 (4.44)Jacques private collection. Control de la Mente 08/16/13
The Doll Collector Ch. 03 (4.57)Training and testing.  Hot Control de la Mente 01/31/14
The Fool: 12 Part Series
The Fool (4.68)A perfect heist and a well planned meeting.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 03/15/17
The Fool Ch. 02 (4.73)Cat and Mouse Games.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 03/20/17
The Fool Ch. 03 (4.77)Baiting the Hook.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 03/28/17
The Fool Ch. 04 (4.78)Taking the bait.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 04/07/17
The Fool Ch. 05 (4.79)Hook, line and sinker.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 04/13/17
The Fool Ch. 06 (4.82)The one that got away.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 04/22/17
The Fool Ch. 07 (4.78)Freedom is an Illusion.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 05/04/17
The Fool Ch. 08 (4.85)Caught in an invisible net.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 05/10/17
The Fool Ch. 09 (4.75)The guilded cage.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 05/19/17
The Fool Ch. 10 (4.82)If she had wings.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 06/20/17
The Fool Ch. 11 (4.87)Flying from her fate.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 06/26/17
The Fool Ch. 12 (4.87)The freedom to choose her fate.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 06/27/17
The Pink Ninja (4.57)An angry young man fights for his virginity.  Hot Primera Vez 02/28/15
The Rhythm Method (4.88)A twisted tale of a beauty and a beast.  Hot Romances 04/10/14
The Twelve Tables: 30 Part Series
The Twelve Tables (4.70)Her introduction to a whole new world.  Hot Libros y Novelas 01/18/13
The Twelve Tables Ch. 02 (4.79)Falling in love and lust.  Hot Libros y Novelas 02/20/13
The Twelve Tables Ch. 03 (4.75)Whats Josh wants.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 03/28/13
The Twelve Tables Ch. 04 (4.80)New beginnings and Expectations.  Hot Libros y Novelas 07/01/13
The Twelve Tables Ch. 05 (4.82)Nik causes problems.  Hot Libros y Novelas 01/25/14
The Twelve Tables Ch. 06 (4.79)Nik's deception back fires.  Hot Libros y Novelas 02/08/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 07 (4.78)Nik goes too far.  Hot Libros y Novelas 02/16/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 08 (4.79)The farm and meeting Papa.  Hot BDSM 02/25/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 09 (4.75)Christmas at the farm.  Hot Libros y Novelas 02/29/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 10 (4.75)Bringing in the New Year.  Hot BDSM 03/12/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 11 (4.73)The trial begins.  Hot BDSM 03/19/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 12 (4.77)Peri and Nik disappear one night.  Hot BDSM 03/27/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 13 (4.75)Her day in court.  Hot Libros y Novelas 04/02/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 14 (4.81)Lucia's story and Peri panics.  Hot Libros y Novelas 04/10/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 15 (4.80)New beginnings.  Hot BDSM 04/20/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 16 (4.80)Surprises for everyone.  Hot Libros y Novelas 05/25/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 17 (4.77)The Family Gathering.  Hot Libros y Novelas 06/03/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 18 (4.87)Peri's baby Journal.  Hot Libros y Novelas 06/11/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 19 (4.84)Visions of the future.  Hot BDSM 06/17/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 20 (4.79)Dante's milky obsession.  Hot  Contest Winner Fetiche 06/29/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 21 (4.80)Josh Visits Nik.  Hot BDSM 07/06/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 22 (4.84)Christmas at the farm.  Hot Libros y Novelas 07/08/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 23 (4.80)Fallout for Peri.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 07/21/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 24 (4.87)Old Year - New Year.  Hot Libros y Novelas 08/19/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 25 (4.83)Heroes and Heroines.  Hot Libros y Novelas 08/24/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 26 (4.85)Peri's night with Dante.  Hot BDSM 08/31/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 27 (4.83)Peri's plans go awry.  Hot BDSM 09/09/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 28 (4.84)Lessons learned.  Hot BDSM 09/12/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 29 (4.84)Being the Mother.  Hot BDSM 09/21/16
The Twelve Tables Ch. 30 (4.86)Devastation from within.  Hot Libros y Novelas 09/21/16
The Twelve Vitali: 30 Part Series
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 00 (4.72)Prologue: The Vitali Men.  Hot Libros y Novelas 10/15/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 01 (4.73)Catriona Leone.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/29/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 02 (4.80)Ricco Vitali.  Hot Libros y Novelas 10/31/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 03 (4.83)Ricco and Cat.  Hot Libros y Novelas 11/07/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 04 (4.85)Catrione meets Matteo.  Hot Libros y Novelas 11/14/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 05 (4.82)New Year's Eve.  Hot Libros y Novelas 11/21/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 06 (4.86)New Year's Resolutions.  Hot Libros y Novelas 11/28/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 07 (4.84)A real date.  Hot Libros y Novelas 12/05/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 08 (4.84)Fight or flight.  Hot Libros y Novelas 12/12/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 09 (4.88)Secrets and Lies.  Hot Libros y Novelas 12/13/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 10 (4.88)Can he win her back?  Hot Libros y Novelas 12/19/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 11 (4.85)New beginnings.  Hot BDSM 12/20/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 12 (4.84)Becoming truly his.  Hot BDSM 12/21/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 13 (4.83)Decisions and compromises.  Hot BDSM 12/22/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 14 (4.86)Expectations.  Hot BDSM 12/23/17
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 15 (4.87)The Trials begin  Hot BDSM 01/17/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 16 (4.87)Revelations.  Hot Sexo entre Lesbianas 01/26/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 17 (4.86)Reunited.  Hot Sexo entre Lesbianas 02/02/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 18 (4.93)Cinerella Moments  Hot Libros y Novelas 02/05/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 19 (4.84)A bed for three.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 02/13/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 20 (4.90)Obstacles.  Hot BDSM 02/23/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 21 (4.84)Unseen dangers.  Hot BDSM 02/28/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 22 (4.87)Hunters and collectors.  Hot BDSM 03/06/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 23 (4.81)Fun and games.  Hot BDSM 03/14/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 24 (4.82)Ghosts of the past.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/20/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 25 (4.78)I do's and don'ts.  Hot Romances 03/26/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 26 (4.85)Mamas and Papas.  Hot Libros y Novelas 04/08/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 27 (4.80)Sweet desserts.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 04/09/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 28 (4.86)Little big secrets.  New  Hot Libros y Novelas 04/17/18
The Twelve Vitali Ch. 29 (4.85)More questions.  New  Hot Libros y Novelas 04/23/18
The Upper Hand (4.71)Work colleagues play a dangerous game of one upmanship  Hot Parejas Eróticas 04/10/14
The Very Best of Friends (4.49)Joanna learns to love again. Parejas Eróticas 06/27/16
Trallis: Summer Storm Dancer (4.48)Magic of the summer storm is found within a young twin. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/22/13
Twins of Trallis: 3 Part Series
Twins of Trallis: Sandstorm (4.64)A young slave begins to discover her origins.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/03/13
Twins of Trallis: Snowstorm (4.63)Allora's story.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 01/10/14
Twins of Trallis: Squalls (4.57)The discovery of Janus's secret.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/13/14
Unusual Companions (4.60)A girl finds a man from her past at a Valentines Day event.  Hot Maduro 01/30/15
Venturer: 3 Part Series
Venturer (4.67)Runaway lady is discovered.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/01/12
Venturer Ch. 02 (4.77)She is held captive while he makes plans.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/06/12
Venturer Ch. 03 (4.74)The road to the wedding is rocky.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/08/12
Vindictive (4.22)Reluctant lover has her ass taken. Anal 02/21/13
What Bill and Kate Want: 2 Part Series
What Bill and Kate Want... (4.46)A baby for her and a baby girl for him, a perfect Valentine. Esposas afectuosas 01/21/13
What Bill and Kate Want... Ch. 02 (4.36)Life gets more complicated for the trio. Esposas afectuosas 09/25/14
Witch-Hunter General (4.51)The deeds of an evil man.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/01/14
Zingara - Being Finn (4.36)Running with the Wolf Clan. Ilustrados 10/06/14
A Sarcastic Aussie Online (4.71)  Hot Poesia con Audio 04/25/13
Bubbles for Freya (4.75)  Hot Poesia no Erótica 02/28/15
Dancer (4.49) Poesía ilustrada 02/20/13
Dark Light (4.55)  Hot Poesia Erótica 01/19/13
I Touch Myself (4.07) Poesía ilustrada 02/26/14
Inspiration Please (4.86) Poesia no Erótica 03/16/13
Just like you (4.30) Poesia Erótica 02/25/14
New Bikini (4.40) Poesia no Erótica 02/23/14
Prophecy (4.61)  Hot Poesía ilustrada 02/26/14
Retaken (4.67)  Hot Poesia con Audio 04/25/13
Reunion (4.37) Poesía ilustrada 04/05/13
Rock Star (4.40) Poesia no Erótica 03/09/14
Scar (4.57) Poesia no Erótica 10/08/13
Scrapbook (4.88) Poesia no Erótica 04/13/13
Secretary (4.10) Poesia no Erótica 03/01/14
Sleeping Beauty (4.00) Poesia con Audio 07/02/14
Sold (4.19) Poesía ilustrada 04/05/13
Subway Girl (4.50)  Hot Poesia no Erótica 11/08/12
Summer (4.41) Poesía ilustrada 02/26/14
The Cage (4.60)  Hot Poesia Erótica 03/01/14
The Invisible Pedestal (4.92)  Hot Poesia Erótica 04/13/13
The Little Ones Laugh (4.67)  Hot Poesia con Audio 04/10/13
The Mime (4.57) Poesia Erótica 03/09/14
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