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June 2018 update:

Been in hospital since before the start of the year. Had a nice, little infection post surgery and wound up in a medically induced come to keep it from frying my brain.

Didn't work as advertised. Alas. I'm kinda ok now, but my memory is twitchy. Also, there were bad reasons for me being in the hospital in the first place.

It's all bad news, basically, except that I'm going to be back home next week and I expect to be writing while I'm doing my physical therapy and recovery, so new stuff and continuations of series will ensue. (I have all my story notes still)

Expect updates soon. Like next week, or the one after that. I've got a life and family to rebuild.

Big thanks to all of you who have reached out with feedback and emails of support and appreciation. I've re-read them each about a dozen times, mainly because I kept forgetting them the next day and they've really perked me up. Repeatedly. :)


I am a hobby writer and I've decided to try my hand at commissioned writing. If you'd like me to write a story for you, click on the contact button on this page and send me your idea. Be sure to include you own email address so I can write you back. Otherwise, contact me on

Be sure to include as much detail about your story as you can. The more you tell me, the closer I come to writing up exactly the kind of thing you'd like to read. It will take me a few days to consider your commission and whether or not I think I can deliver such a work, so be patient until you hear back from me.

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