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sycksycko Biografía:
Sexo: Sin Respuesta
Peso: Sin Respuesta
Altura: Sin Respuesta
Lugar: 10th circle of hell. Who knew it even existed...
Orientación: Sin Respuesta
Interesados En: Nada
Estado: Sin Respuesta
Fumar Sin Respuesta
Beber: Sin Respuesta
Fetiches: Ninguno
Animales de compañia: Otro
Número de usuario: 1481933
Miembro desde: February 28, 2013
Última vez Modificado: March 14, 2018
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May 2017 update:

Got my life back in order after a long, long period of craziness. I'm quite touched that I have over a thousand followers on this site. Thank you one and all. I'll strive to entertain you with new tales of Jack Watts and Yuri Yanuk.

Some one-off stories might also be in the near future.


I am a hobby writer and I've decided to try my hand at commissioned writing. If you'd like me to write a story for you, click on the contact button on this page and send me your idea. Be sure to include you own email address so I can write you back. Otherwise, contact me on

Be sure to include as much detail about your story as you can. The more you tell me, the closer I come to writing up exactly the kind of thing you'd like to read. It will take me a few days to consider your commission and whether or not I think I can deliver such a work, so be patient until you hear back from me.

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