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Algunas palabras de Erinaceous:

Precession is published. It's a chapter-length story, a sort of sequel to Murder on Capella Space Station and fits into the story series, Every Man's Fanstasy, around chapters 26/27.

Chapter 26 is 75 percent done.

I'm re-writing the whole story as six novels. Chapters 1 to 3 of the re-written story are available on my Patreon site:

I hope readers will become Patrons and support my writing. They will receive teasers, early publications, re-written chapters and, when I've earned enough, original art-work, such as book cover designs.

There are at least five more chapters of Every Man's Fantasy in outline, which gives plenty of room to explore the themes in more detail and produce some satisfying plot-twists. I also have some short stories in mind, to add more depth or just for the fun of visiting this universe again.

Thank you to everyone for your comments, criticisms, encouragement and advice.

All the best,


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