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Esta página muestra una lista de historias, poemas y autores que le gustan a este miembro. Estas no son presentaciones escritas por este miembro - son algunas de sus presentaciones y gente favorita de Literotica.

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Realistic Incest In Stories - How to write realistic incest stories.1337_G1RL (4.20) 03/02/06
Home for the Holidays Ch. 04 - Everyone has fun the day after Thanksgiving.jt123 (4.72) 10/19/03
It Begins Ch. 06 - What's too far?KathysClown (4.63) 09/03/13
Mom's BFF - Mother's best friend helps son score with mom.bob03567 (4.66) 09/16/13
Summer Fling - His sex with his stepmother and then mom.bob03567 (4.69) 10/24/13
The Therapist's Journey Ch. 01 - Theresa's first session with Sally.MaryAnderson (4.70) 02/15/13
The Bug That Got Me Mom Ch. 03 - Son seduces Mom in front of Dad and Sister.bob03567 (4.68) 11/27/11
Writing Erotica for Fun & Profit - I explain my ongoing process for writing & selling erotica.BrettJ (4.72) 01/06/15
Big Tits on Lil Sis Ch. 02 - Things get a little more intimate after showing off.Fillmore_Choda (4.59) 03/25/16
Aloha, My Love - Saying Goodbye and Hello to Love on Kauai.Leenysman (4.77) 12/30/16
The Neighborhood - Horny teen's experiences with busty friends and family.fittucker87 (4.73) 12/12/08
Pool Parties Can Be Fun - Mom and sis help guy overcome his shyness.jomumik (4.20) 12/11/00
Folie à Deux - A madness shared by two.AwkwardMD (4.75) 03/23/18
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