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dr_mabeuse Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Peso: Media
Altura: Media
Lugar: Chicago
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos, Parejas Sexuales, Amor, Mujeres
Estado: Sin Respuesta
Fumar Si
Beber: Si
Fetiches: Passionate love &sex, B&D
Animales de compañia: Gato(s), Perro(s), Otro
Número de usuario: 159353
Miembro desde: October 10, 2002
Última vez Modificado: November 17, 2008
Algunas palabras de dr_mabeuse:

Everyone connects to the world some way, and I seem to connect through sex. I'm interested in the extreme and the extraordinary in all things, and I take my writing seriously. What interests me now is not so much what people do, but how they feel about what they do: male and female dynamics. I like to explore transcendent sex and extremes of passion and desire in my fiction, and try to understand what motivates us to pursue the things we do.I tend to be intense, but I value my sense of humor more than anything. Nothing's sacred, and I expect my sense of dark humor to keep me going when the fires of passion have long burned out. The complete book of "A Good Student" is now available at:

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