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Linda Jean
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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Hot Wife (4.20)Young wife gets job in video store. Esposas afectuosas 07/03/02
A Real Whore, Acting The Part (4.36)Actress wife is not acting with Black man. Esposas afectuosas 07/13/02
A Service Wife: 2 Part Series
A Service Wife Ch. 1 (4.31)Young Service wife gets a job in sex store. Esposas afectuosas 07/03/02
A Service Wife Ch. 2 (4.57)Sandy learns the ropes really fast.  Hot Esposas afectuosas 08/04/02
A Wedding Day to Remember: 3 Part Series
A Wedding Day to Remember (4.35)Youg Bride gets used by everyone. Sexo en Grupo 10/20/02
A Wedding Day to Remember Ch. 02 (4.36)Terry lays down the law. Sexo en Grupo 10/27/02
A Wedding Day to Remember Ch. 03 (4.40)She walks down aisle dripping with others men's cum. Sexo en Grupo 11/27/02
Acting Job: 2 Part Series
Acting Job (4.44)Young wife becomes addicted to sex with other men. Esposas afectuosas 07/09/03
Acting Job Pt. 2 (3.90)The 5th and final act. Esposas afectuosas 03/29/07
Blackmailed Into Perversion: 5 Part Series
Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 1 (4.43)Perverted boss blackmails a housewife. Esposas afectuosas 08/13/01
Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 2 (4.41)Pam returns the next day. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/25/01
Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 3 (4.45)Pam's first day at work as the Company Sex Toy. Esposas afectuosas 09/02/01
Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 4 (4.54)Pam becomes more confused on her feelings.  Hot Control de la Mente 10/01/01
Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 5 (4.43)Pam is getting a hold of her feelings now. Control de la Mente 10/04/01
First Time I Had A Cream Pie (4.50)First time she ever ate a wet pussy.  Hot Fetiche 08/21/01
Glory Hole Girl (4.38)Woman discovers the joys of Glory Holes. Sexo en Grupo 02/26/01
Got A Job: 10 Part Series
Got a Job Ch. 1 (4.37)Linda's new job isn't what she imagined. Esposas afectuosas 03/14/01
Got A Job Ch. 10 (4.45)Linda realizes her power over men, including her husband. Esposas afectuosas 04/27/01
Got A Job Ch. 2 (4.45)Linda finds out just what she was hired for. Esposas afectuosas 03/15/01
Got A Job Ch. 3 (4.48)Linda learns what eating "cream Pie" is about. Esposas afectuosas 03/18/01
Got A Job Ch. 4 (4.48)Linda takes on four men. Esposas afectuosas 03/22/01
Got A Job Ch. 5 (4.49)Linda finds out more about herself. Esposas afectuosas 03/29/01
Got A Job Ch. 6 (4.40)Linda finds out all about 'Glory Holes'. Sexo en Grupo 03/30/01
Got A Job Ch. 7 (4.56)Linda is starting to lose herself in new job.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 04/03/01
Got a Job Ch. 8 (4.50)Linda can't stay away from the glory holes.  Hot Esposas afectuosas 04/24/01
Got A Job Ch. 9 (4.42)Linda's husband learns what eat cream pie is all about. Esposas afectuosas 04/25/01
Hitchhiking: 4 Part Series
Hitchhiking Ch. 1 (4.28)Linda picks up a hitchhiker who uses her. Esposas afectuosas 05/12/01
Hitchhiking Ch. 2 (4.35)Linda gets caught up in her rape. Esposas afectuosas 05/15/01
Hitchhiking Ch. 3 (4.35)Linda discovers something about herself & her husband. Esposas afectuosas 05/20/01
Hitchhiking Ch. 4 (4.16)Linda watches as captors manipulate her husband. Esposas afectuosas 05/26/01
Hitchiking: 2 Part Series
Hitchiking Ch. 5 (4.34)Linda and her husband keep going back. Sexo en Grupo 01/03/02
Hitchiking Ch. 6 (4.47)Jim & Linda discover they both like dark meat. Sexo en Grupo 01/04/02
How Did this All Happen: 2 Part Series
How Did this All Happen? Ch. 01 (4.33)Young bride is forced to change into a sexual whore. Esposas afectuosas 05/13/08
How Did this All Happen? Ch. 02 (4.35)Linda just gets in deeper. Esposas afectuosas 05/16/08
How I Quit Smoking: 5 Part Series
How I Quit Smoking (4.06)Young wife wants to give up smoking, Esposas afectuosas 06/14/02
How I Quit Smoking Ch. 2 (4.33)Linda finds obscene phone calls are very fun. Esposas afectuosas 07/15/02
How I Quit Smoking Ch. 3 (4.34)Linda finds that can't get enough cock. Esposas afectuosas 07/16/02
How I Quit Smoking Ch. 4 (4.31)She is lost to her sexual hunger. Esposas afectuosas 08/04/02
How I Quit Smoking Ch. 5 (4.26)Linda finds out what Terry has at his place and she's in lov Esposas afectuosas 10/16/02
I Made Him Pay: 2 Part Series
I Made Him Pay Ch. 1 (4.34)Linda catches her husband with another woman. Esposas afectuosas 03/26/01
I Made Him Pay Ch. 2 (4.04)Linda takes total control over her husband. Esposas afectuosas 03/27/01
I Want It Bad, Real Bad (4.31)Linda has sex on the dance floor. Esposas afectuosas 08/27/01
Lay-Offs: 5 Part Series
Lay-Offs Ch. 01 (4.52)Female boss realizes her power.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 07/27/04
Lay-Offs Ch. 02 (4.46)The hanky-panky in the office heats up. Exibicionista & Voyeur 08/10/04
Lay-Offs Ch. 03 (4.47)Linda's Secretary gets involved. Exibicionista & Voyeur 11/02/04
Lay-Offs Ch. 04 (4.40)Jennifer's turn. Exibicionista & Voyeur 11/08/04
Lay-Offs Ch. 05 (4.41)More people have to decide what to do. Control de la Mente 04/08/07
Letter Between Us Girls (4.31)Sally tells about her first girl experience. Sexo entre Lesbianas 08/20/01
Letter to Bill: 5 Part Series
Letter To Bill 1/29/01 (3.99)Wife sends nasty letters to husband overseas. Esposas afectuosas 03/18/01
Letter To Bill 1/30/01 (3.57)Did she tell him too much? Esposas afectuosas 03/19/01
Letter to Bill 2/4/01 (4.21)Linda learns something new & exciting about Bill. Esposas afectuosas 03/20/01
Letter To Bill 2/9/01 (4.08)Linda gets down with everyone possible. Esposas afectuosas 03/21/01
Letter To Bill 3/8/01 (4.00)Linda & hubby exchange really kinky stuff. Esposas afectuosas 03/22/01
Letter to Tommy: 3 Part Series
Letter to Tommy Ch. 1 (4.37)Linda gets blackmailed by her step-son. Sexo en Grupo 03/26/01
Letter To Tommy Ch. 2 (4.30)Tommy lays down the law. Sexo en Grupo 01/05/02
Letter To Tommy Ch. 3 (4.41)Josh has an idea... Sexo en Grupo 01/06/02
Marline Becomes A Slut: 5 Part Series
Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 1 (4.40)Anti-porn minister's wife is abducted and transformed. Sexo en Grupo 02/10/01
Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 3 (4.49)She has no control over her deisres. Sexo en Grupo 02/14/01
Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 4 (4.45)Pastor's wife's pleases truckers. Sexo en Grupo 02/17/01
Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 5 (4.49)Marline meets Jack. Sexo en Grupo 02/18/01
Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 6 (4.48)Marline gets help from her sister, but... Sexo en Grupo 02/19/01
My Bus Trip: 4 Part Series
My Bus Trip Ch. 1 (4.38)Jilted wife embarks on a wild ride to Boston. Esposas afectuosas 04/06/01
My Bus Trip Ch. 2 (4.42)Autumn satisfies another couple. Esposas afectuosas 04/07/01
My Bus Trip Ch. 3 (4.41)Autumn goes wild in an adult bookstore. Esposas afectuosas 04/08/01
My Bus Trip Ch. 4 (4.37)Autumn keeps on going, from the bookstore to the bus. Esposas afectuosas 04/09/01
My Fucking Nephew: 3 Part Series
My Fucking Nephew Ch. 1 (4.25)Nephew blackmails her into submission. Incesto/Tabú 01/05/02
My Fucking Nephew Ch. 2 (4.15)She submits to nephew's demands. Incesto/Tabú 01/06/02
My Fucking Nephew Ch. 3 (4.10)Things heat up in cold weather. Incesto/Tabú 01/12/02
My Journey To Perversion: 6 Part Series
My Journey To Perversion Ch 3 (4.42)Linda goes crazy in public places. Sexo en Grupo 03/25/01
My Journey To Perversion Ch. 1 (4.48)Linda sneaks away for a very nasty weekend. Sexo en Grupo 03/22/01
My Journey To Perversion Ch. 2 (4.49)Linda experiences her deepest, sickest fantasies. Sexo en Grupo 03/24/01
My Journey To Perversion Ch. 4 (4.48)Linda goes to sports bar where she's the 'sport'. Sexo en Grupo 03/26/01
My Journey To Perversion Ch. 5 (4.48)Linda has sex in some strange places. Sexo en Grupo 03/29/01
My Journey To Perversion Ch. 6 (4.51)Linda turns the tables on her host.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 03/30/01
My Nasty Honeymoon (4.42)Newlywed is raped days after wedding, or is she? No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/26/01
My Very First Gang-Bang (4.16)Woman takes on the brother and his friends. Incesto/Tabú 08/19/01
Penny's Surprise: 12 Part Series
Penny's Surprise Ch. 01 (3.95)Jilted wife tries to make sense of her life. Esposas afectuosas 02/28/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 02 (4.10)Does she like it, or is she putting up with it? Sexo en Grupo 03/01/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 03 (4.37)Penny really learns the ropes, so to speak. Sexo en Grupo 03/02/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 04 (4.48)Penny forms a plan. Sexo en Grupo 03/03/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 05 (4.39)Penny learns things that just may help her. Sexo en Grupo 03/04/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 06 (4.35)Penny looks for ways to turn the tables. Sexo en Grupo 03/05/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 07 (4.36)Penny is caught up in all the sucking & fucking. Sexo en Grupo 03/07/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 08 (4.36)Penny finds a way to make them do as she wants. Sexo en Grupo 03/08/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 09 (4.33)Penny turns Bud into her own Pussy Boy. Sexo en Grupo 03/08/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 10 (4.32)Penny filters through her cravings & desires. Sexo en Grupo 03/09/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 11 (4.31)Penny returns home to a shocking surprise. Sexo en Grupo 03/10/01
Penny's Surprise Ch. 12 (4.22)Penny visits Glory holes & deals with her husband. Sexo en Grupo 03/11/01
Taken By Mistake: 3 Part Series
Taken By Mistake Ch. 1 (4.42)Kidnapping experience shows her a new side to herself. Sexo en Grupo 02/20/01
Taken By Mistake Ch. 2 (4.42)Linda learns something unbelievable about herself. Sexo en Grupo 02/21/01
Taken By Mistake Ch. 3 (4.42)Linda discovers nasty things about her husband. Sexo en Grupo 02/23/01
Taken Six Times: 4 Part Series
Taken Six Times (4.24)Wife gets ravished while making a movie. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/31/06
Taken Six Times Ch. 02 (4.47)She's given another scene. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/08/06
Taken Six Times Ch. 03 (4.43)The director breaks the news to Linda. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/12/06
Taken Six Times Ch. 04 (4.35)What is Linda going to do? No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/17/06
The Captain’s Wife Ch. 01 (4.30)Bored wife seeks fun while husband is overseas. Sexo en Grupo 05/22/04
Things Change (4.35)Young wife discovers her husband's nasty sexual desires. Esposas afectuosas 04/27/08
Wife Gets A Job (4.36)Captain's wife gets a job & loves it. Sexo en Grupo 05/22/04
Wife Gets Crazy (4.27)Captain's wife learns what nasty sex is all about. Sexo en Grupo 05/22/04
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