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NonStopFunGuy Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Edad: 51 to 60
Peso: Amplio
Altura: Media
Lugar: Virginia
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos, Parejas Sexuales, Marchosos, Amor, Mujeres
Estado: Sin pareja / Soltero
Fumar No
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Fetiches: slutwife / wifeslut, young sluts, RP/AP, swinging
Animales de compañia: Ninguno
Número de usuario: 166115
Miembro desde: November 5, 2002
Última vez Modificado: November 29, 2018
Algunas palabras de NonStopFunGuy:

The photo is from a REAL fan... who is, shall we say, favorably impressed with my stories. Ahhh the rewards of being a Lit author!!

*** AS OF DECEMBER 2018: OVER ELEVEN MILLION clicks on my stories!!! (11.5 million to be exact--not that anyone's counting!) ***

***Author loooooves feedback, esp from dripping wet female readers!!!! BUT -- they are even hotter if you include your email address!!!! I'd love to trade sexy emails or chat with female fans***

NOV 2018: 52 yr old divorced guy in Wash DC metro area. I have a very high-paying job, I'm a real father. This is my outlet for all of the fantasies in my head of my ideal slutwife and other ultrahorny females I wish really lived in my life. A very horny, very sweet married gal said of me that I'm "fun, passionate, and have a serious drive for pleasure." My mantra is simple: Always leave a horny girl with a smile on her face! (although breathless, too, isn't bad.) Hopefully my stories do that.

I'm always interested in one-on-one emails or online chats with gals who like what they read in my stories, and I'm always willing to be tempted by phonesex with a hot n horny gal (including cheating married ones)! And if you are a female in the DC/NoVa/MD area... I'm available!


I swear I didn't make these up. These are direct block-copied quotes from actual comments submitted by actual readers to my stories. I hope everyone has the same reaction to my stories; I post so few of them because it takes me a while to perfect a story that meets my standards for me to write it.

"Your submissions are the best on this site" (8/19/06)

"Your stories rule" (10/12/05)

"you just deserve some sort of award..If you don't already, you should take writing up as a profession" (11/19/05)

"i think you are an absolute phenomenal writer. do keep it up." (11/12/07)

"That was one of the hottest stories I have ever read. My pussy is an aching mess!" (1/22/07)

"You used words brilliantly to paint a very real picture. You really do have talent, keep up the good work." (9/21/06)

"this is the best story that i have read on this site to date look forward to reading more from you loved the long slow build up it was great" (7/19/07)

"Keep up the fantastical good and amazing work, i love this, aswell as your other submissions" (3/30/07)

"Awesome work. Made me dripping wet, and thats usually hard to do! You certainly have a way with words!" (10/5/06)

"this story was absolutly PERFECT! and incredibly hott!!" (9/11/06)

"This made me cum about 4 times! Out of the dozens I've read, this was the best!" (11/10/07)

"The first long fucking scene was about the best I have read- the whole sory was exquisite; I could have cum 5 or 6 times" (1/3/07)

"This is probably one the best stories of its kind on Literotica. You really know how to write 'em!" (11/28/06)

"One of the most AMAZING stories ever!! It's SO FUCKING HOT HOT HOT!" (10/24/06)

"i have 1 word for this story...EXCELLENT...had me soaking wet!!" (9/12/06)

"Oh! it is really non stop fun to read, you are amazing" (9/19/07)

"u r awesome at story writing" (10/13/05)

"you're a PHENOMENAL writer & this was soo dirty on every level" (7/1/06)

"AMAZINGLY HOT HOT HOT!!! So deliciously kinky and naughty... it totally makes me wish I were Caitlyn/Katie!!! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read more!! Please continue!" (10/24/06)

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