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Orientación: Hetero
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Fumar No
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So that's it for Blessed. I apologize for taking so long to get to the ending. I really did think I could keep up with a monthly publishing schedule when I started. I also thought I would have ten or twelve chapters, tops. Thank you to everyone who stuck around for the whole thing. A special thank you to jdnunyer, whose "Homelands" series gave me the impetus to finally start writing this idea I had for a family set in a fantasy world, and for being an excellent sounding board throughout the writing of it.

I am gratified to see in the comments that readers were not as surprised by the ending as I feared they might be (even with my heavy-handed foreshadowing). I like the speculation about Kit's final fate, too. I left it open ended for a reason. I don't, as of now, intend to ever get back to this setting, but I intentionally left some things open ended in case I ever change my mind.


I wrote "Every Day is Mother's Day" last winter and put it in the vault until Mother's Day came around. In the interim, I wrote "Hero" and thought that had enough thematic similarities that I would post them more or less at the same time. I am very proud of "Every Day is Mother's Day," and grateful that so many people have taken the time to comment, vote, or favorite it. I want to thank everyone who has done so.


Most of the stories take place in mythical Oedipus County, where gorgeous mothers are inexplicably drawn to their strapping sons. There are also a few that take place in a universe of masks and capes where even superheroes have complexes.

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