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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

Alice's Wonderland (3.78)Happiness eludes a well hung gurl! Transexuales & Travesti 09/30/15
Back Row Babe (3.99)Sordid sex with strangers in a cinema! Transexuales & Travesti 11/07/15
Barbara's Binoculars (3.81)What happens when the girl next door isn’t nice?! Transexuales & Travesti 03/14/18
Beyond The Grey Metal Walls (3.58)A young tranny wanders into a dangerous area. Transexuales & Travesti 03/14/14
Caught In the Tranny Master's Web (4.16)A young tranny finds herself lured into prostitution. Transexuales & Travesti 02/21/14
Dee Dives down a Dark Alley (4.05)A tranny takes a terrible wrong turn! Transexuales & Travesti 10/14/15
Frank Likes to Spank (3.98)Shame he forgot to tell Carrie! Transexuales & Travesti 07/29/18
Golden Daze (3.83)A first experience of watersports. Transexuales & Travesti 09/25/18
He Calls Me Naomi (4.13)A tranny explains how her master controls her life! Transexuales & Travesti 08/09/14
How Gerry Caught Me Crossdressing! (4.02)A tranny's life is changed forever when she's caught dressed. Transexuales & Travesti 02/10/14
Kevin's Sordid Surprise (4.02)A stag party prank backfires... Transexuales & Travesti 07/14/14
Maid to Surrender (3.92)Entering service can sometimes prove dangerous! Transexuales & Travesti 07/22/14
Making a Splash Without Jo-Jo (3.72)It doesn't always take two to please a crowd! Transexuales & Travesti 05/06/14
Malcolm On the Meddle (3.97)This caretaker can't keep his hands to himself! Transexuales & Travesti 08/15/18
Mr. Cartwright's Naughty Secretary (4.15)Stealing off the boss isn't always a smart idea! Transexuales & Travesti 03/28/14
Niall's Obsession with Nylons (3.03)A passion for tights causes surprise. Fetiche 10/30/15
Pay and Go (3.82)Sometimes, selling sex gets in the way of a nice cuppa! Transexuales & Travesti 07/04/14
Peter's Wearing Panties and Tights (4.11)What will happen if his boss finds out?! Transexuales & Travesti 09/01/18
The Bedroom in Benny's Basement (3.81)This kind old man has a secret! Transexuales & Travesti 07/11/18
The Constance Gardener (4.38)Connie's first time is Al fresco! Transexuales & Travesti 09/19/15
The Karate Kit (3.67)A fantasy outfit gets put to good use. Transexuales & Travesti 10/03/15
The Problem With Ian's Blow Jobs (3.44)A tranny laments a lifetime giving head to a guy she hates! Transexuales & Travesti 02/04/14
Two Men in a Boat (4.05)A threesome with a nautical twist! Transexuales & Travesti 02/03/18
Who Am I? (2.00) Poesia Erótica 11/03/15
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