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A/O 8/12/16 ---

Posted 'WVC Ch.33: The 5th Training Session'. Next up -- 'WVC Ch.34: The Sorority Initiation'.

A word about PIV sex in the WVC series:

Bill remains a virgin until the final chapter. Whether he loses it to his mother, or whether he gives it up during a reality game show is still undecided.

Constructive suggestions are always welcome.

Many of you have sent me encouraging e-mails anonymously. Since I can't respond to you as individuals, I'll do so here. Thank you. Along with the 5 Star votes, the emails keep me writing. I appreciate them all.

As I move into rewriting the middle chapters, I'm finding that some require extensive work, while others need little more than simple proofreading. The result is that my ETAs have become more variable. Please be patient. I'm posting them as fast as I can.


"Men! They all think they should cum first!"

-- unknown Club member


WVC Notes

I began writing this series several years ago and only last year decided to post it here on Literotica.

The White Vampyres Club was founded decades ago as a secret society for lesbians. As time has passed, it has become more of an open secret. The awareness of the Club's activities permeates the campus as well as the surrounding town. The President of Western Valley College as well as the chief benefactor of the college are both Club alumnae. Meredith Reynolds, the art teacher, and Dr. Henry of 'The Physical' are also Club alumnae as are Sydney of 'The Swimsuit Fitting' and Robyn of 'The Velvet Fist'. The high school girls of 'The Pool Party' are too young, although their mothers, who appear in "The Ladies Brunch" are alumnae.

Many of these characters appear in later chapters. Some do not.

As to Bill being a cardboard cutout, I'll paraphrase the words of the late Leon Russell, "I don't want my reality to get in the way of your fantasy".

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