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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Wet & Nasty Kitten (4.33)A nasty watersports fantasy comes true. Fetiche 06/16/01
Adriana (4.57)Pretty corporate sales rep helps out kinky client.  Hot Fetiche 03/23/01
Angie: 5 Part Series
Angie: Her First Foursome Ch. 1 (4.18)They meet a couple at a party. BDSM 03/09/01
Angie: Her First Foursome Ch. 2 (4.40)They get down & dirty with another couple. BDSM 03/10/01
Angie: Not So Innocent...Ch. 1 (4.01)Angie repays man who helps her with a flat. Parejas Eróticas 03/17/01
Angie: Not So Innocent...Ch. 2 (4.40)Angie wants it in her backdoor. Parejas Eróticas 03/18/01
Angie: Not So Innocent...Ch. 3 (4.27)Angie is a tease on business trip. Parejas Eróticas 03/19/01
Anna's First Time (4.41)Virgin office clerk loses it with her boss. Primera Vez 03/23/01
Barbara: 15 Part Series
Barbara Ch. 01 (4.40)Well-built blonde will do anything to be a model. Libros y Novelas 03/06/01
Barbara Ch. 02 (4.54)Barbara does deep throat & interracial.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/07/01
Barbara Ch. 03 (4.34)Barbara learns the thrill of watersports. Libros y Novelas 03/09/01
Barbara Ch. 04 (4.58)Barbara goes on an interview and proves her worth.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/10/01
Barbara Ch. 05 (4.18)She's kidnapped, raped, and loves it. Libros y Novelas 03/11/01
Barbara Ch. 06 (4.48)Barbara's taken by twenty prisoners. Libros y Novelas 03/12/01
Barbara Ch. 08 (4.55)Barbara makes her first porn film.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/14/01
Barbara Ch. 09 (4.47)Store owner makes her his slut & slave. Libros y Novelas 03/15/01
Barbara Ch. 10 (4.52)Barbara gets it on with a cab driver.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/16/01
Barbara Ch. 11 (4.59)Barbara rocks a pool hall, gangbang style.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/17/01
Barbara Ch. 12 (4.47)Barbara's gangbang continues. Libros y Novelas 03/18/01
Barbara Ch. 13 (4.51)Barbara sells her services.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/19/01
Barbara Ch. 14 (4.56)Barbara is all tied up.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/20/01
Barbara Ch. 15 (4.55)Barbara and Kelly team up at a bachelor party.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/21/01
Barbara Ch. 16 (4.62)Barbara & Kelly show the guys their true colors.  Hot Libros y Novelas 03/22/01
Christine's Special Room: 2 Part Series
Christine's Special Room Ch. 01 (4.41)Christine is prepared for some fun with special enema equip Fetiche 01/18/03
Christine's Special Room Ch. 02 (4.55)She's embarrassed when the neighbor examines her & joins in  Hot Fetiche 01/19/03
Christine's Toys (4.25)Married girl makes an acquaintance in an Adult Boutique. Juguetes & Mastubación 04/23/01
Daddy's Nasty Kitten: 2 Part Series
Daddy's Nasty Kitten Ch. 2 (4.30)'Daddy' gives Kitten a very erotic enema. Fetiche 06/13/01
Daddy's Nasty Kitten Ch.1 (4.19)He loses Kitten at a poker game. Fetiche 06/12/01
Expectations of My Slut (3.92)Dirty thoughts & feelings about what I expect of my girlfriend. Parejas Eróticas 02/16/03
Garbage Dump Virgin (4.17)Chinese virgin is raped and gangbanged. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/15/03
Heather's Anal Mouth (4.31)Heather gets that anal taste in her mouth. Anal 11/03/01
Heather's Virgin Ass (4.29)Young innocent blonde resists her first anal. Anal 10/26/01
Hope Gets A Taste (4.52)Shy innocent girl has her first oral encounter.  Hot Maduro 06/25/02
Inserting Them Deep (4.30)Secretary becomes the owner's sex toy. Juguetes & Mastubación 09/05/01
Jennifer's Initiation (4.19)Coed really wants to join a sorority. Sexo en Grupo 03/23/01
Kathie: The Teenage Neighbor (4.24)Cute teen next door seeks older man's guidance. Maduro 03/15/01
Kelly's Panties (4.31)Kelly's taken again by the janitor at dance. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/13/01
Kelly's Ultimate Humiliation (4.06)She's taken by janitor & friends while hubby watches. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/13/01
Linda: 4 Part Series
Linda Ch. 01 (4.38)Young bride offers herself as payment. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/07/02
Linda Ch. 02 (4.58)Linda discovers her desire to be a dirty whore.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/09/02
Linda Ch. 03 (4.49)Rough punishment & filthy acts arouse Linda even more. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/09/02
Linda Ch. 04 (4.49)Linda's cravings are satisfied by a gangbang in a men's room. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/13/02
Lisa's Fantasy Comes True (4.60)Married woman's fantasy comes to life in a motel.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 03/17/01
Michelle: 7 Part Series
Michelle Ch. 01 (4.57)Michelle's manager has her masturbate in a public restaurant.  Hot BDSM 04/08/03
Michelle Ch. 02 (4.52)Michelle, a respectable housewife becomes the manager's slut.  Hot BDSM 04/10/03
Michelle Ch. 03 (4.50)Unable to submit totally, her breasts are severely tortured.  Hot BDSM 04/11/03
Michelle Ch. 04 (4.53)Michelle gets ass fisted spread out on her manager's desk.  Hot BDSM 05/05/03
Michelle Ch. 05 (4.36)Michelle tells the clients about her abuse. BDSM 05/06/03
Michelle Ch. 06 (4.52)Michelle is subjected to painful breast injections.  Hot BDSM 05/07/03
Michelle Ch. 07 (4.47)Peter & 5 men torture Michelle's tits. BDSM 05/09/03
My Dirty Little Girl (4.13)Christine's fantasy is to be taken and used. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/31/01
My New Secretary (4.36)Business owner help for the office. Anal 08/25/01
My Secretary Jennifer: 3 Part Series
My Secretary Jennifer Ch. 1 (4.36)Secretary gets caught playing with herself. Juguetes & Mastubación 03/15/01
My Secretary Jennifer Ch. 2 (4.42)She learns to love being nasty and dirty. Juguetes & Mastubación 03/16/01
My Secretary Jennifer Ch. 3 (4.44)She experiments with a banana & 2 cucumbers. Juguetes & Mastubación 03/17/01
My Submissive Assistant: 2 Part Series
My Submissive Assistant Ch. 01 (4.39)Executive secretary has deep desire to be submissive. BDSM 11/29/02
My Submissive Assistant Ch. 02 (4.33)Her Master and two men torture and humiliate her. BDSM 11/30/02
My Weekend Fuck Pet (4.02)Girlfriend loves being humiliated. BDSM 06/20/03
Nancy The Banquet Tease (4.08)Sexy dress & teasing leads to group sex. Sexo en Grupo 01/01/03
Nancy's First Massage (4.44)Her first massage turns into an erotic fisting encounter. Parejas Eróticas 11/14/02
Nancy's Lingerie Party (4.32)Nancy's classy friends have a hot arousing night. Parejas Eróticas 12/03/02
Nicolle's Black Cock Gangbang (4.28)She becomes a filthy slut for a group of black cab drivers. Amor Interracial 11/18/02
Nicolle's Night at the Movies (4.38)She's a slut for three college kids. Sexo en Grupo 09/10/03
Raping The Office Tease: 2 Part Series
Raping The Office Tease Ch. 1 (3.99)Busty redhead is taught a lesson. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/09/01
Raping The Office Tease Ch. 2 (4.20)John continues molesting busty Sue. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/10/01
Slut For Ugly Men (4.37)Beautiful Nicolle loves a filthy gangbang. Sexo en Grupo 10/31/02
Stuffed In Her Ass (4.44)Anal play with a cucumber gets humiliating. Juguetes & Mastubación 05/14/03
Teenage Maid Returns (4.41)Marlee & friend experience something new: anal sex. Parejas Eróticas 03/16/01
Teenage Maid Service (4.30)Teen redhead virgin helps out a motel guest. Parejas Eróticas 03/15/01
The Connecting Room (4.16)Pretty blonde gets her ass stuffed. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/15/02
The Convention Slut: 3 Part Series
The Convention Slut Ch. 01 (4.19)Nicolle does some dirty oral/anal with two valet attendants. Sexo en Grupo 01/09/03
The Convention Slut Ch. 02 (4.32)Nicolle shows how much she loves filthy watersports. Sexo en Grupo 01/10/03
The Convention Slut Ch. 03 (4.35)Nicolle does everything at this all night gangbang Sexo en Grupo 01/11/03
The Easy Fuckslut: 2 Part Series
The Easy Fuckslut (4.42)Nicolle proves how filthy & easy she can be with every hole Fetiche 02/16/03
The Easy Fuckslut Ch. 02 (4.50)Nicolle gets her belly full of cum, piss and filth.  Hot Fetiche 03/11/03
The Night She Used Me: 2 Part Series
The Night She Used Me Ch. 1 (4.49)Christine uses her lover for nasty watersports fun. Fetiche 12/26/01
The Night She Used Me Ch. 2 (4.59)Christine explores her lover's ass.  Hot Fetiche 12/27/01
The Night That Changed Kelly (4.34)Pretty housewife is raped by a janitor. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/13/01
The Nipple Ring: 2 Part Series
The Nipple Ring Ch. 01 (4.30)Nicolle has a nipple pierced at a local tattoo parlor Fetiche 09/15/03
The Nipple Ring Ch. 02 (4.55)She becomes a slut in her filthiest gangbang.  Hot Fetiche 09/16/03
What Linzi Wants: 2 Part Series
What Linzi Wants Ch. 1 (4.36)She knows what she wants, & she's just warming up. Sexo en Grupo 02/23/02
What Linzi Wants Ch. 2 (4.57)Linzi likes to be used.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 02/24/02
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