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I write very amateurish fantasy for my own amusement and hopefully for others. I am strictly a two-fingered typist, so stories take hours to complete and sometimes finish due to cramping, resulting in careless editing and sudden stops. I attempt to present views from both sexes and of all ages, and I try something in all categories though "taboo" gets the biggest response. But I write just to challenge myself. The idea is to stretch my horizons and provide amusement. I try to not be stale, but some phrases are reused because I like the way they fit.

My goal is to make each story stand alone and to create different plots, dialogues and actions. I have been asked to add chapters to some, so I try to comply. But all people have various tastes; some want more raunchy talk, or more detail and others like the sex left to the mind. Some readers criticize the descriptions or vocabulary, If the story bothers you, turn to another page. I do though appreciate the comments and encouragement. Thanx.

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