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UPDATE: August 3rd, 2018

Woah! Didn't realize that I hadn't update my profile here in so long. My bad!

Aaanyway, I submitted Part 12 of Tristan's Tale yesterday, after the lovely folks at my Patreon helped sift out some typos. It should be posted soon. Thanks for checking in!



Get early access and weekly updates for just $1 per chapter!

Patreon is revolutionizing the way artists get paid by letting fans directly support their favorite content creators. It's awesome.

If you feel like supporting the story, you can do so for as little as a dollar. You get early access to the story plus a weekly progress update every Sunday.

I also write commentary for each chapter and release it for those who'd like it. If you want some insight into the writing process, or if you just want to laugh with me as I mock my own characters, check it out!

Thank you to all who are helping make Tristan's Tale possible.




If you'd like to get updates about the story, instead of having to check my profile, you can send me a message and I'll put you on my mailing list. I'll let you know about any developments of Tristan's Tale by e-mail. Alternatively, become a Patron at my Patreon page!




Okay - kid goes to magic school. We've heard that one.

In Tristan's Tale, the kid gets kidnapped by the principal, ignored (or nearly decapitated) by the teachers, and is barred from going home.

Tristan's Tale, at it's core, is a story about discovery. About bridging the gap between the known and the unknown. It's driven by the story, not the sex. You would not believe how often I've told my friends "Weeelll, it's more like a story with sex in it than just outright porn..." which gets exactly the response you think it would get.

I started Tristan's Tale a couple years ago. It has grown over time as I have grown as a writer, so the writing style evolves (and improves) as the story progresses.

To those familiar with the story, I want to let you know that I'm going to go back to those first parts sometime and revise them. I don't just mean cleaning up the language and sentences. The bones will stay the same, but it will be a significant change to better reflect my present writing. Just wanted to let you know well ahead of time.




I'm just some guy who thought it was weird that it was weird to write about sex, so he started writing about sex. And, well, here we are.

Not a published author, but an aspiring one.

Huge thanks to all who've offered to donate or buy the story in some form. I hope to have something for you on Amazon someday. Thanks for your support! Feel free to write.


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