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SpankerSam Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Peso: Media
Altura: Media
Lugar: Gulf Coast
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos, Mujeres
Estado: Adjunto
Fumar Si
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Fetiches: Ninguno
Animales de compañia: Gato(s), Perro(s)
Número de usuario: 2407
Miembro desde: August 21, 2000
Última vez Modificado: April 28, 2017
Algunas palabras de SpankerSam:

Spanker Sam is a 65+ year old Black male. I live in the Gulf Coast with the love of my life. My e-mail address is That is the one I wish anyone trying to contact me to use.

I started writting stories over 40 years ago. I got tired of reading the

same type of fuck stories that had no plot and made no sense. I found, that I liked to write and received many compliments on my story content. I write stories as if I'm either telling a personal friend some juicy tidbit, or reliving in my mind something that I have done or fantasized about.

I have met many new friends, and a few very hot lovers through my stories and some of them have even had private stories written about themselves.

I like the idea that my stories can effect the reader to the point of orgasm. I have to admit, sometimes when I'm writting, I too get turned on.

Although some of my stories are about incest, I have never been in an incestuous relationship with my own family. I respect the bond between family members and would never try to influence any man or woman to enjoy the sexual excitement of playing with their family member. But life is as it is. I have known women and men who do this and to my dismay, have even enjoyed the pleasures of a mother, father, son and/or daughter. Thus, the story Joan, Steph and Sam was born. Many people who read the stories I write may form their own opinions about me. However, whether you view me as a sick puppy or a semi-talented writer, you read the story and you form the opinions. But please, keep the comments coming. I thrive on the responses. And please, leave me your email address so that I can thank you for your kind words. I try to answer each and every email I get.

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