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bedwards43 Biografía:
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Algunas palabras de bedwards43:

I write for myself, I hope you enjoy my stories, many of which are from my life experiences. But if you don't enjoy them I don't really mind, as I write for myself.

Having said that, the number of comments and PM's received, have been much appreciated by me. I'm not good at responding to messages so please forgive me, but I will try harder from now on.

In the main the stories that I write are based on actual people and events, with only a small amount of 'poetic license' used to engineer the outcome that I require, or in some cases wish had happened.

I'd like to think that my main objective of having my stories believable is more easily achieved this way, as it's much easier for plot and character development when it's all based on life.

I have written for myself for several years, and have just discovered this site, as I become more comfortable with Literotica, I will post more, about every two or three weeks I hope.

I don't write about sex as such, I write about ordinary people who as most of us do, have a sex life.

My main genre is Incest/Taboo but I will also post in Loving Wives at some time in the near future.

From now on I intend to delete comments which I deem inappropriate, or contain negative comments, and are posted by people who have no submissions of their own, if you don't put yourselves out there for scrutiny, you don't have the right to criticise others.

I hope that you enjoy my work. B.E.43.

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