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Esta página muestra una lista de historias, poemas y autores que le gustan a este miembro. Estas no son presentaciones escritas por este miembro - son algunas de sus presentaciones y gente favorita de Literotica.

George VI  - 44 Historias, 0 Poemas,  Illustrations
Sean Renaud  - 339 Historias, 28 Poemas,  Illustrations
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Vibrations - Mother and son are thrown together...literally.Skei0 (4.58) 06/07/06
Gangbang: Starring Erica Raines - Eric becomes Erica to star in surprise gangbang.Fire22 (4.58) 02/22/05
Gangbang: Starring Erica Raines Ch. 02 - Erica Raines' story continues.Fire22 (4.63) 02/27/05
Gangbang: Train Full of Dicks - Erica rides the train trying to make it home.Fire22 (4.58) 06/07/05
Gangbang: Daddy's Girl - Erica is daddy's special girl with Uncle Lenny too.Fire22 (4.36) 09/08/05
Mom Takes A Ride - Mother rides on son's lap in pick-up.NakdSalr (4.46) 02/12/01
Soccer Mom, Sex Gladiator - One MILF, twenty tentacles, a million cheering fans.Aeon_Tina (4.41) 11/12/06
Royally Screwed - Switch with servant leads to rough incestuous sex.MagicWand (4.29) 07/21/02
Flip the Switch - He helps sis with science project and accidently switch bodies.MagicWand (4.54) 09/20/07
Costume Sex - Brother and sister are confined together in their underwear._ (4.49) 11/04/02
Replacing My Cum Bucket - Mom takes over from the cum bucket.Bobby T (4.77) 01/20/04
She Insisted It Would Be Easy - She proved it to all the guys.ExoMani (4.12) 12/19/10
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