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CiaoSteve Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Edad: September 01
Peso: Amplio
Altura: Alto
Lugar: UK
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos
Estado: Curioso
Fumar No
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Fetiches: Ninguno
Animales de compañia: Otro
Número de usuario: 2508431
Miembro desde: March 31, 2015
Última vez Modificado: March 29, 2018
Algunas palabras de CiaoSteve:

You may wonder what is the attraction of erotica. I guess for me it is a way, maybe the only way, to express my feelings for intimacy. Married almost 30 years, over the last few it has turned into a "just good friends" style relationship. So the writing fills that gap where once upon a time we had some physicality, some intimacy. I do hope one day to find somebody like minded, happy to join me in my erotic explorations.

I would love your feedback on my works and am happy also to receive your requests for new stories. Maybe one day we can find a way of collaborating.

Story requests welcomed - PM me through Lit

Here's a quick review of what's gone up so far


Another Cup of Coffee - failed marriage behind her, Kat rebuilds her life in a coffee store. A tall dark stranger leaves her in a quandary when he offers her "Another Cup of Coffee". She takes him up on his offer and a cup of coffee leads to an invite to a party and finally love on Christmas Morning. Not sure if I will continue this one.

Close Encounters (of the sexual kind) - a group of cheerleaders, whose car breaks down, end up in the clutches of aliens and their mind manipulators. One by one their deepest secrets will be revealed, that is until the chosen one agrees to teach them about human love. Not sure if I will continue this one.

Deep Space Destiny - With the Earth in crisis the world's best are looking for solutions. This story joins the next class of cadets as they finish their training. For three women their destiny is a deep space colonisation unit. Following feedback I am going to rewrite this story from a first person perspective.

Little Sis - Step sister comes back from university with one desire in mind. That is to get off with her step-brother. In the first chapter she makes her feelings known and finishes with them both cumming together at the cinema. Christmas brings them all the more closer together. Little Sis has a couple of extra presents up her sleeve as things heat up in the bedroom. A weekend at Little Sis' house continues the passion, this time though her lesbian lover gets involved as well. Chapter 4 has just arrived and love blossoms for Jamie, only not with Little Sis. A little sleep talking though puts the cat amongst the pigeons. Chapter 5 will see Mara and Gabi meeting each other, worrying Jamie as to what the outcome may be.

My Slutster Sister - It started with photos left on a mobile phone but before long Ben was spying on his older sister, his lust for her growing deeper as time went on. Then he found out about her dirty little secret and decided to use it to his advantage. Dani plays ball and in chapter two she gives him his first ever fuck, and what a fuck it was. Dani hopes her dues were now paid but Ben has other ideas, realising the potential for future "us" time. Chapter 3 will see Ben use his sister once more but this time he will not be alone.

The Secret to Success - A girl next door virgin fresher learns more about herself at university than she does about her studies. It started with a simple vibrator given as an 18th birthday present but this is simply a door to her future. Chapter 2 will be coming soon.

Voyage of Self Discovery - A forty year old Pakistani housewife finds herself needing to find a new job when her darling husband is hurt in an accident. A job on a cruise liner starts a voyage of self discovery for Bablee, taking her well away from convention and revealing a hidden inner side. This was based on a request from a fellow reader but I am thinking of revealing more of Bablee's discoveries in subsequent chapters.


Destined to Keep Cumming - a young research assistant studying the works of Bram Stoker gets up close and personal with a modern vampire, maybe too personal. Bitten in the throws of orgasm, she cums to realise the consequences as her need for release grows. Read of her journey from girl next door to seductive succubus, all entwined within a growing love relationship with her female house mate. Find out how it all ends and what life holds for the two of them.

9 parts - this story is now complete.

Secretary to Slut - Susan's Tale - a story about a desparate young woman who took a job in the leisure industry and discovered secrets about herself that she didn't know existed; a love of sex, along with lesbian tendencies. The only problem now is that Jack, her male lover, ends up knowing of Bex, her lesbian lover. Read of her journey through sexual discovery, of relationships with Bex and Jack and how it all ends.

13 parts - this story is now complete.

The Clinic - A struggling student responds to an ad for the local sperm donor clinic. All is not what it seems though. This was based upon a request from a fellow reader.

1 part - this story is now complete.

Wrathchild - entry for the 2017 Halloween Competition. It's bee

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