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Esta página muestra una lista de historias, poemas y autores que le gustan a este miembro. Estas no son presentaciones escritas por este miembro - son algunas de sus presentaciones y gente favorita de Literotica.

JoyGrrlSyn  - 1 Historias, 0 Poemas,  Illustrations
Ashesh9  - 18 Historias, 743 Poemas,  Illustrations
JSBloodwine  - 7 Historias, 0 Poemas,  Illustrations
Cherry_Rose  - 15 Historias, 0 Poemas,  Illustrations
MsMantis  - 17 Historias, 0 Poemas,  Illustrations
sxgrl69  - 2 Historias, 7 Poemas,  Illustrations
Corpse_rider  - 20 Historias, 2 Poemas,  Illustrations
CAWMSJR  - 1 Historias, 0 Poemas,  Illustrations
jc1961  - 4 Historias, 0 Poemas,  Illustrations
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The Old Artist Paints Busty Wife - Old artist paints busty wife.jennijuggs (4.12) 09/18/16
Dreaming of a Midnight Fuck - I have a very intense, sexual dream.sxgrl69 (4.50) 09/01/16
Hysteria - Doctor treats her hysteria.MsMantis (4.18) 07/25/18
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Cherry on my lips - Cherry on my lipssxgrl69 (4.00) 10/14/17
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Slobbery Blowjob - Causes uncontrollable drooling - that's the truth!MsMantis (x.xx) 09/02/15
Jessica watches Daddy - Jessica and Daddy masturbate together.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/01/15
Choke on it, Slut. - I choke on Master's dick.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/01/15
Relax and take it like a Good Girl - Practicing with the new gag.MsMantis (x.xx) 08/31/15
GreedySlut - Punishment and delicious torture.MsMantis (x.xx) 08/31/15
Jessica in the shower - He sees Jessica in the shower.MsMantis (x.xx) 08/26/15
Jessica has a question - Jessica is a good student.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/04/15
Licking my Pussy - He licks my pussy.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/05/15
Jessica and Daddy at Breakfast - Daddy lets Jessica see while he enjoys his coffee.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/06/15
Fun with Toys - We have fun with our new toys!MsMantis (x.xx) 09/06/15
A Gift for the Forest - She offers herself to the forest.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/06/15
He has to Pleasure Himself - Naughty slut leaves him wanting.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/06/15
Alien Rape - Aliens have women held captive for their sexual pleasure.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/06/15
Anticipation - A quick sketch I did in anticipation of fun.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/07/15
He Brushes My Hair - After getting clean in the shower, he brushes my hair.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/07/15
Drips - He comes on me.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/10/15
Stuffed - My pussy is stuffed with 8"MsMantis (x.xx) 09/08/15
He Sucks a Cock - He can deep throat.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/17/15
Tip Touch - I'd like to see them touching tips.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/17/15
Threesome fun - A woman has fun with two studs.Sammael Bard (x.xx) 09/14/15
Taste - I get a taste...MsMantis (x.xx) 09/22/15
9.17.15 - A work done September 17th 2015.MsMantis (x.xx) 09/18/15
Dragon and Woman - Just some watercolor fun!MsMantis (x.xx) 09/22/15
CockLove - I love his dick.MsMantis (x.xx) 10/02/15
Show Off - I like to think I could be a show off.MsMantis (x.xx) 10/02/15
Jizztacular - Semen is great!MsMantis (x.xx) 10/05/15
DoubleWeinerFantastic - Two cocks intertwined.MsMantis (x.xx) 10/08/15
Waiting - A marker drawing done 9/27/15MsMantis (x.xx) 10/02/15
Jessica Squirts - He makes her squirt in his face.MsMantis (x.xx) 10/02/15
Blowjobs - Just another blowjobMsMantis (x.xx) 10/22/15
Mom - Mom busy getting ready - see "Starting Out"TALANA43 (x.xx) 12/28/14
Hang em' - 4 girls naked and tied.ScarlettKisses (x.xx) 04/12/14
Special Request 10/27/15 - As per your requestMsMantis (x.xx) 11/03/15
Quickie - A quick marker sketch..MsMantis (x.xx) 12/10/15
Cock Worship - Two babes lick a giant cock while getting fucked from behindVyenna_ (x.xx) 12/10/15
Need - Digitally painted depiction of a cockFelicityJohns (x.xx) 12/10/15
Futa Rumpleforeskin - Book work in progress cover.JSBloodwine (x.xx) 12/10/15
Seated BBW - Beauty comes in all sizes - this is the one I loveRoger_Ramjet (x.xx) 02/22/14
A Sketch of Intimacy - This is how I want him to take me.Vyenna_ (x.xx) 12/24/14
DemonOrgy - Or maybe DemonRapeMsMantis (x.xx) 12/30/15
JizzParty - I'm coated in jizz.MsMantis (x.xx) 10/02/15
PoopersII - women poop tooNastyPierre (x.xx) 03/15/15
Fantasies and Dreams - Two works in one upload.MsMantis (x.xx) 01/10/16
Classroom Ripper - Teacher Farting for her studentssarkasex (x.xx) 01/15/15
Mirela - Deep Throat & Fisting - Hermaneks (x.xx) 02/03/16
Mirela - Oral Sex & Scat - Hermaneks (x.xx) 01/22/16
Mirela - Uro - Hermaneks (x.xx) 01/28/16
Sucking cock - feliciacosmina (x.xx) 03/23/13
Couple Petting - Couple on Bed petting, first try with markers.Fancie217 (x.xx) 03/09/16
Ready and Waiting - Second drawing, focused on the girlFancie217 (x.xx) 03/09/16
The Artist's Studio - a portrait - a portrait of a woman sitting on a wooden chairelectricblue66 (x.xx) 02/05/15
Memories from Barracuda beach - Big butt fetishsarkasex (x.xx) 01/22/15
Anal delight - 3rd party view of our Anal play sessionblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 03/07/16
Couple Kissing - One of my first Erotic drawings.Fancie217 (x.xx) 03/07/16
Poledancing for Bae - A little dance for a great guyblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 03/07/16
Working Girl - High Class prostituteeiram (x.xx) 11/11/14
He Lets Me Play - I wish..MsMantis (x.xx) 10/02/15
more Madolyn from Dollars and Sins - more Madolyn from "Dollars and Sins"Fugue123 (x.xx) 01/22/16
Big Cock sister Fun - Laura loves to play with her sister Abi's big cockMinkyBonkeyFoo (x.xx) 05/20/16
Toilet Fun - Misa_95 (x.xx) 05/23/16
New Pet - Misa_95 (x.xx) 05/23/16
Poopers - women poop tooNastyPierre (x.xx) 01/15/15
Kissing Daddy's Cock - It's a Daddy's dream for his Princess to worship his cockblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 05/24/16
Daddy, My Ass belongs To You - Princess acknowledged her firm bootie are Daddy's propertyblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 05/24/16
Missing Daddy - Princess missed her Daddy...blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 05/24/16
Well-Used Rape Doll - It's been a busy, messy, shameful night...MasterErebus (x.xx) 06/06/16
summertime wanking - Caught wanking by my housematesmrtinymeat (x.xx) 09/14/15
Caught peeping... - caught spying on girls in the gymmrtinymeat (x.xx) 09/14/15
Daemon3 - It says 3, but it was actually my first attempt.MsMantis (x.xx) 06/12/16
Self Love - A little self loveMsMantis (x.xx) 06/12/16
Choking - I tried to illustrate a session of choke-play.MsMantis (x.xx) 06/12/16
Chloe spread and ready - Chloe shares her charmPetercarl59 (x.xx) 07/15/16
Restrained and Ready - Leather BDSM ModelCaliBabe93 (x.xx) 07/07/16
BBW w/ Book - A BBW laying in bed with a bookBBW Fan (x.xx) 07/05/11
Alone - She needs some company.BBW Fan (x.xx) 07/05/11
Deep Throat - Sucking it deep.ilikeithot6308 (x.xx) 07/26/16
MFF Session - 2 Ladies and a Manblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 08/01/16
Harley Quinn - Fav. character from the Suicide Squad.blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 08/01/16
A Sketch of Intimacy (digital) - Digital IN PROGRESS painting of my previous sketch.Vyenna_ (x.xx) 08/01/16
Come on In - Chloe is ready for some funPetercarl59 (x.xx) 08/15/16
I Want You - Petercarl59 (x.xx) 08/15/16
Descent into Madness - The dark path down into my thoughts...MsMantis (x.xx) 08/26/15
Head Wench - Dribbling buxom wenchNotquietright (x.xx) 11/02/16
She Loves Sucking Cock - Rainbow haired beauty sucking cockSexysafire69 (x.xx) 11/24/16
Beautiful & Kinky - Beautiful woman fisting her beautiful pussySexysafire69 (x.xx) 11/15/16
Lounging Nude - Busty nude redhead lounging on a chairilikeithot6308 (x.xx) 12/15/16
Art of Insertion - Drawing of a large bottle stuffed in a pussySexysafire69 (x.xx) 12/22/16
Wife's sexy ass - Sexy assDerekCuster (x.xx) 01/06/17
Posing topless - 34 dd wife posesjennijuggs (x.xx) 01/13/17
Is This Where You Belong? - Toilet Slave. Fetish. Ink on paper.JoyGrrlSyn (x.xx) 02/02/17
Empowerment/Subjugation??? - working women who out earn their hubbies.......Ashesh9 (x.xx) 02/03/17
Narcissistic Dickgirl - Evil Mirror FutaJSBloodwine (x.xx) 02/02/17
Househubby triumphs over CEO Wifey! - Reversal of Fortune...Ashesh9 (x.xx) 02/02/17
Well Rounded - Just about says it allBBW Fan (x.xx) 01/27/12
Proud BBW - She stands proud in all her glory.Cherry_Rose (x.xx) 07/09/11
Demon's Slave - Oil on canvasCorpse_rider (x.xx) 04/15/13
Me and two elderly artists - Me and two elderly artistsjennijuggs (x.xx) 09/21/16
My Bum - Sketch of my bumjennijuggs (x.xx) 09/30/16
Topless Me - Another piece of art featuring me x.jennijuggs (x.xx) 09/19/16
Topless Model - A painting of my 34e boobs.jennijuggs (x.xx) 09/15/16
Modeling with Dildo - I pose with a dildo between my tits.jennijuggs (x.xx) 02/19/17
My Tits - Charcoal rendition of my tits .jennijuggs (x.xx) 02/17/17
I play with the dildo . - I perform for my elderly friends .jennijuggs (x.xx) 02/20/17
Reclining Nude Wife - Wife poses for an elderly artist .jennijuggs (x.xx) 03/06/17
Denise through the Glory Hole - Watercolor of DeniseTcs1956 (x.xx) 03/06/17
Girls Night Out - Mystery gals have some funBivouac (5.00) 05/20/14
Wife in Red - Just a sketch of my wife in her sexy red lingerie.hotnakedwife (x.xx) 03/03/17
Oops! I Did It Again - Why does he never listen? (Gay + femme!boy)Smol_Stack (x.xx) 03/06/17
Sitting Pretty III - Gorgeous, Curvaceous Beauty sitting in bed.MASHKAVEEZO (x.xx) 03/06/17
18 YO Tranny & The English Teacher - 18 y.o. tranny fucks her teacher in the locker roomhfernandez1983 (x.xx) 03/06/17
Boy U R Nasty - Gene making a mess with his bf's cockSmol_Stack (x.xx) 03/13/17
Open Wide - Old artist orders me to remove my thong.jennijuggs (x.xx) 03/24/17
Cunt 2 - Watercolour with pasteluksnowy (x.xx) 03/24/17
Chubby Legs - My chubby legs...blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 03/24/17
Colouring Page : Enchanted Garden 2 - Colouring Page : Enchanted Gardenblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 05/15/17
Swaths of Grogg - Swaths of Groggbigrichdaddy (x.xx) 05/10/17
Michelle - CIA-Agent Michelle and her trusty 9mm.SteinWolf8 (x.xx) 05/10/17
In My Ass - Drawing of some intense anal sexstanleythepowerdrill (x.xx) 01/23/14
Silent Scream - Digital painting used to make a pulp-like coverPiratestan (x.xx) 05/24/17
Watching You - She watches you while she lies in front of youSciFurz (x.xx) 05/15/17
Partner Swap - Two couples swap partners while the host observes.jellogrl (x.xx) 05/29/17
Flirty Fun - Flirty fun in a club top.jellogrl (x.xx) 05/29/17
All Fours for Johnny - On all fours for Johnny.jellogrl (x.xx) 05/29/17
Piggy or doggy? - Piggy or doggy?Bexcomix (x.xx) 05/31/17
Pretty, ain't I pretty - selfieRach52 (x.xx) 06/07/17
Busty wife models for old men - A new artist joins the groupjennijuggs (x.xx) 06/07/17
literotica cowgirl 3 - sister fuck cowgirl brothermatthewbirch (x.xx) 06/20/17
BBW - BBWTeckwytch (x.xx) 06/23/17
hemishaker's wife - Sketch of hemishaker's wifeLegatus (x.xx) 06/18/17
In the Bathtub (POV) - She took a long time in the bathroom...blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 06/16/17
He loves a BBW - He loves sex with a BBWTeckwytch (x.xx) 06/16/17
Pregnant White Trash - Pregnant White TrashTeckwytch (x.xx) 06/26/17
Joining my wife and her lover - join for a 3someSithai (x.xx) 07/08/17
Life model wife - Life modeling by busty wifejennijuggs (x.xx) 07/08/17
Daddy's Doll - The Marionette - He control her every single movement...blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 07/08/17
Sloppy second - sloppy secondSithai (x.xx) 07/10/17
Hubby's turn - Wife's lover is left for today now I can Play.Sithai (x.xx) 07/14/17
Spankings - He knows just what she needs, a firm hand.Teckwytch (x.xx) 07/07/17
My wifes coworker - hubby home earlySithai (x.xx) 07/28/17
Javier, Mark and Melissa - I suck, fuck and wank-off.voyeurhubone1 (x.xx) 07/28/17
Batchlorparty gone wrong - stripper take manSithai (x.xx) 07/28/17
The Cerberus - The Cerberusthecloned22 (x.xx) 07/28/17
The promotion hubby needs - boss fucks wife I get promotionSithai (x.xx) 07/28/17
Shemale - shemaleTeckwytch (x.xx) 07/27/17
Fox-Girl - A female human-fox hybridblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 08/09/17
My wifes coworker 2 - some cum momentsSithai (x.xx) 08/09/17
Pleasure - Pleasuring her to Nipple orgasmblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 08/11/17
Brought to Orgasm by Another - A wife is brought to orgasm by another man.jellogrl (x.xx) 08/09/17
Blow Job POV - Blow job point of viewErotictoon (x.xx) 08/09/17
Eye Contact - A wife and husband make eye contact as she plays with othersjellogrl (x.xx) 08/09/17
Self-Portrait - Just me and my cheeky lil' oral organblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 08/16/17
Fuckme - I enjoyed drawing thissxgrl69 (x.xx) 08/18/17
Nude Back of my Friend - Capturing my friend's favourite pose on paperblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 08/20/17
Favorite Nephew II - Forbidden lust on a hotel bed.jellogrl (x.xx) 08/21/17
Sitting In The Chair - She sat in the chair, waiting for him...blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 08/31/17
Pussy lover - My boss loves working after hours with me.sxgrl69 (x.xx) 08/24/17
Fairy fuck - This naughty fairy likes big cock.sxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/05/17
I am asked to open up more .... - Posing for the old menjennijuggs (x.xx) 09/05/17
Cock lover - I love sucking cock until I get a full load in my mouthsxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/06/17
My friend's cock Part II - My friend takes me doggy style.sxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/05/17
My friend's cock - He was bigger than I expectedsxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/05/17
Pussy lover part II - He loves eating my pussysxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/05/17
Lost Bet - Blowjob on pool tableRach52 (x.xx) 05/09/17
Sinful Relaxing - Reading while relaxingRach52 (x.xx) 05/22/17
Three in One - Three in OneRach52 (x.xx) 08/16/17
Kitty Kat - She purrrss until she gets the attention she wantssxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/05/17
Sunday Morning - Sunday Morningsxgrl69 (x.xx) 08/18/17
Burning Devils Inside Jenni - Burning Cream is wildly injected inside Jenni...nuovotoni (x.xx) 09/21/17
The Passion - A picture of the wife on her lover7doftheg7 (x.xx) 09/20/17
Women seduce men in all way possible - some moments of seductionSithai (x.xx) 09/18/17
Proud Jessica - female nude in frontal poserobart (x.xx) 09/22/17
Drink me - Drink me whole, make me yours.sxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/27/17
The aftermath - Resting after a round of lovemakingsxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/27/17
My new friend - He loves sucking and lickingsxgrl69 (x.xx) 09/27/17
Face to sit. - The Lady Needs a Face to Sit.JoyGrrlSyn (x.xx) 02/02/17
Standing by the window - Standing by the windowsxgrl69 (x.xx) 10/05/17
The deception - she's mine tonightSithai (x.xx) 10/06/17
The Good Girl - She does as he commandsTeckwytch (x.xx) 10/15/17
Topless Wife - My 34 dd girlsjennijuggs (x.xx) 11/11/17
Gangbang - Tell me this story in the commentsLucytheArtist (x.xx) 11/11/17
Brianna gagged - Brianna gagged as the tart taste of piss flooded her mouth.KatPissinger (x.xx) 11/15/17
Big Beautiful Woman - She thinks her curves are all in the wrong places..blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 11/14/17
It is so damn hot! - Cooling off on a hot summer dayNursesweet (x.xx) 11/15/17
34 dds - Crime fighting titsjennijuggs (x.xx) 11/21/17
34 dds (2) - The crime fighting duo return !!jennijuggs (x.xx) 11/23/17
As her mouth finally filled - Jeanette choked as her mouth finally filledKatPissinger (x.xx) 11/23/17
Swingers Club - a visit to a swingers clubSithai (x.xx) 12/07/17
Penis art - Ejaculating PenisErotictoon (x.xx) 12/07/17
Anal surprise - Oh my!Nursesweet (x.xx) 12/16/17
Ecstasy - The most sensitive part of my bodyNursesweet (x.xx) 12/06/17
Rain - He wanted me....there and thenNursesweet (x.xx) 11/10/17
Solo Gold - A solitary urinating womanRayneDor (x.xx) 12/26/17
Totally Gay - Elton John's gay - you know, happy!! At least here, he is.RetroReginald (x.xx) 12/21/17
Red Room Lust - Just a collage to express a sensual escape into fetish.getarise (x.xx) 12/21/17
Sleep With Me - A sexy looking Elton John you just can't resist!RetroReginald (x.xx) 12/21/17
I am mounted. - I am mounted by one of the old men.jennijuggs (x.xx) 01/25/18
Ass grabbing - So damn good!Nursesweet (x.xx) 02/20/18
Ball gag - Ball gagWoodlandwolf (x.xx) 03/07/18
Blue vulva - Very lonely and horny time.Squeezebox74 (x.xx) 03/07/18
Locked up - Stripped and confinedTeckwytch (x.xx) 03/07/18
Short Skirt Bend - A woman bending over with skirt riding upAAAtheist (x.xx) 03/07/18
Creamy Aftermath - A delicious anal creampieTotalKnockout (x.xx) 04/16/18
Date Night 101 - Date NightDominantIntelligence (x.xx) 04/17/18
Alone in Paradise - Alone in ParadiseDDJetson (x.xx) 04/18/18
A cyber affair - eoins1Sithai (x.xx) 04/18/18
Just sex - Drawing frustrated me, my techniques are getting worseFancie217 (x.xx) 03/09/16
A Slut Au Naturel... - Art and Slutstpf2002 (x.xx) 04/23/18
My Wife and Her Lover - Watching my wife and her lover.Sithai (x.xx) 05/09/18
First Date - New character experimentlckscknfck7 (x.xx) 05/09/18
Welcome Home Daddy ! - Little Babygal waiting for Daddy to come homeblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 05/20/16
Blowjob on Bae - I will never get tired of Bae's Cock...blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 03/07/16
Bae's Slave - I am My Master's Lil Slaveblacksonja1381 (x.xx) 03/07/16
Ball Gag - Bae thinks sometimes I talk too much....blacksonja1381 (x.xx) 05/20/16
Concert Fling - Renewing Gary's Interest7doftheg7 (x.xx) 08/29/18
East Coast Fling - Taking control7doftheg7 (x.xx) 08/29/18
This is so dirty! - Suckle on her daughter's tits.Lesbcest (x.xx) 06/22/18
Hubby watches wife - Hubby watchingSithai (x.xx) 09/06/18
Jenni's Satisfaction - Jenni is now fully satisfiednuovotoni (x.xx) 11/20/17
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