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ErosMuse Biografía:
Sexo: Mujer
Peso: Flaco
Altura: Pequeño
Orientación: Homosexual
Interesados En: Amigos
Estado: Adjunto
Fumar Sin Respuesta
Beber: Ocasionalmente
Fetiches: Exhibitionism
Animales de compañia: Ninguno
Número de usuario: 2887705
Miembro desde: November 1, 2015
Última vez Modificado: February 22, 2018
Algunas palabras de ErosMuse:

The exact term escapes me at the moment -- I'm fairly certain I've come across it somewhere... I enjoy taking my clothes off or otherwise exposing myself in public places. Now, when I say 'enjoy', what I mean is 'really turns me on'. I don't think exhibitionist or flasher are quite what I'm looking for; those terms usually refer to people who expose themselves to other people. I like the risk, the possibility, that I might be seen when I dress down in public, but I don't set out with the intention of showing off. When it happens it's usually an accident. There may have been a few occasions of getting really into it and not rushing --or bothering-- to hide when somebody's come along, but in general I don't actually want to get caught.

Not so long ago, I divulged to a friend one of my adventures of this sort, and got such a rush out of it I've decided I want to share more. Unless noted otherwise, my posts are true stories, to the best of my recollection.

But before I get to that, you should know at least a few things about me. Firstly, I'm female. Pretty tomboyish, I'm not really into a lot of things other girls usually are. Personally, I'm attracted to women, but I don't care whether you're a girl or guy, or identify as something different, knowing this is being read and enjoyed --whatever way that might be ;) -- it's all good to me.

As for a physical description of myself... I know, it's long and detailed, but since I'm not likely to post any photos of myself, it's the clearest way to give you a good idea of what I look like. I'll include a quick summary at the end if you don't want to read the whole thing.

I'm 5'7" (170 cm) and underweight for my height. In my mid/late twenties, but look younger than I really am; I'm frequently mistaken for an 18-20 year old. I'm of German and Irish descent, and don't typically get a lot of sun, so my skin is very pale.

I"m a brunette. My hair... actually, it randomly takes on different colors. Overall, I have dark brown hair. Intermittently the shade'll shift, sometimes lightening to almost a mid-tone, and other times darkening until it nearly looks black. Then other times, I'll find patches that look blond or reddish; even the rare strand of actual black or silver. I don't know why it does that, but it's always obviously dark brown. I currently keep it cut short, around eye-length. In the past I've varied from shorter styles to long. As it gets longer, it tends to curl at the ends, but otherwise is mostly straight. The longest it's been is to the bottom of my shoulder blades.

I think I have a pretty face. Blue eyes, long lashes, thin eyebrows, widow's peak. I have a smallish nose, the tip kinda' turns up a bit. Full lips, a little darker than most peoples', I think, sometimes they make me look like I'm wearing lipstick even without any. I've got high-ish cheekbones that give my cheeks a little bit of definition. Overall, my face is just a bit on the narrow side.

I'm very slender, always been able to squeeze myself into tight spaces others can't --so long as my head can fit through, the rest of me doesn't have any trouble. Small waist, flat stomach --maybe a tad concave, actually... I don't know my measurements, but my waist is easily the smallest; there's a pretty noticeable difference between waist and hips. I used to dislike my bottom, but I put on a tiny bit of weight back there recently, and now it's looking pretty good. Rounder, fuller, can't call it flat anymore.

I'm not entirely certain about my bust size... I've got a nice handful going on, but my breasts aren't that big. I'm pretty sure they're upper B to lower C range. They fit me though, and they're perky. I have light pink nipples, with areolae that I don't think are either very large or terribly small.

I've got a pretty active job, so it's given me a nice little bit of muscle tone. I'm not buff or anything, not even close. It just makes me look like I take better care of myself than I really do. My arms and legs slender too. I think my legs are a little on the short side, but I don't know that anyone else can really tell.

I keep my nethers neatly shaved. No tattoos. I've had a few piercings in the past, but have since let them all close up. Usually light to no makeup, most often reserved for special occasions, though I used to wear dark eyeliner more frequently.

In high school and college I was a goth. I didn't wear the weird makeup or dye my hair, just got my clothes and jewelry from Hot Topic. I've mostly abandoned that style of dress now, but my wardrobe is still almost entirely black. These days I'm most often to be found wearing men's cargo pants, leather combat boots, and a t-shirt with some sarcastic text on it. Once in a while I'll wear a button-up, or a light hoodie. In cooler months I still like wearing my old trenchcoats. It's pretty rare that I'm caught wearing a skirt, as I'm not terribly comfortable in them. I'll usually only wear them on my sexy adventures.

I have glasses. Thin frames, oval lenses. Nothing special. I prefer contacts, but I find I'm wearing my glasses increasingly more. I'm pretty geeky, or nerdy, whichever you'd rather call it... I don't really care which, I probably fit into both groups. It's leftover from the days when you were on the outs for being a geek. I don't think I really look the part --not anymore, at least-- but it must still be pretty obvious, because people seem to see it before getting to know me or my interests.

(TL;DNR: brunette, short hair, pale skin, blue eyes, pretty face, petite and fit, small-to-average boobs, nice butt.)

So, I think that about sums me up, as far as you need to know right now, anyway. Any other pertinent details will be included in later posts, I suppose.

Please excuse any errors in spelling or grammar. I get rather excited while writing about my past escapades, and again while proofreading, so I may have missed a bit. Corrections will be made as errors are found, but please don't flood me with messages pointing them out.

That said, other comments are VERY WELCOME. Please let me know what you think, and if you liked what you read. ;) I'm also open to messages concerning any questions you might have or suggestions for later entries. Just please leave any negativity at the door (constructive criticism is fine); and don't ask for pictures or sex... both of those types of requests will be refused.

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