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Esta página muestra una lista de historias, poemas y autores que le gustan a este miembro. Estas no son presentaciones escritas por este miembro - son algunas de sus presentaciones y gente favorita de Literotica.

Boxlicker101  - 436 Historias, 119 Poemas,  Illustrations
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Young Black Pussy - The white teacher and black student have a good deal going.Boxlicker101 (4.45) 12/23/11
A Case Of Mistaken Identity - Man accidentally rapes his girlfriends twin sistereroticawriter_1 (4.12) 02/15/05
Brittni's First Huge Cock! - I cheat on my boyfriend with an older man's huge dick.Brittni4u (4.37) 07/24/15
La Portuguesa - Creia que esa chica solamente queria reirse de él.Vudu Blanco (4.19) 11/07/03
Anal Virgin - Her first anal experience.DaddysGrl (4.00) 01/28/03
Daddy and Virgin - 18-year-old virgin daughter wants to make daddy happy.WisdomousOne (4.26) 10/28/05
Outdoor Concert Anal Rape - A girl is mercilessly ass raped at an outdoor festival.sydneydom (4.09) 04/29/15
Anal Sex, Personal View - Personal view about anal (3.32) 05/24/09
Resistance is Futile - Reluctant kidnap victim experiences surprising pleasuretexblondie (4.48) 04/29/10
My Daughter's Sun Tan - Reluctant daughter gets taken by lust filled father.idkwhattodo21 (x.xx) 05/31/15
Blackmail Rape - He punishes his drunk-driving step-daughter.Ivan_Emetovich (3.97) 07/28/01
Girl Next Door - He has the neighbour's daughter.girliekiller (4.27) 06/22/03
Coffee House Girl - A rapist attacks a teenage girl in a coffee shop.SEX_VAMPYRE (3.65) 03/02/05
Raping Chay - Teacher is fed up with cockteasing daughter.tempted_teacher (4.35) 05/03/04
My Daughter, The Prostitute - Father makes a shocking discovery.stu4711 (4.06) 02/29/04
5-Minute Orgasm, For Ladies - You want it, he's not in the mood.Wordgoddess (3.92) 03/22/05
Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter - I fuck my innocent neighbor when she comes to me for comfort.mattchat33 (4.54) 01/28/11
My Boyfriend's Dad - She dreamt of being fucked by her boyfriend's dadschoolgrrl (4.52) 08/24/08
The Concert - She's violated at an outdoor concert.opels (4.47) 05/20/05
Claire Gets Sent To "The Office" - Female student is taken by the principal.ostinatobravado (4.32) 06/23/08
Teen Ravage - Teen girls get a surprise visitor.davef (4.23) 08/27/01
The Neighbor Girl Grew Up - The neighbor girl is home from her first year in college.bman34 (4.57) 04/18/11
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