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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

2 Ladies in Scottsdale Ch: 2 Part Series
2 Ladies in Scottsdale Ch. 01: Do You Want That? (4.48)Two women change their lives. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/22/18
2 Ladies in Scottsdale Ch. 02: The Flower (4.19)'Out' and about the first time as a couple. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/11/18
Al and Vy Introduction Ch. 01 (3.35)They just started having fun at 50. Esposas afectuosas 07/09/18
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful: 2 Part Series
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Ch. 01 (4.17)Santa gets his picture taken -video! Humor & Sátira 01/26/17
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Ch. 02 (3.80)Santa, elves, Christmas (Part 2). Parejas Eróticas 01/27/17
Behind Closed Doors (3.88)Ali asks if she shared the experience in the twelve years? Parejas Eróticas 11/22/18
Cleavage (3.67)That intriguing space or window. Revisiones & Ensayos 11/28/18
Go to Bed, Woman! (3.60)Those feelings inside when lust churns your blood. Romances 12/09/18
Sex DVD's Lessons: 3 Part Series
Sex DVD's Lessons (4.06)A mature couple try what they see on sex DVD's. Maduro 09/13/18
Sex DVD's Lessons 02 - Oral (4.39)She 'shows' him some of the Lessons after blindfolding him. Maduro 09/26/18
Sex DVD's Lessons 03 - Masturbating (4.41)Matures start to watch a DVD, both masturbate. Maduro 11/29/18
The First Time Snow Ball (4.10)Mand & woman meet, discover Snow Balls for Valentine's Day. Fetiche 02/09/17
Tunnel Rat 'Robin' (4.28)It was hot. It was always hot. No Erótico 07/04/18
Wife Ch: 4 Part Series
Wife Ch. 01: Tijuana (4.27)Wife finds out about herself. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/02/18
Wife Ch. 02: MIL and FIL (4.25)Wife learns she is an exhibitionist, a nymphomaniac & Bi. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/15/18
Wife Ch. 03: Sandy (4.00)Wife & FFWB Tell me who they are while we MFF. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/19/18
Wife Ch. 04: Blindfold (4.06)Wife exposes husband to many. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/20/18
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