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Update 06/04/18: This update is a bit late but here it is. Two more chapters written, and I am closing in on the end of Volume 3. I have the summer off of school, and I am taking that time to finish Vol 3 and start Vol 4. I imagine 3 will be done and in the hands of my editors before the end of the month. After that add two to four weeks for revisions and rewrites and you will see it posted. The next update will be in the beginning of July, unless I finish and post 3 sooner.

Update 04/18/18: One chapter written this month.

Update 03/18/18: Only one chapter written since the last update. I was forced to take another Masters course in order to stay enrolled in my online degree program, which runs from Feb 4 through Apr 1, and that has consumed all of my free time. I will return to Vol. 3 in April. My day-time Electrical Trades program ends on May 17, and I plan to take three months off this summer to finish Vol. 3 and start Vol. 4, before returning to school in late August. Thank you all for your patience. The number of people who enjoy my tale is truly humbling.

Update 1/30/18: I apologize to everyone for missing the early January update, and I thank you all for your patience. December and January were a rough two months for me and I was only able to write three chapters since the last update. I’m about 75% complete with the story, but I have no idea when I will finish it. Volume 3 will be out as soon as I get it finished, I just cannot predict when that will be.

Update 12/12/17: Another five chapters written this month. Slowly but surely closing in on completion.

Update 11/04/17: Over 20 chapters written so far, and going strong. I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day.

Update 10/08/17: Chapter count is still under 20 (not half-way done yet) but I am getting closer. Hope everyone enjoys Halloween this year.

UPDATE 09/11/17: August was a wash with less than two chapters written. It looks like Volume 3 won’t be out until December. Of course I will continue to update monthly.

UPDATE 08/07/17: Hello all. Most of July was spent finalizing all of the minor issues with the move, and signing up for classes. I am now back to school and back to writing. Only a few more chapters written so far, but I have high hopes for August. I will let you know how successful I was in next month’s update.

UPDATE 07/03/17: As anticipated moving in June occupied 100% of my time, not allowing for any progress on Volume 3, so I am still sitting at 10 chapters. Happy Independence Day all!

Update 05/26/17: Vol. 2: Trials is now available on Amazon. You can find it through the link above. Amazon has been good to me in the last year (after an initial rocky start), and I am happy to have them as the sole distributor of my work.

4/24/17: I have decided to split Volume 2 into two parts. The first half of the story will remain Vol 2, but the second half will now be Vol 3. This will turn the overall Champions Saga into 10 Volumes, rather than 9.

03/08/17. I have over 40 chapters written now.

01/25/17. I am hard at work on Volume 2, with 20 chapters written, but my prediction for release date was way off.

11/13/16. Hard at work on Vol. 2.

9/28/16. No progress.

8/16/16. Sadly nothing written since the last update.

7/09/16. Nothing written.

6/12/16. UPDATE: Champions is available for purchase on Amazon! As planned there are two versions. Both are $2.99 and available on Amazon (link above).

The Erotica Version is called "Awakening: Uncensored Edition", while the Non-Erotica Version is called "Awakening: Standard Edition".

6/2/16. Rough draft for two chapters of Volume 2 complete.

5/26/16. Champions Volume 1 is up and ready. Champions Volume 2 is in progress.

I will NEVER continue this story somewhere else without continuing it here as well. If it were not for Literotica I would never have written this story, so no matter what else I may do with it, it will always belong here.

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