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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Special Bond (4.34)A brother and sister bond after a hot game of Uno. Incesto/Tabú 03/06/05
A Weekend With Janet & Patti (4.51)Guy gets awesome weekend with busty sisters.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 07/22/04
Anne's Bust: 2 Part Series
Anne's Bust (4.39)Anne reveals to Greg more then just her idenity. Exibicionista & Voyeur 04/19/05
Anne's Bust Ch. 02 (4.44)Anne, Heather, and Greg have a little fun. Sexo en Grupo 05/17/05
Basement Sluts: 14 Part Series
Basement Sluts Vol. 01 (4.34)Friends film their sex with busty girls. Exibicionista & Voyeur 08/07/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 02 (4.40)The guys have fun with Busty Amber. Exibicionista & Voyeur 08/09/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 03 (4.50)The guys hire a secretary named Nelly who's all tits and ass.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 08/22/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 04 (4.49)Josh & Shawn score with mega-busty Gothic. Exibicionista & Voyeur 08/25/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 05 (4.40)Josh films his first threesome edition involving his sister. Incesto/Tabú 09/08/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 06 (4.41)The guys get a taste of a busty Japanese. Exibicionista & Voyeur 09/10/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 07 (4.53)Trip to Iraq leads to sex with busty Iraqis.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 09/10/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 08 Pt. 01 (4.42)Guys help mom & daughter with money problems. Exibicionista & Voyeur 10/16/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 08 Pt. 02 (4.61)Paris takes a ride on Josh's Eiffel Tower.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 10/25/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 09 (4.45)Josh makes a nerd's dreams come true with a hot Busty Latino. Exibicionista & Voyeur 10/25/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 10 (4.48)The boys make a special edition. Celebridades 11/11/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 11 (4.55)Shawn is invited to "slumber party" hosted by Sage.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 12/26/04
Basement Sluts Vol. 12 (4.50)Josh films busty trailer park chick & her bulky friend.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 01/08/05
Basement Sluts Vol. 13 (4.59)Two amateur videos – only one winner.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 03/02/05
Bra Shopping With Daddy (4.03)Monica gets some new assets. Incesto/Tabú 07/06/04
Brooklyn & the Voyuers (4.40)A Prof and his wife film sex with his busty student. Exibicionista & Voyeur 11/15/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany: 19 Part Series
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 01 (4.19)A Double E cup girl loses it to coach. Primera Vez 06/14/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 02 (4.25)Brittany has her first 3 some. Sexo en Grupo 06/15/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 03 (4.21)Lesbian Day for Busty Brittany. Sexo entre Lesbianas 06/17/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 04 (4.55)Brittany & her busty friends on the town.  Hot Amor Interracial 07/11/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 05 (4.40)Uncle Keith finally gets what he has been wanting. Incesto/Tabú 07/13/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 06 (4.47)James changes Brittany for the better. Parejas Eróticas 08/05/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 07 (4.53)The brand new Brittany.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 08/25/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 08 (4.42)Mr. Smiley gives Brittany a test she'll never forget. Parejas Eróticas 08/26/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.1 (4.01)Brittany and her brother's girlfriend have a little fun. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/09/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.2 (4.48)Jeff & Brittany finally get time together. Incesto/Tabú 09/10/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.3 (4.52)A football game gathering turns into an orgy.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 09/15/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 10 (4.47)Busty Brittany gets a workout from parents' personal trainer. Amor Interracial 11/08/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 11 (4.33)Brittany gangbangs at a frat party. Sexo en Grupo 12/19/04
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 12 (4.38)Brittany has fun with her cousin on the farm. Sexo en Grupo 03/02/05
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 13 (4.52)Brittany and her friends go wild on spring break.  Hot Exibicionista & Voyeur 04/07/05
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 14 (4.47)Brittany gets her first job. Parejas Eróticas 08/29/05
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 15 (4.69)Brittany and pals give Tommy a going away orgy.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 09/05/05
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 16 (4.19)Brittany goes on a long bus ride in Paris. Celebridades 10/12/06
Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 17 (4.40)A shady landlord tricks Brittany and a competitor for sex. Sexo en Grupo 10/14/06
Cold Feet (4.49)Hitchhiker warms woman's feet during snowstorm. Fetiche 01/18/05
Creamed Toes (4.22)Brother enjoys his sister & her friend's feet. Incesto/Tabú 03/02/05
Erin & The Amazing Twins (3.90)Twin Aliens need Erin's help. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 01/18/05
Erin & The Giant Cocks (4.21)A Busty girl finds sex from four cavemen in story book. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/18/04
Erin and the Ass Ripper (4.03)The Ripper takes busty Erin's anal virginity. Anal 12/10/04
Erin and the Shemale (4.24)Erin's roommate isn't what she appears to be. Transexuales & Travesti 12/10/04
Erin and the Shoe Store (3.97)Erin gets her feet worshipped at a shoe store. Fetiche 09/01/05
Erin and the Wonder Bra (4.32)Erin's new bra makes her produce milk. Fetiche 03/05/05
Got Screwed (3.84)Man gets screwed without having intercourse. Exibicionista & Voyeur 03/04/05
Her Enormous Son: 8 Part Series
Her Enormous Son Ch. 01 (4.35)He helps his mother win over a country club. Amor Interracial 09/08/04
Her Enormous Son Ch. 02 (4.44)After Cynthia catches them, she makes it a three way. Sexo en Grupo 09/09/04
Her Enormous Son Ch. 03 (4.43)Cindy and her double J's join the fun. Sexo en Grupo 10/06/04
Her Enormous Son Ch. 04 (4.51)Cassie get's a BIG surprise.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 10/07/04
Her Enormous Son Ch. 05 (4.36)Andrew gets Beth & a special bonus: his mother. Incesto/Tabú 10/09/04
Her Enormous Son Ch. 06 (4.52)Shelly's a tease, but Andrew gets job done.  Hot Amor Interracial 10/10/04
Her Enormous Son Ch. 07 (4.50)Cathy introduces younger daughter Penny to Andrew.  Hot Amor Interracial 11/10/04
Her Enormous Son Ch. 08 (4.38)Andrew mmets Shelly's two friends at her dorm. Sexo en Grupo 03/03/05
Her Horny Little Brother (4.25)Max gets a surprise visit from his sister. Incesto/Tabú 04/15/05
Lindsey & Wilmer: The Break Up (3.61)The real reason why Lindsey and her boyfriend broke up. Celebridades 12/22/04
Little White Riding Hood (4.26)Old fairytale with a new twist. Amor Interracial 12/20/05
Meet The Knockers Ch. 01 (4.39)College boy plans to seduce the Knocker women. Parejas Eróticas 01/10/05
Mickey Triple D's (4.40)Four guys take on busty McDonald's clerk. Sexo en Grupo 07/17/04
My Friend's Huge Breasted Daughter (4.45)He reunites with his bestfriend and his daughter. Maduro 10/21/04
Not Just Kissing Cousins (4.17)Conner's two busty cousins come for a visit. Incesto/Tabú 12/07/11
One Life 2 Live: 8 Part Series
One Life 2 Live Pt. 01 (4.42)A nerd wants to change his imagine. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/06/05
One Life 2 Live Pt. 02 (4.41)Jordan has fun with Miranda and her BBW friend. Sexo en Grupo 11/14/05
One Life 2 Live Pt. 03 (4.41)Toby's friends take The Hicks; Tommy's Gothic hunny. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/22/05
One Life 2 Live Pt. 04 (4.33)Toby finally gets his cum, enter Leslie & Bree. Parejas Eróticas 12/01/05
One Life 2 Live Pt. 05 (4.39)Jordan fucks Bree and Toby grows a big dick. Sexo en Grupo 01/22/06
One Life 2 Live Pt. 06 (4.64)Toby scores with Leslie and finds home porn.  Hot Parejas Eróticas 02/01/06
One Life 2 Live Pt. 07 (4.49)Toby tastes Amanda's milk-filled udders. Incesto/Tabú 02/24/06
One Life 2 Live Pt. 08 (4.62)Toby takes Ms. Duncan, then the Spirit Squad take charge.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 08/09/06
Purple Socks (4.42)Brother is obsessed with sister's purple socks. Fetiche 11/20/04
Reese's Cups (4.28)Father becomes obsess with daughter's bra cups. Incesto/Tabú 03/03/05
Santa Claus and the Peterson Girls (4.31)Santa gets some milk & pussy. Incesto/Tabú 01/08/05
Sex Ed (4.12)Miss Rice's class of 18-year-olds has live-action demonstration of sex. Exibicionista & Voyeur 08/23/05
Tales of Preston Ch. 01 (4.37)Preston gets to use his big dick! Primera Vez 12/07/09
The Real Effects of The Axe Effect (3.66)He finds out about Axe body deodorant. Primera Vez 07/06/04
The Real World/Road Rules Orgy (4.24)5 guys, 5 girls, one motel. Celebridades 05/23/05
The Real World: 3 Part Series
The Real World: SD (3.94)Seven strangers picked to live together on live T.V. Celebridades 05/25/04
The Real World: SD Ch. 02 (4.39)A very special Hot Tub edition. Celebridades 06/14/04
The Real World: SD Ch. 03 (x.xx)Frankie shows her victims her pleasure side. Celebridades 07/11/04
The Return of Axe: 2 Part Series
The Return of Axe Ch. 01 (4.45)Elderly grandpa gets groove back with family. Incesto/Tabú 09/10/04
The Return of Axe Ch. 02 (4.26)Grandpa invites female cop to family orgy. Incesto/Tabú 09/12/04
The Ski Trip From Hell: 2 Part Series
The Ski Trip From Hell Ch. 01 (4.37)Sisters meet two strange men on ski trip. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/25/04
The Ski Trip From Hell Ch. 02 (4.03)Doug makes a 3some with Wendy and Dawn. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/17/05
The Tutors (4.32)A daughter gets the home version of a sex ed class. Incesto/Tabú 10/19/04
Touch: The New Axe (3.10)A depressed fat kid uses the Axe to seduce a WWE Diva. Celebridades 12/19/04
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