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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

10 Inches Of Black Man Power (3.54)Black college sportsman works in porn movie. Amor Interracial 11/24/08
1974: Haitian Japanese Romance (3.48)Haitian swimmer and Japanese woman meet in 1974. Amor Interracial 06/21/16
2016: Jamaican Japanese Romance (3.42)Bossy Japanese gal dates Jamaican guy in London. Amor Interracial 06/27/16
A Battle of The Sexes (3.54)She competes against men in boxing and wrestling. Anal 05/17/06
A Beautiful Black Wedding (2.66)Black King Finds his beautiful Black Queen. No Erótico 05/22/10
A Beautiful World Of Tomorrow (2.54)A beautiful world of tomorrow. No Erótico 09/28/09
A Better World For Men and Women (3.37)Sexually adventurous cult leader changes the world. Sexo en Grupo 07/23/07
A Big Bisexual Man Finds Love (3.68)He meets the lover of his dreams. Parejas Eróticas 03/27/06
A Big Man Finds Love (3.69)Tomboy falls in love with Big Guy. Primera Vez 08/05/06
A Big Woman's Anal Discoveries (3.46)Sexy stud instructs curious BBW in anal arts. Anal 05/26/07
A Big Woman's Love Story (3.25)BBW meets first love in college. Primera Vez 02/02/09
A Bisexual Arab Man in America (2.58)Bisexual Arab man meets Irish Catholic woman. No Erótico 09/17/11
A Bisexual Black Man's Dreams (x.xx)The life and times of Mustafa Ali in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/14/18
A Bisexual Black Man's World (2.42)Young bisexual black man looks at his world. No Erótico 03/29/09
A Bisexual Ethiopian Stud (2.65)Hispanic woman meets Ethiopian stud in Boston. Amor Interracial 11/28/12
A Bisexual Haitian Christmas (3.66)Bisexual man and his girlfriend seduce Haitian guy. Sexo en Grupo 12/27/10
A Bisexual Haitian Couple (3.67)The adventures of a bisexual woman & her man. Sexo en Grupo 04/01/06
A Bisexual Haitian Discovery (3.47)Bi Haitian guy searches for love in America. Parejas Eróticas 03/27/06
A Bisexual Haitian Gigolo (3.69)Rich lady pays for Black hunk's services. Amor Interracial 03/27/06
A Bisexual Haitian Guy in Kanata (3.68)Security guard bangs pizza delivery girl in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 12/14/12
A Bisexual Haitian In America (3.19)A man's own story. Amor Interracial 03/22/06
A Bisexual Haitian In Miami (2.65)A bisexual bad boy in a Mercedez Benz in Miami. Sexo en Grupo 12/21/12
A Bisexual Haitian Muslim Tale (2.44)Life and times of a bisexual black Muslim in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 08/13/16
A Bisexual Haitian New Year! (3.15)Biracial woman seduces Haitian studs. Sexo en Grupo 12/30/10
A Bisexual Haitian Story (3.58)Haitian brother meets sexy lady and a guy. Sexo en Grupo 03/22/06
A Bisexual Haitian Tale (3.64)Haitian brother discovers sex and love in America. Primera Vez 03/13/06
A Bisexual Jock And His Tomboy (3.60)Life, love and friendship in a tough world. No Erótico 07/02/06
A Bisexual Muslim Man's Reality (x.xx)Bisexual Muslim man searches for a bride in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/16/18
A Bisexual Muslim Orgy (3.71)Hijabi woman and her bisexual black husband swing. Sexo en Grupo 05/26/16
A Bisexual Somali Love Story: 2 Part Series
A Bisexual Somali Love Story Ch. 01 (2.23)Abdullah finds love with Ayaan after Ahmed leaves. Sexo en Grupo 08/09/15
A Bisexual Somali Love Story Ch. 02 (2.74)Ayaan loves her shy bisexual lover Abdullah. Anal 08/10/15
A Bisexual Somali Muslim Trio (3.07)Somali MILF Fatima hooks up with Kader and Musa. Sexo en Grupo 01/25/17
A Bisexual Somali Prince: 2 Part Series
A Bisexual Somali Prince (3.09)Boston student seduces bisexual Somali in Ottawa. Hombre Homosexual 11/10/15
A Bisexual Somali Prince Ch. 02 (2.40)Somali student seduces Arab Muslim woman. Amor Interracial 11/11/15
A Bisexual Somalian Stud (2.94)Somali stud and redneck woman bond in Calgary, Alberta. Amor Interracial 11/28/12
A Bisexual Thanksgiving in Ottawa (1.65)Asian dominatrix entertains Haitian college student. Amor Interracial 10/19/13
A Black And White Christmas (3.25)Bisexual Haitian meets sexy Cuban BBW in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 12/23/12
A Black Businessman in Ottawa (3.30)The adventures of a bisexual Haitian businessman. Transexuales & Travesti 04/12/13
A Black Canadian Tale: 5 Part Series
A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 01 (3.49)Black Canadian meets Japanese princess in Boston. Parejas Eróticas 04/25/10
A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 02 (2.95)Black Canadian explores his bisexuality. Sexo en Grupo 04/26/10
A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 03 (2.70)White butch dominates black femme. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/26/10
A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 04 (2.20)Black Canadian explores his big city life. Sexo en Grupo 04/28/10
A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 05 (2.27)Mature woman seduces Black Canadian stud. Parejas Eróticas 04/29/10
A Black Cuckold Anthology (3.72)White man fucks Somali woman in front of hubby. Amor Interracial 07/25/12
A Black Cuckold Celebration (3.43)Black Mistress watches white guy fuck black man. BDSM 08/29/12
A Black Gay Couple's Family (3.18)Two black gay men form a family. No Erótico 03/10/09
A Black Lebanese Superstar (3.46)Biracial stud seduces older white woman in Ontario. Amor Interracial 04/17/12
A Black Lesbian Holiday (2.76)Black lesbian athlete meets woman of her dreams. Sexo entre Lesbianas 01/08/09
A Black Love Chronicle (1.67)Haitian-American's search for love in North America. No Erótico 08/13/10
A Black Love Story in Canada (3.09)Haitian man meets sexy Djibouti woman in Canada. Anal 08/20/10
A Black Man Rules The World (1.93)Fatherhood changes a black man's life. No Erótico 03/21/09
A Black Man's Paradise (2.52)Black man discovers Paradise in North America. No Erótico 05/28/10
A Black Man's Secret Desires (3.32)Big Black man rides short white woman's strapon. Amor Interracial 01/15/12
A Black Man's World (1.86)A young man looks at life in America. No Erótico 08/26/09
A Black Orgy (3.67)Bisexual black man meets sexy people. Sexo en Grupo 09/26/06
A Black Prince in Beirut (2.33)MIT-educated Black engineer meets feisty Arab lady. Amor Interracial 07/06/16
A Black Prince in England (3.09)Born of Africa and Arabia, he falls for white woman. Amor Interracial 11/02/12
A Black Princess in Canada (2.83)Black Princess searches for her Black Prince Charming. Parejas Eróticas 08/19/10
A Black Strap-on Dildo Story (3.68)Black stud meets big black women and their dildos. Sexo en Grupo 08/05/06
A Black Superman in America (3.47)The life and times of a seven-foot-tall macho man. Anal 12/07/07
A Black Superwoman's Planet (2.66)Black Superwoman rules the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/14/09
A Black Vampire's Tale (3.68)A male vampire meets a cowboy and a teacher. No Humano 05/09/06
A Black Werewolf in Texas (3.70)French wolf-woman meets a unique brother in Texas. No Humano 12/10/16
A Black Woman Rejects Feminism (1.97)Black woman chooses Black love over Feminist hate. No Erótico 03/13/09
A Black Woman's Love Is A Prize (2.50)Black man fights to earn Black woman's love. No Erótico 05/18/10
A Black Woman's Power (3.06)White servant discovers extent of Black women's power. No Erótico 06/02/09
A Bossy Somali Goddess In Ottawa (2.76)Somali dominatrix strapons men and women in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 08/21/11
A Brother's Post Graduation Life (3.41)Black college grad quits Walmart job and fucks BBW. Amor Interracial 11/04/16
A Celebration of Black Power (1.13)Black male and black female students unite. No Erótico 04/12/09
A Celebration of Good Men (3.65)A young man discovers true masculinity. Hombre Homosexual 06/15/06
A Charming Trickster (3.38)The adventures of a seductive bisexual con artist. Parejas Eróticas 09/19/06
A Chronicle Of Mankind (2.01)Immortal being chronicles the rise and fall of humanity. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/01/06
A Civilized African Vampire (x.xx)A civilized Black vampire faces the Zombie Apocalypse. No Humano 11/09/17
A Curse is Broken (3.60)Black female basketball player meets special man. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/28/07
A Dark Hobby (3.53)Prosecutor discovers a dark hobby at night. No Erótico 10/30/08
A Day In A Black Man's Life: 2 Part Series
A Day In A Black Man's Life (1.87)An ordinary Haitian-American daily life in Canada. No Erótico 08/02/12
A Day In A Black Man's Life Ch. 02 (1.82)The challenges a Haitian man faces in Ottawa. No Erótico 08/10/12
A Day in the Life of a Ghoul (3.20)Kenyan man becomes a Ghoul to fight Vampires. No Humano 05/12/17
A Day in the Life of a Sociopath (2.50)An ordinary day in the life of a bad guy in Ottawa. No Erótico 06/14/12
A Day in the Life of an Angel (3.67)Fallen Archangel becomes cop in Boston. No Humano 01/20/09
A Defender of Men (3.11)The strange tale of a young college man. No Erótico 11/17/08
A Devil's Best Friend (2.94)Lucifer, Chief of the Fallen Angels makes a friend. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/19/07
A Different Kind of Becky (3.42)Tall Somali Muslim lesbian meets butch white lesbian. Amor Interracial 12/28/16
A Different Type of Man (3.29)Curvy girl falls for bisexual man. Parejas Eróticas 10/17/06
A Diverse Alliance of Superheroes (2.38)Haitian hero meets Arab strongman and Irish antihero. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/19/10
A Dominatrix At The C.R.A. (2.84)Female government worker's secret life in Ottawa. BDSM 10/16/15
A Family of Men in America (2.75)The daily lives of a Family of Men. No Erótico 10/30/07
A Feisty Saudi Woman in Nepean (3.11)Saudi MILF meets a Togolese stud in Nepean. Amor Interracial 06/30/17
A Fine Black Man (3.06)Black police officer remembers her first time. Primera Vez 05/21/06
A Flatulent Hijabi's Love Story (x.xx)BBW Muslim woman with gas issues meets Black shrink. Amor Interracial 03/25/18
A Former Muslim Turns Lesbian (3.25)Hijab-wearing Somali woman falls for Haitian chick. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/19/12
A Genetically Engineered Race: 2 Part Series
A Genetically Engineered Race (3.14)Genetically engineered people rule the universe. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/11/07
A Genetically Engineered Race Ch. 02 (3.07)Genetically enhanced humans rule the cosmos. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/22/07
A God Among Ordinary Men: 2 Part Series
A God Among Ordinary Men (3.05)The adventures of the most macho man in the world. Anal 08/08/07
A God Among Ordinary Men Ch. 02 (3.39)Macho man's son dominates BBW. Anal 08/09/07
A Good Black Man at Carleton U (3.17)African-American seduces white lady at Canadian school. Amor Interracial 08/16/12
A Good Black Man at Ottawa U (1.80)Haitian man meets Nigerian woman in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 08/16/12
A Good Black Man in Beantown (3.60)Black man does white wife and black girlfriend. Sexo en Grupo 11/24/12
A Good Black Man in Boston (1.85)Adventures of biracial Russian student in Boston. Amor Interracial 08/24/12
A Good Black Man in Gatineau (1.22)White woman introduces black man to black lady. Parejas Eróticas 08/09/12
A Good Black Man In Moncton (2.58)Haitian man meets white tomboy in Moncton, Canada. Amor Interracial 08/08/12
A Good Black Man In Ottawa (2.63)Conservative French woman meets Haitian gentleman. Amor Interracial 08/08/12
A Good Black Man's Ordinary Day (2.79)Black men and White women & black women/white men. Amor Interracial 08/18/12
A Good Black Woman (3.32)Good black woman inspires black man to be better. Parejas Eróticas 10/25/11
A Good Christian Girl (3.53)Biracial beauty from Lebanon seduces Christian tomboy. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/23/12
A Good Somali Brother in Toronto (1.33)Somali brother and African-American MILF connect. Romances 01/28/13
A Great Modern Love Story (3.31)Two special women meet in the City of Angels. Sexo entre Lesbianas 05/11/07
A Gritty Urban Love Story (3.59)The world's most unlikely couple meets. Anal 12/22/06
A Haitian American Love Story (3.31)Haitian brother meets girl of his dreams. Parejas Eróticas 03/30/06
A Haitian Femdom Romance (3.11)Haitian nerd meets black dominatrix at church. Parejas Eróticas 10/28/16
A Haitian Master's Tale (3.11)Haitian man introduces sportswoman to domination. Parejas Eróticas 11/28/15
A Haitian On Canada Day (1.00)Adventures of a bisexual Haitian immigrant in Ontario. No Erótico 07/05/12
A Haitian Superman's Story (2.67)Haitian with super powers fights supernatural evil. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/21/09
A Haitian Superman's Struggle (1.95)Haitian superhero fights evil monsters. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/25/09
A Haitian Vampire Queen (3.44)Haitian woman becomes vampire and fights slavery. No Humano 10/10/11
A Haitian Werewolf In Canada (3.46)Haitian werewolf meets French woman in Canada. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/18/11
A Haitian Werewolf's Diary (2.63)Haitian werewolf dates Somali girl in Montreal. No Humano 11/07/12
A Happy Black Couple (3.71)Black men & Black women who love each other. Parejas Eróticas 12/21/06
A Happy Somali Couple (1.94)Somali wife reflects on married life in Calgary, Alberta. Romances 12/06/12
A Hero's Undisclosed Desires (2.55)Black man who hunts demons opens up about life. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/31/11
A Hijabi's Lesbian Romance (2.50)Somali Muslim lesbian finds love in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 08/27/15
A Horny Hijabi Lesbian MILF (3.16)White woman dominates mature Arab slut. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/14/12
A Jewish Dominatrix 4 Muslims (3.45)Jewish woman strapons Somali male in Ottawa. Fetiche 05/08/12
A Jordanian Lesbian Finds Love (2.79)Jordanian Muslim woman seduces Somali girl in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/28/13
A Kuwait Man Becomes Christian (2.00)Afro-Arabian from Kuwait embraces Christian girl. Amor Interracial 11/19/12
A Lawyer Becomes A Saint (2.89)Can a rich lawyer save his soul from damnation? No Erótico 10/31/07
A Lebanese Christian Beauty (2.53)Nigerian man meets Lebanese woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/27/12
A Lebanese Christian Diva (1.80)Lebanese woman meets Haitian student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/13/14
A Lebanese Christian Goddess (1.87)Lebanese Christian woman strapons black man. Amor Interracial 04/18/12
A Lebanese Christian Policewoman (2.84)Lebanese Christian policewoman meets black student. Amor Interracial 08/24/12
A Lebanese Christian Princess (1.38)Lebanese woman meets progressive black Muslim. Amor Interracial 06/08/12
A Lebanese Christian Woman (2.31)African-American man and Lebanese woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/26/12
A Lebanese Vampire in Haiti (2.18)Lebanese vampire woman and Haitian revolutionary meet. No Humano 01/19/13
A Light in the Darkness (2.33)Haitian author and college student tells his story. No Erótico 12/24/06
A Love For All Time (3.69)Two kindred souls find each other. Transexuales & Travesti 02/27/06
A Love Like No Other (3.69)Kindred souls find love together. Maduro 07/22/06
A Love Like Ours (3.72)Black athlete meets a very unusual lady. Transexuales & Travesti 01/09/07
A Love of My Very Own (3.39)Jamaican transsexual falls for Somali gentleman. Transexuales & Travesti 03/11/13
A Love Story (3.17)Bisexual black man finds love with Transsexual beauty. Transexuales & Travesti 08/30/08
A Lucky Brother In Ottawa (2.47)Haitian-American man's luck changes in Canada. Romances 03/11/12
A Lycanthrope In Boston (3.71)Lovers have supernatural encounter. No Humano 08/17/04
A Man and His Truck (3.22)Bisexual truck driver takes the road by storm. Sexo en Grupo 07/29/06
A Man and His Woman (3.72)A black athlete, his lady and her strap-on dildo. Amor Interracial 05/01/06
A Man of Science (2.38)Sexy couple distracts Man of Science. BDSM 10/06/07
A Man's Path to Power (2.17)How to stay focused & win in college and life. No Erótico 12/05/07
A Man's World (3.71)Black athlete joins an all-male academy. Hombre Homosexual 05/30/06
A Master of the Night (3.38)Female bodyguard meets handsome black vampire. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/20/06
A Mean White Mistress (3.56)White BBW strapons curious Black husband. Amor Interracial 06/13/10
A Mexican Wife's Sweet Revenge (3.71)Mexican wife cuckolds Black husband with White guy. Amor Interracial 08/16/15
A Mistress on the Plantation (3.45)Sexy white Domme meets gorgeous black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 06/22/07
A Mixed-Race Black Woman's Tale (2.41)Her Italian dad and Jamaican mom dislike Black men. No Erótico 07/23/11
A Modern Werewolf Chronicle (3.50)A bisexual werewolf's life & loves in America. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 01/12/08
A Montreal University Romance (1.89)Bisexual black man and Hispanic woman in Montreal. Amor Interracial 01/15/13
A Morehouse Man in Saskatchewan (x.xx)Black stud and Native gal at First Nations University. Amor Interracial 04/13/18
A Morehouse Man in Winnipeg (x.xx)Black scholar meets Native woman in Winnipeg. Amor Interracial 03/24/18
A Muslim Couple Meets Shemales (3.58)White transsexual dominates Somali Muslim couple. Transexuales & Travesti 08/27/12
A Muslim Dominatrix Rules Ottawa (2.81)Indian dominatrix strapons Somali man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/26/13
A Muslim Girl Becomes Christian (2.41)Malaysian woman meets Black Christian man. Amor Interracial 06/06/12
A Muslim Lesbian Love Story (3.00)Saudi lesbian falls for sexy Somali tomboy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/19/13
A Muslim Man in Oklahoma! (3.05)Somali-Canadian Muslim dates Jewish MILF in Woodward. Amor Interracial 08/18/14
A Muslim Meets A Transsexual (3.37)Black Muslim man meets sexy White transsexual. Transexuales & Travesti 05/31/12
A Muslim Strapon Love Story (2.00)Biracial man falls for beautiful woman at university. Amor Interracial 05/30/12
A Native American Goddess: 2 Part Series
A Native American Goddess (3.36)Native American meets sexy Black man in Toronto. Amor Interracial 02/12/11
A Native American Goddess in Love (3.26)Sexy Native lady meets Black man in Utah. Amor Interracial 02/11/11
A New Beginning (2.22)Haitian-American meets Quebec lady in Toronto. Amor Interracial 09/28/12
A New Species of Man Ch. 01 (3.64)Freak accident turns Black student into monster. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/29/12
A Night at Carleton University (3.21)Tall African-American woman meets a Somali nerd. Parejas Eróticas 12/02/16
A Night at Ottawa Train Yards (3.38)Black Muslim woman seduces Butch White lesbian. Amor Interracial 08/16/17
A Night in Arabia (2.69)A beautiful Arabian woman changes his world. Parejas Eróticas 07/09/11
A Night in Persia (3.18)Celebrating the beautiful women of Persia. Sexo en Grupo 07/09/11
A Night in Somalia (2.53)He meets a beautiful Somalian woman. Parejas Eróticas 07/09/11
A Nova Scotian in Detroit (2.33)Biracial Canadian stud explores Black women in Detroit. Parejas Eróticas 06/21/17
A Penchant For Bisexual Men (3.69)Sexy Irishwoman meets Bisexual Black Men. Sexo en Grupo 04/09/07
A Perfect Universe (1.40)Pagan deity creates a perfect world. No Erótico 02/01/08
A Pillar of Manliness (3.69)Black bisexual student takes campus by storm. Anal 06/27/07
A Prince of Earth: 3 Part Series
A Prince of Earth Ch. 01 (3.37)Genetically enhanced people rule the future. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/08/05
A Prince of Earth Ch. 02 (3.30)Genetically engineered man rules the future. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/31/07
A Prince of Earth Ch. 03 (2.41)Genetically engineered man becomes a God. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/08/07
A Proper Somali Household (2.69)Somali wife punishes her wayward husband. Parejas Eróticas 07/20/17
A Proud Black Master: 2 Part Series
A Proud Black Master (3.57)Black man tames Dominant Women of all races. Sexo en Grupo 06/04/10
A Proud Black Master Ch. 02 (3.16)Jewish BBW hooks up with Black guy and Black lesbian. Sexo en Grupo 06/06/10
A Proud Black Mistress: 2 Part Series
A Proud Black Mistress in Canada (3.23)Black dominatrix initiates young black lesbian. Sexo entre Lesbianas 06/07/10
A Proud Black Mistress in Ottawa (3.67)Black dominatrix dominates White Canadian couple. BDSM 06/07/10
A Psychopath's Paradise (3.67)Sexy bisexual black man goes to jail. Sexo en Grupo 08/05/07
A Question For Black Ladies (1.40)Haitian man wonders about Black Love in Canada. No Erótico 09/05/10
A Racist White Woman (3.01)Black man discovers truth about white girlfriend. Amor Interracial 02/08/08
A Real Life Black Cuckold Couple (3.54)Biracial wife cuckolds black hubby with white buddy. Sexo en Grupo 11/02/14
A Real Man (3.60)Man takes down angry woman, and she likes it! Parejas Eróticas 09/19/06
A Risk I Take For The Chemistry (2.26)Black man gets over white woman thanks to a sister. Romances 10/26/12
A Saudi Dominatrix In London (2.57)Saudi woman dominates Senegal student in London. Amor Interracial 05/26/14
A Saudi Dominatrix in Ottawa (2.64)Saudi female student pegs her Jamaican lover. Amor Interracial 03/02/16
A Saudi Lesbian Finds Love (3.69)Saudi woman falls for Irishwoman in driving school. Sexo entre Lesbianas 02/17/13
A Saudi Woman Turns Christian (3.67)Latino man rescues Saudi woman in Mexico. Amor Interracial 11/13/12
A Saudi Woman's Confessions (2.85)Saudi Muslim woman confesses her love of Black men. Amor Interracial 06/21/17
A Sensual Night in Persia (3.44)A passion-filled night with ladies in Persia. Sexo en Grupo 07/09/11
A Seriously Bad Romance (1.78)African-American dates crazy Lebanese woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/16/14
A Sexy Hijabi: 4 Part Series
A Sexy Hijabi at Carleton U! (3.10)Saudi woman hooks up with bisexual men for threesome. Sexo en Grupo 03/17/12
A Sexy Hijabi Sits On My Face (2.43)Arab woman sits on horny Black man's face. Amor Interracial 03/02/12
A Sexy Hijabi Turns Lesbian (3.62)Saudi woman falls for Haitian lesbian in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/19/12
A Sexy Hijabi: April Fool's Day (3.32)Arab woman has threesome with Haitian couple. Amor Interracial 03/17/12
A Sexy Manipulator (3.34)Prankster tricks girlfriend into anal sex. Anal 05/15/07
A Sexy Thief (2.94)Sexy thief seduces college student. Anal 10/13/07
A Sexy Urban Tale (3.01)Black man teaches white woman about anal sex. Anal 12/12/06
A Smooth Criminal (3.42)Big woman meets sexy black man. Anal 04/28/07
A Sociopath Among Us (2.82)Bisexual con artist seduces and destroys lives. Parejas Eróticas 08/12/06
A Sociopath's Vacation (2.24)Sexy bisexual black man goes to NYC. Anal 10/10/07
A Somali Canadian Prince in Love (1.00)Biracial Somali man meets Somali MILF in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 01/21/14
A Somali Christian Woman (1.50)Haitian falls for Somali Christian lady in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 06/26/12
A Somali Christmas In Montreal (1.11)Somali girlfriend handles Haitian boyfriend's X-mas wish. Parejas Eróticas 11/15/12
A Somali Dominatrix In Alabama (3.43)Habeeba Hussein is a Somali dominatrix down south. BDSM 08/31/15
A Somali Dominatrix in Calgary (2.60)Somali chick and Black boyfriend try strap-on sex. Fetiche 11/30/12
A Somali Dominatrix In Canada (3.21)Black mistress makes black man suck white dick. Sexo en Grupo 02/08/13
A Somali Dominatrix In Ottawa (2.80)Somalian dominatrix strapons Haitian-American stud. Fetiche 08/11/11
A Somali Girl Finds Love At Last (1.71)Somali Hijabi sister and African-American hustler connect. Parejas Eróticas 07/15/13
A Somali Girl Likes Anal Sex! (2.58)Haitian Christian seduces Somali Muslim woman. Parejas Eróticas 04/17/12
A Somali Girl's Life in America (2.35)A Somali gal dates a Haitian man. Parejas Eróticas 03/03/14
A Somali Hijabi Falls In Love (1.54)Somali Hijabi falls in love with Haitian scholar. Romances 04/05/15
A Somali Lesbian at Work (2.00)Somali lesbian with Indian girlfriend in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/05/12
A Somali Lesbian Couple In Love (3.21)Somali businesswoman falls for long-lost lady friend. Sexo entre Lesbianas 02/17/13
A Somali Lesbian Romance (2.66)A young woman's tale of love and woe in Ontario. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/26/12
A Somali Lesbian Turns Christian (2.00)Irish Catholic dyke seduces Somali woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/08/12
A Somali Lesbian's Story (3.38)Somali student dates Australian woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 07/07/15
A Somali Orgy In Ottawa (2.71)Somali girls and bisexual Somali guys having fun. Sexo en Grupo 12/22/14
A Somali Prince at the C.R.A. (1.45)Somali government worker dates Indian gal in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/07/15
A Somali Prince In Sweden (2.06)Somali Muslim student dates tall Swedish woman. Amor Interracial 10/27/15
A Somali Princess Runs This Town (1.85)A smart and pretty Somali woman's adventures in Ottawa. Romances 01/09/14
A Somali Queen In Ottawa (1.67)The life and times of a Somali businesswoman. Romances 01/12/13
A Somali Strapon Wedding Story (2.83)Somali bride surprises husband with strap-on dildo! Parejas Eróticas 12/03/12
A Somali Vampire's Passion (1.89)Somali vampire prince and Syrian woman connect. No Humano 01/22/14
A Somali Werewolf in Ottawa (3.29)Somali werewolf meets Algerian female werewolf. No Humano 01/14/12
A Somali Woman Leaves Islam (1.62)Somali woman in Quebec converts to Christianity. Parejas Eróticas 11/06/12
A Somali Woman's Lust (2.39)Somali woman hooks up with Latino guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/08/12
A Somali/Yemeni Wedding (x.xx)Somali stud marries Yemeni woman in Calgary. Amor Interracial 11/15/17
A Somalian Goddess Among Us (1.60)Somalian woman seduces shy Haitian student. Parejas Eróticas 09/02/11
A Somalian Goddess in Ottawa (1.80)Haitian-American stud meets Somali goddess at Carleton. Parejas Eróticas 07/19/11
A Somalian Lesbian Love Story (3.44)Two Somalian university women fall in love in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 07/16/11
A Somalian Woman in Love (2.62)Somalian virgin seduces macho Haitian-American stud. Primera Vez 08/02/11
A South African Lesbian Orgy (3.21)Black women seduce Boston Irish butch lesbian. Amor Interracial 06/09/11
A South African Lesbian Story (3.61)Zulu woman seduces French-Canadian female boss. Amor Interracial 06/09/11
A Special Girl (3.71)Swept off his feet by mystery girl. Transexuales & Travesti 10/04/05
A Special Interest (3.69)Black man admits strap on dildo fetish. Anal 12/20/06
A Story of My True Life (2.29)Young man tells about his life, loves, & times. No Erótico 04/08/06
A Strong Black Man (3.68)A journey into the lives of bisexual black males. Sexo en Grupo 05/17/06
A Strong Black Woman Enslaved (3.68)White prisoner dominates Black female probation officer. Amor Interracial 04/25/09
A Strong Black Woman's Confessions (2.10)A young Black woman opens up about her life. No Erótico 05/29/10
A Strong Black Woman's Slave Days (3.71)White Mistress dominates Black slave woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/25/09
A Strong Black Woman's Submission (2.76)Strong black woman allows man to dominate her. Sexo en Grupo 05/27/09
A Strong Man and His Big Bitch (3.71)A journey into an anal-centric BDSM relationship. BDSM 07/21/07
A Strong Man at Work (3.60)Black man teaches unruly transsexual some tough love. Transexuales & Travesti 06/08/07
A Strong White Dominatrix (3.65)White dominatrix seduces multicultural lesbians. Sexo en Grupo 06/11/10
A Strong White Mistress (3.33)White BBW strapons black male submissive. Fetiche 06/11/10
A Strong White Woman (3.21)Submissive black couple meets strong white woman. Amor Interracial 06/10/10
A Strong Woman Needs Anal Too (3.50)Sexy black man gets to work on sultry lady. Anal 03/31/07
A Submissive Black Couple (3.28)Sexy policewoman dominates submissive black couple. BDSM 12/20/08
A Successful Black Man In Canada (2.43)Black lawyer has white wife and black girlfriend. Sexo en Grupo 09/18/12
A Super Woman Rules The World (1.94)Black superwoman rules the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/28/09
A Superheroine's Sex Life (2.76)Super-powered BBWs need love too. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/22/08
A Superhuman In Today's World (1.52)The life and times of a superhuman in today's world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 06/09/09
A Superhuman Mastermind in Time (2.29)Haitian man with super powers fights world government. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/03/11
A Superior Breed of Humanity (2.65)Genetic engineering improves the Human Race. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/18/08
A Superior Race (2.29)Genetically engineered species dominates the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/19/08
A Supernatural Orgy (2.78)Mermaids, werewolves and half-demons throw a party. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/24/08
A Supernatural Race War (1.54)Black man becomes werewolf and fights racism. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/29/09
A Tale of Bisexual Black Men (3.68)Irish MILF meets bisexual black men. Sexo en Grupo 11/06/06
A Testament to Male Superiority (2.18)Why men are better than women. Sexo en Grupo 11/09/07
A Threesome in Somalia (2.31)A growing fascination with the women of Somalia. Sexo en Grupo 07/09/11
A Tribute To Bisexual Men (3.66)A woman who loves bisexual men. Sexo en Grupo 03/05/06
A Tribute to Black Women (2.00)Black man praises the Black women of the world. No Erótico 09/30/10
A Trickster's Bisexual Black Orgy (2.81)Students tricks his multi-racial friends into orgy. Sexo en Grupo 05/03/09
A Trickster's Life in Ottawa (2.00)Life and times of a Haitian Trickster in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 01/19/16
A Truly Wonderful Man (3.20)Irish girl falls for handsome Black stud. Sexo en Grupo 05/18/06
A Turkish Christian Woman (1.60)Turkish Christian woman meets Lebanese stud in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 10/28/12
A Vampire In Manhattan (3.31)College girl is seduced by a romantic vampire. No Humano 12/29/04
A Vampire in Ottawa (1.00)Afro-Caribbean vampire fights female Djinn in Ottawa. No Humano 06/27/13
A Vampire's Love Story (3.05)Black female vampire seeks love and finds it. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 01/31/08
A Vampire's Paradise (3.00)Vampire Lord finds a paradise on Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/18/07
A Vampire's Planet (2.88)Vampires and Werewolves fight over Planet Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/27/07
A Vampire's True Love Story (3.53)Bisexual male vampire meets his wife. No Humano 02/19/12
A Very Lebanese New Year! (1.47)Lebanese woman dines with Black man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/13/13
A Very Special Man (3.41)Young black man meets sexy new boss. Hombre Homosexual 05/17/06
A Villain's World (2.80)The life and times of a great villain. Parejas Eróticas 11/18/08
A Walmart BBW Tale (3.11)Black student meets white BBW at Walmart. Amor Interracial 08/26/16
A Werewolf's Life (3.24)The life and times of a black male werewolf. No Humano 09/23/08
A White House Interracial Orgy (2.89)Professional wrestler Awesome Kong visits White House. Celebridades 04/06/09
A White House Orgy (3.65)Adventures of a sexy couple in the White House. Celebridades 03/16/09
A White Man Who Love Black Guys (3.33)A White man leaves Black wife for Black men. Amor Interracial 07/12/11
A White Man's Burdens (2.56)Black Mistress tames angry white male. BDSM 12/12/07
A White MILF's Sweet Revenge (2.91)Mature white wife cuckolds Black husband with mixed stud. Amor Interracial 08/16/15
A White Wife's Sweet Revenge (3.71)White wife cuckolds Black husband with Japanese stud. Amor Interracial 08/16/15
A White Woman Soldier In Burka (2.59)German feminist lady soldier submits to Saudi chief. Amor Interracial 02/28/12
A White Woman Soldier in Hijab (3.16)American female soldier in hijab submits to Muslim. Amor Interracial 02/27/12
A Wolf's Story (3.71)Bisexual young man discovers his werewolf heritage No Humano 07/30/06
A Woman Who Loves Anal Sex (3.71)Black woman speaks candidly about her sex secrets. Sexo en Grupo 06/08/07
A Worshiper of Sexy Black Men (3.37)White girl steals black women's hunky boyfriends. Sexo en Grupo 09/01/07
A Wrestling Good Time (2.98)Male and female wrestlers discover anal sex. Anal 08/08/06
A Young Black Man's World (3.21)On being a young black man in America. Anal 10/10/07
Aboriginal Australian Werewolf (3.10)Life and times of an Aboriginal Australian werewolf. No Humano 08/12/11
Aboriginal Femdom Revolution (2.20)Aboriginal dominatrix dates a black American stud. Amor Interracial 05/21/17
Aboriginal Ladies into Black Men (1.44)Biracial Arab/Aboriginal beauty dates black man. Amor Interracial 12/04/13
Aboriginal Princess of Winnipeg (2.50)Jamaican student dates Aboriginal lady in Winnipeg. Amor Interracial 09/21/15
Aboriginal Women into Black Men (2.88)Somali stud seduces an Aboriginal Amazon. Amor Interracial 05/20/17
Abraxa (3.67)Ordinary guy hooks up with space vixen. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 06/27/04
Abusive Husband Tries Femdom (3.46)Abusive man tries femdom therapy to save marriage. BDSM 12/23/14
Adam and Eve: 3 Part Series
Adam and Eve: Black Love (2.69)What if Adam and Eve were Black in modern times? Romances 05/18/12
Adam And Eve: Happy Together (2.75)Son of Lebanese/Jamaican couple meets Canadian. Amor Interracial 05/24/12
Adam and Eve: Serial Killers (3.14)Vigilate meets the woman of his dreams. No Erótico 06/02/12
Adam and Hawa Chronicles (2.23)Haitian hustler meets a beautiful Muslim woman. Amor Interracial 06/13/17
Addicted to Ratchet Chicks (x.xx)Biracial American stud meets West African gal. Parejas Eróticas 11/09/17
Addicted to Somali Ladies (3.00)A Haitian man confronts his own weakness. Parejas Eróticas 03/26/17
Addicted to Somali Women (2.41)A Haitian man confronts his own weakness. Parejas Eróticas 12/01/12
Adeelah: African Vampire Queen (3.13)Two men confront beautiful African vampire in NY. No Humano 01/27/17
Adivasi Indian Woman Going Black (2.61)Adivasi Indian woman meets African Muslim stud. Amor Interracial 08/04/17
Adventist MILF For Haitian Stud (2.60)Haitian Adventist MIF seduces a Haitian student. Parejas Eróticas 04/03/17
Afaf: 2 Part Series
Afaf Of Saudi Arabia (3.50)Saudi woman falls for young black man from Boston. Amor Interracial 03/09/15
Afaf: My Saudi Dominatrix (1.93)Biracial man dates Saudi dominatrix in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/08/15
Afghan Girls For Somali Men (1.89)Somali man confronts racist in Ottawa and finds wife. Amor Interracial 05/04/14
Afghan MILF For African Stud (2.40)Afghan woman meets African student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 09/02/15
Afghan Princess of Barrhaven (2.17)Afghan chick meets Nigerian stud in a grocery store. Amor Interracial 11/18/15
Afghan Woman For Somali Man (1.45)Afghan woman and Somali student connect in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/25/13
Afghanistan Woman Becomes Christian (3.05)Afghan woman falls for Jamaican man in Toronto. Amor Interracial 11/17/12
African American in Ottawa (1.80)A black American man's life in Ottawa, Ontario. No Erótico 08/24/12
African Gods In North America (2.74)Saga of African Gods in Canada and America. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/10/11
African Lesbian Vampires (1.83)African lesbian vampires lives in Accra, Ghana. No Humano 12/18/18
African Prince Comes To Boston (2.43)A proud African prince comes to Harvard University. Amor Interracial 08/29/12
African Princess of Barrhaven (2.29)Nigerian businesswoman meets Haitian guy in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 11/17/15
African-American Bisexual Students (3.06)Two bisexual black men meet a black woman. Sexo en Grupo 11/24/07
African-American Lawyer in Ottawa (2.65)Black lawyer meets feisty white woman in Canada. Amor Interracial 12/17/11
African-American Super People (1.73)The super heroes destroy the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/16/09
African-American Superhero's World (1.67)Black superhero defends planet Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/20/09
African-American Superheroes (1.56)Black couple with super powers rules the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/16/09
African-American Superhumans (1.56)Black man with super powers rules the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/16/09
African-American Wedding (2.00)Black man decides to marry wealthy Black woman. Parejas Eróticas 05/18/09
Afrikaner MILF For Zulu Man (3.71)South African MILF connects with her people's enemy. Amor Interracial 06/19/14
Afrikaner Woman Into Black Men (2.98)South African woman discovers black men in Canada. Amor Interracial 06/29/13
Afrikaner Women Into Black Guys (3.72)Jewish South African White lady discovers Black men. Amor Interracial 12/08/14
Afrikaner Women into Black Men (2.79)White woman from South Africa dates a Haitian man. Amor Interracial 02/15/13
Afrikaner Women Into Zulu Men (2.77)Two unique souls connect in the City of Johannesburg. Amor Interracial 07/17/17
Afrikaner Women Love Chocolate Too (1.67)White woman from South Africa explores Haitian men. Amor Interracial 10/02/13
Afro-Brazilian Love Story (1.60)Afro-Brazilian man meets American diva in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 01/17/17
Afro-Caribbean Wolf Man (2.33)Haitian werewolf meets Native American lady in Calgary. No Humano 04/22/13
Afro-Persian Romance (2.91)Saudi woman seduces Haitian man in Boston. Amor Interracial 01/31/12
Afrocentric Femdom for Black Men (3.44)Black Mistress strictly into Black men. BDSM 05/25/18
Afrocentric Lesbian Vampires (1.00)Lives and loves of the Black Lesbian Undead.  New No Humano 01/19/19
Afrocentric Male Bisexuality (3.47)Afrocentric couple and friend hook up after movies. Sexo en Grupo 02/22/18
Afrocentric Wolf Lore (1.86)Our world seen through the eyes of a Haitian werewolf. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/23/12
Afsane of Iran Visits Ottawa (2.67)Persian Christian lady dates black man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/03/17
Afsane Salman of Saudi Arabia (2.57)Saudi woman scholar meets Haitian stud in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/07/17
Aisha and Jagdeep at Walmart (x.xx)Somali lesbian meets a Sikh Indian tomboy. Amor Interracial 10/10/17
Algerian Hijabi BBW At Wal-Mart (1.73)Haitian Muslim businessman meets a cute lady. Amor Interracial 08/14/15
Alia Patwardhan of Maharashtra (2.82)Indian Muslim woman meets a Zulu stud. Amor Interracial 08/05/17
Alia Sammad of Yemen (x.xx)Yemeni Muslim woman dates a Jamaican stud. Amor Interracial 11/25/17
All American Muslim Werewolf (2.50)The life and times of a Somali Muslim werewolf. No Humano 06/14/15
All Black Bitches Crave White Cock (3.38)Submissive Black women seeking White men. Sexo en Grupo 10/31/10
All Black Cuckold Fantasies (3.66)White man dominates black husband and black wife. Amor Interracial 09/14/12
All Black Men Love Strapons (3.65)White Strapon Mistresses go after all Black Men. BDSM 11/17/07
All Black Women Must Submit (3.31)White BBW dominatrix dominates black women. BDSM 12/24/08
All Men Should Be Uncircumcised (3.07)Woman discovers uncut men are better lovers. Sexo en Grupo 12/02/07
All Of Us: 2 Part Series
All Of Us (3.43)TV Star reunites with sexy BAP ex-wife. Celebridades 02/26/10
All Of Us Ch. 02 (2.67)Black TV star reveals bisexuality to his woman. Celebridades 02/27/10
All Somali Christian Lesbians (3.48)Muslim chick is seduced by Christian girlfriend. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/25/13
All Somali Hijabi Lesbians (2.33)Caribbean Christian tomboy seduces Somali woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/26/13
All Somali Swingers In Ottawa (2.74)Bisexual Somali man meets a sexy couple. Sexo en Grupo 10/09/13
All Strong Black Women Need Anal (2.76)Sexy black BBW hooks up with athlete. Anal 11/21/07
All Strong Women Prefer Anal (2.82)Female athletes seek strong black man for sex. Sexo en Grupo 11/17/07
All Women are Bitches: 20 Part Series
All Women are Bitches (3.14)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 07/07/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 02 (3.62)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 07/24/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 03 (3.61)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 07/31/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 04 (3.68)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/01/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 05 (3.71)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/02/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 06 (3.38)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/13/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 07 (3.56)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/18/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 08 (2.91)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/19/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 09 (2.29)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/19/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 10 (3.18)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/20/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 11 (3.67)A journey into a BDSM relationship. BDSM 08/31/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 12 (2.67)Man enjoys himself with women. Sexo en Grupo 09/01/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 13 (2.67)Black stud has raunchy anal fun with BBW. Anal 09/02/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 14 (2.59)A journey into a BDSM relationship. Anal 09/08/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 15 (3.58)Black cop dominates black female gangster. BDSM 09/09/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 16 (3.29)Macho black man tames black BBW cop. BDSM 09/13/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 17 (3.47)Macho stud tames big-booty ghetto bitch. BDSM 09/16/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 18 (2.79)Football stud entertains black BBW. Anal 09/18/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 19 (2.73)Librarian with attitude problem gets discipline. BDSM 09/27/07
All Women are Bitches Ch. 20 (2.92)BBW sex freak hooks up with shy writer. Anal 09/28/07
All Women Are Evil (3.22)Telepathic man discovers the truth about women. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/27/06
All Women Are The Same (2.48)College student makes amazing discoveries. Sexo en Grupo 12/21/07
All Women Secretly Love Anal! (3.00)Black man makes the discovery of the decade. Sexo en Grupo 09/12/07
All-American Transsexual! (2.79)Latin-American tranny dates Somali guy in Miami. Transexuales & Travesti 08/06/13
All-Canadian Vampire (2.40)Haitian-American vampire fights ancient Gods in Ottawa. No Humano 03/05/12
All-Male Black Private College (2.88)Black man joins all-male private college. No Erótico 07/10/07
Alpha Male (2.88)He rediscovers his inner strength. BDSM 07/25/07
Amazon Adventures (3.73)Rich playboy gets a surprise from a sexy lady. Transexuales & Travesti 04/15/06
Amazon Nation Ch. 01 (3.56)Amazon princess meets rugged man. No Erótico 01/07/05
Amazon on a Leash (3.66)Strong woman enjoys being completely dominated. BDSM 10/24/07
Amazon Surrenders to Man Power (3.62)A stiff cock in the ass will tame any woman. Anal 07/05/06
Amazon Woman Gets Anal Love (3.19)Big woman learns a lesson from a macho man. Anal 05/10/07
America Rocks & Canada Sucks (1.00)Black Canadian executive falls for Black American lady. No Erótico 07/08/10
America's Favorite Antihero (2.22)Policeman protects and serves his city. No Erótico 11/18/08
American Superhero: 2 Part Series
American Superhero (3.24)The making of an African-American Superhero. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/31/06
American Superhero In L.A. (2.30)Black man with psychic powers saves people in L.A. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/27/11
Amina and Tariq in Ottawa (2.10)Lebanese Christian BBW dates Nigerian Muslim scholar. Amor Interracial 07/05/16
Amira Fattah of Egypt (x.xx)Afro-Egyptian gal dominates Black stud in Montreal. Amor Interracial 04/08/18
An Aboriginal Wife's Sweet Revenge (3.25)Aboriginal wife cuckolds Black husband with Brazil stud Amor Interracial 08/15/15
An All-Male Black College (3.66)Men discover themselves in masculine environment. Hombre Homosexual 07/07/07
An All-Male Private College (2.00)Enhancing today's education for tomorrow's men. No Erótico 07/07/07
An Essay on Rude Black Females (3.03)Disappearance of manners among black women explained. Revisiones & Ensayos 10/21/08
An Eventful Canada Day (1.00)Black American experiences cultural relativity. No Erótico 07/05/10
An Immortal Man's Tale (3.27)Immortal man discusses his life and times. No Erótico 09/25/08
An Offer For All Time (2.50)How far would you go for immortality? Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/09/08
Anal Adventures In Exorcism (3.15)Religious man saves woman from demon with anal sex. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/28/08
Anal Scourge in the Hood (3.38)Black man serves up anal delight to lucky gals. Sexo en Grupo 12/25/06
Anal Sex: 19 Part Series
Anal Sex Cures Bitchiness (3.73)Men and women make amazing discoveries. Sexo en Grupo 12/11/07
Anal Sex Cures Constipation (3.43)Doctor's revolutionary treatment pays off. Anal 11/17/07
Anal Sex Cures Depression (2.81)She experiments with alternative sex medicine. Anal 10/21/07
Anal Sex Enhances Your Life (3.22)Woman's quality of life improves after anal sex. Anal 10/27/07
Anal Sex Harem Ladies (3.21)Black man builds himself a harem of anal girls. Sexo en Grupo 10/10/07
Anal Sex Helps You Find Love (2.68)College woman uses anal sex to find love. Anal 11/01/07
Anal Sex Improves Your Life (3.72)Woman discovers the joys of anal sex. Anal 10/24/07
Anal Sex is Addictive (2.87)Men and women discuss anal sex addiction. Sexo en Grupo 08/01/07
Anal Sex Made Her Lose Weight (3.33)She discovers new sexual workout. Anal 10/24/07
Anal Sex Made Her Popular (3.38)Female basketball player has fun with Footballer. Anal 10/19/07
Anal Sex Made My Butt Bigger (3.17)Black BBW makes surprising discoveries. Anal 10/13/07
Anal Sex Made Us Wealthy (2.45)Couple finds out anal sex helps their savings. Anal 10/31/07
Anal Sex Makes You Happier (2.83)She discovers strange path to happiness. Anal 10/21/07
Anal Sex Makes You Live Longer (2.53)Black woman makes startling discovery. Anal 10/13/07
Anal Sex Saved Our Marriage! (2.19)College couple gives testimonial. Anal 10/29/07
Anal Sex Tames Bitchy Women (3.17)Black man finds way to deal with angry woman. Anal 12/12/07
Anal Sex with Black Women (3.23)They secretly crave getting fucked in the ass. Anal 04/20/06
Anal Sex: It's My Life!!! (3.25)Black billionaire collects BBW anal virgins. Sexo en Grupo 11/11/07
Anal Sex: The New Girl Power! (2.81)Sexy BBW loses anal virginity to black man. Anal 11/20/07
Angel versus Demon (2.62)The war of the rebel angels continues. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/14/08
Angry Black Woman Syndrome (2.15)Black man finds solace with calm, respectful white girl. Amor Interracial 10/25/11
Anika Shaji of Orleans, Ontario (x.xx)Black man marries Indian woman in Orleans, Ontario. Amor Interracial 01/28/18
Anika Shaji: Indian Cuckoldress (x.xx)Indian wife cuckolds Black hubby with white guy. Amor Interracial 01/31/18
Anjali Bhatnagar of California (3.69)Indian porn actress meets a Black stud. Amor Interracial 08/09/17
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Arab Dominatrix (3.66)Arab Dominatrix strapons arrogant White slut. Amor Interracial 06/13/10
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Archangel (3.71)She meets a fallen angel and finds love. No Humano 08/13/06
Archangel Ch. 02 (3.20)Archangel Lucifer wars against God's Army. No Humano 09/26/07
Archangel Michael: It's My Life (3.39)Archangel falls because he defended mankind. No Humano 11/11/12
Archangel: It's My Life (2.70)Archangel explains Heavenly politics to mankind. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/06/08
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Backdoor Wanderers (3.36)He fucks her in the ass, then she uses dildo on him. Anal 07/05/06
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Bad Romance: 4 Part Series
Bad Romance At Carleton U (2.71)Black male student adventures in Canadian capital. Transexuales & Travesti 10/01/12
Bad Romance: Carleton University (1.00)A bisexual Haitian man's search for love. Sexo en Grupo 11/03/16
Bad Romance: Move Along (1.71)A young Black man moves on from bad romances. No Erótico 09/22/12
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Bad Romance/Back 2 School (2.33)A young Black man realizes it's time to move on. Romances 09/03/12
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Battle For Humanity (3.50)Otherwordly race invades the planet Earth. No Erótico 09/19/06
Battle of The Sexes (3.50)Bisexual Black man joins the fight. No Erótico 03/05/06
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Because I'm Better Than You! (1.33)A new breed of man takes over the world. No Erótico 09/17/07
Being Me: It's My Life (3.00)Man who faces hardship daily reflects on his life. No Erótico 03/23/12
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Bell Canada Lovebirds (2.67)Black businessman is comforted by white female exec. Amor Interracial 12/24/11
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Best Night Of My Life (3.31)Six friends spend the night together. Sexo en Grupo 04/06/06
Best Somali Erotica (3.38)Somali husband comes home to horny wife. Parejas Eróticas 05/10/17
Better Than Before (3.67)Black athlete marries kinky white woman. Amor Interracial 04/05/07
Better Than Everybody Else (3.17)Super Genius takes on the entire world. No Erótico 11/02/07
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Big Booty Ghetto Bitches (3.10)Thug has his way with a big-booty ghetto bitch. Anal 09/17/07
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Black Cheerleaders (3.14)Black woman joins squad at white university. No Erótico 07/23/10
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Black Folks Orgy: 3 Part Series
Black Folks Orgy (3.16)Black BBW meets two hunky Black men. Sexo en Grupo 08/31/06
Black Folks Orgy Ch. 02 (3.31)BBW discovers anal sex and group love. Sexo en Grupo 09/01/06
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Black Football Stud (3.68)Black athlete hooks up with sexy ladies. Sexo en Grupo 11/24/06
Black Gay Man Chronicles (3.03)The life of a Black college man in the city. Hombre Homosexual 02/14/07
Black Gay Man in America (3.72)People say I'm gay, but I just say no way!!! Hombre Homosexual 10/23/06
Black Geek Meets Blonde Geek (3.18)Black male geek meets blonde female geek. No Erótico 12/14/08
Black Girls in the Library (2.50)Black male university student distracted by booty. Parejas Eróticas 11/26/12
Black Girls Worship White Cocks (3.73)White man discovers Black woman's secret lust. Amor Interracial 10/21/10
Black Goddess of Nova Scotia (3.12)Haitian man meets black Nova Scotian goddess. Parejas Eróticas 02/25/16
Black Goddess Strapons Black Man (1.81)Dominant Black Goddess strapons Black man. Anal 09/20/10
Black Godhead (2.56)Black man gains magical powers and worshipers. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/03/08
Black Guy/White Girl: South Africa (3.36)White woman and her black male lover in South Africa. Amor Interracial 09/21/11
Black Guys Like Strap-ons, Too (3.51)Black woman introduces black man to her strap on. Anal 08/05/06
Black Husbands can be Bisexual (x.xx)White woman marries a bisexual Black man. Amor Interracial 11/29/17
Black Husbands can be Cuckolds (x.xx)White wife cuckolds black hubby with bisexual guy. Amor Interracial 11/21/17
Black King For Black Queen (1.00)Haitian man and Somali woman connect in Corporate Canada. Parejas Eróticas 12/13/13
Black King For Black Queens (3.20)Black Muslim man dominates strong black businesswoman. Parejas Eróticas 12/11/13
Black King for Lebanese Queen (1.92)Haitian man dates Arab dominatrix in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/11/13
Black Kings: Men of Men (3.51)Black men loving other Black men. A powerful thing. Hombre Homosexual 03/23/12
Black Kink At Carleton University (2.07)Haitian dominatrix and submissive black male connect. BDSM 03/13/12
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Black Lesbians Got Big Dicks Too (3.56)Black lesbians having fun in the Ghetto. Sexo entre Lesbianas 12/12/07
Black Lesbians in the Church (3.71)Black businesswoman and college student connect in church. Sexo entre Lesbianas 08/17/13
Black Like Me In Ottawa (3.39)Haitian guy meets dominant white transsexual in Ottawa. Transexuales & Travesti 05/21/14
Black Love: 15 Part Series
Black Love : Anal Edition (3.11)Black couple tries strapon and anal sex. Anal 11/19/09
Black Love Chronicles (2.56)When a Black man loves a Black woman. No Erótico 10/04/09
Black Love Exists in Canada (1.00)Haitian American male's search for love in Ottawa. No Erótico 09/13/10
Black Love in Canada (1.75)The lives and loves of a Black power couple in Canada. Anal 07/03/10
Black Love in Ethiopia (3.11)Haitian dominatrix strapons Ethiopian man in Calgary. BDSM 02/16/13
Black Love In Modern America (2.69)Can a kinky woman love a smart bisexual man? Sexo en Grupo 11/24/15
Black Love In Somalia (1.85)Somali woman with strapon seduces shy Somali guy. Fetiche 02/08/13
Black Love in Today's World (1.00)Black man from Boston meets Black female from Toronto. No Erótico 10/29/10
Black Love Is Epic (2.18)Man finds the right woman during a murder trial. Parejas Eróticas 11/01/12
Black Love Never Dies (2.75)Black man and Black woman reunite after 30 years apart. Parejas Eróticas 05/12/12
Black Love Shines Eternal (1.00)Despairing Black man regains faith in Black women. No Erótico 04/17/11
Black Love Shines Eternally (3.07)Biracial man discovers Black women in Detroit. Parejas Eróticas 05/28/11
Black Love: Strapon Edition (2.23)Black college couple explores strapon fetish. Anal 11/16/09
Black Love: Transsexual Edition (3.49)Bisexual Black man falls for sexy transsexual. Transexuales & Travesti 11/07/09
Black Love: Virgin Edition (2.93)Black college woman seduces Black male virgin. Parejas Eróticas 11/17/09
Black Lover For Arab Wife (1.96)Yemeni woman seduces Haitian student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 09/16/12
Black Lovers are Better (3.65)Black men meet Southern BBWs. Sexo en Grupo 12/14/06
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Black Male Bisexuality (2.24)Handsome bisexual Black guy meets horny White couple. Sexo en Grupo 12/23/18
Black Male Dominant (3.73)Black man dominates kinky college couple. BDSM 07/28/07
Black Male Genius: 2 Part Series
Black Male Genius (1.64)Black Male Genius rules the Planet. No Erótico 02/15/09
Black Male Genius in Ottawa (1.20)The life and times of a Black intellectual in Ottawa. No Erótico 11/20/15
Black Male Strapon Cuckold Story (3.07)White couple dominates black man. Sexo en Grupo 08/16/08
Black Male Superiority (2.15)Black men rule the world. Get used to it! Sexo en Grupo 02/22/09
Black Man & Black Woman's Paradise (1.40)How black man and black women can achieve greatness. No Erótico 10/28/08
Black Man and Arab Goddess (2.29)African-American falls for Lebanese Christian tomboy. Amor Interracial 12/24/11
Black Man and Arab Queen (3.48)Lebanese woman seduces Black male virgin in London. Primera Vez 03/17/12
Black Man and Irish Woman (3.31)Irishwoman meets a seductive black athlete. Amor Interracial 11/06/06
Black Man Becomes A Sissy Maid (3.43)Couple turns macho black man into sissy maid. Transexuales & Travesti 10/17/11
Black Man Becomes Immortal (2.27)The life and times of a 2000-year-old Black man. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/16/09
Black Man Defeats White Racism (1.84)Strong Black man fights racism in America. No Erótico 04/26/09
Black Man Discovers New Pleasure (3.69)Macho stud discovers BBWs and Transsexuals. Transexuales & Travesti 08/05/06
Black Man Discovers White Dick (3.62)Bisexual Haitian hooks up with Calgary redneck. Hombre Homosexual 01/29/11
Black Man Dominates Black Woman (2.44)Black men dominate Black women. Anal 07/22/09
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Black Man Dominates White Couple (3.72)A strong black man invades their bedroom in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 01/17/13
Black Man Having Fun (3.60)Sexy black woman meets fine Ebony stud. Parejas Eróticas 01/14/07
Black Man Marries A White Lady: 2 Part Series
Black Man Marries A White Lady (3.17)Haitian scholar marries a kinky Quebec woman. Amor Interracial 08/17/15
Black Man Marries A White Lady Ch. 02 (2.91)Haitian scholar tries pregnant Quebecer wife's toys. Amor Interracial 08/26/15
Black Man Marries Arab Woman: 7 Part Series
Black Man Marries Arab Woman (2.78)Black man and Saudi Arabian lady fall in love in Canada. Amor Interracial 11/09/11
Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 02 (3.23)Black man and Arab woman at Carleton University. Amor Interracial 11/09/11
Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 03 (2.81)Black man and Arab woman get married at last. Amor Interracial 11/10/11
Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 04 (3.30)Arab woman converts to Christianity for Black husband. Amor Interracial 11/11/11
Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 05 (2.78)Black man and Arab woman enjoying Christian wedded life. No Erótico 11/15/11
Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 06 (3.27)Saudi female Christian and Black husband at home. Amor Interracial 11/16/11
Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 07 (2.17)Haitian-American stud and Lebanese lady connect in St Lucia. Amor Interracial 07/25/13
Black Man Power (1.00)Keep your pimp hand strong, or else! Parejas Eróticas 09/19/06
Black Man Rejects White Women (1.00)Black man realizes he can only love Black women. No Erótico 10/02/10
Black Man Rules The World (1.62)Black Intellectual rules the world. No Erótico 01/26/09
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Black Man Takes It Up The Ass (3.08)Stud explores new eroticism with big woman. Fetiche 04/28/07
Black Man Worships Black Goddess (3.00)Black man experiences face sitting, strapons and kink. BDSM 09/15/10
Black Man Worships White Goddess: 2 Part Series
Black Man Worships White Goddess (3.04)Rejected by black women, black intellectual does white bbw. Amor Interracial 09/23/10
Black Man Worships White Goddess 2 (3.62)Black man discovers White strapon MILF in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/12/11
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Black Man's Forced Bi Cuckold Fun (3.09)Black mistress watches black guy suck white dick. Sexo en Grupo 11/14/12
Black Man's Guide to Happiness (2.38)A black man discovers the ultimate formula. No Erótico 10/18/08
Black Man's Guide To Power (1.44)A young black man rises to power in the world. No Erótico 05/05/09
Black Man's Paradise: 5 Part Series
Black Man's Paradise (3.73)Two young Black men find love in college. Hombre Homosexual 09/19/06
Black Man's Paradise 02 (3.72)Irishwoman meets black man in Atlanta. Amor Interracial 10/13/06
Black Man's Paradise: ATL (3.33)Bisexual man finds love with black woman in Atlanta. Parejas Eróticas 01/31/08
Black Man's Paradise: Forever (3.24)College football player thinks about life and love. Hombre Homosexual 10/11/07
Black Man's Paradise: Now (3.51)Sexy black men meet lovely white ladies. Sexo en Grupo 07/11/07
Black Man's Revenge (2.96)A story of racial bias, struggle & revenge. Anal 12/17/04
Black Man's Sexy Girlfriend (3.15)He leaves girlfriend for white male lover. Hombre Homosexual 09/27/07
Black Man's Slave Fantasy (3.44)White woman strap-ons black man out of love. Amor Interracial 01/03/09
Black Man's Slave Fetish (3.68)White mistress strap-ons submissive black man. Amor Interracial 01/03/09
Black Masculinity (2.42)Author explains why he feels black men are physically perfect. Sexo en Grupo 07/22/06
Black Master for Arab BBW (1.63)Black man from Alabama dates Arab Canadian BBW. Amor Interracial 10/23/18
Black Master for Arab Woman (2.79)African American stud dominates feisty Saudi student. Amor Interracial 07/26/18
Black Master for Black Muslim Gal (2.23)Haitian man dominates a Ghanaian Muslim woman. Parejas Eróticas 10/14/18
Black Master for Ghanaian BBW (2.08)African American stud bangs sexy Ghanaian BBW. Parejas Eróticas 10/31/18
Black Masters into Black Femdom (1.86)Miss Mabel challenges macho man Trevor Johnson. Parejas Eróticas 10/13/18
Black Men & Black Women United (2.58)How black men and black women can unite. No Erótico 11/07/08
Black Men : Kings of The World (3.10)White BBW worships sexy black men. Sexo en Grupo 09/09/08
Black Men and Arab Ladies (2.62)Haitian-American man falls for Yemeni woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/20/12
Black Men and White Men (3.60)Black man and white man become close friends. Hombre Homosexual 10/22/11
Black Men are Better Lovers (3.11)An encounter with a sexy Black man. Amor Interracial 02/18/07
Black Men: 19 Part Series
Black Men are Gods (2.48)Young Black man seduces sexy Black MILF. No Erótico 10/02/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 02 (2.72)Black woman seduces young Black man. Anal 10/08/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 03 (3.32)Bisexual Black couples having a swinger party. Sexo en Grupo 10/10/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 04 (2.50)Black women seduce black men with strapons. Fetiche 10/11/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 05 (2.44)Bisexual black woman seduces bisexual black man. Sexo en Grupo 10/17/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 06 (2.20)White BBW dominates sexy Black couple. Sexo en Grupo 10/18/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 07 (2.00)Black man discovers his super powers. No Humano 10/20/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 08 (1.44)Bisexual Haitian writer journeys to Canada. No Erótico 10/23/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 09 (1.00)Bisexual Haitian remembers his time in Brockton. No Erótico 10/24/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 10 (1.76)Black man seduces sexy Black BBW. Anal 10/25/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 11 (1.11)Black man discusses the Black Love. No Erótico 10/26/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 12 (1.74)Haitian man seduces sexy Black MILF. Anal 10/27/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 13 (1.47)Bisexual Haitian seduces Black stud and Black MILF. Sexo en Grupo 10/29/09
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Black Men are Gods Ch. 18 (1.71)Asian woman seduces Haitian BBW. Sexo en Grupo 11/02/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 19 (1.65)Black couple meets dominant White BBW. Sexo en Grupo 11/03/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 20 (1.00)Black college woman seduces Black college Swimmer. No Erótico 11/04/09
Black Men are Gods: 19 Part Series
Black Men are Gods (2.48)Young Black man seduces sexy Black MILF. No Erótico 10/02/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 02 (2.72)Black woman seduces young Black man. Anal 10/08/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 03 (3.32)Bisexual Black couples having a swinger party. Sexo en Grupo 10/10/09
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Black Men are Gods Ch. 07 (2.00)Black man discovers his super powers. No Humano 10/20/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 08 (1.44)Bisexual Haitian writer journeys to Canada. No Erótico 10/23/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 09 (1.00)Bisexual Haitian remembers his time in Brockton. No Erótico 10/24/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 10 (1.76)Black man seduces sexy Black BBW. Anal 10/25/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 11 (1.11)Black man discusses the Black Love. No Erótico 10/26/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 12 (1.74)Haitian man seduces sexy Black MILF. Anal 10/27/09
Black Men are Gods Ch. 13 (1.47)Bisexual Haitian seduces Black stud and Black MILF. Sexo en Grupo 10/29/09
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Black Men are Gods Ch. 20 (1.00)Black college woman seduces Black college Swimmer. No Erótico 11/04/09
Black Men are Perfect (1.06)A young Black man looks at the world. No Erótico 11/07/09
Black Men Crave White Cock (3.72)Bisexual Haitian student tries white male. Hombre Homosexual 09/04/10
Black Men Dominate The World (1.74)The natural superiority of black men. Sexo en Grupo 11/25/08
Black Men Dominate White Women (3.39)White BBW submits to macho black man. BDSM 09/10/08
Black Men Like Dildos Too (3.52)She introduces black lover to a strap on. Amor Interracial 05/14/06
Black Men Love Black Women (1.60)Why black men love black women. No Erótico 07/21/09
Black Men Love Strap Ons Too (3.71)He has an encounter with lusty females. Sexo en Grupo 02/22/07
Black Men Need Strap-on Love Too (3.12)Big Black Woman satisfies black man's needs. Anal 09/23/08
Black Men Rule The World (3.62)BBWs give it up to the Ebony stud. Sexo en Grupo 02/14/07
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Black Men Spank Black Women (2.68)Older black man spanks sexy ebony coed. BDSM 12/06/12
Black Men Who Don't Date Black Women (2.00)An explanation of the phenomenon. No Erótico 10/17/08
Black Men Who Love Black Men (3.57)Two sexy black men find each other. Hombre Homosexual 11/06/06
Black Men's College Days (1.00)A black man's journey in collegiate America. No Erótico 02/05/08
Black Men/Lebanese Women (2.90)African American businessman and Lebanese girl. Amor Interracial 04/17/12
Black Men/White Women: 5 Part Series
Black Men/White Women: Generations (3.00)Canadian woman's 25-year marriage to Haitian man. Amor Interracial 02/12/12
Black Men/White Women: In Canada (1.89)Mature white lady strapons Haitian student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/05/12
Black Men/White Women: In Ontario (3.00)Carleton man falls for Ottawa University woman. Amor Interracial 02/12/12
Black Men/White Women: In Ottawa (2.20)African-American man meets White lady in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/10/12
Black Men/White Women: Montreal (2.00)Montreal woman seduces Boston man. Amor Interracial 02/14/12
Black Men: Kings of the World (3.32)Sexy black man outsmarts sadistic white MILF. Anal 11/20/07
Black MILF Femdom For Black Guys (3.00)Mature black woman dominates young black guy. Fetiche 10/03/15
Black Millionaire Chronicles (x.xx)Somali reporter interviews rich African American man. Parejas Eróticas 04/21/18
Black Mistress 4 Black Male Sissy (2.94)Black Dominatrix strapons Black Male Sissy! Fetiche 12/18/11
Black Mistress Drills White Slave (3.36)African-American mistress tames white Canadian male. Amor Interracial 11/14/12
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Black Mistress for Black Men (3.20)Black dominatrix tames two strong black men. Sexo en Grupo 05/02/17
Black Mistress Versus White Wife (2.90)A wealthy Black man must decide between them. Parejas Eróticas 10/24/11
Black Mistresses For Black Sissy (2.38)Black dominatrix turns macho brother into a sissy. Fetiche 06/26/14
Black Muslim BDSM Master (x.xx)Ethiopian Muslim Master tames Black American gal. BDSM 09/16/17
Black Muslim Chick Gets Freaky (2.67)Somali chick hooks up with two bisexual guys. Sexo en Grupo 01/30/14
Black Muslim Cuckold Couple (2.83)Ethiopian wife, bisexual Somali hubby and white bull. Sexo en Grupo 07/26/13
Black Muslim Cuckolding Night (3.00)African-American Mistress tames Somalis and Ghanaians. Sexo en Grupo 01/21/17
Black Muslim Cuckolding Party (2.80)Somali mistress, white bull, and Somali bisexual cuckold. Sexo en Grupo 07/26/13
Black Muslim Cuckoldress: 3 Part Series
Black Muslim Cuckoldress 01 (3.14)Somali Muslim gal cuckolds boyfriend with male friend. Sexo en Grupo 05/13/15
Black Muslim Cuckoldress 02 (1.40)Somali chick is rescued from racists by Haitian guy. Romances 05/14/15
Black Muslim Cuckoldress 03 (3.33)Somali Muslim woman has sex with Haitian hero. Parejas Eróticas 05/15/15
Black Muslim Cuckolds Do Exist (2.44)Mauritanian dominatrix cuckolds a black Muslim man. Amor Interracial 02/23/17
Black Muslim Cuckolds Exist! (2.67)Somali wife cuckolds hubby with Asian in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/27/15
Black Muslim Femdom Club (3.17)Muslim man rides dominant black woman's strapon. BDSM 02/24/14
Black Muslim Femdom Queen (2.14)Black Muslim dominatrix connects with a Black stud. BDSM 02/10/17
Black Muslim Femdom Tales (2.30)Somali dominatrix meets a black American man. BDSM 02/05/17
Black Muslim Gentleman Scholar (2.64)Black psychiatrist tames naughty black female student. Parejas Eróticas 11/15/16
Black Muslim Lesbian in Love (2.61)Khadija and Tina connect years after university. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/22/13
Black Muslim Lesbian Love Story (3.55)Biracial tomboy seduced by Arab lesbian in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/18/16
Black Muslim Lesbian Nation (2.94)Somali Muslim lesbian dates a mixed gal in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 02/14/17
Black Muslim Love Story (3.21)How Ali Mustapha met his wife Farina in Ottawa. Primera Vez 04/20/14
Black Muslim Men Love Strapons Too (1.44)White female atheist strapons Nigerian Muslim in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/29/13
Black Muslim Orgy in Boston (3.35)Two African Muslim couples get their freak on. Sexo en Grupo 02/02/16
Black Muslim Swingers Association (3.44)Black Muslim hubby sucks dick while wife watches. Sexo en Grupo 02/14/13
Black Muslim Women Try White Dick (2.49)A Somali MILF seduces a white Christian gentleman. Amor Interracial 11/20/12
Black Muslims are Dominant (3.01)Black Muslim stud dominates older White Feminist. Amor Interracial 06/15/10
Black Nova Scotian Lesbians (3.00)Jasslyn Colley introduces Amanda to rough dyke sex. Amor Interracial 11/13/18
Black On Black BDSM: 7 Part Series
Black On Black BDSM (2.60)Black man tames Black female bodybuilder. Fetiche 12/12/11
Black on Black BDSM Rules (2.88)Macho black man tames Black dominatrix. BDSM 12/14/11
Black on Black BDSM Sensuality (2.08)Black woman lovingly dominated by Black Master. BDSM 12/16/11
Black on Black BDSM Switching (2.33)Black Mistress tamed by dominant Black Master. BDSM 12/16/11
Black On Black BDSM: Dating (2.57)Black man's guide to dating sistas with strapons. Fetiche 09/05/12
Black on Black BDSM: Mixed (2.80)Black Master dominates biracial female submissive. Fetiche 09/04/12
Black on Black BDSM: Spanking (2.07)Black mistress strapons black Canadian in Boston. Parejas Eróticas 12/19/11
Black on Black Cuckolding: 4 Part Series
Black on Black Cuckolding (3.28)Somali wife cuckolds husband with Jamaican bull. Sexo en Grupo 02/28/14
Black On Black Cuckolding : Hell (3.69)Black housewife cuckolds husband with biracial Bull. Sexo en Grupo 03/24/14
Black on Black Cuckolding is Nice (2.37)Haitian wife cuckolds husband with Somali Bull. Sexo en Grupo 03/02/14
Black on Black Cuckolding Rocks (3.52)Somali wife cuckolds hubby with Jamaican tranny. Transexuales & Travesti 03/01/14
Black On Black Pegging: 64 Part Series
Black on Black Pegging (3.58)What happens when black women strapon black men? Fetiche 04/22/11
Black On Black Pegging 4 Couples (2.70)Conservative black man tries a sexy sista's strapon. Fetiche 12/07/11
Black On Black Pegging 4 Lovebirds (1.95)Arrogant black businessman meets kinky black nurse! Fetiche 12/07/11
Black on Black Pegging : Love & War (2.00)Nigerian woman strapons Haitian man in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 01/27/12
Black on Black Pegging : New Year! (2.59)Black mistress shows black man who's the boss. Fetiche 01/13/13
Black On Black Pegging : Novelty (2.07)Nigerian woman strapons biracial guy in Ottawa. Fetiche 11/25/11
Black on Black Pegging : Surprise! (3.06)Black man confesses strapon fetish to Black girlfriend. Parejas Eróticas 06/09/11
Black on Black Pegging : Toronto (3.11)Jamaican BBW strapons mixed guy in Toronto. Parejas Eróticas 03/28/13
Black on Black Pegging : Ummah (2.29)Somali dominatrix and black male slave in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 04/04/13
Black on Black Pegging : Wedding (2.79)Black woman with strapon marries shy black guy. Fetiche 05/07/11
Black On Black Pegging Group (2.94)Jamaican gal and Haitian gal strapon Black husbands. Sexo en Grupo 10/20/11
Black on Black Pegging in Canada (3.00)Haitian dominatrix strapons mixed Canadian man. Fetiche 10/17/11
Black On Black Pegging Is Addictive (2.94)Somali man seeks bossy Black woman with strapon. Fetiche 05/01/11
Black On Black Pegging Is Amazing (2.26)Mature black woman strapons macho black hubby. Fetiche 05/05/11
Black on Black Pegging is Cool (1.88)Somali dominatrix introduces Black virgin to strapon. Fetiche 03/12/13
Black on Black Pegging is Cruel! (1.62)Angry black woman strapons lazy black rapper. Fetiche 07/01/11
Black On Black Pegging Is Great (3.19)Black woman strapons her shy black husband. Parejas Eróticas 05/02/11
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Black on Black Pegging is Okay (2.43)Black female escort strapons black student in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 05/29/12
Black On Black Pegging Is The Biz! (2.71)Biracial woman seduces Black guy with strapon. Fetiche 12/04/11
Black On Black Pegging Rocks (2.11)Black man discovers strap-ons with Black BBW girlfriend. Parejas Eróticas 04/23/11
Black On Black Pegging Rules! (3.16)Mature Black dominatrix strapons younger Black men. Sexo en Grupo 05/05/11
Black on Black Pegging Works (3.32)Short black chick strapons big black boyfriend. Parejas Eróticas 05/14/11
Black On Black Pegging: Amen! (3.50)Haitian dude meets black dominatrix in grocery store. Parejas Eróticas 09/07/13
Black On Black Pegging: Black Love (2.80)Bossy black woman strapons wannabe rapper. Parejas Eróticas 06/30/11
Black On Black Pegging: Blackmail (3.15)Black woman with strapon blackmails church guy. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/04/12
Black On Black Pegging: Caribbean (1.60)Jamaican dominatrix strapons Haitian man in Ottawa. Fetiche 11/22/11
Black On Black Pegging: Carleton U (2.79)Black woman strapons black man at Carleton University. BDSM 03/03/12
Black On Black Pegging: Connection (1.57)Black Canadian woman strapons Black British guy. Fetiche 11/29/11
Black On Black Pegging: Fisting (3.46)Biracial woman strapons and fists Black man. Fetiche 07/30/12
Black On Black Pegging: Football (2.40)Black cheerleader strapons black quarterback in Canada. Fetiche 12/01/11
Black On Black Pegging: Foursome (2.62)Two Haitian women strapon two Haitian men in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 05/06/12
Black On Black Pegging: Haiti (2.38)Haitian dominatrix strapons weak Diaspora guy. Fetiche 04/26/12
Black On Black Pegging: Hijabi (2.57)Haitian guy gets dominated by Somali dominatrix. Fetiche 09/25/12
Black On Black Pegging: Hot Date! (3.00)Black man meets Black dominatrix on the web. BDSM 12/05/11
Black On Black Pegging: Hump Day (3.00)Black woman with strapon surprises boyfriend at home. Fetiche 04/08/13
Black on Black Pegging: Immigrant (1.50)Haitian immigrant lady strapons black Canadian man. Parejas Eróticas 03/04/12
Black On Black Pegging: It's Hot! (2.44)Skinny black chick strapons big macho Black man. Fetiche 10/10/11
Black On Black Pegging: Lady Cop (3.35)Black policewoman strapons wannabe thug. Fetiche 10/17/11
Black on Black Pegging: Lovers (1.70)Black goddess with strapon meets Black nerd. Parejas Eróticas 11/26/11
Black on Black Pegging: Married (2.17)Haitian woman strapons black man in Ontario. Fetiche 05/05/12
Black on Black Pegging: Maryland (3.57)African-American dominatrix strapons Black Canadian. Fetiche 05/12/12
Black On Black Pegging: Mean Girl (1.71)Mean black woman strapons reluctant black man. Parejas Eróticas 02/04/12
Black on Black Pegging: Muslim (2.95)Religious black woman strapons sexist husband. Fetiche 03/05/12
Black on Black Pegging: Nigeria (2.08)Nigerian Muslim woman strapons Haitian Christian man. Fetiche 06/14/12
Black On Black Pegging: Rebirth (2.00)Black woman with strapon seduces bisexual black guy. Fetiche 11/21/11
Black On Black Pegging: Redemption (2.43)Haitian lady introduces Black boyfriend to her strapon. Fetiche 11/21/11
Black On Black Pegging: Religion (2.00)Black Muslim woman strapons Nigerian guy. Fetiche 11/27/11
Black on Black Pegging: School (2.60)Black college woman strapons law school friend. Fetiche 05/09/12
Black on Black Pegging: Schooled! (2.50)Black male student rides ebony mistress strap for cash. Fetiche 10/22/12
Black On Black Pegging: Scotia (2.08)Nova Scotia woman strapons Black Bostonian. Fetiche 04/26/12
Black on Black Pegging: Sexism (1.67)Black woman strapons sexist black man. Fetiche 07/13/12
Black on Black Pegging: Shrinks (2.62)Black dominatrix strapons psychiatrist in his own office. Fetiche 05/11/14
Black on Black Pegging: Somaliland (2.25)Haitian dominatrix strapons arrogant Somali in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 06/30/12
Black On Black Pegging: Somalis (2.38)Somali woman strapons Black man in Ottawa. Fetiche 11/22/11
Black on Black Pegging: Strapped (1.64)Haitian-American woman strapons Somali guy. Fetiche 11/26/11
Black on Black Pegging: Therapy! (2.75)Black psychiatrist cures man's anger with strap-on sex. BDSM 11/11/13
Black on Black Pegging: Threesome (3.00)Black wife strapons two sexy Black men. Sexo en Grupo 10/28/11
Black On Black Pegging: True Love (3.64)Black woman lovingly strapons repressed black man. Fetiche 05/12/11
Black On Black Pegging: Try It! (2.22)African-American lady lawyer strapons Senegal man. Fetiche 10/17/11
Black On Black Pegging: Twerking (2.79)Black man twerks while riding black lady's strapon. Fetiche 04/17/13
Black On Black Pegging: Unity (1.50)Black woman strapons men of all races but loves black. Sexo en Grupo 10/20/11
Black On Black Pegging: Vanier (2.86)Black woman punishes black man who owes her money. Fetiche 05/07/12
Black On Black Pegging: Work (3.00)Black businesswoman strapons shy male colleague. Fetiche 05/08/12
Black Orgy Party Time! (3.66)Bisexual black men meet Transsexuals & BBWs. Transexuales & Travesti 11/08/08
Black Paradise On Earth (2.78)A young black woman's take on the community. No Erótico 10/04/08
Black People: 9 Part Series
Black People Fuck The Police! (3.03)Black couple shows police officers a good time. Sexo en Grupo 09/16/08
Black People in Love (3.62)When a black man & woman love each other. Parejas Eróticas 11/09/06
Black People Rule The Cosmos (1.65)Black man uses time machine to change history. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/29/09
Black People Rule The Galaxy (1.64)African-American superhero saves the galaxy. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/22/09
Black People Rule The World (2.60)Black people rule the world. Sexo en Grupo 03/03/09
Black People Rule This Planet (2.50)A black person's musings on the world. No Erótico 06/28/09
Black People Submissive Side (2.92)Black men and black women experiment with BDSM. BDSM 12/24/08
Black People Take Over The World (2.80)Time-traveling black hero changes the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/13/09
Black People: A Superior Breed (1.69)A black man's view of the universe. No Erótico 04/03/09
Black Porn Kings: 4 Part Series
Black Porn Kings Ch. 01 (2.64)Black Porn King tries Black BBW's Strapon. Celebridades 02/26/10
Black Porn Kings Ch. 02 (2.00)Black actor finds happiness with Black BBW. Celebridades 02/27/10
Black Porn Kings Ch. 03 (2.74)the Impaler, is a macho man. Celebridades 02/28/10
Black Porn Kings Ch. 04 (2.12)Black porn star submits to white mistress strapon. Celebridades 03/01/10
Black Porn Stars Today (2.94)The world of Black Erotica comes to life. Celebridades 11/03/09
Black Power Couples: 2 Part Series
Black Power Couples (2.45)The life and times of a Black Power Couple. Parejas Eróticas 04/07/09
Black Power Couples in America (2.20)Black man meets strong Black woman. Anal 05/27/09
Black Power Exchange: 2 Part Series
Black Power Exchange (3.44)White couple seduces submissive Black woman. Sexo en Grupo 05/31/10
Black Power Exchange Ch. 02 (2.71)White couple seduces sexy Black man. Sexo en Grupo 06/01/10
Black Power is Forever (2.23)Black woman wrestler falls for black football stud. Parejas Eróticas 03/14/09
Black Power Upgrade (2.92)African man with super powers wanders Toronto. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/06/13
Black Prince and Arab Goddess (1.86)African-American falls for Arab woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/16/12
Black Prince In Saudi Arabia (2.44)Black man meets Saudi Arabian temptress. Amor Interracial 06/03/14
Black Prince Of The City (2.44)Black policeman becomes Prince of the City. Sexo en Grupo 08/02/09
Black Princesses in Ottawa (2.40)Black man meets sexy Black Princesses in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 08/20/10
Black Psychiatry for Beginners (2.94)Black psychiatrist treats black female patient. Anal 01/15/16
Black Pussy is Addictive (3.38)He finds Black sex to be the best. Parejas Eróticas 03/10/09
Black Royalty in the Zulu Empire (2.55)Zulu prince finds his magnificent bride at last. Romances 12/02/11
Black Royalty of the Zulu Empire (2.19)African prince and his queen enjoy marital bliss. Parejas Eróticas 12/19/11
Black Sexual Politics (1.33)Brockton political buffs have fun tonight. Sexo en Grupo 11/08/08
Black Sissy For Black Dominatrix (3.48)Black dominatrix cuckolds black sissy with black bull. Sexo en Grupo 04/21/14
Black Sissy for White Couple (3.15)White man fucks black sissy guy while wife watches. Fetiche 08/27/11
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Black Slave Done With Strapon (2.32)Latin BBW fucks black man with strapon. BDSM 12/29/08
Black Slave Woman: 10 Part Series
Black Slave Woman Ch. 01 (3.73)Black woman has fun with sexy white boyfriend. Amor Interracial 03/04/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 02 (3.61)Black woman has fun with sexy white couple. Sexo en Grupo 03/05/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 03 (3.69)Black woman entertains white boyfriend. BDSM 03/05/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 04 (3.66)White dominatrix dominates black couple. BDSM 03/10/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 05 (3.67)White dominatrix rules her servants. BDSM 03/11/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 06 (3.55)White dominatrix has fun with black servant girl. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/12/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 07 (3.41)Jewish woman dominates sexy black socialite. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/13/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 08 (3.36)Interracial couple experiments with role play. Amor Interracial 03/16/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 09 (3.35)Black woman has fun with uncircumcised Jew cop. Amor Interracial 03/16/09
Black Slave Woman Ch. 10 (3.71)White dominatrix dominates submissive black couple. BDSM 03/17/09
Black Slavery On The Plantation (3.36)White mistress and husband dominate black servants. BDSM 01/18/09
Black Slaves on the Plantation (3.55)White mistress dominates black men and black women. BDSM 12/25/08
Black Soldier Defeats Nazi Woman (3.17)Older Black man retells World War II story. Amor Interracial 03/16/09
Black Spring Break: 2 Part Series
Black Spring Break (2.71)The adventures of four black college students. No Erótico 07/31/08
Black Spring Break 2009 (2.83)Black college men and black college women's trip. Sexo en Grupo 03/01/09
Black State Troopers (3.34)Black cop recalls his days at the academy. Hombre Homosexual 06/07/06
Black Strap-on Sex Party (3.16)Brace yourselves for the kinky and unexpected. Sexo en Grupo 04/03/07
Black Strapon Addicts Rule! (2.31)Black couples are addicted to strap-on sex. Anal 08/08/08
Black Strapon Goddess (1.86)Black woman strapons eager Black man in Ottawa. BDSM 07/27/10
Black Strapon Mistress (3.30)Black mistress strapons black man. BDSM 07/29/10
Black Stud In My Farm (3.72)He meets a sexy older white woman. Amor Interracial 01/23/06
Black Studs Crave Strapons Too (2.33)Sexy black men hook up with lusty BBWs. Sexo en Grupo 11/04/07
Black Studs Love Strap-ons, Too (3.65)Women show Black man a good time with dildos. Fetiche 04/28/07
Black Studs Prefer Strapons (3.72)White BBW satisfies black man's curiosity. Sexo en Grupo 11/03/07
Black Submission Dungeon (2.74)Black men and black women submit in dungeon. BDSM 12/12/08
Black Submission Experience (3.60)Blonde BBW strap-ons black college sportsman. BDSM 12/12/08
Black Super Cock (2.58)Black men rule this universe. Anal 12/04/06
Black Super Couple Rules World (1.56)Black superhero couple rules the world. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/28/09
Black Superwoman in Canada (1.25)Mutant woman fights prejudice in futuristic Montreal. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/15/13
Black Superwoman with Strapon (2.64)Black dominatrix introduces black hubby to BDSM. Sexo en Grupo 08/13/10
Black Superwoman's Planet (1.65)The natural superiority of Black Women. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/17/09
Black Swingers In Somalia (3.09)Somali wife and Nigerian hubby fuck Jewish gal. Amor Interracial 09/14/15
Black Threesome For Beginners (2.36)Haitian guy and Ethiopian buddy bang Jamaican hottie. Sexo en Grupo 07/22/13
Black Transsexual Gangster (3.46)Transsexual gangster dominates interracial couple. Transexuales & Travesti 04/14/12
Black Transsexual Nation (3.68)Black transsexuals and the men who love them. Transexuales & Travesti 03/22/08
Black Transsexual Power: 4 Part Series
Black Transsexual Power (3.35)Bisexual black guy falls in love with Black BBW tranny. Transexuales & Travesti 03/06/11
Black Transsexual Power Deux (3.71)Black BBW Transsexual tops macho Black male. Transexuales & Travesti 03/06/11
Black Transsexual Power Games (3.32)Black transsexual fucks a macho Haitian top. Transexuales & Travesti 03/06/11
Black Transsexual Power Play (2.75)Haitian guy falls for mixed-race transsexual in Canada. Transexuales & Travesti 03/06/11
Black Transsexual Submission (3.73)Black couple submits to dominant transsexual. Transexuales & Travesti 12/14/08
Black Transsexuals: 3 Part Series
Black Transsexuals (3.72)Off-duty black policeman meets sexy lady. Transexuales & Travesti 04/05/07
Black Transsexuals Rock (3.36)Bisexual Haitian man meets strangely sexy black chick. Transexuales & Travesti 05/14/10
Black Transsexuals Rock Ch. 02 (3.43)Gorgeous transsexual seduces 'straight' black man. Transexuales & Travesti 05/15/10
Black Transsexuals Rock: 2 Part Series
Black Transsexuals Rock (3.36)Bisexual Haitian man meets strangely sexy black chick. Transexuales & Travesti 05/14/10
Black Transsexuals Rock Ch. 02 (3.43)Gorgeous transsexual seduces 'straight' black man. Transexuales & Travesti 05/15/10
Black Vampire: 12 Part Series
Black Vampire Empire (3.38)Black Vampire Prince falls for Black policewoman. No Humano 08/26/10
Black Vampire Archives (3.33)Black Vampire King details his rise and fall. No Humano 11/18/10
Black Vampire Genesis (3.17)Explanation of the Origin of Vampires in Africa. No Humano 09/09/11
Black Vampire Goddess (3.50)Black Vampire Goddess meets Werewolf Prince. No Humano 03/06/11
Black Vampire In Ottawa (2.50)A black vampire roams Ottawa, Ontario. No Humano 01/08/12
Black Vampire in Texas (2.70)Haitian vampire dates white woman in 1960s Texas. No Humano 04/18/14
Black Vampire King (2.39)The life and times of the first Black Vampire King. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/10/09
Black Vampire Lord (2.64)Black man becomes Lord of the Undead. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/13/06
Black Vampire Prince (3.13)Black man becomes Prince of the Undead. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/13/06
Black Vampire Universe (3.38)The life and times of a black vampire. No Humano 09/11/08
Black Vampire Utopia (2.57)Black vampire discovers mythical vampire utopia. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/21/08
Black Vampire: It's My Life (3.08)The life of an ordinary black male vampire. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/11/11
Black Vampire Emperor (x.xx)Black cop becomes a Vampire in futuristic Boston. No Humano 10/27/17
Black Vampire's Haven (1.00)The adventures of a black vampire couple in Boston. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/28/08
Black Vampires Rule the World (2.83)Alastair Rashkel, Black vampire. No Humano 06/27/09
Black Werewolf Association (3.57)Haitian female werewolf's life in Montreal. No Humano 07/25/13
Black Werewolf Empire (3.71)Haitian werewolf fights for survival in Canada. No Humano 08/29/10
Black Werewolf Princess Wedding (3.03)A Black Canadian Werewolf Princess wedding day. No Humano 03/09/11
Black Werewolf Saga (3.70)A werewolf falls in love with the woman who hunts him. No Humano 10/27/13
Black Werewolf Utopia (3.71)Bisexual wolfman finds his happy place. No Humano 08/30/08
Black Werewolf/Arab Princess (2.14)Haitian-American werewolf and Lebanese girl in Ottawa. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/19/12
Black Werewolves in North America (3.71)A chronicle of Black Werewolf life in the Americas. No Humano 02/18/11
Black Wife Cuckolding Black Guys (3.46)Black wives cuckolds black husbands in Ontario. Esposas afectuosas 01/08/15
Black Wife Cuckolding Black Hubby (3.07)Black wife cuckolds black hubby with Latin bull. Amor Interracial 04/13/14
Black Wife Cuckolding Black Male (3.26)Black wife cuckolds black hubby with Asian bull. Amor Interracial 04/13/14
Black Wife Cuckolds Black Hubby (3.19)Somali wife cuckolds Black husband in Minnesota. Sexo en Grupo 12/22/14
Black Wives Cuckolding Black Guys (3.69)Black wife cuckolds black hubby with white bull. Amor Interracial 04/13/14
Black Woman Dominates White Slut (3.39)Black businesswoman dominates white housewife. Sexo entre Lesbianas 05/21/09
Black Woman Loves Bisexual Man (2.58)Bisexual black couple meets on the football field. Parejas Eróticas 04/05/09
Black Woman Loves Black Man (3.42)Black couples can still find love together. Anal 12/07/07
Black Woman Owns White Slaves (3.73)Strong Black woman enslaves White couple. BDSM 04/30/09
Black Woman Sodomizes Black Man (3.30)Black BBW with strap-on dildo surprises lover. Fetiche 02/08/08
Black Woman Strapons Black Man (2.53)Big black woman dominates big black man. BDSM 02/19/09
Black Woman's Guide To Husbands (1.67)Black college woman finds love on campus. No Erótico 11/17/08
Black Woman's Slave Fantasy (3.29)Black man makes black woman's fantasy come true. BDSM 12/29/08
Black Woman's Slave Fetishes (2.62)Bisexual man dominates black BBW. BDSM 01/06/09
Black Woman's Slavery Fantasies (3.37)Black BBW wants to relive slavery. BDSM 12/30/08
Black Woman's White Female Slave (3.41)Strong black woman dominates white sluts. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/28/09
Black Women Against Feminism (2.13)All human beings are equal. Recognize! No Erótico 03/17/09
Black Women are Goddesses: 24 Part Series
Black Women are Goddesses (3.69)Black woman dominates yuppie couple. BDSM 08/22/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 02 (3.48)MILF seduces Dominant Black woman. BDSM 08/24/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 03 (3.09)Irish Mistress seduces Black Mistress. BDSM 08/25/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 04 (2.87)Black woman meets dominant Irish mistress. BDSM 08/26/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 05 (3.58)Black female student worships Black MILF Professor. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/03/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 06 (3.30)Black female professor meets Black female student. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/03/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 07 (2.85)Black college woman seduces two Black MILFs. Sexo en Grupo 09/05/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 08 (2.45)Black woman is seduced by white lady friend. Sexo en Grupo 09/06/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 09 (1.64)Black woman is seduced by Black male friend. Sexo en Grupo 09/07/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 10 (3.20)Black female professor seduces college students. Sexo en Grupo 09/07/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 11 (2.56)Black female professor falls for Black sportswoman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/13/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 12 (2.25)Black college students fall in love. Parejas Eróticas 09/14/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 13 (2.11)Black female student seduces Black mature lesbian. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/15/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 14 (2.86)Strong Black Lesbian meets Irish Mistress. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/16/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 15 (3.00)White student seduces mature Black Professor. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/17/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 16 (2.16)White BBW submits to sexy Black Mistress. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/17/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 17 (3.00)White BBW meets Black Mistresses. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/18/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 18 (3.43)White Female Nerd falls for Black Sportswoman. Amor Interracial 09/20/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 19 (1.50)Black Hockey Player falls for Black Sportswoman. Parejas Eróticas 09/21/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 20 (1.12)Black MILF seduces bisexual Black sportsman. Sexo en Grupo 09/23/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 21 (2.07)A submissive seduces her aloof dominatrix. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/24/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 22 (1.44)Haitian lesbian MILF seduces Black sportswoman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/25/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 23 (2.67)Mature Black woman dominates White chick. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/28/09
Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 24 (2.40)Black MILF surrenders to sexy young Black man. Anal 09/29/09
Black Women are Perfect (1.42)Black men worship Black women. No Erótico 11/06/09
Black Women are So Slutty (2.50)Man hooks up with kinky Black slut on campus. Anal 12/29/09
Black Women are Submissive (3.42)Mature professor dominates headstrong black female. Sexo entre Lesbianas 12/22/09
Black Women Are Superior To You (2.98)Black lesbian dominatrix trains White female slave. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/02/09
Black Women Crave White Cock (3.73)Mature Black slut craves dominant young white guys. Amor Interracial 08/29/10
Black Women Crave White Pussy (2.84)White dominatrix seduces butch Black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 09/05/10
Black Women Cuckolding Black Men (3.45)Black woman fucks white dude in front of black man. Amor Interracial 01/25/14
Black Women Do Worship Black Dicks (2.22)Black man butt-fucks Black BBW in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 03/25/11
Black Women Do Worship White Dicks (3.73)White guy butt-fucks Black BBW in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/26/11
Black Women Dominate White Women (3.62)A strong black woman dominates a white socialite. Sexo entre Lesbianas 07/14/09
Black Women Have Big Dicks Too (3.29)A black female empowerment story. BDSM 12/07/07
Black Women Love Transsexuals: 2 Part Series
Black Women Love Transsexuals (3.33)Black woman and boyfriend entertain hot tranny. Transexuales & Travesti 11/27/12
Black Women Love Transsexuals Too (3.67)Bisexual man's girlfriend tries sexy transsexual. Transexuales & Travesti 11/20/12
Black Women Need White Dick Too (3.06)Englishman butt-fucks Somalian BBW in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/17/11
Black Women Rule The World (3.26)Black lesbians put white woman in her place. BDSM 03/12/09
Black Women Still Love Black Men (2.71)Black female wrestler seduces virgin black athlete. Primera Vez 11/01/08
Black Women Strapon Black Men (3.30)Dominant Black women strapon Black men. Sexo en Grupo 10/29/10
Black Women Strapon Black Studs (2.83)Mature Black lady strapons young Black man. Anal 10/29/10
Black Women's Assholes Are Hot (3.07)Black women show curious man a good time. Sexo en Grupo 12/10/07
Black Zombies Of America (1.80)The life and times of a black zombie in USA. No Erótico 09/14/08
Blacks & Hispanics Fight Racism (1.11)Ordinary men and women fight racism in America. No Erótico 04/05/09
Blacks And Jews Orgy (3.08)Black colleagues and Jewish friends have an orgy. Sexo en Grupo 05/03/09
Blade: 2 Part Series
Blade II: Blade Loves Nyssa (3.60)Blade falls in love with Nyssa the Vampire heiress. Celebridades 05/03/15
Blade: The Return Of Karen (2.50)Blade the Vampire Hunter finds long lost love. Celebridades 08/20/15
Blasting Cum Up Big Girl Booty (3.65)Man deals with difficult women in unique way. Anal 11/01/07
Blonde Dominates Black Couple (3.58)Blonde BBW Mistress dominates black couple. BDSM 12/06/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks: 20 Part Series
Blonde Fucks Blacks (3.70)Irishwoman does black men with her strap-on. Amor Interracial 10/25/06
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 02 (3.68)She continues to fuck black men with her dildos. Fetiche 10/31/06
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 03 (3.71)Irishwoman continues to fuck black men with strap-on. Fetiche 11/01/06
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 04 (3.47)Blonde woman and friends do a black man. Sexo en Grupo 07/31/07
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 05 (3.67)Blonde woman & girlfriends do Black men with dildos. Sexo en Grupo 08/11/07
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 06 (3.29)Female doctor does black man with strapon. Anal 08/12/07
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 07 (3.15)German woman fucks a black man with strapon. Sexo en Grupo 09/09/07
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 08 (2.52)White girl does black man with her strap on dildo. Anal 10/01/07
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 09 (2.91)Sexy blonde woman meets black man for sex. Anal 10/11/07
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 10 (2.94)White female athlete seduces black football stud. Anal 10/24/07
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 11 (3.30)Sexy white woman dominates black man with dildo. Anal 04/02/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 12 (2.47)White woman dominates black woman with dildos. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/03/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 13 (3.38)Blonde BBW has fun with dominant black couple. Sexo en Grupo 04/18/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 14 (2.80)Woman schemes her way into power. Amor Interracial 08/02/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 15 (3.40)White BBW seduces black athlete with strap-on. Amor Interracial 08/03/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 16 (2.81)Mature White BBW dominates black man with strapon. Anal 08/07/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 17 (2.75)Blonde female athlete with strapon seduces black guy. Sexo en Grupo 08/10/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 18 (2.50)Blonde BBW dominates black man with strapon. Sexo en Grupo 08/11/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 19 (3.38)BBW with strapon has fun with black man. Anal 08/12/08
Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 20 (2.27)Blonde BBW with strapon falls for bisexual black man. Anal 08/13/08
Blonde Strapons Blacks: 5 Part Series
Blonde Strapons Blacks (3.00)Blonde heiress strapons black athlete. Amor Interracial 10/07/08
Blonde Strapons Blacks Ch. 02 (3.50)Blonde BBW and friend strap-on black man. Sexo en Grupo 10/07/08
Blonde Strapons Blacks Ch. 03 (3.12)BBW blonde officer strapons black prisoner. Fetiche 10/08/08
Blonde Strapons Blacks Ch. 04 (2.40)Blonde BBW strapons kinky black man. Sexo en Grupo 10/09/08
Blonde Strapons Blacks Ch. 05 (3.04)Two blonde BBWs strapon willing black male. Sexo en Grupo 10/14/08
Blondes Love Black Men (3.31)Blonde sportswoman falls for black football stud. Amor Interracial 12/16/08
Blondes On Blacks: 3 Part Series
Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Fun (2.50)Quebec woman strapons macho Black man. Amor Interracial 03/21/11
Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Hell (2.60)White woman strapons Black guy. Amor Interracial 03/24/11
Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Rage (2.63)Older White woman strapons Black guy. Amor Interracial 03/24/11
Booty Packer (2.51)BBW gives up the booty to please her man. Anal 06/01/06
Bossy Black Girls Rock! (1.00)Black Nova Scotian lady strapons African-American guy. Fetiche 10/11/12
Bossy White Girls Rock! (2.43)Blonde Afrikaner strapons African-American male. Amor Interracial 10/11/12
Boston Guys for Ottawa Girls (1.00)Franco-Iranian woman dates black American in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/02/13
Boston Man for Ottawa Woman (2.25)Ottawa dominatrix seduces black man from Boston. Amor Interracial 03/24/17
Boston Man in Baltimore (2.38)Black man from Boston ends up in Baltimore. Anal 09/26/08
Boston's Black Police Men (3.12)The life and times of Boston's black policemen. Sexo en Grupo 03/03/08
Bow Down To Black Man Power (1.67)The life and times of a Black King. Amor Interracial 03/11/09
Bow Down to the Black King (2.69)Black dominatrix meets King of the Hood. Parejas Eróticas 07/23/18
Boy Plus Boy Equals Love (3.43)Black man falls in love with another sexy black man. Hombre Homosexual 12/08/07
Boy Plus Girl Equals Love (3.68)College athletes find love together. Primera Vez 12/08/07
Boys Rule (3.71)A visit brings back a good time with Mabel. Amor Interracial 11/12/06
Brian Pumper Loves Adina Jewel (1.80)Adina Jewel goes dominatrix on Brian Pumper. Celebridades 07/27/17
Brian Pumper Loves Lethal Lipps (3.50)Brian Pumper realizes he digs Lethal Lipps bossiness. Celebridades 07/13/17
Brian Pumper Loves Vida Valentine (3.25)Vida Valentine goes dominatrix on Brian Pumper. Celebridades 08/01/17
British Feminist Becomes Muslim (1.85)Biracial Muslim man seduces British Feminist woman. Amor Interracial 05/05/12
Brockton Adventist BBW Anal Orgy (2.62)Religious Black BBWs surprise sexy Pastor. Sexo en Grupo 12/12/07
Brockton BBW Gets Anal In Library (2.76)Black man happily does Black BBW in library. Anal 09/30/08
Brockton BBW Sex In Laundromat (3.38)Ex-convict does Brockton BBW in West side laundromat. Anal 09/16/08
Brockton BBWs Love Anal Too (3.25)Bisexual stud seduces BBW in Brockton. Anal 06/16/08
Brockton BBWs Need Anal Too (3.73)Black man satisfied bbw anal fantasy in Brockton. Sexo en Grupo 07/04/08
Brockton Big Girl's Anal Orgy (2.69)Big women have anal sex orgy in Brockton. Sexo en Grupo 02/07/09
Brockton Bisexual House Party (3.68)Two couples have a house party in Brockton. Sexo en Grupo 08/14/08
Brockton Haitian Adventist MILF (3.33)Brockton Haitian Adventist MILF seduces a black nerd. Parejas Eróticas 02/09/17
Brockton Haitian Couples in Love (1.40)Haitian man falls in love with sexy Haitian woman. Anal 07/03/09
Brockton Interracial Lesbian Orgy (2.82)Three sexy women get together in Brockton. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/18/08
Brockton Man In Winnipeg (2.00)African-American student meets Aboriginal Canadian woman. Amor Interracial 08/16/15
Brockton's Big Booty Librarians (3.12)Brockton writer hooks up with black BBW at library. Anal 06/07/08
Brockton's Big Women Need A (3.00)Bisexual stud entertains BBW. Anal 07/03/08
Brockton's Favorite Bisexual Man (3.32)Black man makes a life for himself in Brockton. Anal 11/28/07
Brockton's Favorite Chickenhead (3.40)Brockton BBW Kimberly is proud of being a chickenhead. Sexo en Grupo 09/21/08
Broke Black Lesbians Inc. (2.36)Life of a broke Jamaican lesbian in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/18/18
Brother Samuel: 4 Part Series
Brother Samuel Finally Goes Gay! (3.57)Bisexual black men hooks up at sports bar. Hombre Homosexual 04/09/09
Brother Samuel vs BBW Wrestler (3.32)Bisexual black man meets big female wrestler. Anal 10/24/08
Brother Samuel: Immune to Death (1.77)The life and times of a nascent Immortal author. No Erótico 05/09/09
Brother Samuel: It's Not My Time (1.57)A brilliant young Haitian man contemplates death. No Erótico 05/07/09
Brother Samuel's Bride (1.43)Bisexual black male writer gets hitched. No Erótico 11/17/08
Brother Samuel's Epitaph (1.40)The life and times of a bisexual Haitian writer. Sexo en Grupo 04/24/09
Brother Samuel's Summer 2009 (3.10)The adventures of a young bisexual black man. Sexo en Grupo 05/19/09
Brother Samuel's Vacations (2.35)Bisexual man travels throughout America. Sexo en Grupo 05/27/09
Brother Samuel's Wife (2.43)Bisexual black writer looks for a wife. Parejas Eróticas 05/17/09
Brother Samuel's Wives & Boyfriends (2.43)Bisexual black man's lifestyle. Sexo en Grupo 05/27/09
Bultungin Meets Skin Walker (3.11)African Were-Hyena meets feisty Native policewoman. No Humano 07/14/18
Butch Black Female Submissive (3.11)White femme dominates butch Black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/25/10
Butch Black Girls: 2 Part Series
Butch Black Girls (3.39)Butch black woman discovers she likes men. Anal 05/13/10
Butch Black Girls Ch. 02 (3.18)Butch black woman dominates fellow black butch. Sexo entre Lesbianas 05/14/10
Butch Black Women: 7 Part Series
Butch Black Women (3.00)Adventures of a Butch Black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 05/10/10
Butch Black Women Ch. 02 (3.19)Butch Black women fall in love. Sexo entre Lesbianas 05/11/10
Butch Black Women Ch. 03 (2.82)Butch black woman tries sexy black man. Anal 05/12/10
Butch Black Women Ch. 04 (2.00)White chick seduces Butch black women. Sexo en Grupo 05/13/10
Butch Black Women Ch. 05 (2.67)Black stud seduces Butch black woman. Parejas Eróticas 05/14/10
Butch Black Women Ch. 06 (3.69)Butch black woman is dominated by femmes. Sexo en Grupo 05/16/10
Butch Black Women Ch. 07 (2.75)Butch black woman with strapon seduces black stud. Anal 05/21/10
Butch Lesbian Atheist Goes Muslim (1.52)Butch white lesbian atheist soldier converts to Islam. Amor Interracial 11/22/13
Butt-Fucking Big Black Women (2.96)Black man becomes addicted to anal with black BBW. Anal 08/09/08
BWC for Black Bull Masters (1.90)Biracial dominatrix cuckolds Black Bull Master. Amor Interracial 09/06/18
BWC for Black Male Sissy (2.65)Bi white Bull, blonde dominatrix feminize Black Bull. Transexuales & Travesti 09/05/18
BWC for Black Muslim Couple (3.52)Black Muslim couple tries Big White Cock. Amor Interracial 05/31/18
BWC for Interracial Couples (x.xx)Black man and white wife try Big White Cock. Amor Interracial 05/25/18
BWC for Mixed Couples (3.03)Bisexual man fucks Black male/White female couple. Amor Interracial 08/24/18
BWC for Queen of Spades (3.02)Black man, White woman & bisexual White guy. Amor Interracial 10/02/18
Bye, Felicia! (3.56)Francine helps Ghanim get over his ex, Felicia. Amor Interracial 05/18/17
C.R.A. Lady Becomes An Escort (3.64)Canadian government worker becomes a hooker. Amor Interracial 09/24/15
Call Me They (2.64)Bisexual black football star meets non-binary tomboy. Transexuales & Travesti 06/02/17
Cam & Kerry: Bay State College (x.xx)Haitian stud and Irish tomboy enjoy Friday night. Amor Interracial 12/14/17
Cape Verdean Bitches Need Anal, Too (2.68)Cape Verdean BBWs need anal, too. Anal 08/23/08
Cape Verdean Femdom Tales (1.67)Cape Verdean dominatrix tames a sexist Somali man. Parejas Eróticas 07/23/17
Capital University Romance (3.67)Canadian lady meets African-American student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/01/13
Caribbean Werewolf Romance (2.83)A pair of Caribbean werewolves prowl in Toronto. No Humano 11/21/12
Carleton University Love Birds (1.88)South African gal falls for Kenyan stud at Carleton U. Amor Interracial 08/29/18
Carole The Library MILF (2.55)French Canadian MILF seduces Haitian student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 10/14/15
Catholic Nun Converts To Islam (3.07)Black Muslim falls in love with White Catholic Nun. Amor Interracial 11/17/11
Celebrate Black Power & Erotica (2.79)Black BBW makes love to her sexy big man. Fetiche 11/11/08
Champion of Men (1.00)The unbeatable male champion. No Erótico 06/15/06
Champion of the Black Community (1.56)The life and times of a bisexual black superhero. No Erótico 07/18/09
Chechen Diva in Hollywood (1.83)Chechen Muslim actress dates Black American director. Amor Interracial 11/27/18
Chechen Girls Love Black Men Too (2.50)Chechen tomboy meets Somali man in Calgary. Amor Interracial 01/19/14
Chechen Lesbians in Ottawa (1.50)Chechen Muslim gal falls for Haitian woman. Amor Interracial 12/01/18
Chechen Muslim Amazon (2.38)Black American soldier dates Chechen female pilot. Amor Interracial 10/20/18
Chechen Muslim Dominatrix (1.00)Wealthy Black playboy meets Chechen Muslim Dominatrix. Amor Interracial 10/17/18
Chechen Muslim Dykes (1.79)Chechen Muslim lesbian seduces curvy Haitian tomboy. Amor Interracial 10/18/18
Chechen Muslim Gals Going Black (2.23)Chechen Muslim woman and Somali stud connect. Amor Interracial 10/05/18
Chechen Muslim Heroine (1.40)Chechen Muslim gal saves embattled South Sudan stud. Amor Interracial 10/19/18
Chechen Muslim MILF Going Black (2.05)Chechen Muslim widow hooks up with Haitian stud. Amor Interracial 10/16/18
Chechen Muslim Swingers (1.00)Bisexual Ethiopian stud meets Chechen Muslim couple. Amor Interracial 10/17/18
Chechen Muslim Women's Erotica (1.00)Chechen Muslim woman meets Senegalese man. Amor Interracial 10/16/18
Chinese Goddess And Black Werewolf (3.66)Chinese goddess meets Black werewolf in Canada. No Humano 10/24/11
Chinese Woman Strapons Black Man (2.87)Haitian man meets dominant Chinese woman. Amor Interracial 03/01/11
Chinese Women Strapon Black Men (3.06)Bossy Chinese women strapon willing Black men. Amor Interracial 03/06/11
Christian Femdom For Muslim Men (3.12)Biracial Christian woman strapons Somali Muslim guy. Fetiche 11/09/14
Christian Guy For Muslim Girl (2.19)Arab woman seduces Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/06/12
Christian Men and Muslim Girls (2.86)Haitian-American man and Palestinian woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/13/12
Christian Men For Muslim Chicks (2.13)Haitian-American seduces Somali lady in Ottawa. Romances 05/25/12
Christian Men For Muslim Ladies (2.56)Libyan woman sucks off Haitian in school library. Amor Interracial 05/18/12
Chronicles of a Dhampir (x.xx)A bisexual Haitian man discovers his Vampire heritage. No Humano 09/29/17
City 0f Champions (3.73)Brockton man remembers his first time. Primera Vez 02/14/07
Clayton Moors of Chicago (2.71)Macho brother from Chicago dates a Texan dominatrix. Amor Interracial 02/16/18
Clean Your Ass Before Anal Sex (2.87)A woman's guide to anal sex etiquette. Anal 09/03/07
Clown Princess of Albania (2.73)Haitian scholar dates white female clown in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/21/15
Coed Wrestling Championship (2.38)It's men versus women, all over again. Anal 08/14/06
College Days Gone Wild (3.32)Irish Catholic girl meets sexy Black hunk. Amor Interracial 09/06/06
College Notre Dame of Haiti (3.33)Haitian man has fun at major university. Sexo en Grupo 10/17/07
Coming Out Of The Closet (3.67)A bisexual Black man's journey. Sexo en Grupo 07/31/06
Confederate America's Time Travel (2.67)Female time traveler helps South win Civil War. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/12/09
Coptic Christian Women are Hot (2.80)Haitian student meets Egyptian beauty in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/15/12
Coptic Christian Women Rock! (1.50)Arab Christian woman chooses between Saudi and Haitian. Amor Interracial 09/19/12
Cree Women into Black Men (2.55)Cree tomboy meets Djibouti stud at Ryerson. Amor Interracial 05/27/17
Curse of the BBW Anal Invader (3.23)Witch turns bad guy into sex-addicted freak. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/25/07
Dark Life (3.63)Straight Marco is seduced by sexy shemale Kiara. Transexuales & Travesti 01/02/05
Dark Lord: The Rise Of Lucifer (3.69)Lucifer returns to Heaven to get some answers. No Humano 04/29/08
Dark Side of Man (3.69)Inside the mind of a sexy criminal. Horror Erótico 12/06/06
Dark Side of The Force (3.54)A good man is driven to the dark side. Parejas Eróticas 07/05/06
Dark Side Of The Persian Queen (3.00)Haitian student discovers Persian lady's dark side. Amor Interracial 10/18/15
Dark Urges (3.71)Wife discovers husband's dark side. Parejas Eróticas 11/05/06
Darker Passions (2.67)Anal sex, strapons, Boxing, what more do you want? Sexo en Grupo 07/05/06
Dealing With Fat Black Bitches (3.30)Dealing with the big, bad and ugly Black bitch Anal 07/31/06
Dealing with Sociopaths (1.83)A young black man battles sociopath in North America. No Erótico 03/19/13
Death: 3 Part Series
Death Has No Friends (3.60)Death tries to make friends but fails tragically. No Erótico 10/03/08
Death Versus The Devil (2.83)Thanatos, God of Death takes on Lucifer. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/14/08
Death: An Autobiography (3.00)Thanatos, God of Death, speaks for the first time. No Erótico 05/22/07
Death's Favorite Henchman (3.00)Death sends Mors against the goddess Styx. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/12/08
Death's Favorite Soldier: 2 Part Series
Death's Favorite Soldier (3.56)Prehistoric vampire becomes Death's henchman. No Erótico 10/14/08
Death's Favorite Soldier Ch. 02 (3.43)Prehistoric vampire leads Death's Army against Lucifer. No Erótico 10/20/08
Death's Twin Brother (3.71)Death's twin brother visits the mortal world. No Erótico 10/12/08
Demigod (3.58)The sons and daughters of the Gods on Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/26/06
Demon Hunter (3.22)Bisexual Supercop hunts Demons in the Future. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/15/07
Demonic Family Values (3.60)Demonic family's life in a human world. No Erótico 10/26/08
Desperate Housewife Needs Anal (2.88)Black college student seduces desperate housewife. Anal 12/05/07
Devil's Bride (3.60)Devil's son meets sexy inhuman bride. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/25/08
Dia Zerva Strapons Brian Pumper (2.89)Brian Pumper rides blonde dominatrix strapon! Celebridades 02/05/12
Diary Of A Haitian Werewolf (3.44)Life and times of a Haitian werewolf in Montreal. No Humano 08/16/15
Diary Of A Hijabi Slut: 3 Part Series
Diary Of A Hijabi Slut Ch. 01 (3.00)Somali woman meets Somali stud on campus. Parejas Eróticas 06/17/15
Diary Of A Hijabi Slut Ch. 02 (1.00)Somali sister meets Haitian Muslim man in Quebec. Parejas Eróticas 06/18/15
Diary Of A Hijabi Slut Ch. 03 (1.25)Somali gal's Haitian Muslim boyfriend reveals himself. No Erótico 06/19/15
Director's Cut (2.83)Black man becomes porn director. Anal 11/24/06
Divine Cat (3.56)The lord of the jungle takes a bride. No Humano 10/23/05
Divine Wolf (3.59)Gods and Giants battle for power. No Humano 10/10/05
Djibouti Christian Woman (1.81)Adventures of a Djibouti Christian lady in Ottawa. Romances 04/18/12
Djibouti Women Got Booty! (1.20)Biracial Haitian seduced by big-booty Djibouti Muslim. Romances 02/09/14
Dominant Mistress For Muslim Slave (3.22)British woman strapons Somali man in Toronto. Amor Interracial 02/10/13
Dominant Black Femme & Irish Butch (3.32)Irish Butch falls for Black Goddess in the city. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/23/09
Dominant Black Man (3.52)Large woman gets dominated by the Master. BDSM 11/05/06
Dominant Black Woman with Strapon (3.33)Black man encounters bossy Black woman. Fetiche 09/18/10
Dominatrix Gets Gang Banged! (3.12)French dominatrix with strapon gets Black gang bang! Amor Interracial 04/12/13
Dominican Girls For Haitian Men (2.40)Dominican gal meets Haitian student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 07/01/15
Don't Call Me Becky (2.12)Czech dominatrix seduces Black Texan in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 09/01/18
Down Low Brotha is Hot (3.67)Black woman falls for bisexual black man. Anal 10/06/07
Down Low Brothers (3.72)Black men having sex on the down low. Hombre Homosexual 04/20/06
Down Low Sisters (3.67)Black lesbian falls for black female professor. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/29/09
Down Low Sisters Go Hollywood (3.40)Serena Williams strapons Kim Kardashian. Celebridades 02/02/12
Down Low Sisters: 22 Part Series
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood (3.50)Secret lives of powerful Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/11/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 02 (3.71)The adventures of wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/24/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 03 (3.47)Secret lives of rich women in Tinseltown. Celebridades 01/26/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 04 (3.65)Secret adventures of rich women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/27/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 05 (3.12)The lives of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/30/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 06 (3.41)Secret lives of rich Black women in Tinseltown. Celebridades 01/31/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 07 (3.58)Secret lives of wealthy young Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/07/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 08 (3.11)Lives of wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/11/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 09 (3.19)Adventures of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/12/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 10 (3.07)Rich black gay and bisexual women rule Hollywood. Celebridades 02/13/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 11 (3.18)Secret adventures of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/14/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 12 (3.20)Adventures of sexy rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/15/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 13 (2.64)Secret lives of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/17/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 14 (3.09)Adventures of gorgeous wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/18/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 15 (2.90)Secret lives of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/28/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 16 (2.67)Wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 03/13/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 17 (2.62)Reign of sexy black lesbians in Hollywood. Celebridades 03/18/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 18 (2.84)Hot adventures of rich Black women in Tinseltown. Celebridades 03/26/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 19 (2.47)A new Black Queen runs the Hollywood sisterhood. Celebridades 03/27/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 20 (2.60)Continuing adventures of Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 04/03/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 21 (2.69)A dominant Black Queen visits the Sisterhood. Celebridades 04/12/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 22 (3.43)Three sexy Black women rule Hollywood. Celebridades 04/12/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood: 22 Part Series
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood (3.50)Secret lives of powerful Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/11/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 02 (3.71)The adventures of wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/24/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 03 (3.47)Secret lives of rich women in Tinseltown. Celebridades 01/26/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 04 (3.65)Secret adventures of rich women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/27/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 05 (3.12)The lives of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 01/30/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 06 (3.41)Secret lives of rich Black women in Tinseltown. Celebridades 01/31/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 07 (3.58)Secret lives of wealthy young Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/07/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 08 (3.11)Lives of wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/11/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 09 (3.19)Adventures of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/12/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 10 (3.07)Rich black gay and bisexual women rule Hollywood. Celebridades 02/13/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 11 (3.18)Secret adventures of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/14/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 12 (3.20)Adventures of sexy rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/15/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 13 (2.64)Secret lives of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/17/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 14 (3.09)Adventures of gorgeous wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/18/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 15 (2.90)Secret lives of rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 02/28/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 16 (2.67)Wealthy Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 03/13/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 17 (2.62)Reign of sexy black lesbians in Hollywood. Celebridades 03/18/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 18 (2.84)Hot adventures of rich Black women in Tinseltown. Celebridades 03/26/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 19 (2.47)A new Black Queen runs the Hollywood sisterhood. Celebridades 03/27/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 20 (2.60)Continuing adventures of Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 04/03/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 21 (2.69)A dominant Black Queen visits the Sisterhood. Celebridades 04/12/10
Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 22 (3.43)Three sexy Black women rule Hollywood. Celebridades 04/12/10
Down Low Sisters Run Hollywood (2.92)J.Lo seduces Serena Williams and Rosario Dawson. Celebridades 07/05/10
Down Low Sisters Shake Hollywood (2.14)Reign of sexy rich Black women in Hollywood. Celebridades 03/17/12
Dr. Ahmed Ali of Duluth (x.xx)Somali doctor treats naughty black female student. Parejas Eróticas 11/06/17
Dr. Beatrice Fullerton of Boston (x.xx)Harvard psychiatrist pegs a hunky Haitian patient. Amor Interracial 11/24/17
Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi (x.xx)Qatari Muslim psychiatrist treats a Somali voyeur. Anal 04/26/18
Dr. Mona Hersi of Somalia (x.xx)Somali psychiatrist treats Butch Latin lesbian. Amor Interracial 09/18/17
Dr. Nasra Ali of Ottawa (x.xx)Emirati Arab psychiatrist helps old Somali guy. Amor Interracial 09/17/17
Dr. Ruqayyah Hafiz of Qatar (x.xx)Arab MILF psychiatrist treats horny Somali stud. Amor Interracial 04/03/18
Dr. Stephanie Macke-Leland Ch. 01 (x.xx)Black student discovers Prof is a dominatrix. Amor Interracial 04/11/18
Dr. Stephanie Macke-Leland Ch. 02 (x.xx)Blonde professor spanks black Muslim student. Amor Interracial 04/12/18
Dr. Stephanie Macke-Leland Ch. 03 (x.xx)Black Muslim student bangs blonde Prof in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/15/18
Dutch MILF In Johannesburg (3.69)Dutchwoman seduces Zulu student in Johannesburg. Amor Interracial 11/06/14
Earthly Possessions (3.65)Fallen angel finds love with a woman. No Humano 06/25/04
Ebony And Ivory Lesbian Athletes (2.79)Interracial lesbian orgy. Sexo en Grupo 06/01/09
Egyptian Femdom For Somali Men (2.00)Egyptian dominatrix tames Somali guy in Calgary. BDSM 01/27/15
Egyptian MILF for Black Men (1.89)Arab Christian lady discovers black men in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/12/13
Egyptian Women Into Black Guys (2.20)Egyptian MILF hooks up with Djibouti guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 12/07/14
Eliza: Tomboy Goddess of Ottawa (x.xx)Black security guard meets a feisty White tomboy. Amor Interracial 11/29/17
Empowered Women Like Anal Too (2.68)Sexy woman tells man her secrets. Anal 06/23/07
Empress Makeda of Kush (2.33)African warrior queen and female lover fight vampires. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/02/17
Eritrean Girl For Bisexual Man (2.00)Eritrean woman falls for Afro-Arabian bisexual man. Romances 05/29/12
Esther the Haitian Dominatrix (1.67)Wild man finds love with bossy Haitian gal. Parejas Eróticas 12/22/15
Ethiopian Christian Warrior King (2.14)Ethiopian warrior king and Moroccan woman. Amor Interracial 04/01/13
Ethiopian Demigod's Bride (1.83)Ethiopian superhero marries Syrian woman. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/01/13
Ethiopian Femdom Chronicles (2.36)Ethiopian dominatrix strapons sexist Saudi in Toronto. Fetiche 05/14/12
Ethiopian Femdom Does Anal! (3.30)Ethiopian mistress anally dominated by Haitian master. Anal 05/14/12
Ethiopian Femdom Revolution (3.22)Ethiopian dominatrix handles Somali and Burkinabe men. Sexo en Grupo 05/15/17
Ethiopian Femdom Tales (2.44)Ethiopian dominatrix watches porn in Boston home. Fetiche 05/14/12
Ethiopian Girls For Haitian Boyz (1.75)Ethiopian businesswoman and Haitian cop meet in Toronto. Romances 06/30/13
Ethiopian Guys For Saudi Girls (2.23)Saudi female student finds love at Ontario school. Amor Interracial 04/01/13
Ethiopian Jew 4 Lebanese Woman (2.25)Lebanese Christian woman meets Ethiopian Jewish stud. Amor Interracial 07/24/12
Ethiopian Superhero In Israel (2.88)Ethiopian superhero and Arab girlfriend in Israel. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/01/14
Ethiopian Werewolf In Toronto (3.11)Ethiopian lesbian werewolf dates the Devil's daughter. No Humano 09/08/13
Ethiopian Women are Simply Divine (2.00)Haitian player meets Ethiopian girl at Ontario school. Romances 06/10/17
Ethiopian Women Rock (2.12)Haitian student meets Ethiopian beauty in Ottawa. Romances 03/23/13
Ethiopian Women Truly Rock (2.29)Ethiopian woman dominates Haitian man in Ottawa. Fetiche 04/01/13
Every Man's War (3.71)Author's note to all men. No Erótico 03/09/05
Every Strong Woman Needs Anal (3.00)Wealthy businesswoman gets dominated by black man. BDSM 11/25/07
Exploring the Back Door (3.73)Large bisexual man introduces BBW to anal sex. Anal 07/03/06
Face Down And Fat Ass Up! (2.68)BBW finally experiences Anal Pleasure. Anal 12/19/07
Fact: 3 Part Series
Fact : Black Men Love White Dick (3.10)Irishman butt-fucks Haitian guy in Ottawa. Hombre Homosexual 03/12/11
Fact: Asians Worship Caucasian Men (2.43)Irishman fucks submissive Chinese woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/12/11
Fact: Black Women Love White Cock (2.77)Irishman butt-fucks African BBW in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/12/11
Faint (3.44)Two black male college athletes fall in love. Hombre Homosexual 12/18/07
Faith of the Fallen Angels (3.08)Fallen Angels return to Heaven. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/19/08
Fallen Angel: 5 Part Series
Fallen Angel (3.57)The life and times of a fallen angel in our world. No Erótico 08/15/08
Fallen Angel in Canada (3.07)Fallen angel Sela falls for Somali cop in Ottawa. No Humano 01/12/17
Fallen Angel Meets Black Goddess (2.80)Fallen Angel falls for Black woman in Toronto. No Humano 11/19/10
Fallen Angel: Loneliness Itself (3.36)Our world seen through the eyes of a Fallen Angel. No Humano 04/27/13
Fallen Angel: Something Evil (3.14)Fallen angel trapped inside black man fights evil in Ontario. No Humano 03/01/13
Fallen Angels Among Us (2.94)A fallen angel roams metropolitan Toronto. No Humano 03/26/13
Fangs Of Saudi Arabia (2.67)Saudi female vampire meets Somali student. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/01/15
Farewell to Carleton University (x.xx)Black couple's post-grad romance at Carleton U. Parejas Eróticas 02/16/18
Farewell to Chechnya (x.xx)Chechen Muslim gal moves to Little Haiti, Miami. Amor Interracial 11/02/18
Farewell: It's My Life! (2.70)Black man challenges demons of his subconscious. No Erótico 02/12/08
Fariba Nazari of Afghanistan (x.xx)Senegal stud comforts Afghan Muslim widow. Amor Interracial 05/12/18
Farizah & Stephen In Ottawa (2.17)Muslim woman dates younger Christian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/20/14
Farrokh Khan of Islamabad (x.xx)Pakistani Muslim divorcee meets hunky Jamaican student. Amor Interracial 06/07/18
Farrukh Teymourzadeh of Iran (x.xx)Iranian landlady and her Haitian tenant connect. Amor Interracial 03/13/18
Farting During Anal Sex (3.09)A woman's guide to anal sex etiquette. Anal 08/29/07
Farzana Khan of Ottawa (3.72)Indian transsexual meets a bisexual black man. Transexuales & Travesti 08/12/17
Fat And Ugly Chick Does Anal (2.80)More proof that everybody loves anal! Anal 01/17/07
Fat Black Anal Queen (3.41)Fat black chick becomes addicted to butt fucking. Anal 01/27/09
Fat Black Bitches: 2 Part Series
Fat Black Bitches (2.94)He fucks fat black women in the ass! No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/01/06
Fat Black Bitches Need Anal (2.95)He finds BBWs who like getting fucked in the ass. Anal 08/07/06
Fat Camp Orgy (3.39)College guys car break down at Fat Camp. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/01/06
Fat Camp Super Anal Orgy (3.41)Big men and big women get together for some fun. Sexo en Grupo 05/16/07
Fat Chick Does Anal (2.58)Black man talks BBW into night of fun. Anal 12/11/06
Fat Chick Gets Anal Sex (2.87)Fat white girl meets tough black man. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/12/06
Fat Chick Who Likes Anal Sex (3.02)Black man meets a very sexy BBW. Anal 12/20/06
Fat Chicks And Football Studs (3.45)Curvy gals meet the new football team. Sexo en Grupo 01/17/07
Fat Chicks Crave Anal Sex Too (3.04)BBW seduces police officer. Anal 05/23/07
Fat Girl Discovers Anal (3.69)Female truck driver learns from man. Amor Interracial 09/27/06
Fat Girl With Strap On (3.15)Black man discovers girlfriend's other side. Amor Interracial 09/27/06
Fat Girl's Guide To Anal Sex (3.69)Black man instructs large woman in anal arts. Amor Interracial 12/05/06
Fat Girls Can Be Sluts Too! (3.04)Big woman wrestler sleeps with lots of men. Anal 02/09/09
Fat Girls Gone Wild (3.13)Three college men have some fun. Sexo en Grupo 06/27/07
Fat Girls Meet Anal Instructor (3.65)Sexy man teaches large women new tricks. Sexo en Grupo 12/09/06
Fat Men Love Anal Sex Too (3.52)Some big men like it in the butt. Anal 05/22/07
Fat White Girls Need Anal, Too (3.72)A story that lives up to its title. Anal 09/01/08
Fat Woman Gets Anal Love (2.71)Chubby prostitute meets client with special interests. Anal 12/09/06
Fat Woman Gets Done Anally (2.91)She takes it up the butt. Anal 12/21/06
Fat Woman Gets Sodomized (3.70)Wicked gal meets her match. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 12/07/06
Fat Women Love Anal (2.93)The title says it all. Anal 12/14/06
Fatima and Steve in Ottawa (x.xx)Bisexual Haitian guy meets Sudanese transsexual gal. Transexuales & Travesti 04/24/18
Fatima and Yusuf in Ottawa (2.75)Arab BBW meets South Sudanese stud on bus. Amor Interracial 10/23/16
Fatima Durrani of Afghanistan (x.xx)Afghan Christian woman marries Haitian scholar. Amor Interracial 05/11/18
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier: 3 Part Series
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier (3.62)Haitian contractor comforts a grieving Arab widow. Amor Interracial 08/21/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 02 (3.50)Arab MILF has a night out with her Haitian lover. Amor Interracial 08/23/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 03 (2.94)Haitian stud introduces Arab MILF to anal sex. Amor Interracial 08/30/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 04 (x.xx)Haitian stud and Arab MILF at the Honest Lawyer Bar. Amor Interracial 09/08/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 05 (x.xx)Arab Muslim woman pegs her Haitian lover. Amor Interracial 09/13/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 06 (x.xx)Hijab-wearing Arab MILF and Haitian lover try anal. Amor Interracial 09/14/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 07 (x.xx)Arab MILF and Haitian lover wake up together. Amor Interracial 09/27/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 08 (x.xx)Arab MILF and Haitian lover fight prejudice. Amor Interracial 09/30/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 09 (x.xx)Haitian stud and Arab MILF at Algonquin College party. Amor Interracial 10/01/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 10 (x.xx)Haitian stud and Arab MILF deal with cops. Amor Interracial 10/02/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 11 (x.xx)Arab MILF totally dominates her Haitian lover. Amor Interracial 10/07/17
Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 12 (x.xx)Arab MILF and her Haitian lover build a family. Amor Interracial 12/01/17
Fauzia Samadzai of Afghanistan (x.xx)Afghan temptress seduces hunky Togolese doctor. Amor Interracial 05/14/18
Fawziyyah Sharaf of Egypt (x.xx)Goodbye time for Haitian stud and his Egyptian lover. Amor Interracial 04/11/18
Felicia Zaghloul of Egypt (x.xx)Adventures of a Somali man and his Egyptian gal. Amor Interracial 04/09/18
Female Predator On Campus (3.33)A deadly predator stalks a Massachusetts campus. No Erótico 10/07/08
Female Athlete Addicted To Sex (3.27)Female college athlete becomes sex addict. Anal 07/31/08
Female Bodybuilder's Romance (3.48)French-Canadian bodybuilder hooks up with black Muslim. Amor Interracial 06/08/13
Female Criminals (3.72)Inside the lives of women in prison. Parejas Eróticas 08/07/06
Female Gigantism: 2 Part Series
Female Gigantism Can't Stop Love (3.47)Tall Native woman connects with black athlete. Amor Interracial 11/05/13
Female Gigantism: I'm a Sub! (1.00)Extremely tall woman explores sub side with Muslim man. Parejas Eróticas 11/06/13
Female Sociopath (3.40)Erotic adventures of a girl without a conscience. Parejas Eróticas 10/13/06
Female Sociopath's Lesson (3.24)Strong man teaches female sociopath a valuable lesson. BDSM 12/10/07
Female Treachery: Snakes in Skirts (3.01)Stories of female lust, betrayal and revenge. Sexo entre Lesbianas 01/09/07
Femdom Arrives In Saudi Arabia (3.69)Saudi bride strapons kinky Afro-Arabian husband. Amor Interracial 01/22/15
Femdom For Saudi Gentlemen (2.25)White escort strapons Muslim dude in Ottawa East. Amor Interracial 02/03/15
Femdom in Today's Saudi Arabia (x.xx)Saudi Arabian husband dominated by biracial wife. Amor Interracial 10/25/17
Femdom Seduction in the Library (3.43)Redneck gal seduces Black Lives Matter activist. Amor Interracial 11/01/16
Feminist Atheist In Saudi Arabia (1.78)Feminist atheist moves to Saudi Arabia with husband. Amor Interracial 03/15/12
Feminist Chaser (2.44)He loves to fuck them & leave them. Parejas Eróticas 07/10/04
Feminist Lesbian Woman in Islam (1.86)White American lesbian feminist converts to Islam. Sexo en Grupo 11/15/11
Feminist Sisters Want The D! (2.47)Feminist seduces African-American at Ottawa University. Amor Interracial 09/17/14
Feminist Woman and Muslim Man (2.38)A white feminist converts to Islam. Amor Interracial 11/14/11
Feminist Woman Marries Muslim Man (2.08)White feminist woman moves to Saudi Arabia. Parejas Eróticas 11/13/11
Fidelma Ann O'Leary: Convert Slut (3.33)Fidelma Ann O'Leary versus Ann Coulter in lesbian sex. Celebridades 11/11/11
Fight For All The Wrong Reasons (3.62)Young woman opens herself up to new experiences. Parejas Eróticas 12/14/07
First: 5 Part Series
First (3.72)She gives bisexual guy his sweet first time. Primera Vez 05/30/06
First Emperor of Haiti (2.08)Black Vampire becomes Emperor of Haiti. No Humano 03/21/11
First Emperor of Haiti Ch. 02 (2.70)Black Vampire King returns to rule Haiti in 2012. No Humano 03/31/11
First of its Kind (2.64)Superhuman tries to save his doomed species. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/30/08
First Vampire World War (1.75)Haitian vampire and white lady connect during war. No Humano 04/22/13
First Emperor of Haiti: 2 Part Series
First Emperor of Haiti (2.08)Black Vampire becomes Emperor of Haiti. No Humano 03/21/11
First Emperor of Haiti Ch. 02 (2.70)Black Vampire King returns to rule Haiti in 2012. No Humano 03/31/11
Florida Wolfman in Ontario (3.71)Haitian-American werewolf from Florida in Ontario. No Humano 09/07/13
Focus: Jess Is A Dominatrix (3.67)Nicky the trickster falls for lovely Jess Barrett. Celebridades 07/22/15
Football Stud's Day Off (2.30)The adventures of a college football stud. No Erótico 09/21/08
For The Love of Christianity (2.29)Somali woman falls for African-American christian man. Parejas Eróticas 09/11/12
For Your Entertainment (3.62)A Black beauty is saved by a White scholar. Amor Interracial 12/03/11
Forever (3.17)Bisexual Black man falls for bisexual woman. Anal 07/01/07
Forsaken: Good Black Men (3.10)Why educated black men choose white women. Amor Interracial 08/03/12
French Canadian Booty Rocks! (3.07)Haitian guy meets kinky woman at school in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/29/14
French Women into Haitian Men (3.43)Armand falls for Marguerite in Montreal. Amor Interracial 03/18/17
From Alberta With Love (1.40)Haitian man dates Pakistani woman in Calgary. Amor Interracial 05/07/14
From Burkina Faso With Love: 5 Part Series
From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 01 (1.29)Yemeni Arab woman meets West African stud. Amor Interracial 03/26/15
From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 02 (1.40)Burkinabe stud seduces Yemeni Arab woman. Amor Interracial 03/27/15
From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 03 (2.29)Yemeni woman makes love with West African stud. Amor Interracial 03/28/15
From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 04 (1.67)Yemeni woman and Burkinabe boyfriend having fun. Amor Interracial 03/29/15
From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 05 (1.00)Yemeni woman surprises West African stud at home. Amor Interracial 03/30/15
From Cambodia with Love (3.44)Black student meets Cambodian female thief in Montreal. Amor Interracial 04/19/14
From Cameroon with Love (2.60)Black female Muslim lawyer's life in Boston. Parejas Eróticas 10/26/16
From Casselman with Love (x.xx)Haitian immigrant bonds with a curvy French Canadian. Amor Interracial 01/18/18
From Chechnya With Love (2.38)Senegal student meets tall Chechen gal in Moscow. Amor Interracial 11/09/14
From Coptic Egypt With Love (1.89)Egyptian Christian woman dates man from South Sudan. Amor Interracial 03/12/14
From Dammam With Love (2.57)Saudi woman connects with Haitian guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 09/08/14
From Dubai with Love (3.20)Emirati Arab heiress meets Kenyan-Canadian engineer. Amor Interracial 08/25/17
From Florida With Love (1.25)Lebanese-American woman meets Haitian in Miami. Amor Interracial 04/06/14
From Galveston With Love (2.67)Palestinian-American woman falls for black man. Amor Interracial 03/25/14
From Guyana with Love (2.33)Haitian guy marries Guyanese Indian Muslim woman. Amor Interracial 05/29/15
From Haiti to Japan Ch. 01 (3.00)Tale of how a Haitian man met his Japanese wife. Amor Interracial 04/16/16
From Indonesia with Love: 2 Part Series
From Indonesia with Love (1.80)Indonesian woman falls for black man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/10/14
From Indonesia With Love : T.O. (1.00)Indonesian woman meets black man in Toronto. Amor Interracial 04/10/14
From Iran With Love (2.25)Iranian Muslim woman falls for black man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/01/14
From Iran With True Love (3.20)Iranian Christian dominatrix dates Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 01/22/15
From Israel with Love (2.50)Somali Muslim lesbian dates Jewish gal at Carleton U. Amor Interracial 12/06/16
From Japan With Love (3.45)Japanese woman connects with black man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/09/14
From Kazakhstan with Love (1.43)Kazakhstan woman meets Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/05/14
From Korea with Love in Ottawa (2.36)Korean woman connects with sexy black student. Amor Interracial 04/15/14
From Kosovo with Love (2.44)Somali Muslim woman meets Kosovo lesbian. Sexo entre Lesbianas 06/11/17
From Laval with Love (3.22)French Canadian tomboy falls for Nigerian Muslim stud. Amor Interracial 09/18/15
From Lebanon With Love: 4 Part Series
From Lebanon With Love (1.00)Lebanese woman and black man connect in Boston. Amor Interracial 03/12/14
From Lebanon With Love In NYC (2.14)Nigerian man and Lebanese wife form a family. Amor Interracial 01/19/14
From Lebanon With Love In Ottawa (1.20)Haitian immigrant connects with Arab woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/24/14
From Lebanon With Love: U Of T (2.00)Haitian man meets Lebanese woman in Toronto. Amor Interracial 05/06/14
From Libya with Love (2.57)Asma is seduced by Solomon, the Haitian nerd. Amor Interracial 09/30/16
From Mauritania with Love (2.67)Mauritanian woman meets a Haitian man. Amor Interracial 06/11/17
From Melbourne With Love (2.50)Aboriginal Australian woman falls for Saudi lady. Romances 04/12/15
From Mississippi With Love (3.36)Gun-toting redneck woman falls for a biracial man. Amor Interracial 02/19/15
From Montreal with Love (1.00)Quebec woman falls for Jamaican university student. Amor Interracial 01/15/14
From Morocco With Love (2.75)Arab woman from Morocco meets biracial Canadian. Amor Interracial 04/03/14
From Nigeria with Love (2.12)African American stud meets a Nigerian dominatrix. Parejas Eróticas 07/01/17
From Oman with Love (1.80)Arab woman from Oman dates black man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/07/14
From Palestine with Love (3.00)Palestinian woman falls for Jewish guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/19/14
From Persia With Love (2.22)Jamaican stud dates Iranian Christian lady in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/09/14
From Qatar With Love (2.10)Arab woman marries Ethiopian stud in Qatar. Amor Interracial 03/20/14
From Saudi Arabia With Love (2.29)Saudi-Canadian woman connects with black man. Amor Interracial 03/16/14
From Sharjah with Love (2.44)Emirati Arab woman falls for Haitian guy in Toronto. Amor Interracial 10/11/14
From Somalia With Love (2.94)Somali Muslim woman falls for Christian man in Texas. Parejas Eróticas 03/23/14
From Sudan with Love (3.33)Sudanese Muslim man marries Egyptian dominatrix... Amor Interracial 01/08/17
From Syria With Love: 2 Part Series
From Syria With Love (1.50)African-American man and Syrian woman meet in Canada. Amor Interracial 01/23/14
From Syria With Love 1 (1.20)Biracial man dates Syrian Christian woman in Boston. Amor Interracial 03/24/14
From Thailand With Love (2.07)Thai woman rescued by macho Jamaican in Toronto. Amor Interracial 04/17/14
From Vancouver With Love (3.12)Adopted Haitian guy finds love with biracial beauty. Amor Interracial 08/29/14
From Vietnam 2 Brockton with Love (3.60)Vietnamese woman meets Haitian guy in Brockton. Amor Interracial 04/12/14
From West Africa with Love (2.96)Canadian Christian woman meets Black Muslim scholar. Amor Interracial 11/02/16
From Winnipeg With Love (1.67)Aboriginal Canadian woman meets Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 10/27/14
From Yemen With Love In Ottawa (1.75)Yemeni woman meets Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/06/14
FTM Stud Discovers Black Men (2.70)Male-identified woman has sex with a Somali stud. Amor Interracial 11/24/15
Fuck What Canadian Society Thinks (3.47)White socialite MILF seduces younger Haitian student. Amor Interracial 08/29/10
Fucked In Her Big White Ass (3.21)Anal sex with BBWs is black man's avocation. Anal 12/18/07
Fucked In Her Fat Black Ass (2.98)Big black thug bitches need anal too. Anal 09/09/07
Gaping Asshole Syndrome (3.10)When anal sex addiction becomes global. Sexo en Grupo 08/20/07
Get Your Swirl on in Ottawa (2.50)Jamaican stud meets sexy French Canadian officer. Amor Interracial 07/02/17
Getting Bi in Ottawa (2.81)Female security boss catches bisexual guys at Rideau. Sexo en Grupo 07/07/18
Ghada Al-Khusaibi of Oman (3.10)Arab Muslim MILF meets Haitian lover at Walmart. Amor Interracial 11/21/16
Ghazal Salman of Iran (x.xx)Iranian woman falls for a Black Mormon scholar. Amor Interracial 03/02/18
Ghetto Lesbian Bitches (3.27)Black lesbian BBWs have fun in the ghetto. Sexo entre Lesbianas 05/11/08
Girl of My Dreams (3.70)Girl who saved his life was different indeed. Transexuales & Travesti 04/18/06
Giselle Phuong of Vietnam (1.91)Asian MILF meets young Black man in Ottawa.  New Amor Interracial 01/17/19
Give Black Love A Chance? (2.45)Nigerian woman dates Hispanic man in Montreal. Amor Interracial 08/29/12
Global Anal Sex Holiday (3.02)Future world brings a very special holiday. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/25/06
God Is A Black Man (2.03)God reveals himself to mankind. He's a black man! Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/02/09
God of the Immigrants (3.12)Ancient god inhabits Jamaican man's body in Canada. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/25/12
God of the Stars (3.43)Space-traveling deity battles ancient evil for Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/20/13
God Of The Vampire Race (3.68)The creator of all vampires speaks at last. No Humano 04/08/12
God of the Vampires (2.50)Haitian man becomes God of All Vampires. No Humano 01/08/11
God of Thunder (3.50)Love can find anyone. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/03/04
God's Champion On Earth (2.92)Yahweh chooses biracial man to fight evil angels. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/28/12
God's War (2.47)Pagan deity fights with angels and demons. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/14/08
Good Times at Carleton University (2.70)Two kindred spirits meet at Carleton University. Parejas Eróticas 02/15/17
Good To Be Undead: 2 Part Series
Good To Be Undead (3.67)College man gains superpowers and hot women. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 06/19/07
Good To Be Undead Ch. 02 (3.64)Vampire versus Werewolf. The war begins. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/18/07
Grace Under Fire Star Does Blacks (2.42)Hollywood star Brett Butler strapons Brian Pumper in movie. Celebridades 05/08/11
Granny Babette's Church (x.xx)Black church lady spanks a porn-addicted black guy. Maduro 03/03/18
Granny Babette's Favorite Stud (3.66)Black church lady seduces masculine black female. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/10/18
Granny Babette's House (x.xx)Black church lady strap it on for a local thug. Maduro 03/02/18
Greek God Meets Ebony Goddess (3.72)Maybe Shirley had found the one after all. Amor Interracial 03/22/05
Greek Nymph For Black Demigod (3.54)Half-mortal African hero meets Greek Nymph in Toronto. No Humano 09/28/14
Group Therapy For Anal Addicts (3.71)Men and women tell their stories. Sexo en Grupo 12/24/06
Guess Who's Back? (1.50)Black man makes triumphant return. No Erótico 02/26/08
Habiba Hajjar of Saudi Arabia (x.xx)Bossy Saudi student seduced by African American stud. Amor Interracial 03/07/18
Hafiza Elmi is Possessed (x.xx)African Vampire Queen fights against Demon King. No Humano 03/01/18
Hafiza Elmi's Resurrection (x.xx)African Vampire Queen is resurrected by her lover. No Humano 02/27/18
Hafiza Elmi's Vampire File (x.xx)The journey of an African Vampire Queen. No Humano 02/27/18
Haitian Adventist Dominatrix (2.25)Haitian Adventist dominatrix tames a church brother... Parejas Eróticas 01/21/17
Haitian Americans in Canada (1.43)A Haitian-American student's views on Canada. No Erótico 08/12/10
Haitian And Female in Canada (3.53)The life and times of a gay Haitian woman in Canada. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/07/10
Haitian and Male in Canada: 6 Part Series
Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 01 (2.47)Bisexual Haitian man explores life in Toronto. Hombre Homosexual 03/05/10
Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 02 (2.56)Bisexual Haitian guy meets hot guys in Toronto. Hombre Homosexual 03/06/10
Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 03 (2.00)Bisexual Haitian guy meets freaky woman in Toronto. Sexo en Grupo 03/07/10
Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 04 (2.56)Bisexual Haitian hooks up with woman and man. Sexo en Grupo 03/08/10
Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 05 (1.00)Reflections of a bisexual Haitian student in Toronto. No Erótico 03/07/10
Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 06 (1.25)Bisexual Haitian man falls in love with sexy woman. No Erótico 03/08/10
Haitian BBW in Brockton (3.57)Haitian BBW loses virginity to shy big man. Anal 11/14/08
Haitian Bisexuality: 16 Part Series
Haitian Bisexuality (3.61)The sex lives of Haitian men & women. Sexo en Grupo 04/10/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 02 (3.24)Bisexual Haitian college student has fun in Boston. Sexo en Grupo 04/18/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 03 (1.00)Haitian police officer saves immigrant family. No Erótico 04/22/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 04 (3.23)Big Haitian woman seduces bisexual Haitian man. Anal 04/23/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 05 (2.21)White BBW gets dominated by macho Haitian stud. Fetiche 04/29/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 06 (3.00)Haitian BBW with strap-on dildo excites black guy. Anal 04/30/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 07 (3.22)Bisexual Haitian students have fun. Sexo en Grupo 05/06/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 08 (1.00)Bisexual Haitian college athlete comes out of closet. No Erótico 06/05/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 09 (3.29)Bisexual Haitian stud hooks up with BBWs and men. Sexo en Grupo 07/06/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 10 (2.11)Brockton BBW with strapon entertains black men. Sexo en Grupo 07/07/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 11 (1.38)The life and times of a retired cop in Brockton. Anal 07/08/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 12 (2.43)Bisexual black policeman finally finds happiness. Hombre Homosexual 07/09/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 13 (3.50)Brockton BBW has fun with bisexual husband. Sexo en Grupo 07/10/08
Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 14 (3.50)Bisexual Haitian BBWs show man a good time. Sexo en Grupo 07/11/08
Haitian Bisexuality in Montreal (3.38)Haitian couple invites bisexual man to their bed. Sexo en Grupo 01/19/16
Haitian Bisexuality: In The End (2.25)The life and times of bisexual Haitian students. No Erótico 07/12/08
Haitian Bitches Love Anal Too (3.33)Haitian trio has fun together. Sexo en Grupo 08/30/08
Haitian Boys for Lebanese Girls (1.00)Haitian cop reunites with Lebanese lady friend. Amor Interracial 02/14/14
Haitian Boyz For Somali Girls (1.45)Somali-British gal and Haitian-American connect in Ottawa. Romances 06/30/13
Haitian Church Deaconess MILF (2.54)Haitian church deaconess dominates black student. Parejas Eróticas 04/29/17
Haitian Cop Marries Quebec MILF (2.67)Selene falls for tall, dark and sexy Philemon. Amor Interracial 03/19/17
Haitian Couple Meets Transsexual (3.59)Black Transsexual does Haitian couple in Montreal. Transexuales & Travesti 09/01/11
Haitian Creole Erotica (3.00)Stephen and Wendy connect at Bay State College. Parejas Eróticas 02/17/17
Haitian Dominatrix for Haitian (1.00)Haitian woman dominates Haitian man in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 04/12/16
Haitian Dominatrix on Vacation (1.87)Haitian dominatrix strapons Haitian guy in St. Lucia. Parejas Eróticas 01/11/12
Haitian Dominatrix Runs This Town (2.09)Haitian dominatrix strapons macho Haitian dude. Fetiche 01/12/12
Haitian Dominatrix Strapons Saudi (1.85)Haitian dominatrix tames sexist Arab man. Amor Interracial 02/07/12
Haitian Dominatrix with a Strapon (1.79)Haitian man meets Haitian Dominatrix in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 01/11/12
Haitian Female Domination (3.00)Black woman dominates strong Black man with strapon. Sexo en Grupo 07/19/09
Haitian Femdom for Haitian Man (3.08)Mistress Yvette dominates Malcolm in Vanier. Parejas Eróticas 03/29/17
Haitian Femdom for Somali Men (1.40)Haitian Adventist woman dominates a Somali guy. Parejas Eróticas 05/04/17
Haitian Femdom in Brockton (x.xx)Haitian dominatrix schools a young black man. BDSM 11/01/17
Haitian Femdom In Ottawa (2.63)Haitian dominatrix tames guy she met at church. BDSM 03/09/14
Haitian Femdom Revolution: 2 Part Series
Haitian Femdom Revolution (3.58)Haitian psychiatrist helps male patient with anger issues. BDSM 04/27/17
Haitian Femdom Revolution Ch. 02 (2.50)Jeanne Junie Anglade's adventures in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 05/03/17
Haitian Femdom with Strapons (2.89)Biracial Haitian woman strapons a black man. Fetiche 09/03/12
Haitian Flag Day 2016 (2.33)Haitian guy dates dominatrix in city of Cap-Haitien. Parejas Eróticas 05/25/16
Haitian Gentleman For Somali Girl (2.20)Two special students connect at university in Ottawa. Romances 08/20/13
Haitian Gods: 2 Part Series
Haitian Gods (3.70)A young man discovers his super powers. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/12/06
Haitian Gods Ch. 02 (3.70)The life and times of a Haitian god in North America. No Humano 01/02/11
Haitian Grandma Does Anal! (3.60)Black stud bangs Haitian grandma in church. Anal 01/20/11
Haitian Immigrant Looks at Canada (1.00)Canada seen through a young black man's eyes. No Erótico 04/13/13
Haitian Independence Day 2016 (2.60)Haitian couple celebrates independence day together. Parejas Eróticas 01/06/16
Haitian King of New York (2.33)Guy inherits millions and has lots of fun. Sexo en Grupo 04/05/06
Haitian Lesbian Booty Rocks! (3.53)Butch Haitian lesbian seduces African-American gal. Sexo entre Lesbianas 08/28/11
Haitian Lesbian Love Story (2.31)Haitian lesbian from Montreal meets Japanese woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/15/18
Haitian Man Conquers Canada (1.57)The adventures of a Haitian hero in Canada. No Erótico 11/24/09
Haitian Man Marries Somali Woman (1.64)Sexual encounter in university library changes them. Parejas Eróticas 11/30/12
Haitian Man Rules The Globe (2.42)Bisexual Haitian student runs his school. Transexuales & Travesti 02/19/10
Haitian Men are Kings: 3 Part Series
Haitian Men are Kings (2.13)Gay Canadian tries to seduce a macho Haitian man. Hombre Homosexual 04/20/12
Haitian Men are Kings Ch. 02 (2.20)Lebanese woman and Somali man meet Haitian guy. Sexo en Grupo 04/21/12
Haitian Men are Kings Ch. 03 (2.86)Bisexual Pastor saves a black couple's marriage. Sexo en Grupo 05/05/12
Haitian Men Like Strap-ons, Too (3.69)Black woman surprises her man with strap-on. Anal 08/30/08
Haitian Men Love Anal Sex (2.65)Haitian stud conquers collegiate America. Anal 08/13/07
Haitian Men Love Somali Women (2.28)Roger Etienne sighed deeply. Parejas Eróticas 12/14/11
Haitian MILF Adventures (3.58)Haitian student seduces sexy Black female professor. Parejas Eróticas 06/30/09
Haitian MILF Domination (2.39)Haitian MILF dominates sexy younger men. Sexo en Grupo 06/18/09
Haitian MILF Reigns Supreme (2.14)Haitian security guard hooks up with MILF cleaner. Parejas Eróticas 12/14/18
Haitian Pride Chronicles: 3 Part Series
Haitian Pride Chronicles Ch. 01 (1.13)Haitian women & men falls in love amid tragedy. Sexo en Grupo 01/18/10
Haitian Pride Chronicles Ch. 02 (1.00)Haitian lesbian finds love amid tragedy. Sexo en Grupo 01/19/10
Haitian Pride Chronicles Ch. 03 (1.50)Bisexual Haitian man discovers love and family matters. Sexo en Grupo 01/20/10
Haitian Pussy is Awesome (2.64)Haitian MILF seduces Black Canadian stud. Parejas Eróticas 09/12/10
Haitian Queen of Montreal (2.40)Haitian diva seduces a handsome nerd at school. Parejas Eróticas 10/20/16
Haitian Superman Rules The World (1.00)The life and times of a Haitian-American Genius. No Erótico 06/16/09
Haitian Swingers Association (3.26)Black housewife strap-on fucks macho husband. Fetiche 07/15/15
Haitian Vampire King: Uprising! (1.90)Rise of a Haitian Vampire King in Canada. No Humano 04/09/13
Haitian Vampire's Somali Bride (2.50)Haitian vampire seduces Somali woman in London. No Humano 02/15/14
Haitian Werewolf Chronicle (2.70)Haitian vampire meets Black werewolf princess. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/05/10
Haitian Werewolf Goddess (3.59)A young Haitian woman discovers her secret powers. No Humano 12/16/15
Haitian Wolf Queen: Uprising! (2.93)Life and times of a Haitian werewolf queen in America. No Humano 04/10/13
Haitian Women Are All That!!! (2.00)Bad boy meets church-going girl at bus stop. Parejas Eróticas 08/01/13
Haitian Women are Goddesses (2.00)Boston Haitian guy meets Haitian goddess in Montreal. Parejas Eróticas 11/12/10
Haitian Women Love Anal Sex (2.67)Black couple experiments in college. Anal 12/22/07
Haitian Zombie in Ontario (1.62)Life and times of an undead black gentleman. No Humano 01/29/12
Haitians & Ethiopians At Carleton U (1.50)Haitian man meets Ethiopian woman at Canadian school. Parejas Eróticas 02/07/12
Haitians at Carleton University (2.08)A Haitian man's adventures in Ottawa, Ontario. Amor Interracial 01/29/12
Haitians in North America (1.25)The life and times of a Haitian in North America. No Erótico 11/05/09
Hana Al-Zaghab of Palestine (x.xx)Black Canadian cop bangs a Palestinian gal. Amor Interracial 03/20/18
Hancock: 3 Part Series
Hancock Joins The Avengers (2.73)Hancock clashes with Thor after joining the Avengers. Celebridades 10/01/14
Hancock Versus Regina Mills (2.33)Hancock comes to OUAT and bangs Regina Mills. Celebridades 05/14/15
Hancock: It's Not Easy To Be Me (2.39)The life and times of a renegade superhero. Celebridades 08/12/13
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper : Robin (3.22)Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars finally hook up. Celebridades 04/29/18
Happy Canada Day! (1.75)A young Somali's adventures on Canada Day. Amor Interracial 07/06/15
Happy Phantom: A Vampire Tale (2.33)The life and times of a vampire college student. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/04/08
Happy Presidents Day: 2 Part Series
Happy Presidents Day (2.87)Celebrities having fun in Washington D.C. Celebridades 09/19/09
Happy Presidents Day Ch. 02 (3.29)Celebrities having more fun in Washington D.C. Celebridades 09/23/09
Hattie and Marc at Carleton U (x.xx)Iranian gal meets Afro-Brazilian stud at Carleton U. Amor Interracial 03/14/18
Hawa and Souleymane at Walmart (x.xx)Somali Hijabi dates bisexual Mauritanian security guy. Parejas Eróticas 10/13/17
He Likes To Slap Women (3.13)He discovers new sexual fetish. BDSM 02/01/08
Heart of a Black Man (1.50)Troubled Haitian-American finds refuge in Canada. No Erótico 08/03/12
Heaven versus Hell (2.86)Two Archangels disobey God to save the Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 01/06/09
Heaven vs. Hell vs. Death (2.65)Lucifer versus Heaven versus Thanatos, God of Death. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/17/08
Her Guardian Angel Is a Vampire (3.67)Haitian vampire protects young woman in Ottawa. No Humano 03/04/13
Her Perfect Match (2.97)Coed wrestling leads athletes to anal sex. Anal 08/14/06
Highlander: Carl Robinson Files (3.70)The life and times of an Immortal warrior. Celebridades 04/08/16
Hijab Femdom with Strapons (1.70)Biracial Yemeni woman strapons Saudi male. Amor Interracial 08/28/12
Hijab Girl Dates Butch Lesbian (2.22)Somali gal dates butch lesbian in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/30/14
Hijab Girl Discovers Anal Sex (2.86)Conservative Somali gal seduced by Haitian stud. Anal 09/01/12
Hijab Girl Meets American Soldier (3.48)Hijab-wearing Somali woman saves soldier in Buffalo. Romances 03/08/13
Hijab Girl's Guide to Orgies (2.93)Lebanese Hijabi hooks up with several Black men. Amor Interracial 02/23/17
Hijab Girls and Kinky Sex (2.07)A Somali woman's kinky secret life in Montreal. Sexo en Grupo 05/26/13
Hijab Girls and Shemales (3.30)A Muslim woman, a bisexual Haitian and a shemale. Transexuales & Travesti 07/06/12
Hijab Girls for Bisexual Men (1.55)Muslim woman seduces a bisexual black man. Amor Interracial 09/16/16
Hijab Girls Masturbate Too! (2.52)Pakistani Muslim gal fantasizes about black man. Amor Interracial 02/05/14
Hijab Lesbian Orgy (3.11)Saudi woman seduces Somali chick and Yemeni lady. Sexo en Grupo 05/28/13
Hijabi Dominatrix with Strapons (3.25)Saudi dominatrix strapons Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 07/11/12
Hijabi Girl Does Bi Guys (3.07)Somalian woman hooks up with bisexual guys. Sexo en Grupo 02/17/12
Hijabi Girl Eating Jewish Pussy (2.92)Somali lesbian and Jewish girl at Carleton University. Parejas Eróticas 02/17/12
Hijabi Girl Sucking Black Dick (2.42)Bisexual Haitian guy seduces shy Arab woman. Sexo en Grupo 02/17/12
Hijabi Girl With An Attitude! (2.31)Somalian chick sets the record straight in Ottawa. Romances 02/22/12
Hijabi Girl's Sex Life (2.44)Arab woman meets Black Canadian stud. Amor Interracial 02/17/12
Hijabi Girl's Sexual Fantasies (2.91)Somali woman daydreams of Haitian stud in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 02/20/12
Hijabi Lesbian Seductress (3.12)Biracial woman seduces tall Muslim gal in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 06/22/15
Hijabi Woman And Black Lesbian (3.00)Black lesbian atheist seduces shy Arab woman. Amor Interracial 02/19/12
Hijabi Woman Goes Bisexual (2.78)Saudi woman seduces black man and white woman. Sexo en Grupo 08/20/12
Hijabi Women Eat Pussy Too! (3.11)Black woman seduces Saudi princess in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 08/15/12
Hindu Dominatrix Strapons Blacks (1.79)Haitian man rides Hindu woman's strapon. Amor Interracial 03/01/12
Hindu Girls And Black Gentlemen (2.17)Indian girl seduces Haitian student in Canada. Amor Interracial 10/19/11
Hindu Girls And Black Men (2.89)Hindu girl seduces shy Black man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 10/19/11
Hindu Girls Love Black Men (2.46)East Indian Muslim girl meets Black American student. Amor Interracial 10/19/11
Hindu Girls Who Love Black Men (2.59)Sikh Indian girl meets South African guy in Canada. Amor Interracial 10/19/11
Hindu Ladies For Black Men (1.50)Black man and Sikh Indian gal connect at university. Amor Interracial 12/22/13
His Black Ass is Hers! (3.19)Black girl does black man with strap-on dildo. Anal 08/24/06
Hodan and Steve in Ottawa (x.xx)Why Haitian men love Somali women. Parejas Eróticas 04/25/18
Hodan Yassin of Gatineau (1.44)Somali Muslim gal falls for a basketball player.  New Amor Interracial 01/18/19
Hodan: Somali Lesbian Vampire (x.xx)Somali lesbian Vampire takes over Ottawa. No Humano 05/15/18
Hot Bisexual Black Erotica (3.70)Black BBW discovers her man's bisexuality. Sexo en Grupo 04/25/06
How I Met Your Father (3.69)Black security guard falls for white female mental patient. Amor Interracial 10/15/11
How to Dominate a Strong Woman (2.24)A return to masculine values and viewpoints. No Erótico 11/18/07
How to End Racism Forever (1.69)A black man's solution to the racism issue. No Erótico 05/08/09
How to Love a Strong Black Woman (2.53)Can a strong Black woman love a wretch like him? Parejas Eróticas 11/03/11
How to Save a Life While Undead (3.71)Black vampire searches NYC for woman who saved him. No Humano 11/24/12
How To Treat a Sexy BBW (2.63)White BBW begs black gentleman for anal sex. Anal 02/21/09
How Villains Are Made (3.60)Bad Guy meets Bad Girl and has fun. No Erótico 11/04/08
Humiliate Her (3.18)A hot and spicy love story. Amor Interracial 03/08/07
Hunter and Hunted (x.xx)Haitian Tracker falls in love with a French Vampire. No Humano 11/18/17
Hunting Down Evil Bitches (2.25)If you are a criminal, and female, beware! No Erótico 08/01/06
I Don't Date Black Women (2.39)A smart black man's explanations. Amor Interracial 01/06/11
I Enjoy Dominating Big Women (2.71)Black Dom Master dominates White BBW. Amor Interracial 08/30/08
I Fuck Big Girls In The Ass (3.20)White BBW is interviewed by Black Stud. Anal 02/01/08
I Fuck Black Man in the Ass (3.15)Woman with strap-on dildo goes on a quest. Anal 07/06/06
I Fuck Fat Black Women Anally (3.24)Hunk goes hunting for fat black women to butt-fuck. Anal 07/06/06
I Fuck Girl Wrestlers in the Ass: 2 Part Series
I Fuck Girl Wrestlers in the Ass (2.71)The adventures of a charming sociopath in college. Anal 09/12/07
I Fuck Girl Wrestlers in the Ass Ch. 02 (2.63)Charming sociopath seduces female athletes. Anal 09/18/07
I Hate Fat Chicks with Attitudes (2.12)A man's stance on BBWs changes after encounter. Amor Interracial 09/28/11
I Like Making Sociopaths Suffer (2.25)Antihero discusses his peculiar hobby. No Erótico 10/02/08
I Love Big Black Women! (2.12)Big Black man loves Big Black women. Parejas Eróticas 04/26/09
I Love Black Men In Pain: 2 Part Series
I Love Black Men In Pain! (3.28)Black wife watches white husband fuck black man. Amor Interracial 12/15/11
I Love Black Men In Pain!!! (3.70)Black wife watches White man fuck Black husband. Amor Interracial 12/21/11
I Love Bossy Nigerian Women (x.xx)Haitian law student into Nigerian girls in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 09/18/17
I Married a Bisexual Man (3.72)After twenty years of marriage, no regrets! Sexo en Grupo 08/05/06
I Walk Alone (2.12)The life of a lonely black policeman in Boston. No Erótico 02/27/08
I Will Not Bow (1.50)Bisexual Haitian Superman journeys to Canada. No Erótico 01/31/10
I Will Remember You (3.50)Bisexual man remembers his first male and female lovers. Sexo en Grupo 08/01/06
Iblis: 2 Part Series
Iblis : I Bring You Hell! (1.38)Demon lord inhabits black Canadian university student. No Humano 05/21/13
Iblis Of The Djinn (2.83)Chronicles of the Afro-Arabian Demon King. No Humano 08/19/13
Ibrahim and Artemis (1.93)African man meets French BBW at Rideau Center. Amor Interracial 11/28/18
If Everyone Cared (1.60)Bisexual black man fights for justice and finds love. Parejas Eróticas 11/27/08
If I Ruled The Universe (2.36)What if a superhuman ruled the universe? Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/31/08
If I Ruled The World (1.50)Bisexual black male genius rules the world. No Erótico 01/13/09
If I Should Die Today (1.80)Black male genius prepares for death. No Erótico 02/21/09
If This World Were Mine (2.67)Angel is given dominion over Mankind. No Erótico 07/03/04
Immortal Brothers Of Carthage (3.61)Two African immortals war across the ages. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/18/15
In Defense Of Men (1.00)Bisexual black policeman defends Men's Rights. No Erótico 07/07/08
In Love And Defense of Christianity (1.86)African-American meets Japanese Christian lady. Amor Interracial 09/20/12
In Praise of Black Men (3.18)Jewish BBW discovers why Black men are special. Amor Interracial 09/09/09
In Praise of Strong Black Women (2.00)Black Canadian man finds the woman of his dreams. Parejas Eróticas 08/23/10
In Praise of Uncircumcised Men (3.72)Black woman prefers her man to be natural. Parejas Eróticas 01/20/08
In The End (3.52)Can anal sex cure women's bitchiness? Anal 12/17/07
Indian Dominatrix For Black Men (2.22)Indian female student meets Haitian guy in Calgary. Amor Interracial 12/25/13
Indian Girl 4 Bisexual Black Man (3.33)Indian woman meets a bisexual Somali swimmer. Amor Interracial 09/21/16
Indian Muslim Werewolf Princess (2.24)Haitian scholar meets Indian werewolf princess. No Humano 11/24/15
Indonesian Femdom for Black Men (x.xx)Ghanaian Muslim student meets Indonesian dominatrix. Amor Interracial 10/14/17
Indonesian Muslim Stripper (x.xx)Indonesian Muslim stripper dates a Haitian student. Amor Interracial 10/20/17
Indonesian Muslim Transsexual (x.xx)Indonesian transsexual tops a big Black man. Transexuales & Travesti 11/30/17
Indonesian Princess For Black Stud (2.05)Indonesian Muslim woman and black Texan in Toronto. Amor Interracial 09/23/13
Inhuman (2.38)Superhuman destroys human to save his species. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/24/08
International Anal Sex Day (2.85)Take the day off and celebrate anal sex! Anal 09/05/08
International Haitian Erotica: 2 Part Series
International Haitian Erotica (2.20)Quebec BBW and Haitian stud fuck Chinese students. Sexo en Grupo 02/25/11
International Haitian Erotica Deux (1.50)Quebec BBW strapons Haitian stud. Amor Interracial 02/26/11
Interracial Bisexual Orgy (3.68)Black men, White women, Black BBWs plus dildos. Sexo en Grupo 07/24/06
Interracial Couple Goes Bi! (x.xx)Irish wife cuckolds Jamaican hubby with Latino guy. Amor Interracial 10/20/17
Interracial Cuckold With A Twist (3.66)White man butt-fucks Black man's BBW wife. Amor Interracial 03/17/11
Interracial Cuckolding Twist (3.57)Black hubby and his white wife meet white Bull. Amor Interracial 05/12/17
Interracial Female Wrestling: 3 Part Series
Interracial Female Wrestling (3.67)Black girl faces off against White woman on the mat. Amor Interracial 06/17/10
Interracial Female Wrestling Ch. 02 (3.69)Adventures of young female wrestlers on the mat. Amor Interracial 06/18/10
Interracial Female Wrestling Club (3.68)White BBW wrestles Black Amazon on the mat. Amor Interracial 06/18/10
Interracial Love is Real Love (3.69)Black man who loves black women tries a white lady. Amor Interracial 09/06/10
Interracial Pegging: 6 Part Series
Interracial Pegging (2.13)White woman from Australian strapons Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 03/31/11
Interracial Pegging : Amen! (2.44)French Canadian woman strapons Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 04/09/11
Interracial Pegging Deux (2.70)Mature White BBW strapons married Black man. Amor Interracial 04/04/11
Interracial Pegging Trois (3.07)White plantation mistress strapons Black slave. Amor Interracial 04/04/11
Interracial Pegging: Female Giant (3.30)White woman with gigantism strapons black guy. Amor Interracial 04/12/11
Interracial Pegging: Revenge (3.18)White woman strapons cocky Black guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/22/11
Interracial Pegging Chronicles (x.xx)Blonde dominatrix pegs a macho black porn star. Amor Interracial 02/21/18
Inuit Femdom Revolution (2.82)Inuit dominatrix meets Nigerian student in Iqaluit. Amor Interracial 05/23/17
Inuit Ladies into Black Men (2.56)Afro-Barbadian student meets feisty Inuit woman. Amor Interracial 05/27/17
Invincible (2.40)The Life and Times of an Invulnerable Man. No Erótico 10/28/08
Iranian MILF into Haitian Men (3.42)Mature Iranian lady discovers virile Haitian men. Amor Interracial 03/08/17
Iranian Woman Into Haitian Men (2.70)Iranian Muslim woman is seduced by a black man. Amor Interracial 06/24/14
Iranian Women into Gambian Men (2.86)Curvy Nazanin falls for tall, dark Ahmad in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/04/17
Israeli Dominatrix For Arab Men (2.88)Israeli Dominatrix meets Saudi man in Ottawa, Ontario. Fetiche 11/29/11
Israeli Femdom 4 Muslim Slaves (3.36)Israeli dominatrix handles Somali guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/05/13
Israeli Woman Converts To Islam (1.62)Israeli female soldier falls for Saudi American man. Romances 11/20/11
Israeli Woman for Black Muslim Man (3.04)Israeli female submissive meets Black Muslim Master. Amor Interracial 01/17/12
Israeli Woman Soldier/Black Man (3.00)Black Canadian Muslim seduces Israeli female captain. Amor Interracial 04/12/12
Israeli Women into Black Men (3.10)Israeli Jewish woman meets Ethiopian stud in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/27/14
It's Ok To Be Black And Bisexual (1.29)A Haitian-American man's struggles in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 02/06/13
It's Tough Being a God (2.53)Black man discovers it's tough being a God. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/04/12
Jagdeep and Jalil on OC Transport (x.xx)Afro Guyanese and Sikh tomboy meet on Ottawa bus. Amor Interracial 01/26/18
Jagdeep Kahlon of Punjab (1.64)Haitian Muslim dates Sikh woman at Algonquin College. Amor Interracial 08/28/17
Jagdeep Kahlon of Punjab Ch. 02 (1.45)Sikh Indian woman hooks up with Haitian Muslim stud. Amor Interracial 09/01/17
Jamaican Femdom: Somali Muslim (2.00)Mistress Veronique Noir tames Faisal of Somalia. BDSM 10/12/18
Jamaican Women into Cuckolding (3.68)Jamaican dominatrix watches black boyfriend suck cock. Amor Interracial 03/03/17
Jamila Ajoku of Nigeria (x.xx)Haitian man eats Nigerian female booty at last. Parejas Eróticas 02/02/18
Janice Goetsch of South Africa (x.xx)South African beauty connects with Nigerian stud. Amor Interracial 12/22/17
Jannah Karangwa of Rwanda (x.xx)Rwandan MILF becomes a dominatrix in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 09/16/17
Japanese Femdom For Black Men (3.67)Haitian nerd dates a Japanese dominatrix. Amor Interracial 06/22/16
Japanese Tomboy For Black Stud (3.00)Growing up together in Ontario, they fell in love. Amor Interracial 09/23/13
Japanese Wife For Haitian Scholar (2.44)Haitian scholar and Japanese woman form a family. Amor Interracial 04/26/16
Jeannette Cameau of Haiti (x.xx)Haitian MILF pegs a strong Haitian man. Parejas Eróticas 03/22/18
Jerome Dunbar of Jamaica (2.47)Bisexual Jamaican stud discovers Big Asian Cocks. Amor Interracial 02/06/18
Jesslyn and Stephen in Ottawa (3.25)A black couple reconnects after a long absence. Parejas Eróticas 06/12/16
Jewish Women Need Anal Too (3.35)Jewish BBW encounters sexy black stud. Anal 09/08/08
Jewish Boys For Muslim Girls (2.38)Mauritanian woman falls for Jewish guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/29/14
Jewish Dominatrix For Arab King (2.97)Jewish dominatrix strapons the great Arab king. BDSM 05/25/12
Jewish Femdom For Somali King (2.10)Jewish dominatrix dates Somali guy. Amor Interracial 04/12/17
Jewish Girls For Haitian Boyz (2.12)Jewish Canadian woman meets Haitian guy in Toronto. Amor Interracial 08/21/14
Just Move Along (x.xx)Asian dominatrix stands up bisexual Black male friend. Amor Interracial 01/17/18
Kadini the Zulu Demon Ch. 01 (x.xx)Zulu warrior fights Angels and Demons in Boston. No Humano 02/23/18
Kal Owusu, King of London (x.xx)Biracial Muslim Londoner meets Black Amazon in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/26/18
Kalpana Vasudevan of Mumbai (2.71)Tamil Indian dominatrix meets a cocky Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 08/11/17
Kara Gravel The Library MILF (3.00)Haitian student meets horny white lady in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/20/17
Karima Jaber of Texas (x.xx)Texan redneck lesbian falls for Black Muslim woman. Amor Interracial 02/11/18
Katsumi Nakasone of Japan (x.xx)Transgender realtor fucks Black man & Filipina wife. Transexuales & Travesti 02/06/18
Keepers of the Universe (2.31)Black college supermen and women protect Earth. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/14/09
Kelly: Tomboy Goddess of Nepean (2.62)Haitian student falls for a very special lady. Amor Interracial 04/15/16
Kerry Ramping-Saad: Dykes! (3.52)Trinidadian Dominatrix explores Black Lesbianism. Sexo entre Lesbianas 06/17/18
Kiah The Black Goddess (2.65)Bisexual black guys worshipping Black Femdom. BDSM 12/04/14
Kiah: Your Black Mistress (x.xx)A Black Mistress actually into Black men. BDSM 05/19/18
Killing Angels For Sport (3.00)Magically enhanced Black warrior hunts fallen angels. No Erótico 10/29/12
Kindred (3.73)Bisexual woman falls for bisexual man. Sexo en Grupo 05/03/06
King of the Bisexual Black Nation (2.73)Ordinary black student becomes King of the Bisexuals. Sexo en Grupo 04/04/09
King of the Black Vampires (1.50)The rise of a bisexual black male vampire leader. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/06/08
King of The Demons (2.06)African man becomes Demon King and conquers world. No Humano 03/07/13
King of the Werewolves (3.38)Black woman meets King of the Werewolves. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/05/08
King of the Zombies (3.18)The origin of the Lord of the Undead. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/12/08
Kinky Black Love in Our World (3.33)Black woman straps it on for her Black man. Fetiche 08/21/10
Kinky Haitians Of Ottawa (1.80)The lives and loves of kinky Haitians. BDSM 11/24/15
Kinky Love in Black and White (2.81)Black man tries White girlfriend's strapon. Amor Interracial 12/03/09
Korean Girl Discovers Black Men (3.52)Korean lady meets Black American student in Canada. Amor Interracial 11/27/10
Korean Girls into Black Men (3.70)Asian girl and black boyfriend fight racism on campus. Amor Interracial 02/20/13
Lady Afaf Of Dammam (1.43)Saudi woman finds love with Haitian man in Canada. Amor Interracial 04/23/15
Lady Kia of Maryland (3.40)Samuel visits black dominatrix in Maryland. BDSM 02/16/17
Lady Kia of North Carolina (2.08)Haitian Trickster visits beloved African American gal. BDSM 11/04/18
Lamia: Arab Vampire Queen (2.56)Arab female vampire seduces a West African prince. No Humano 01/21/17
Land of Empowered Man-Haters (2.57)British man stands up for men's rights in America. No Erótico 10/17/08
Last Man Alive In Canada (3.29)Haitian man fights off Zombie Plague in Canada. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/15/15
Lebanese Christian Dominatrix (2.83)Lebanese Christian MILF librarian strapons Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 06/23/14
Lebanese Christian Woman: Shine! (1.94)A black man and an Arab woman fall in love. Amor Interracial 04/07/12
Lebanese Diva For Haitian Stud (1.30)Haitian guy and Lebanese girl connect in Montreal. Amor Interracial 01/18/13
Lebanese Femdom For Senegal Dude (2.80)Lebanese Christian dominatrix meets West African guy. Amor Interracial 01/28/15
Lebanese Girl For Black Stud (3.11)Black man meets Lebanese woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 07/29/12
Lebanese Girl Meets Black Stud (1.92)Lebanese woman meets Haitian man in Montreal. Amor Interracial 08/08/12
Lebanese Girls into Black Studs (1.33)Half Lebanese, half Dominican girl tries Haitian men. Amor Interracial 12/07/13
Lebanese Goddess for Black Stud (2.56)Black man rescues Lebanese woman from Arab. Amor Interracial 08/15/12
Lebanese MILFs In Ottawa (2.88)Djibouti college student meets Arab MILF in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 07/13/14
Lebanese Queen For Black Prince (1.78)Lebanese woman falls for Haitian man in Ontario. Amor Interracial 01/13/13
Lesbians Wear The Hijab Too (3.66)Two Somali Muslim women find love in Ottawa. Sexo entre Lesbianas 07/24/15
Let Me Be Your Undead Hero (3.38)Undead black man rescues woman from abusers. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/28/11
Lexington Steele Loves Strapons (3.45)Black Dominatrix strap-ons famous black porn star. Celebridades 09/26/10
Life Goes On My Brother! (2.55)Dumped by a black girl, a brother tries Latin women. Amor Interracial 08/13/13
Life of a Bi Guy (2.33)Black man chooses between Mexican gal and Black TS. Transexuales & Travesti 12/13/18
Lily and Richard (3.71)Older white BBW introduces him to kinky sex. Amor Interracial 07/06/06
Little Mogadishu Restaurant (x.xx)Somali MILF hires Haitian temptress as kitchen aide. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/02/17
Living On A Prayer (1.00)A Haitian immigrant's struggles in Ontario, Canada. No Erótico 02/06/13
Lord Noir: Prince of Kink (2.67)Haitian BDSM Master dominates bossy French woman. Amor Interracial 07/10/18
Lost Souls (3.09)White woman in trouble meets heroic black student. Amor Interracial 03/15/13
Loup Garou Family in Kanata (x.xx)Native woman and Haitian werewolf form a pack. No Humano 08/24/18
Love Beyond Black And White (2.88)A White hero saves a confused Black beauty. Amor Interracial 12/14/11
Love Thy Haitian Queen (x.xx)Haitian MILF seduces Antiguan stud in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 08/19/18
Love Within The Desert's Heart (2.86)Arab woman from Kuwait falls for black man. Amor Interracial 07/01/13
Loving A Maasai Warrior (3.73)Biracial woman from Toronto meets bushman in Kenya. Parejas Eróticas 06/17/13
Lubna: Emirati Arab MILF (x.xx)Somali stud bangs incarcerated Arab friend's mom. Amor Interracial 12/05/17
Lucifer: 6 Part Series
Lucifer Morningstar: Rise! (3.31)Lucifer Morningstar moves to Toronto from Hell. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/29/12
Lucifer Rising (3.38)Trapped in a human body, Lucifer returns to heaven. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/12/12
Lucifer Rising: A New Prince (3.58)Lucifer protects Earth from Heaven and Hell. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/13/12
Lucifer Versus You: Who Wins? (3.04)The Devil looks at Jews, Christians and Muslims. No Humano 03/24/12
Lucifer: I Apologize To You (3.35)Lucifer apologizes to mankind for what he's done. No Humano 05/19/12
Lucifer: I'm Sorry For Everything (3.58)A look inside the mind of a fallen angel. No Humano 02/10/13
Lucifer Rising: 2 Part Series
Lucifer Rising (3.38)Trapped in a human body, Lucifer returns to heaven. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/12/12
Lucifer Rising: A New Prince (3.58)Lucifer protects Earth from Heaven and Hell. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/13/12
Lucifer's Angel: 5 Part Series
Lucifer's Angel (2.67)Lucifer's Angel comes to earth to claim a soul. No Humano 10/30/11
Lucifer's Angel Falls in Love (3.59)Black Angel falls in love with white lady in Boston. No Humano 10/21/11
Lucifer's Angel: Kicking Ass (3.67)Biracial street fighter becomes Lucifer's Angel. No Humano 03/16/12
Lucifer's Angel: Lebanese Girl (1.60)Lebanese Christian woman dates Lucifer. No Humano 06/17/12
Lucifer's Angel: Tough Girl (2.58)The archangel Michael's daughter stops Lucifer. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/02/11
Lucifer's Angels At Work (3.08)Lucifer's Angels put in a full day's work. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 04/22/12
Lucifer's Apology To Mankind (3.44)Lucifer fights Heaven's angels to save Mankind. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 05/31/12
Lucifer's Final Redemption (3.09)Lucifer battles angels and demons to save mankind. No Humano 05/06/13
Lucifer's Son: Armageddon Now (3.00)Lucifer's son Pride fights against Heaven and Hell. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/13/12
Lycanthrope Tales (3.65)Coming of age story of young Lycanthropes. No Humano 06/21/04
Macho Man Handles Female Stalker (3.20)The strong man overcomes woman's challenges. Anal 12/07/07
Mad Women (2.40)The truth about women at last. No Erótico 08/30/08
Mad World (3.00)The life and times of a twisted genius. No Erótico 08/03/08
Madeena Wardak of Afghanistan (x.xx)Black American stud seduces Afghan Muslim gal. Amor Interracial 05/09/18
Madina Agarwal of Gujrat City (x.xx)Pakistani Muslim woman falls for Black American man. Amor Interracial 01/05/18
Maimuna The Somali MILF: 7 Part Series
Maimuna The Somali MILF (2.06)Haitian stud mesmerized by Somali woman in Ottawa. Romances 02/21/15
Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 02 (1.50)Tall Somali MILF fantasizes about young Haitian guy. Juguetes & Mastubación 02/23/15
Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 03 (2.20)Somali MILF and younger Haitian boyfriend in love. Parejas Eróticas 02/24/15
Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 04 (2.73)Somali MILF comforts Haitian lover in Ottawa. Anal 02/25/15
Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 05 (1.60)Somali MILF dominates younger Haitian boyfriend. Fetiche 02/26/15
Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 06 (1.60)Somali MILF and Haitian lover visit Gatineau, Quebec. Parejas Eróticas 02/27/15
Maimuna The Somali MILF Ch. 07 (3.00)Tall Somali MILF meets Haitian lover's family. Parejas Eróticas 02/28/15
Maimuna, The Somali Feminist (2.60)Somali feminist has encounter with a Haitian stud. Parejas Eróticas 05/01/16
Maitresse Joanna of Ottawa (2.56)French Canadian MILF dominates a Haitian student. Amor Interracial 03/16/17
Maitresse Melanie Du Quebec (1.69)African American student dates mature Quebec mistress. Amor Interracial 08/25/18
Maitresse Wendy De Jacmel (3.00)Haitian dominatrix cures sub's erectile dysfunction. Parejas Eróticas 08/16/17
Male Bisexuality In West Africa (3.19)Nigerian dominatrix plays with hubby and a friend. BDSM 03/16/16
Male Domination (3.68)Widow meets a strong and masculine youth. Maduro 07/26/06
Male Sociopath (3.67)Erotic adventures of a man without a conscience. Parejas Eróticas 10/13/06
Malik The Vampire Prince (3.25)The life and times of a Senegalese vampire. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 01/10/16
Malika, Stephen & Yassin (x.xx)Bisexual Haitian bangs Nigerian stud & Muslim MILF. Sexo en Grupo 01/23/18
Man is Superior to Woman (1.83)Male genius challenges university and wins. Anal 12/07/07
Man Of The Future (3.35)A celebration of the race created to kick cosmic butt. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 07/31/07
Man of the House (3.52)Female CEO finds out who's really the boss. BDSM 07/24/07
Man To Wolf (3.70)Ordinary guy learns his secret heritage. No Humano 05/02/05
Man's Spirit (3.57)The hidden power inside every man. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/09/06
Manal Assad of Morocco (x.xx)Haitian student clashes with a bossy Moroccan Hijabi. Amor Interracial 03/27/18
Manou & Stephen: Happy Together (3.33)Black Amazon and bisexual Haitian guy in Miami. Parejas Eróticas 09/14/14
Mariam And Elijah In Ottawa (2.14)Jamaican student seduces Somali Hijabi in Ottawa. Romances 11/13/14
Mariam and Rashid in Texas (2.12)Lebanese-Canadian woman connects with black Texan. Amor Interracial 03/31/14
Mariam Aoun of Lebanon (x.xx)Lebanese Christian woman tutors a Haitian student. Amor Interracial 04/04/18
Mariam Hanaffi Buys A Strap-on! (2.75)Somali BBW Hijabi strap-ons Haitian boyfriend. Fetiche 01/27/15
Mariam Hanaffi Does Anal! (3.16)Somali BBW Hijabi tries anal with Haitian lover. Anal 01/27/15
Mariam Hanaffi Of Somalia (1.80)Students from opposite faiths meet in Ottawa. Romances 01/28/15
Mariam Sungkar of Indonesia (x.xx)Nigerian Muslim heir dates an Indonesian Hijabi. Amor Interracial 10/05/17
Mark Davis Tops Nyomi Banxxx! (2.94)Porn legend Nyomi Banxxx anal submission. Celebridades 12/06/11
Masculinity and College Sports (3.73)Football stud discovers a new side to himself. Hombre Homosexual 07/24/07
Masculinity And Power (3.33)Football stud discovers special talents and admirers. Anal 07/24/07
Masculinity in American Colleges (2.43)America's young men speak out. No Erótico 11/09/07
Masculinity In Tough Times (3.50)He stays strong and overcomes the odds. Parejas Eróticas 07/26/07
Masculinity Throughout Time (2.44)College stud defies social norms. Anal 07/24/07
Master Onyx of Atlanta (3.50)Spelman College sister tames a strong Morehouse man. BDSM 01/04/17
Masuma Assad Khalid (x.xx)African American guy meets Muslim female activist. Amor Interracial 06/20/18
Mature Black Mama & Black Girl (3.29)Mature Black woman dominates tough Black girl. Sexo entre Lesbianas 08/09/09
Maximum Security (3.26)Police officer loses her anal virginity. Anal 08/24/06
Meet The Haitian Goddess: 3 Part Series
Meet The Haitian Goddess (1.67)Arrogant Haitian-American meets tough Haitian tomboy. No Erótico 03/15/11
Meet The Haitian Goddess Deux (1.00)Haitian-American stud handles Haitian tomboy. No Erótico 03/16/11
Meet the Haitian Goddess Trois (1.00)Haitian tomboy defies macho Haitian-American. No Erótico 03/26/11
Meet The Ottawa Strapon Queen (1.50)Calgary redneck woman strapons Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 02/26/13
Meisa Ozawa of Japan (2.61)Jamaican stud and Japanese gal clash in military. Amor Interracial 09/13/18
Men at Work (1.71)How real men get through the everyday. No Erótico 12/10/07
Men Rule the World (3.48)Strong man takes new city by storm. Anal 07/20/07
Men's Colleges in America (3.00)The adventures of a college football player. No Erótico 10/18/07
Men's Rights: 5 Part Series
Men's Rights Activism in America (2.15)A Feminist learns the error of her ways. No Erótico 10/23/07
Men's Rights Activist in America (1.00)The adventures of a male activist in America. No Erótico 12/06/08
Men's Rights Activist in College (2.17)Athletic director sticks up for college men. No Erótico 08/01/07
Men's Rights Champions (1.60)Black male genius defends college men's rights. No Erótico 01/11/09
Men's Rights: Why I Fight (3.30)The life and times of a Men's Rights Activist. No Erótico 08/26/08
Merila Teymourian of Iran (x.xx)Iranian Christian MILF and Black husband reconnect. Amor Interracial 03/15/18
Mermaids And Wolf Men in Miami (3.60)Mermaid meets Haitian werewolf in Miami. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/18/15
Mermaids versus Zombies (x.xx)Mermaids face the Zombie Apocalypse. No Humano 05/18/18
Mermen and Wolf Girls In Miami (3.23)Japanese female werewolf meets Haitian mutant. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/31/15
Midget Man Tames Tall Girls (3.05)WNBA ladies tamed by well-endowed Midget guys. Sexo en Grupo 08/29/12
Military Man (2.35)Military man meets wonderful woman while on leave. BDSM 10/06/07
Minorities Rule Tomorrow's America (1.68)Blacks, Asians & Latinos replace WASP regime. No Erótico 04/16/09
Mister Africa Comes To Ottawa (2.11)Haitian woman seduces man from Swaziland. Primera Vez 04/29/12
Mistress Afaf Al-Saud (2.93)Saudi Arabian Muslim dominatrix seduces Black husband. BDSM 10/11/15
Mistress Africa's Den (3.06)Haitian scholar visits a Black British Dominatrix. BDSM 07/20/16
Mistress Aminata Kanu's Dungeon (x.xx)Black Muslim dominatrix tames Black Muslim sissies. Transexuales & Travesti 01/11/18
Mistress Antebellum of Alabama (x.xx)Alabaman dominatrix entertains Somali Canadian student. Amor Interracial 11/18/17
Mistress Asma of Libya (3.33)Libyan Muslim dominatrix handles a Haitian stud. Amor Interracial 03/19/17
Mistress Ayaan Of Somalia (2.43)Somali Muslim woman becomes a dominatrix in Ottawa. BDSM 04/26/15
Mistress Bhatti of Nepean (3.38)Indian Muslim dominatrix entertains a Black male. Amor Interracial 04/10/17
Mistress Bhatti of Nepean Ch. 02 (x.xx)Haitian Muslim stud dominates an Indian dominatrix. Amor Interracial 02/24/18
Mistress Bianca Belier of Haiti (x.xx)Haitian dominatrix pegs a macho Jamaican man. BDSM 09/21/17
Mistress Chelsea Of Walmart (3.42)Black man meets a nerdy black dominatrix in Ottawa. BDSM 12/20/16
Mistress Christy of Calgary (x.xx)Calgary dominatrix dates Black lawyer in Boston. Amor Interracial 11/22/17
Mistress Dolores of Barcelona (1.62)Jamaican-Canadian stud meets Spanish dominatrix. Amor Interracial 08/20/18
Mistress Donna of Jamaica (3.32)A day in the life of a sexy Black transsexual diva. Transexuales & Travesti 01/08/17
Mistress Farhiyo of Ottawa (1.69)Somali Muslim female student becomes a dominatrix. BDSM 12/19/15
Mistress Geraldine of Boston (x.xx)Haitian dominatrix entertains Black and Latin guys. Amor Interracial 12/23/17
Mistress Geraldine of Dorchester (1.60)Butch Haitian lady becomes dominatrix in Massachusetts. Sexo en Grupo 08/08/18
Mistress Gladys of Rwanda (3.45)Rwandan MILF dominates a brother from her church. BDSM 01/04/17
Mistress Habesha of Ethiopia (2.60)Ethiopian dominatrix tames Saudi man in Montreal. Amor Interracial 11/13/12
Mistress Haram of Congo (2.50)Congolese Muslim dominatrix tames a Senegal stud. BDSM 06/15/17
Mistress Hargeisa of Edmonton (2.00)Somali dominatrix pegs Guinean Muslim man. Fetiche 06/27/18
Mistress Karangwa of Uganda (2.83)Uganda MILF dominates a cocky Haitian student. Parejas Eróticas 05/01/17
Mistress Kerry Ramping-Saad (2.50)Afro-Trinidadian Dominatrix for Black men in Atlanta. BDSM 06/16/18
Mistress Khadija of Yemen (2.00)Yemeni woman becomes a dominatrix and dates black guy. Amor Interracial 09/15/15
Mistress Kia Versus Samuel X! (2.20)Mistress Kia dominates Samuel Xavier at last. BDSM 06/04/15
Mistress Lily Of Ottawa (3.62)Mature white woman and black friend explore race play. Amor Interracial 07/26/15
Mistress Loretta Of Ghana (2.68)Haitian stud falls for Ghanaian dominatrix in Ottawa. BDSM 12/21/15
Mistress Lorna of Jacksonville (x.xx)Black Canadian stud blackmails blonde Southern Prof. Amor Interracial 01/09/18
Mistress Madina Ali of Somalia (x.xx)Somali dominatrix tames Haitian guy in Ottawa. BDSM 12/28/17
Mistress Malaika of Senegal (x.xx)Senegalese Muslim dominatrix trains Haitian student. BDSM 10/29/17
Mistress Meifen of Taiwan (2.14)Chinese female student dominates Jamaican boyfriend. Amor Interracial 04/21/17
Mistress Monique Of Kenya (1.75)Kenyan dominatrix tames Haitian guy in Ottawa. BDSM 10/09/15
Mistress Navita of Barrhaven (2.80)Haitian security guard meets bossy Indian MILF. Amor Interracial 10/28/17
Mistress Nazirah Of Dubai (3.44)Arab dominatrix spanks Black executive in Dubai. Amor Interracial 05/03/15
Mistress Noor Bashir of NYC (x.xx)Black Muslim dominatrix meets a Haitian Rasta. Parejas Eróticas 09/08/17
Mistress Noor of Dubai (x.xx)Emirati Muslim dominatrix meets Black businessman. Amor Interracial 04/03/18
Mistress Noor of Mauritania (x.xx)Mauritanian dominatrix meets bisexual Somali men. Sexo en Grupo 01/06/18
Mistress Pardeep of Pakistan (2.17)Pakistani dominatrix meets Black American executive. Amor Interracial 08/04/17
Mistress Rana Ali of Kuwait (x.xx)Kuwaiti Muslim woman dominates biracial husband. Amor Interracial 11/03/17
Mistress Raven Black (2.54)Haitian-Canadian dominatrix's life in Montreal. BDSM 10/18/18
Mistress Sana'a of Yemen (x.xx)Yemeni Muslim dominatrix entertains Djibouti immigrant. Amor Interracial 11/17/17
Mistress Shay Noir: 2 Part Series
Mistress Shay Noir (1.67)Biracial Muslim dominatrix rules the City of Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 08/31/16
Mistress Shay Noir of Ottawa (3.44)Biracial Muslim dominatrix fists a Nigerian diplomat. Amor Interracial 08/31/16
Mistress Soleil of Vanier (x.xx)Haitian dominatrix introduces Black man to kink. BDSM 11/04/17
Mistress Taslima of Angola (2.44)Angolan Muslim dominatrix meets Mozambican sub. BDSM 06/28/18
Mistress Wahida of Ivory Coast (3.00)Ivorian Muslim wife dominates her traditional husband. Parejas Eróticas 06/18/17
Mistress Wahidat Of Somalia (2.27)Somali dominatrix strapons African American slave. BDSM 07/03/13
Mistress Wendy: Tigress of Jacmel (3.20)Haitian dominatrix tames a big Caribbean dude. BDSM 05/24/15
Mistress Whitney of Ottawa (x.xx)Bisexual Haitian man misses his dominatrix. Amor Interracial 09/28/17
Mona Gamal of Coptic Egypt (x.xx)Egyptian Christian beauty marries man from Antigua. Amor Interracial 04/06/18
Mona the Somali MILF (2.00)Somali MILF seduces a bisexual Haitian student. Sexo en Grupo 05/03/16
Mongoose Princess And Snake God (2.50)Ethiopian female superhero fights evil forces in Canada. No Humano 10/25/11
Mongoose Princess and Snake Gods (3.08)Genetically engineered superwoman fights ancient evil. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/15/13
Monsters Like You and Me (3.11)Somali superman meets Turkish woman in Montreal. No Humano 01/30/13
Moor King and German Amazon (2.25)Black Muslim marries German Amazon in Moorish Spain. Amor Interracial 02/11/13
More Than Human (3.73)Half-breed hero fights monsters to save mankind. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/23/13
Mormon Dominatrix for Muslims (1.79)African Muslim student meets sexy Mormon dominatrix. Amor Interracial 01/10/19
Mormon Dominatrix In Ontario (2.36)Mormon woman dominates married Muslim friend. Amor Interracial 04/27/14
Mormon Girls For Black Men (2.05)Mormon missionary meets black man in Toronto. Amor Interracial 03/30/14
Mormon Girls for Muslim Guys (2.96)Somali man bangs Mormon chick in Detroit. Amor Interracial 02/03/14
Mormon Girls Wear Strapons Too! (3.41)Haitian guy confronts white dominatrix in Ontario. Amor Interracial 04/27/14
Mr. BBC is Totally Bisexual (x.xx)Black dominatrix and white guy entertain Mr. BBC. Transexuales & Travesti 02/20/18
Mr. BBC's Bisexual Confessions (x.xx)Black male/white female couple tops BW/WM couple. Amor Interracial 12/22/17
Mr. James Wong of Ottawa (2.04)Bisexual Asian man, White wife and Somali man. Amor Interracial 09/05/18
Muno and Ali in Kanata (2.00)Somali gal and Jamaican man in Kanata, Ontario. Parejas Eróticas 10/26/18
Muslim Bisexuality: 5 Part Series
Muslim Bisexuality: It's My Life (2.00)Afro-Arabian Muslim man's adventures in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/19/13
Muslim Bisexuality: My Wife! (2.50)Bisexual Somali guy meets Mogadishu dominatrix. Fetiche 04/16/13
Muslim Bisexuality: Numb (2.00)A look at a bisexual Black Muslim man's life. Sexo en Grupo 03/30/13
Muslim Bisexuality: Roughnecks (1.57)Life, religion and sexuality as seen through his eyes. Amor Interracial 04/15/13
Muslim Bisexuality: Threesomes (3.50)Somali guy hooks up with Moroccan couple in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 04/02/13
Muslim Couple's Fearless Passion (2.43)Somali man comes home to his bossy wife. Parejas Eróticas 07/20/16
Muslim Dominatrix with Strapon (2.38)Hijab-wearing Indian lady strapons Somali slave. Amor Interracial 01/26/13
Muslim Dykes Association (x.xx)Feisty Latina seduces Somali Muslim lesbian. Amor Interracial 10/10/17
Muslim Dykes In Ottawa (3.60)Somali Muslim lesbian dates Latina BBW in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 07/01/15
Muslim Dykes Of Ottawa (2.36)The life and times of Muslim lesbians in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/30/15
Muslim Erotica (2.86)Saudi Arabian Muslim woman meets Haitian stud. Amor Interracial 03/09/11
Muslim Girl Loves Christian Boy (2.56)Saudi woman falls for Black student in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 08/18/12
Muslim Girls into Bisexual Men (3.40)Somali Hijabi dates bisexual man at Carleton U. Parejas Eróticas 02/13/17
Muslim Girls Masturbate Too! (3.09)Saudi woman in Ottawa discovers porn and toys! Juguetes & Mastubación 06/23/13
Muslim Lesbian Ass Fisting Fun (3.69)Bisexual Somali chick fisting Lebanese lady friend. Amor Interracial 09/17/14
Muslim Lesbian Connection (2.13)Saudi female officer confronts White female thief. Amor Interracial 03/22/16
Muslim Lesbian Love Stories (3.53)Somali lesbian dates a Jewish woman in Minnesota. Amor Interracial 03/18/16
Muslim Lesbian Mothers (2.79)Moroccan Muslim woman falls for white policewoman. Amor Interracial 02/22/13
Muslim Lesbian Nerd Diary (2.07)Biracial Muslim gal explores her lust for women. Amor Interracial 09/16/15
Muslim Lesbian Romance (3.25)Indian Muslim gal meets Nigerian Muslim beauty. Sexo entre Lesbianas 02/21/13
Muslim Lesbians In Ottawa (3.31)Lebanese lesbian sleeps with Jamaican businesswoman. Amor Interracial 06/15/15
Muslim Lesbians In Toronto (2.94)Somali lesbian seduces bossy Saudi gal in Toronto. Sexo entre Lesbianas 12/21/14
Muslim Lesbians of Albania (2.50)Albanian Muslim woman seduces Jamaican girlfriend. Amor Interracial 03/07/15
Muslim Lesbians of Barrhaven (2.91)Jamaican tomboy and biracial Hijabi fall in love. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/25/16
Muslim Lesbians Of Boston (2.50)Turkish woman falls for Somali chick in Boston. Amor Interracial 03/04/15
Muslim Lesbians of Chechnya (3.44)Chechen Muslim woman seduces Haitian female friend. Amor Interracial 03/07/15
Muslim Lesbians Of Edmonton (3.25)Somali Muslim lesbian's coming out experience. Amor Interracial 03/12/15
Muslim Lesbians Of Montreal (3.33)Ethiopian tomboy falls for sexy Egyptian professor. Amor Interracial 03/05/15
Muslim Lesbians of Oman (2.00)Omani Arab lesbian seduces biracial tomboy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/12/15
Muslim Lesbians Of Ottawa (2.33)Somali lesbian student falls for Lebanese classmate. Amor Interracial 03/04/15
Muslim Lesbians Of Saudi Arabia (1.50)Saudi Arabian lesbian seduces biracial tomboy. Amor Interracial 03/13/15
Muslim Male Bisexuality (2.17)A bisexual black Muslim man's life and loves. Sexo en Grupo 09/22/16
Muslim Master & Black Feminist (2.55)Somali Master tames Jamaican feminist. BDSM 02/05/17
Muslim Men Like Femdom Too (2.00)African Muslim student dates Quebec dominatrix. Amor Interracial 03/30/16
Muslim Men Like Strapons Too (2.20)Biracial dominatrix strapons Somali man in Ottawa. Fetiche 05/22/12
Muslim Men Love Shemales Too (3.71)Black transsexual marries Arab man. Transexuales & Travesti 06/22/12
Muslim Romance In Toronto (2.00)Moroccan woman dates Haitian guy in Toronto. Amor Interracial 10/06/14
Muslim Science Fiction Saga (2.20)Somali Muslim meets Asian genetic superwoman. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/24/14
Muslim Slave 4 Christian Goddess (2.75)White woman strapons Sudanese man in Ottawa. Fetiche 01/16/13
Muslim Women and Bisexual Guys (3.00)Arab woman experiments with guys in Ottawa, Ontario. Sexo en Grupo 11/27/12
Muslim Women Dating Christian Men (1.80)Turkish woman falls for Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/11/13
Muslim Women Like Strapons Too (2.74)Saudi lesbian seduces biracial Christian dyke. Amor Interracial 05/22/12
Muslim Women Love Christian Men (2.50)Saudi woman falls for African-American at university. Amor Interracial 05/25/12
Muslim Women With Strapons Rule (2.08)Muslim leader and wife experiment with strapons. BDSM 12/05/12
Mutant At The End Of The World (3.73)Mutated Nigerian joins Arab gal post-Apocalypse. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 06/18/15
My Bitch is Black: 5 Part Series
My Bitch is Black (3.39)Black man discovers anal fun with ghetto BBW. Anal 01/12/08
My Bitch is Black Ch. 02 (3.73)Policewoman is seduced by black prostitute. Sexo entre Lesbianas 01/21/08
My Bitch is Black Ch. 03 (3.61)Black man gets strap-on surprise from woman. Anal 01/22/08
My Bitch is Black Ch. 04 (3.55)Black man has good time with MILF. Anal 01/23/08
My Bitch is Black Ch. 05 (3.22)Big Black Woman meets Big Black Man. Anal 01/23/08
My Black Transsexual Goddess (3.10)Bisexual black man meets hot tranny in Ottawa. Transexuales & Travesti 02/18/13
My Doctor is a Vampire (2.71)Somali female Vampire meets a hunky black physician. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/18/17
My Egyptian MILF Goddess (3.48)Haitian student dates Egyptian MILF in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 07/19/15
My Fallen Archangel (3.64)Life and times of a fallen Archangel in Ontario. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/26/16
My Favorite Stalker (2.83)Ghanaian dominatrix handles her Haitian stalker. Fetiche 07/16/17
My First Black Princess (3.45)Japanese nerd seduces butch Haitian lesbian. Sexo entre Lesbianas 07/04/10
My Haitian Boyfriend Is Bisexual (3.71)She discovers her boyfriend's bisexuality. Anal 03/27/06
My Indian Muslim Princess (2.82)Senegal man comforts a very special lady. Amor Interracial 11/16/14
My Indonesian Muslim Policewoman (x.xx)Ethiopian diplomat rescued by Indonesian policewoman. Amor Interracial 10/18/17
My Japanese Muslim Princess (2.04)Japanese Muslim lady meets Jamaican guy in Toronto. Amor Interracial 10/27/15
My Moroccan Goddess (2.40)Biracial guy dates foxy Moroccan lady in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/21/15
My Own Personal Bitch (3.52)Strong Black woman gets anally dominated. Anal 02/05/08
My Pakistani Muslim MILF (x.xx)African American stud meets Pakistani lady in T.O. Amor Interracial 10/28/17
My Persian Romance in Ottawa (2.89)Iranian woman dates Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/25/17
My Planet is Black (2.43)A black woman's fantastic adventures. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/14/09
My Redneck Zombie Huntress (2.79)Redneck woman and Somali man fight zombies. No Humano 01/26/17
My Saudi Goddess Likes Black Men (2.81)Inside the Saint Laurent Mall, two workers make love. Amor Interracial 10/23/13
My Saudi Goddess Loves Black Men (2.52)Black man and Saudi heiress connect in Montreal. Amor Interracial 10/21/13
My Saudi Romance (2.57)Jamaican student meets Saudi woman at the Mall. Amor Interracial 06/05/15
My Sexy Mature Hijabi (2.46)Mature Somalian woman meets Italian man. Amor Interracial 03/05/12
My Somali Hijabi MILF Goddess (2.50)Somali Hijabi helps a Jamaican refugee in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 06/09/17
My Somali Lesbian Romance (2.82)Somali woman falls for Aboriginal tomboy in Calgary. Sexo entre Lesbianas 07/30/13
My South African Tomboy (3.25)Afro-Caribbean man dates white woman from South Africa. Amor Interracial 11/23/13
My Standard of Beauty: 4 Part Series
My Standard of Beauty: Black Chick (2.50)Haitian Canadian student seduces Somalian MILF. Anal 07/22/10
My Standard of Beauty: Black Girls (2.33)Bisexual guys meet sexy Black Canadian woman. Sexo en Grupo 07/19/10
My Standard of Beauty: Black MILF (2.67)Mature Black Dominatrix strapons Black student. BDSM 07/21/10
My Standard of Beauty: Black Women (2.95)Black male student has first time with Black MILF. Primera Vez 07/20/10
My Superman is Black Tonight (2.40)African-American soldier becomes superhero in Ontario. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 11/13/12
My Wife is Dumb (3.00)In the future, it pays to be a sociopath. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/05/08
My Zombie Romance (3.50)Black nerd and his zombie girlfriend's days in Ottawa. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/20/16
Nabila Yassin of Yemen (x.xx)South Sudanese scholar meets Yemeni gal in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/16/17
Nadege The Haitian Cuckoldress (3.70)Haitian woman cuckolds her bi-curious husband. Sexo en Grupo 07/24/15
Nadia Abdelhamid of Morocco (x.xx)Moroccan female professor hooks up with Haitian stud. Amor Interracial 03/29/18
Nadia El-Fattah of Yemen (2.60)Haitian student is dating a Yemeni Muslim MILF. Amor Interracial 11/12/17
Nadia Ghaffar of South Sudan (x.xx)Egyptian Muslim woman falls for South Sudan stud. Amor Interracial 04/05/18
Nagisa Michio of Tokyo (2.60)African American executive meets feisty Japanese gal. Amor Interracial 09/13/18
Nagla and Fatouma at Walmart (2.75)Afghan lesbian Hijabi is seduced by a Gambian tomboy. Amor Interracial 07/12/17
Nagla the Afghan Hijabi (2.56)Somali security guard bangs Afghan cutie in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/14/17
Nana and Rasha in Ottawa (x.xx)Indian gal falls for a tall Somali Hijabi. Amor Interracial 04/15/18
Naughty Hijab Girls In Ottawa (2.78)Syrian woman hooks up with sexy Somalis in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 03/05/13
Navajo Indian Werewolf Princess (3.71)Navajo female werewolf meets black man in Houston. No Humano 01/13/17
Navigating The New Divide (1.00)One author's view on our world. Revisiones & Ensayos 09/25/09
Nazanin Hessabi of Iran (x.xx)Afro-Trinidadian man meets Iranian female barber. Amor Interracial 03/16/18
Neha Kaur of Toronto (2.44)Sikh woman takes African American stud to the mall. Amor Interracial 08/10/17
Never Say Never (3.48)Beautiful Black nerd falls for White athlete. Amor Interracial 12/02/11
Nice Girls Don't Get Laid (3.42)Somebody had to write a story like this. Primera Vez 04/27/06
Nice Guy Syndrome? Nope! (x.xx)Black gentleman leaves ghetto gal for white lady. Amor Interracial 01/09/18
Nice Jewish Girls for Black Men (3.44)Jewish gal meets African-American stud in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/08/14
Nigerian Femdom 4 Jamaican Men (1.75)Jolene Ajoku of Nigeria tames Elliott of Jamaica. BDSM 09/05/18
Nigerian Muslim Dominatrix (1.67)Nigerian Muslim sister dates Haitian guy in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 07/05/15
Nigerian Vampire Files (2.36)Biracial stud meets beautiful Lebanese vampire. No Humano 08/11/18
No More Black Women (1.76)Fed up with angry Black women, he tries something new. Amor Interracial 02/24/11
No Son of Mine: An Arab Tale (3.17)Bisexual Arab man comes out and finds lovely woman. Parejas Eróticas 08/19/11
Note To Black Women & White Men (1.86)Black men will rule the universe in the near future. No Erótico 11/02/11
Nouzha Boussaid of Morocco (x.xx)Moroccan Hijabi falls for Antigua Muslim stud. Amor Interracial 03/29/18
Nova Scotia Women Into Black Men (3.06)White girl from N.S. meets broken-hearted Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 07/26/14
Numb (3.70)What happens when a good man has a broken heart. No Erótico 12/11/07
Nyomi Banxxx Strapon Justin Slayer (2.31)Nyomi Banxxx strapons Justin Slayer. Celebridades 05/06/12
Nyomi Banxxx Strapon Lex Steele (3.10)Nyomi Banxxx dominates Lexington Steele with strapon. Celebridades 05/16/12
Nyomi Banxxx Strapon Wesley Pipes (3.50)Nyomi Banxxx strapons porn icon Wesley Pipes. Celebridades 05/18/12
Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Brian Pumper (3.24)Black Dominatrix strapons famous Black Pornstar. Celebridades 10/21/11
Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Byron Long (2.12)Sexy black dominatrix tames black porn legend. Celebridades 10/28/11
Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Mr. Marcus (2.24)Black dominatrix strapons arrogant black. Celebridades 10/24/11
Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Shane Diesel (3.13)Nyomi Banxxx dominates Shane Diesel with strapon. Celebridades 05/20/12
Obedient Muslim Wives (2.21)Somali preacher finally tries wife's strap-on. Parejas Eróticas 10/08/13
OC Transpo Blues (2.31)Ethiopian man and Japanese woman meet on the bus. Amor Interracial 06/21/16
Odd Man Versus Sociopaths (2.15)Genetic twist gives man ability to spot Sociopaths. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 03/19/09
Ode to Domina Scorpio: 6 Part Series
Ode to Domina Scorpio: Anal (2.83)Black male writer seduces his number one fan! Fetiche 04/02/12
Ode to Domina Scorpio: Darkness (2.00)Female fan unleashes reclusive author's dark side. Parejas Eróticas 04/28/12
Ode To Domina Scorpio: Owner (3.00)Aquarius King dominates and breaks down Scorpio lady. Fetiche 05/06/12
Ode To Domina Scorpio: Punish (1.82)Black writer punishes his sexy female fan! Fetiche 04/16/12
Ode to Domina Scorpio: Queen (3.60)Black male writer is dominated by sexy female fan. Fetiche 03/24/12
Ode To Domina Scorpio: Revenge (1.67)Aquarius King destroys Domina Scorpio. Sexo en Grupo 10/12/12
Of Black Men And Super Powers (2.25)Mixed-race man from Montreal becomes hero in Boston. No Humano 02/07/12
Of Black Men And Time Travel (3.12)Black men from 21st century America travel to the past. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/01/11
Of Black Women And Angels (3.52)Angel rescues Black woman in 1840s Massachusetts. No Humano 02/02/12
Of Men and Boys (3.50)Men and women can be victims of it. No Erótico 01/01/05
Ojibwe Women into Black Men (2.82)Ojibwe Indian landlady seduces her Jamaican tenant. Amor Interracial 05/31/17
Omani Arab Lady For Black Men (1.60)Omani Arab princess falls for Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 01/31/14
Open Your Heart: 2 Part Series
Open Your Heart (3.39)Shy young black intellectual meets Canadian beauty. Amor Interracial 01/15/12
Open Your Heart Ch. 02 (2.25)Black intellectual and white girl are happy together. Amor Interracial 01/16/12
Ottawa Escort Chronicles: 2 Part Series
Ottawa Escort Chronicles (3.38)Blonde cutie Amy strap-on fucks a big black man. Amor Interracial 04/12/15
Ottawa Escort Chronicles Ch. 02 (2.00)African dominatrix pegs shy Haitian student. BDSM 04/21/15
Ottawa Muslim Sex Diaries (2.39)Muslim beauty meets tall, dark and handsome stud. Amor Interracial 12/17/15
Ottawa's Bisexual Black Men (x.xx)French Canadian couple entertains bisexual black men. Amor Interracial 10/20/17
Our Afro-Arabian Romance (1.00)Haitian man and Syrian wife face adversity in Toronto. Amor Interracial 02/11/13
Our Somali Goddess In Ottawa (1.00)Somali woman rescues Haitian-Canadian businessman. Parejas Eróticas 11/26/14
Oz: Adebisi Bangs Claire Howell (3.17)Nigerian super gangster Adebisi bangs Claire Howell. Celebridades 05/14/15
Pakistan Dominatrix 4 Black Men (2.42)Jamaican student meets bossy Pakistani bitch. Amor Interracial 10/05/14
Pakistani Femdom For Somali Man (3.64)Pakistani housewife strap-ons Somali husband. Amor Interracial 01/19/15
Pakistani Girls For Somali Boys (2.80)Pakistani college woman dates Somali guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 02/14/14
Pakistani Goddess For Zulu King (2.00)Black man and Pakistani woman connect in Johannesburg. Amor Interracial 09/07/13
Pakistani Tomboy And Black Man (3.27)African-American soldier falls for Pakistani farm woman. Amor Interracial 05/21/13
Pakistani Wife for Haitian Man (2.41)Pakistani woman marries Haitian man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/17/16
Passionate Times at Carleton U (2.86)Biracial temptress seduces black guys at Carleton U. Sexo en Grupo 09/17/16
Patriarch of the Vampire Race (3.08)Nubian Prince creates Race of vampires in ancient Africa. No Humano 09/24/10
Paula Deen Loves Her Chocolate (3.37)Paula Deen explores her hidden lust for black men. Celebridades 06/26/13
Persian Bahá'í Woman Goes Black (3.45)Persian Bahá'í woman meets Guinean gentleman. Amor Interracial 05/05/17
Persian Femdom for Black Men (2.13)Congolese lawyer marries Persian dominatrix. Amor Interracial 11/27/15
Persian Hijabi and Bi Black Men (2.20)Persian Muslim gal hooks up with bisexual black men. Amor Interracial 03/06/17
Persian Ladies into Black Men (2.73)Persian female student seduces Mauritanian stud. Amor Interracial 03/09/17
Plantation Porn: 7 Part Series
Plantation Porn (3.72)White lesbian dominates two Black women. Sexo en Grupo 02/28/10
Plantation Porn Ch. 02 (3.06)White mistress dominates strong Black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 03/01/10
Plantation Porn Ch. 03 (2.86)White woman and hubby dominate strong Black woman. Sexo en Grupo 03/02/10
Plantation Porn Ch. 04 (2.52)White chick seduces Black female football star. Amor Interracial 03/03/10
Plantation Porn Ch. 05 (3.00)White lady dominates lazy black woman. Amor Interracial 03/04/10
Plantation Porn Ch. 06 (2.90)Black butch is seduced by dominant white femme. Sexo entre Lesbianas 04/02/10
Plantation Porn: A New Genre (2.93)Blonde Mistress dominates sexy Black women. Sexo en Grupo 04/06/10
Pooja and Regis at Massasoit (3.18)Sikh Indian woman falls for Black man in Brockton. Amor Interracial 08/03/17
Pornstar Joclyn Stone Does Anal! (3.03)Big-booty white female pornstar does anal at last! Celebridades 05/20/11
Pornstar Rachel Starr Goes Black (2.88)Pornstar Rachel Starr meets Lexington Steele. Celebridades 10/03/15
Priyanka Chuttani of Ottawa (3.50)Indian MILF has affair with hunky Jamaican student. Amor Interracial 08/01/17
Professor Soraya Aluko of Kano (x.xx)Nigerian Muslim professor spanks a naughty student. Parejas Eróticas 04/19/18
Profit: Sykes Versus Joanne (1.00)Black lawyer teams up with corporate security woman. Celebridades 12/07/14
Psycho Women and Bisexual Men (3.39)Bisexual Haitian guy dates a transsexual and a BBW. Transexuales & Travesti 11/03/16
Qatar Woman For Haitian King (2.57)Qatari woman seduced by a sexy Haitian prince. Amor Interracial 09/21/14
Qatari Woman for Black Stud (2.64)Arab housewife falls for Nigerian Christian worker. Amor Interracial 06/11/13
Quebec BBWs Like Black Men! (2.80)Haitian man seduces and butt-fucks Quebec BBW. Amor Interracial 02/14/11
Quebec Femdom for Haitian Jocks (2.17)Haitian football star dates Quebec dominatrix. Amor Interracial 03/18/17
Quebec Femdom for Haitian Man (2.00)Caitlyn seduces tall, dark Jean-Paul in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 03/14/17
Quebec Lady For Haitian Gentleman (2.40)Black man and white woman in university in the 1980s. Amor Interracial 03/15/13
Quebec MILFs Are Amazing (3.38)Haitian guy fucks security supervisor from Quebec. Amor Interracial 02/22/11
Quebec Woman Loves Haitian Dude (2.60)Black man falls for white lady in Quebec. Amor Interracial 01/19/11
Quebec Woman Marries Somali Man (2.00)An interracial couple's life in modern Quebec. Amor Interracial 05/29/16
Quebec Woman Strapons Black Couple (2.96)Submissive black couple meets Quebec dominatrix. Sexo en Grupo 12/24/10
Quebec Woman Strapons Haitian Guy (2.42)Quebec dominatrix strapons macho Haitian. Amor Interracial 02/08/11
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Quebec Women are Cool (3.00)Conservative Quebec BBW tries Haitian stud. Amor Interracial 12/11/10
Quebec Women are Delicious (1.50)Haitian student finds love with Quebec woman. Amor Interracial 12/04/10
Quebec Women are Divine (2.20)Black man from Cap-Haitien meets Quebec woman in Montreal. Amor Interracial 12/11/10
Quebec Women are Goddesses (1.75)Quebec woman's love saves Haitian stud from himself. Amor Interracial 12/04/10
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Quebec Women Love Black Men (2.90)Quebec woman falls for Haitian student. Amor Interracial 12/02/10
Quebec Women Loves Haitian Man (2.25)Uptight Quebec woman falls for Haitian man. Amor Interracial 01/29/11
Quebec Women Rule! (1.00)Quebec woman seduces shy Haitian guy. Amor Interracial 12/16/10
Quebec Women Simply Rule! (1.33)Haitian falls for Quebec woman at Carleton University. Amor Interracial 02/01/11
Quebec Women Totally Rock! (2.67)Haitian-American stud falls for bossy Quebec lady. Amor Interracial 12/05/10
Quebecer MILF at the Library (3.44)Quebecer MILF seduces Haitian scholar in the library. Amor Interracial 03/17/17
Queen of Darkness Ch. 01 (3.71)The most evil woman in existence is immortal. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/17/04
Quickie At Walmart (3.33)Black worker bangs Arab female Loss Prevention Officer. Amor Interracial 01/25/16
R & B (3.52)A Black love story in America. Anal 06/29/06
Race Play: 20 Part Series
Race Play Ch. 01 (3.57)Black woman gives up her career for white mistress. Amor Interracial 06/23/09
Race Play Ch. 02 (3.41)Black BBW and her husband seduce bisexual Irishman. Sexo en Grupo 06/24/09
Race Play Ch. 03 (3.24)White woman dominates submissive black couple. BDSM 06/25/09
Race Play Ch. 04 (3.30)White mistress and hubby dominate black couple. Sexo en Grupo 06/26/09
Race Play Ch. 05 (3.33)Black couple plays with white man. Sexo en Grupo 06/27/09
Race Play Ch. 06 (3.08)Black female professor becomes white woman's servant. Amor Interracial 06/28/09
Race Play Ch. 07 (3.23)Black woman dominates white chicks. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/10/09
Race Play Ch. 08 (3.52)Black chicks and white chicks domination games. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/11/09
Race Play Ch. 09 (3.03)Mature white woman dominates strong black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/12/09
Race Play Ch. 10 (3.14)White woman dominates strong black women. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/13/09
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Race Play Ch. 12 (2.76)A strong black woman dominates her white female friend. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/15/09
Race Play Ch. 13 (2.69)Black woman explores BDSM. BDSM 11/16/09
Race Play Ch. 14 (3.20)Rich white woman is dominated by black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/17/09
Race Play Ch. 15 (2.40)Strong Black women meet White Goddess. Sexo en Grupo 11/18/09
Race Play Ch. 16 (3.24)Black woman submits to mature white mistress. Sexo en Grupo 11/19/09
Race Play Ch. 17 (3.45)Black female Realtor dominates white woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/20/09
Race Play Ch. 18 (2.00)White BBW dominates mature Black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/21/09
Race Play Ch. 19 (3.03)White woman dominates black female student. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/22/09
Race Play Ch. 20 (2.15)White woman falls in love with strong black woman. Sexo entre Lesbianas 11/23/09
Racial Profiling 101 (2.33)What it's like to be a black man in America. No Erótico 08/21/08
Racism Among White Women (2.10)Black male student confronts racist women on campus. No Erótico 02/19/09
Racist White Women in America (1.94)Black woman proves racism isn't a gender issue. Libros y Novelas 03/17/09
Ram It Up Her Fat Ass (2.08)Bisexual hustler entertains male and female lovers. Sexo en Grupo 03/14/08
Ramandeep and Landon at Algonquin (x.xx)Haitian man dates Punjabi woman at Algonquin College. Amor Interracial 11/08/17
Rana Zeid of Lebanon (x.xx)Somali student seduces widowed Lebanese gal in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 09/10/18
Razane Al-Bilali of Lebanon (x.xx)Lebanese woman and Senegalese lover fight racism. Amor Interracial 09/08/18
Real Housewives of Atlanta (3.41)Four wealthy ladies get together for some fun. Celebridades 09/11/09
Real Men Don't Get Vasectomies (2.86)Men say no to women at last. No Erótico 03/29/09
Real Women Prefer Anal Sex (3.14)Anal sex makes you feel better. Anal 10/20/07
Red Blade (3.70)A dark tale of revenge. No Erótico 04/14/05
Redneck Lady Loves Black Men (3.73)Middle-aged redneck lady explores a younger black man. Amor Interracial 03/03/16
Redneck MILF Into Somali Men (2.60)Somali Canadian meets redneck woman in Alabama. Amor Interracial 06/24/14
Redneck Woman Embraces Islam (2.00)Redneck woman converts to Islam and marries black man. Amor Interracial 11/04/13
Redneck Women Into Black Men (2.19)Calgary redneck woman falls for Ethiopian immigrant. Amor Interracial 09/30/13
Redneck Women Love Black Men Too (3.57)Gun-toting redneck woman falls for Black immigrant. Amor Interracial 02/13/13
Redoubt: Vampire vs. Zombies (x.xx)Woman caught in Vampire/Zombie war. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 10/29/18
Requiem For A Saudi Girl's Dream (2.25)Saudi woman finds love with Black student in Toronto. Amor Interracial 09/17/14
Requiem for a Saudi Girl's Lust (2.58)Saudi woman dreams of a certain Black stud. Amor Interracial 12/01/16
Requiem for a Saudi Woman (3.42)Black security guard rescues Saudi woman from bigots. Amor Interracial 08/05/16
Return of the Black Cuckolds (3.69)Black Muslim woman cuckolds boyfriend with white bull. Amor Interracial 10/27/16
Return of the Superior Men (3.44)A superior breed of man returns to the world. No Erótico 10/03/08
Rex versus Regina (x.xx)Native woman and African American stud clash. Amor Interracial 04/21/18
Richa Sharma of Montreal (3.14)Indian woman meets Black soldier at Ontario base. Amor Interracial 08/07/17
Richa Sharma of Uttar Pradesh (x.xx)Ethiopian playboy clashes with feisty Indian engineer. Amor Interracial 05/26/18
Romance at Walmart Barrhaven (x.xx)Rejected by Black gal, Haitian man meets white tomboy. Amor Interracial 02/15/18
Rude Awakening (3.67)Tall Jamaican Amazon wakes her hunky, tired boyfriend. Parejas Eróticas 08/12/17
Saba Yeganeh of Iran (x.xx)Black fitness instructor seduced by Iranian BBW MILF. Amor Interracial 03/06/18
Sabreen and Salomon at Walmart (x.xx)Black man and Indian MILF meet at Walmart Nepean. Amor Interracial 01/24/18
Sacred Beast (3.70)A very unusual romance. No Humano 12/11/04
Sadaf Zarif of Iran (x.xx)Persian Muslim MILF seduces Somali stud. Amor Interracial 02/10/18
Sadia Bashir of Somalia (x.xx)Somali Muslim lesbian befriends her Jewish roommate. Amor Interracial 01/31/18
Salome Zankoul of Beirut (x.xx)Black Nova Scotian marries Lebanese Christian gal. Amor Interracial 09/22/18
Salwa Taher of Saudi Arabia (x.xx)Saudi heiress and Haitian stud meet in Paris. Amor Interracial 01/30/18
Samira Abdellatif of Egypt (x.xx)African American prof meets lovely Egyptian student. Amor Interracial 04/04/18
Samuel Loves KenJDoll (1.67)Bisexual Haitian writer visits mixed diva in Houston. Parejas Eróticas 12/17/16
Samuel X Tops Mistress Kia! (3.20)Samuel Xavier finally dominates Mistress Kia! Fetiche 06/06/15
Sandra Romain Strapons Mark Davis (3.67)Macho porn star rides Romanian Mistress strapon. Celebridades 06/26/10
Saudi Arabian MILF Adventures (2.73)Saudi Arabian MILF seduces Black male professionals. Amor Interracial 07/01/17
Saudi Arabian MILF Goes Black! (3.26)Saudi Arabian widow seduces young Somali student. Amor Interracial 07/19/17
Saudi Arabian Pussy Is Addictive (3.14)Haitian man goes down on Saudi Arabian lady friend. Amor Interracial 05/01/14
Saudi Dominatrix In Ottawa (2.00)Saudi female student explores BDSM and sex in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 10/07/13
Saudi Femdom For Djibouti Man (3.64)Saudi businesswoman pegs Djibouti guy in Minnesota. Amor Interracial 02/04/15
Saudi Girls Discover Black Men (2.29)Somali-Canadian dates Saudi gal in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 05/21/14
Saudi Girls for Haitian Boys (1.14)Saudi female lifeguard meets Haitian stud in Montreal. Amor Interracial 02/13/14
Saudi Girls For Haitian Boyz (1.88)Saudi woman connects with Haitian guy in Toronto. Amor Interracial 08/21/14
Saudi Girls For Jamaican Men (1.87)Saudi student falls for Jamaican driving instructor. Amor Interracial 02/02/14
Saudi Girls Into Black Americans (3.00)Saudi Arabian woman connects with black American. Amor Interracial 05/30/14
Saudi Girls Into Haitian Men (1.00)Biracial woman of Saudi descent meets a Haitian Muslim. Amor Interracial 05/11/14
Saudi Girls Into Somali Guys (1.80)Somali-Canadian rapper meets bossy Saudi student. Amor Interracial 05/26/14
Saudi Heiress Into Black Men (2.67)Saudi heiress meets mixed brother in England. Amor Interracial 06/05/14
Saudi Heiress into Somali Men (1.67)Bisexual Somali men meet Saudi heiress in Ottawa. Sexo en Grupo 06/08/14
Saudi Hijabi Farts a Lot! (2.22)Saudi BBW with gas problems finds Nigerian lover. Amor Interracial 05/24/16
Saudi Hijabi Farts Rock! (2.75)Nigerian stud explores kink with a Saudi BBW. Amor Interracial 05/24/16
Saudi Housewife Rides Black Man! (3.06)Saudi housewife meets Somali stud in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/19/13
Saudi Ladies For Black Boyz (2.75)Kinky Saudi woman experiments with Haitian friend in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 08/25/14
Saudi Ladies For Somali Men (3.20)Never bring trouble to trouble itself until it troubles you. Amor Interracial 04/23/15
Saudi Lady into Black Men (3.14)Saudi woman meets African-American soldier in Riyadh. Amor Interracial 12/06/13
Saudi Lesbian Diaries (1.91)Saudi woman falls in love with tall Somali Hijabi. Amor Interracial 04/19/15
Saudi Lesbians Of Ottawa (2.00)Ethiopian Christian gal and Saudi lesbian connect. Amor Interracial 09/08/13
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 01 (3.00)Saudi Arabian MILF meets Black scholar in NY. Amor Interracial 12/10/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 02 (1.75)Saudi MILF Strapons Black Man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 12/11/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 03 (3.33)African-American stud butt fucks Saudi MILF in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 12/12/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 04 (2.80)African-American stud missing Saudi girlfriend at home. Amor Interracial 12/13/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 05 (2.25)African-American stud pleases Saudi Arabian lady. Amor Interracial 12/14/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 06 (2.00)Black stud comforts Saudi lady after nightmares. Amor Interracial 12/15/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 07 (1.91)African-American stud bangs Saudi chick at the mall. Amor Interracial 12/16/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 08 (2.11)Saudi MILF and African-American boyfriend at home. Amor Interracial 12/17/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 09 (1.88)Saudi woman confronts racism against Black boyfriend. Amor Interracial 12/18/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 10 (1.80)Saudi MILF and African-American at Ottawa movie theater. Amor Interracial 12/19/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 11 (2.33)Saudi woman sucks Black boyfriend off in restaurant. Amor Interracial 12/20/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 12 (3.06)Saudi MILF ass fucked by Black boyfriend on campus. Anal 12/28/14
Saudi MILF & Black Scholar Ch. 13 (3.44)Saudi woman impregnated by African-American lover. Amor Interracial 02/20/15
Saudi MILF for Guinean Stud (3.38)Saudi cleaning lady hooks up with Guinean student. Amor Interracial 07/28/17
Saudi MILFs For Zulu Studs (3.69)Saudi woman falls for younger Zulu guy in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 03/15/15
Saudi Princess And Jamaican Man (2.63)He meets a woman who changes his world. Amor Interracial 01/29/12
Saudi Wife For Jamaican Stud (3.71)Jamaican man and Saudi woman stranded on desert island. Amor Interracial 07/11/13
Saudi Woman Becomes Christian (3.71)Saudi woman falls for black man and becomes christian. Amor Interracial 01/25/12
Saudi Woman For Burkinabe Man (1.80)Saudi woman falls for Burkinabe man in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/09/14
Saudi woman marries Haitian man. (1.60)A look at a multiracial, interfaith family's saga. Amor Interracial 12/03/13
Saudi Woman Strapons Haitian Man (2.77)Saudi woman pegs Haitian guy at Carleton University. Amor Interracial 02/03/12
Saudi Women Are Bossy! (2.75)Somali-Canadian stud dates Saudi chick in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/18/14
Saudi Women are Strong Too! (2.79)Saudi housewife has affair with black Canadian guy. Amor Interracial 03/08/14
Saudi Women Can Be Dominant Too (2.00)Saudi woman cuckolds husband with Somali stud. Sexo en Grupo 02/26/14
Saudi Women Eat Pussy Too! (3.15)Jamaican tomboy seduces hijab-wearing Saudi chick. Sexo entre Lesbianas 02/08/13
Saudi Women For Black Men (2.67)Biracial man connects with Saudi woman in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/22/14
Saudi Women Into Haitian Men (1.71)Chance encounter between Haitian guy and Saudi woman. Amor Interracial 05/24/14
Saudi Women Into Zulu Men (3.00)Mariam Fahd seduces Zulu student Ibrahim in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 04/06/17
Saudi Women Need Anal Too! (3.52)Ethiopian stud seduces Saudi MILF in Ottawa. Anal 06/03/13
Saudi Women who Love Black Men (2.50)Fatima Al-Saud falls for Malik in Ottawa. Anal 02/15/17
Sawsan Al-Lebnani of Innes Road (1.75)Haitian Muslim meets Lebanese MILF in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/06/18
Sawsan Ghobar of Afghanistan (x.xx)Afghan MILF falls for Guinean Muslim stud. Amor Interracial 05/11/18
Sawsan Kalba of Fujairah (2.29)Sawsan meets a Haitian Muslim stud at Walmart. Amor Interracial 08/25/17
Sawsan, Liban and Joanna (x.xx)Arab wife, Somali husband and Brazilian transsexual. Transexuales & Travesti 05/08/18
Sayyida Haddad of Morocco (x.xx)Moroccan Muslim woman meets Afro-Grenadian stud. Amor Interracial 04/01/18
Sean Michaels Loves Strapons (2.45)Black Dominatrix tames Black porn superstar. Celebridades 09/27/10
Second Time Around (2.71)Quebec MILF dates Haitian professional in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 06/17/16
Secret Asian Man: 2 Part Series
Secret Asian Man (3.35)Japanese guy with black friends dates Texan gal. Amor Interracial 07/29/17
Secret Asian Man Ch. 02 (3.15)Detective Jiang Tang bangs a blonde Texan housewife. Amor Interracial 08/04/17
Secret Lives Of Asian Women (2.06)Chinese dominatrix leaves Sikh guy for Haitian stud. Amor Interracial 11/01/15
Secret Lives Of Haitian Men (1.91)A bisexual Haitian student's sex life in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 10/27/15
Secret Lives Of Indian Women (2.35)Indian tomboy falls for Haitian scholar in Ottawa. Amor Interracial 11/01/15
Secret Lives of Redneck Women (2.56)Jamaican stud steals Redneck woman from Asian guys. Amor Interracial 11/13/15
Seducing the Haitian Doctor (3.32)French Canadian BBW seduces Haitian doctor. Amor Interracial 03/17/17
Serena Williams Does Laila Ali (3.21)Two sexy black sportswomen and only one strapon. Celebridades 04/04/12
Serena Williams Strapons Common (3.15)Serena Williams does Common with her strapon! Celebridades 04/03/12
Sexiest Black Man Alive (3.21)Black lawyer hooks up with female carpenter. Amor Interracial 04/27/06
Sexy Hijab Girl And Black Man (2.37)Arab woman seduces Haitian at carleton university. Amor Interracial 03/12/12
Shaima and Suleiman in Ottawa (2.10)Muslim woman revives bisexual guy's passion. Parejas Eróticas 06/10/16
Shaima The Kushite Dhampir (x.xx)Life and times of an African semi-vampire in Ottawa. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/08/17
Shane Diesel Gets Cuckolded (3.27)Nyomi and Chris Strokes entertain Shane Diesel. Celebridades 06/28/18
Sharifa Fetieh of Saudi Arabia (x.xx)Saudi widow falls for Black man in Houston, TX. Amor Interracial 01/11/18
Shiva and Kali's Romance (2.68)The life and times of Kali and Shiva. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/30/08
Simply Addicted to Somali Women (1.83)A Haitian man confronts his own weakness. Parejas Eróticas 06/12/17
Simran Khalsa of Punjab (x.xx)Sikh Indian MILF meets a Zulu stud. Amor Interracial 01/06/18
Sister Dick The Mormon Chick (3.35)Nigerian student connects with American Mormon chick. Amor Interracial 08/03/14
Skinny Women Need Anal Too (2.53)Anal sex does not discriminate! Anal 11/05/07
Smart Fat Girls Choose Anal Sex (3.13)White BBW hooks up with black man for anal sex. Anal 01/26/09
Smart Men Vs Evil Women (2.20)One genius take on the war of the sexes. No Erótico 10/26/08
So You Had a Bad Day (3.30)Mature Hispanic BBW comforts Haitian security guard. Amor Interracial 11/28/13
Sociopath Hunter 2108 (2.62)Futuristic hero hunts evil men and women. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 09/18/06
Sociopath in the City (2.80)The perks of being young, sexy, rich and carefree. Parejas Eróticas 10/17/06
Sociopath versus Psychopath (3.00)The ultimate battle of the sexes begins. No Erótico 10/29/07
Sociopaths Versus Vampires (2.40)Humans hire bisexual black sociopath to fight vampires. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/13/12
Sodomizing Big Asian Women (3.09)Black man becomes legendary Ass Master. Anal 03/31/08
Sodomizing Big Black Women (2.54)Sexy man introduces Black BBWs to anal sex. Sexo en Grupo 03/16/08
Sodomizing Big Persian Women (3.26)Black stud introduces Persian BBW to anal sex. Anal 04/05/08
Sodomizing Big White Women (2.96)Black man becomes world-famous Ass Master. Amor Interracial 03/31/08
Soleil Des Iles Encounter (3.00)Somali Hijabi has sex with Haitian guy in Vanier. Amor Interracial 05/05/15
Somali Chicks Into Haitian Studs (2.00)Dominant Somali mistress tries Caribbean guy. BDSM 07/16/13
Somali Christian Girl's Story (2.40)A Somali woman's incredible journey to love and faith. Sexo en Grupo 07/14/13
Somali Couples Can Swing Too! (2.96)Somali wife watches bi hubby with white man. Sexo en Grupo 11/30/12
Somali Dominatrix for Ethiopians (x.xx)Somali female student dominates older Ethiopian prof. Parejas Eróticas 01/27/18
Somali Dominatrix in Boston: 2 Part Series
Somali Dominatrix in Boston (3.33)Somali businesswoman dominates her Muslim husband. Parejas Eróticas 05/09/15
Somali Dominatrix in Boston Ch. 02 (2.88)Muslim hubby fucks Somali businesswoman in the ass. Parejas Eróticas 05/10/15
Somali Dominatrix In Nepean (3.29)Somali businesswoman dominates male student. BDSM 03/29/15
Somali Dominatrix with Strapon (1.29)A Somali dominatrix taming black men in Ottawa. Parejas Eróticas 03/08/13
Somali Dykes In Ottawa (1.72)Sheliza and Aida meet in the city that fun forgot. Sexo entre Lesbianas 05/01/14
Somali Empress in Ottawa (1.73)African-American student meets Somali chick in Ontario. Romances 10/05/13
Somali Femdom: 13 Part Series
Somali Femdom Diaries (3.50)Somali BBW introduces hubby to BDSM...strap-on style. BDSM 11/23/14
Somali Femdom for Biracial Stud (2.12)Biracial stud tries femdom with Somali girlfriend. Parejas Eróticas 01/19/16
Somali Femdom For Haitian Boyz (1.60)Tall Somali Hijabi sits on Haitian lover's face. Parejas Eróticas 01/28/15
Somali Femdom For Haitian Men (2.36)Tall Somali Hijabi strap-ons Haitian nerd in Calgary. Parejas Eróticas 12/26/14
Somali Femdom for Haitian Stud (2.12)Somali woman talks Haitian lover into trying femdom. BDSM 01/16/16
Somali Femdom For Somali Men (2.12)Somali Hijabi student pegs Somali guy in Alberta. Fetiche 12/26/14
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