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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Battle of Minds: 6 Part Series
A Battle of Minds Ch. 01 (4.00)A Mysterious Pendant - Strange things are happening to Laura. Control de la Mente 11/04/13
A Battle of Minds Ch. 02 (4.46)The Teacher's Slave - Laura's life gets a lot worse Control de la Mente 11/10/13
A Battle of Minds Ch. 03 (4.23)Arrested - three police men, and no escape for Laura. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/20/13
A Battle of Minds Ch. 04 (4.33)In the forest - Martin is getting stronger. Horror Erótico 11/27/13
A Battle of Minds Ch. 05 (4.48)The Queen of Leskow - Now, Laura has the power. Control de la Mente 12/05/13
A Battle of Minds Ch. 06 (4.59)Power or Love - Laura has to decide.  Hot Romances 12/13/13
Agnus Dei (4.26)She is willing to give all for her brother. Incesto/Tabú 07/11/07
Das blaue Bett (4.12)Sie lebten in ihrer eigenen Welt, bis eines Tages... No Erótico 04/13/05
For a Better World (3.89)Treason gets her into the hands of her enemy. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/11/08
Friday (4.39)Sometimes it is a good idea to change old habits. Romances 02/06/09
Gejagt (3.83)Nachts, im Wald, doch sie ist nicht allein. Horror Erótico 04/01/05
How (Not) to Dirty Talk in German (4.45)or, How linguistics can interfere with sex. Cómo 05/15/06
I Put a Spell on You (4.43)Meddling with magic can be a dangerous thing. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/02/08
Jungle Roses (4.13)What awaits those that get lost in the Jungle. No Humano 03/28/06
Kampf des Willens: 6 Part Series
Kampf des Willens Ch. 01 (4.11)Das geheimnisvolle Medaillon - Seltsames geschieht mit Laura. Control de la Mente 06/22/06
Kampf des Willens Ch. 02 (4.11)Sklavin des Lehrers - Laura kommt vom Regen in die Traufe. Control de la Mente 10/23/06
Kampf des Willens Ch. 03 (4.05)Festgenommen - drei Polizisten, und kein Entkommen für Laura. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 06/11/07
Kampf des Willens Ch. 04 (4.13)Im Wald - Martins Macht wächst, Laura ist ihm ausgeliefert. Horror Erótico 07/24/08
Kampf des Willens Ch. 05 (4.27)Die Königin von Leskow - Laura hat nun die Macht. Control de la Mente 02/25/09
Kampf des Willens Ch. 06 (4.44)Macht oder Liebe - f?r was wird sich Laura entscheiden? Romances 09/02/09
Monster (4.33)It is all in her head. Or is it? Horror Erótico 12/02/06
Sand and Sea and Sky (4.28)Their first night of love was to be their last. Primera Vez 10/17/07
Sohn der Berge (4.02)In der Fremde endet sie in einem seltsamen Ritual. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 08/10/05
Son of the Mountains (4.24)Far from home, she's drawn into a strange ritual. Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 12/16/05
The Blue Bed (4.32)They lived in their own world, until one day... No Erótico 07/10/05
The Haunt (4.22)Night in the forest, and she is not alone. Horror Erótico 04/22/05
Thirteen Years (4.53)Back then, it got her mother. Now, it's after her.  Hot Horror Erótico 10/11/06
Two Years after Valentine's Day (4.39)Love only comes when you aren't ready. Romances 01/25/06
Want To Get Laid On Your Travels? (4.41)A few tips for adventurous vacations. Cómo 06/02/06
Watching Simon Fall (4.53)A tragic accident changes her life forever.  Hot  Contest Winner Romances 04/03/07
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