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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Sidecar to Desire (4.55)Ride in a motorcycle sidecar brings mother and son closer.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/31/05
Best of Both Worlds (4.61)He takes his daughter and granddaughter.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/03/06
Callie's Milk (4.52)Sexy daughter breastfeeds her daddy.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/11/05
Consummating With Beckah (4.64)Daddy and sexy daughter go all the way.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/03/05
Controlling Daughter: 2 Part Series
Controlling Daughter (4.57)Sexy daughter takes control.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 05/03/05
Controlling Daughter: Revisited (4.57)Becky invites her friend Samantha for fun with daddy.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/06/05
Daddy's Little Slut (4.34)Rebellious daughter makes daddy understand. Incesto/Tabú 07/26/05
Doing Mr. Wallace: 2 Part Series
Doing Mr. Wallace Ch. 01 (4.62)Wendy seduces teacher after graduation.  Hot Maduro 08/06/05
Doing Mr. Wallace Ch. 02 (4.66)Mr. Wallace can't get enough of sexy former student.  Hot Maduro 08/07/05
Every Man's Fantasy (4.50)Ed catches Joan with another woman.  Hot Sexo en Grupo 09/01/05
Family Love (4.51)Mother catches father and daughter together.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/20/06
Feeding Amy: 2 Part Series
Feeding Amy Ch. 01 (4.58)Breastfeeding older daughter leads to hot fun.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/26/05
Feeding Amy Ch. 02 (4.65)Amy and Beth go to another level.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/26/05
Feeding Little Brother (4.57)Riley lets younger brother taste her milk.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 09/12/05
Frightened (4.54)Sarah's fear of horror movies brings her close to brother.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/06/05
Heather's Hand Me Down (4.57)She seduces one of her daughter's boyfriends.  Hot Maduro 05/19/05
Irrevocably Changed (4.54)Father's life is changed by one single event.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 04/21/09
My Wife's Mother (4.54)Terry's mother-in-law seduces him one afternoon.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/23/05
Our Porn Princess (4.66)Parents find porn pics of sweet daughter.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/17/05
Out of Control (4.52)Aubrey catches older neighbor watching her undress.  Hot Maduro 10/22/05
Partying with Mom (4.42)A party brings mom and son closer. Incesto/Tabú 07/30/07
Point of No Return (4.74)Near accident brings parents closer to sexy daughter.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/24/05
Sunburn (4.50)A mother helps her son when he's sunburned.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 02/21/06
Taking Care of Amber (4.51)With girlfriend out of town, Jack is left with daughter.  Hot Maduro 06/10/06
Teacher's Pet (4.42)Mature teacher finds excitement with 18-year-old student. Maduro 05/03/05
The Babysitter: 2 Part Series
The Babysitter (4.45)Jack finally gets the babysitter. Maduro 04/25/05
The Babysitter Revisited (4.58)Cathy joins Jana and Jack.  Hot Maduro 05/09/05
The Tutor (4.37)Nineteen year old Janet gets a taste of big, black cock. Amor Interracial 07/30/07
Wedding Night Blues (4.55)Trudy turns to father-in-law for a wild time.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 05/08/05
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