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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Lesson for Miss Roberts (4.42)She learns not to interfere with a fellow teacher's fun. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/23/01
A Tale of Two Titties (4.32)A stacked M.I.L.F. gets some unwanted attention. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/04/08
Afroza Gets Punished (4.36)She teases, she cons, she steals - and gets caught. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 12/26/05
After School Surprise: 2 Part Series
After School Surprise Ch. 01 (4.26)Teacher gets blackmailed by her student. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/06/06
After School Surprise Ch. 02 (4.40)Teacher and her daughter are forced to please abductor. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/07/06
Aimee's Wedding: 6 Part Series
Aimee's Wedding Ch. 2 (4.54)Now the family is forced to get involved.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/07/02
Aimee's Wedding Ch. 3 (4.52)The ordeal continues for Aimee & family.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/11/02
Aimee's Wedding Ch. 4 (4.35)The wedding party continues. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/28/02
Aimee's Wedding Ch. 5 (4.20)The wedding party continues. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/29/02
Aimee's Wedding Ch. 6 (4.38)The final chapter. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/30/02
Aimee's Wedding Chapter 1 (4.44)Unwanted visitors crash a wedding reception No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/05/02
Amanda Pays the Price (4.29)College freshman gets in a bad situation. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/17/01
Ashley's Misdelivered Christmas Gift (4.41)Her mistake ends up becoming a real surprise. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 12/24/03
Bad Night for Brittany (4.43)18-year-old virgin receives a late night visit. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/29/06
Best Laid Plans... (4.47)Plans for revenge go awry. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/07/02
Blind Lust (4.37)Brigit's temporary poor vision leads to an unwanted surprise. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/26/16
Captured Coach (4.22)Coach Kim is captured and taken by students. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/03/08
Census Taker Taken (4.37)Hot blonde knocks on the wrong door. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/22/10
Chance of a Lifetime: 3 Part Series
Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 1 (4.35)Two girls are blackmailed into sex. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/19/02
Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 2 (4.39)He takes further advantage of the girls. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/20/02
Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 3 (4.44)He finally takes them all the way. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/21/02
College Bound: 2 Part Series
College Bound (4.39)College girls are kidnapped. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 12/09/00
College Bound Ch. 2 (4.45)Ten years later... No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/16/01
Day Care Treatment: 6 Part Series
Day Care Treatment Ch. 1 (4.49)Ladies take advantage of young patient. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/26/02
Day Care Treatment Ch. 2 (4.55)He turns table on his caretakers.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/27/02
Day Care Treatment Ch. 3 (4.58)Mother is forced to watch as daughter joins in.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/28/02
Day Care Treatment Ch. 4 (4.56)Now it's Jan's turn.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/29/02
Day Care Treatment Ch. 5 (4.65)Things continue for Derrick & his caretakers.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/17/02
Day Care Treatment Ch. 6 (4.60)Terri does her daughter, then her friends.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/19/02
Double Entendre (4.25)A misunderstanding gets innocent housewife gangbanged. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/28/07
Drive Thru Desire (4.28)He wants more than what's on the menu No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/31/03
Easter Surprise (4.41)Easter dinner takes a nightmarish turn. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/26/02
Eddie's Humiliation (4.33)Girls punish man who used and humiliated them. BDSM 05/04/07
Elena's Adventure (4.28)She gets a surprise from the delivery man. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/20/01
Elevator Encounter (4.40)Law student is taken by two in glass elevator. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/03/03
Eric's Lucky Night (4.46)MILFs 18 year-old's daughter walks in on them, so... No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/11/11
Exhibitionists Encounter (4.37)Exhibitionist's plans go awry when bikers show up. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/21/12
Family Matters (4.41)Siblings punish mom for alleged wrong doings. Incesto/Tabú 07/31/08
Flight Attendants in Peril (4.32)Pair of flight attendants get taken in their hotel room. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/10/13
For Your Viewing Pleasure (4.26)Donna gets taken while audience watches online. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/07/07
Forced Family (4.40)Family has car trouble, and that's just the beginning. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/19/01
Forced Straight (4.24)College lesbian is forced to satisfy several men. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/04/01
Gang Bang Rendezvous (4.45)Sneaking out gets Kayla and her chaperone in trouble. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/15/14
Getting Even with Eve (4.37)She framed him, & now he gets even. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/12/03
Graduation Gang Bang (4.30)Michelle's mistake is costly for her friends and her No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/28/03
Hilda's Home Alone Adventure (4.36)Snob is taught a lesson while hubby is away. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/16/01
Homecoming Revenge: 4 Part Series
Homecoming Revenge Ch. 1 (4.42)Losers get revenge on snobbish family. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/31/01
Homecoming Revenge Ch. 2 (4.45)Terri's ordeal continues, with her kids! No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/01/01
Homecoming Revenge Ch. 4 (4.27)Terri & son receive a vist one year later. Incesto/Tabú 02/03/01
Homecoming Revenge Part Ch. 3 (4.47)It's Ashley's turn. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/03/01
In the Hotel Window (4.42)Marsha is taken while looking out the window. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/23/04
Inside Job (4.62)Deanna arranges for a robbery with a little something extra.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/03/04
Jennifer’s Step Nine Mishap (3.99)Making amends wasn't supposed to go like this. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/23/08
Jessica Gets Taken (4.20)Lonely wife tricked by husband's friend and gangbanged. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/10/13
Joan's Dilemma (4.43)Joan must submit to sex to save her job. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/08/05
Julie's Birthday Bang (4.54)Lonely mother gets more than she bargained for.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/10/04
Julie's Christmas Bang (4.52)Julie's birthday bang continues for Christmas.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 12/29/04
Julie's New Years Bang (4.46)Julie's son arranges a return visit for mom. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 12/29/10
Karma for Christy (4.48)Christy's affair leads to a surprise gangbang. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/09/14
Kristin's Nightmare: 3 Part Series
Kristin's Nightmare (4.11)Charlie lucks out into a way to get even with co-worker No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/31/03
Kristin's Nightmare Ch. 02 (4.26)Kristin thought it was over... No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/01/03
Kristin's Nightmare Ch. 03 (4.42)She must satisfy Charlie and his friends. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/03/03
Late Night at the Office (4.31)Working girls get a surprise visit. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/16/01
Late Shift (4.25)Disgruntled employee arranges a night to remember. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/07/07
Laura's Lesson (4.39)Prying activist gets caught in a bad situation. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/09/07
Lisa's New Year's Bang (4.03)Lisa loses her virginity to father's friend. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/31/01
Liza's Random Encounter (4.38)He happens upon a pretty red headed nurse. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 12/22/05
Mary Jo's Surprise (4.08)Workers teach bitchy customer a lesson. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/01/01
Michelle's Payback: 3 Part Series
Michelle's Payback Ch. 1 (4.40)Michelle plans to get even with her ex-best friends. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/26/02
Michelle's Payback Ch. 2 (4.47)She continues to torment her former friends. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/27/02
Michelle's Payback Ch. 3 (4.37)The tables are turned. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/29/02
Mistaken Identity (4.42)He takes advantage of Natalie's case of mistaken identity. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 06/27/07
Mom's Surprise (4.40)Judy catches her kids in the act, so they make her join in. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/19/11
My Sister Karen (4.31)She's taken by her sister & sister's boyfriend. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/01/01
Neighborly Relations (4.41)Teasing the neighbor backfires on Claudia. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/20/12
Nora's Comeuppance (4.21)She has plans for a grand heist that go awry. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/23/06
Nurse With a Curse: 6 Part Series
Nurse with a Curse Ch. 1 (4.39)Cynthia gets abducted in her office. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/22/01
Nurse with a Curse Ch. 2 (4.09)The perils of Cynthia continue. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/23/01
Nurse with a Curse Ch. 3 (4.40)Cynthia's perils continue with the cleaning ladies. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/01/02
Nurse With a Curse Ch. 4 (4.37)The security guard joins in. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/02/02
Nurse With A Curse Ch. 5 (4.44)Cynthia's perils continue after going home. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/05/02
Nurse with a Curse Ch. 6 (4.43)The Final Chapter. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/07/02
Office Captives (4.41)Burglar interrupts worker's Saturday. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/23/01
Officer Down (4.36)Officer Annie gets gang banged in the theater. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/22/04
Oh Brother (4.45)She mistakenly has sex with her brother, much to his delight. Incesto/Tabú 01/11/06
One Bad Patient (4.49)He abuses pretty dental assistant and her brother. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/17/04
Payback's A Bitch (4.11)Thugs visit Stuart and his wife. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/31/01
Robyn Unwrapped (4.14)Burglars learn you can't tell a book by its cover. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/07/02
Room Service (4.19)Karin's hotel massage gets her taken by two men. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/28/08
Sarah's Midnight Therapy (4.30)Nurse gets tables turned on her while punishing patient. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/02/07
Shamed Siblings (4.42)Brother and sister forced to satisfy couple...and each other. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/11/08
Shawna's Night Out: 2 Part Series
Shawna's Night Out Ch. 01 (4.17)Jealous wives help get even with cock tease. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/07/07
Shawna's Night Out Ch. 02 (4.34)Shawna's night continues on the bus ride home. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/08/07
Special Delivery (4.45)Man plots to have postal employee of his dreams. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/02/02
Stepmom's Punishment: 2 Part Series
Stepmom's Punishment Ch. 1 (4.40)Cheating stepmother is blackmailed. Incesto/Tabú 12/17/00
Stepmom's Punishment Ch. 2 (4.53)Sister gets involved in her punishment.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/31/01
Submission of Sandra (4.24)MILF surprised and taken by son's friend. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 09/20/12
Surprise Sparring Partners (4.35)Karate Princess gets taken. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/03/02
Susie's Surprise (4.43)Peeper wants more than a view. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/25/04
Sydney's New Year's Bang (4.41)Snobby execu gets a New Year's surprise. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 01/03/02
Tables Turned (4.33)Dominant wife gets the tables turned on her for a change. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 10/28/08
Taming the Teaser: 3 Part Series
Taming the Teaser (4.42)Guys get revenge on a cock tease. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/03/02
Taming The Teaser Ch. 2 (4.39)Girlfriend's turn to get even with cock tease. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/04/02
Taming the Teaser Ch. 3 (4.49)Mom gets dragged into a cock teaser's ordeal. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/05/02
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed: 8 Part Series
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 01 (4.54)Twin brother and sister are taken by a couple.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/25/04
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 02 (4.34)Unwilling waitress falls prey. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/26/04
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 03 (4.73)Prom night wasn't supposed to go like this.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/30/04
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 04 (4.37)Two girls in a diner become the next serving. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/03/05
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 05 (4.38)Pretty blond traveler is their next target. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/06/06
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 06 (4.61)Rude mother and daughter are next on their list.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/15/06
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 07 (4.56)Tables are turned on Jackie & Ed by a previous victim.  Hot No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/06/07
The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 08 (4.47)Mother and Son help Jackie and Ed to get back in control. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/08/07
The Meeting (4.43)Coworkers teach Julie a lesson. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/14/04
The Taking of Cindy (4.40)Boss is taken by former employee & staff. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/28/02
Thou Shalt Not Tease (4.33)Lesbian tease gets herself & her lover into trouble. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 05/24/01
Time to Kill (4.32)He has plenty of free time and a hot woman to spend it with. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 06/23/07
Tina Tormented: 2 Part Series
Tina Tormented Ch. 01 (4.44)Girls get revenge on a teasing exhibitionist. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/08/05
Tina Tormented Ch. 02 (4.40)Now she's turned over to the men. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 11/09/05
Toni & Her Brothers (4.14)Sibling prank goes too far. Incesto/Tabú 04/05/01
Undercover Gang Bang (4.20)Amber is betrayed by a fellow officer. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 04/05/06
Viagra Vendetta (4.29)Two women drug guys for revenge. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 07/07/07
What Happens in Vegas (4.39)Church ladies take advantage of Eric. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 08/01/04
Wrong Place, Right Time (4.21)Mika is mistakenly grabbed by two men. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 03/31/05
Yvette's Afternoon (4.42)Wife's afternoon game gets unexpected participants. No Consentimiento/Reluctancia 02/25/02
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