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Esta página muestra una lista de historias y/o poemas que este autor ha publicado en Literotica.

A Family Thing (4.50)A young woman wants a sibling/child with parents' help.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 11/04/10
A Swiftly Changing World (4.68)A father and daughter's world moves in a new direction.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 03/17/11
A Twist of Destiny: 2 Part Series
A Twist of Destiny Bk. 01 (4.72)A soldier with incestuous desires becomes a superhero.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/08/11
A Twist of Destiny Bk. 02 (4.79)The continuing adventures of a superhero and his family.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/26/11
Auto-Genesis: 2 Part Series
Auto-Genesis Pt. 01 (4.58)A troubled futanari teen gets help from her mother. Kind of.  Hot Celebridades 01/06/15
Auto-Genesis Pt. 02 (4.68)With new tech comes new ways of living... and loving.  Hot Ciencia ficción & Fantasía 02/20/15
Breeding Day (4.72)A young woman's special day with her father and mother.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/18/17
Discovery of the Moment: 8 Part Series
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 01 (4.54)He learns of an amazing ability.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 11/27/07
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 02 (4.66)One event can lead to many changes.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/07/07
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 03 (4.75)Things heat up considerably between father and daughter.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/11/07
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 04 (4.75)An impossible fantasy is made into reality.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/18/07
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 05 (4.69)Change can be both unexpected and inevitable.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/02/08
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 06 (4.71)Discoveries of a wide variety between father and daughter.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 01/20/08
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 07 (4.73)Dinner out, some fun, & an agreement to a major change.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 02/13/08
Discovery of the Moment Ch. 08 (4.72)Father John & daughter Kelly start a new life together.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 12/29/08
Doubling Our Chances (4.64)Wife wants grandkids and twin daughters are happy to help.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/31/17
For Love of Honor (4.41)Worf & Lwaxana Troi - an unlikely coupling. Celebridades 06/29/09
Nothing I Won't Do (4.74)A widower comes home to a VERY appreciative daughter.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 03/20/11
The Apple Falls Near (4.73)A love story about a unique family tradition.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/15/15
The Gift (4.52)A loving daughter offers to help her father be a dad again.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/27/14
The Talk: 8 Part Series
The Talk Ch. 01 (4.29)A family discusses incest and its history. Incesto/Tabú 06/01/04
The Talk Ch. 02 (4.54)Ah, the trials of parenthood.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/04/04
The Talk Ch. 03 (4.64)Pieces are set & game is about to begin.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 06/13/04
The Talk Ch. 04 (4.62)Mom is told & a decision is made.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 07/28/04
The Talk Ch. 05 (4.80)King's knight takes Queen's bishop. Check.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/05/04
The Talk Ch. 06 (4.65)The parents make some future plans.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/12/04
The Talk Ch. 07 (4.73)Only time will tell the tale.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/02/04
The Talk Ch. 08 (4.76)Breakfast, orgy, lunch. Nice menu.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 11/13/04
Triplets: 3 Part Series
Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 1) (4.60)The triplets play a risky win-win game of hide and seek.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/10/02
Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 2) (4.64)The game continues and the first risk is taken.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 10/20/02
Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 3) (4.76)Jake, Dani & Sammie finish game.  Hot  Contest Winner Incesto/Tabú 12/10/02
Triplets: The Saga Continues Ch. 01 (4.73)A new generation, a hard choice.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/14/03
Triplets: The Saga Continues Ch. 02 (4.78)Love is this family's credo.  Hot Incesto/Tabú 08/17/03
Triplets: Three Are One (4.69)Triplets (B,G,G) reunite in their late parents' house.  Hot  Contest Winner Incesto/Tabú 09/29/02
What We're Made to Do (4.49)A father helps his daughter get practice... with sex. Incesto/Tabú 04/09/15
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