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Lost Boy
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Lost Boy Biografía:
Sexo: Macho
Peso: Amplio
Altura: Alto
Lugar: Midwest
Orientación: Hetero
Interesados En: Amigos
Estado: Sin pareja / Soltero
Fumar No
Beber: Si
Fetiches: Ninguno
Animales de compañia: Gato(s)
Número de usuario: 85712
Miembro desde: February 13, 2002
Última vez Modificado: January 15, 2018
Lost Boy
Algunas palabras de Lost Boy:

1-14-18 Someone suggested I start a Patreon page. I don't know how well this would be received so I will be posting something along with my next installment. Take care!!

1-8-18 Just submitted 'Little Black Book', a one shot story told in two POV's. We'll see how well it turns out.

1-7-18 I just posted Legacy: Equilibrium. Sorry for the delay. I hope you had a great holiday and new year.

11-23-17 My latest story, A Town Called Eclipse has been posted, enjoy. Welcome to the Weird West, an alternative Wild West with strange inhabitants and odd goings on. I hope you enjoy.

11-20-17 I was invited to write a piece for the 'Go West' group project. I have put a ton of energy into it. I am going back to the Legacy series. Please support me and the other writers and read the Go West series. Thanks to my supporters, i have nearly reached 2900 followers. You guys are amazing! Going to crash and burn then begin the next chapter of Legacy. Just so you know. When i finish the series I am going to hold a poll to see which OLD series i will return to. I leave it to you the dear reader to decide. The reason a series stopped was numbers. I got few people reading later installments so i moved on. Legacy has done damn well and again that is all because of you.

10-07-17 Legacy Delving has been posted. It covers Thomas and Violet's visit to the museum and events that followed.

9-18-17 Legacy Catalyst has been posted. It is set in Athens Greece as well as a private island. I hope you enjoy.

9-10-17 Legacy Backlash has been posted. It is part three of Legacy. I hope you enjoy.

9-4-17 Legacy Aftermath has posted. It is part two of Legacy. If you like it and want more please comment and tell me so.

8-31-17 I have submitted part two of Legacy. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to vote and comment if you like or dislike this installment.

8-20-17 Submitted a new stand alone story called Legacy. Will be submitting the next Mr. Robinson story soon. I would like to thank everyone that follows me. We have almost reached 2600, that is amazing and i have you to thank. Thanks you all for following me and enjoying my work!

6-18-17 Oops... i feel stupid. I thought i had submitted part 11 but it was saved to drafts. Corrected mistake... sheesh... its weird though there is a part of the story that involves Yellowstone and I just saw on FB that there have been minor earthquakes at Yellowstone.

6-17-17 Submitted part eleven of Mr. Robinson. Feel free to vote, comment and drop me a line. I'd like to thank everyone as i broke 2500 followers. Thank you!!

6-2-17 Submitted part ten of Mr. Robinson

4-10-17 Submitted part nine of Mr. Robinson

I would like to thank everyone following me. I cracked 2400 followers! Thank you everyone. I hope to have part nine of Mr. Robinson soon.

Submitted a new story Sex Dungeon 03-08-17

Chronological Order to my stories:

Thinker, Cut-purse, Demon Vamp

They Call Me Jack/

The Dark Muse

Iron Rain

Evil Bitch

A Brief Moment of Insanity

Spell, Crook and Handle

Hello Mr. Robinson

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