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Hey guys, so as many of you know, someone stole my work from Literotica and decided to post it on Amazon under the name Diana Hoffman?this tacky version that was put up after being copied and pasted was obviously not mine. It has since been removed and I appreciate anyone who complained to Amazon about this plagiarized work. I thank you so much?and I promise, when I submit work to Amazon?it will be under a new name that I will reveal when I reveal my book cover. I am close to being there?and also, I do plan to re-release Seven Days on Amazon?but it will be updated, edited and more than likely have a teaser for something new at the end. So please, do not purchase anything if you don?t see me mention it on this site. Fucking people, I swear!!!!!

And a massive, massive, massive thank you to the most wonderful woman I know?Kaia Bennett for stepping up to bat for me on this issue when I was unaware and basically checked out of writing for a while. She is fucking fantastic and please check out her work on Amazon if you have not read her stories?she?s one of the main reasons why I even started writing. Love her to pieces!!!


I'm still around...I promise. Trying to finish up Gabriella and working on several new things.


Okay, I know it's taking me forever. But at the moment, Gabriella is on hiatus. I just don't want to put out a crappy ending after so many have waited so long for the next chapter. I'm sorry...

But I'm still writing everyday. I'm actually working on two new stories now. And I know it has been FOREVER since I've answered an email back...but I will. I promise. Check me out on my blog for more current updates.

Thank you!


9/2/13's been forever!!! But Gabriella Ch.10 teaser is now up. Enjoy!!

The above link is now correct.


Wow...I know, been a long time!! But Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays)...and the new chapter of Gabriella is coming. I suck, I realize that...I've been saying that for oh..I don't know, almost a year. Sigh... I'm sorry guys. I'm so excited about it, I just keep fixing things, and fixing things, and then changing them back. But anyway, I will get it out. I always do;-)





Hey everyone!! Hate it is taking so long, but just wanted to give a small update. No new news other than Gabriella Ch.10 is coming, I promise. Don't want to give a specific date until I for sure know.





Eesh...I know it's been awhile, but I'm back in action and things are almost done. That's the best I can give right now and sorry for once again misleading everyone into thinking I was almost done...ugg. I'll get it together eventually, lol...but so excited with where the chapter is!

Got some new info on my blog, so check for updates there!



Hey! I'm done w/ Gabriella ch.10!! I still have to edit, and then send to my editors, but I'm finished with the actual writing...hope to submit the teaser and full chapter within a few days.

Check out my blog to get the latest updates on Gabriella and other stories.




My Blog:


I absolutely love receiving comments and feedback...and I return all emails. It may not always be in a timely manner, but if you don't receive one back from me, it will be one of three problems. 1) You forgot to leave me your address. 2) Your address is spelled wrong. 3) My email is waiting in your SPAM box;-)

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